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  1. I'm home doing good. Pain not more than expected. Dr happy way everything went.
  2. While I am off work for my shoulder surgery I had surgery on left foot. Tomorrow I will be having my right foot done. Instead of missing work multiple times I organized with my Dr. I wasn't sure I would be able do second foot since I only have another 4 weeks to go for shoulder. During follow up my Dr said he can get it done tomorrow so I was put on schedule. Guess he needs a new Mercedes
  3. I send a prayer for you and your family may God comfort you with his love.
  4. This is Alpo who would suspect him of such a thing.
  5. 410 has very manageable recoil I haven't tried the 20 or 12 yet. I say 1 of each.
  6. I know that range it's not far from me. I don't shoot there since I joined private club.
  7. Leather boots check Modular full face helmet check Textile riding jacket to start with for riding class, pockets for armor. Gloves and leather jacket is in future. As for your bell my prayers that she shall always will be able to fly as fast as you can ride.
  8. Sears school was #1 on list now start behind wheel part. Soon going put him in beginning motorcycle riding class. Then maybe some father son rides
  9. He gets the 20 year old truck that Carfax says worth$150
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