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  1. Next week is ladies day and I'm loading 38s for the event. Bad news I have about 1500 rounds I will need to pull down. Got good rhythm and didn't realize failsafe bar had backed off and wasn't throwing powder. Never noticed this happening on my rl550 before. Good news 1500 primed brass.
  2. I have been working the front yard since late winter. Only thing that was growing were sand burrs. I could spend an hour pulling them fill 5 gallon bucket and seemed to do no good. between herbicide, fire, pulling, and fertilizing I am seeing improvement. Seeded Bermuda grass watered regular then 2 weeks of rain mostly green grass now. The bare spots are even filling in. A daily routine of walking yard and pulling weeds now only getting a handful of weeds at a time. Next will start working back yard. Of course now i understand.
  3. Hey what's going on here? I came to see the thread.
  4. So is the monkey Widder's nephew
  5. A good spicy bowl of texas venison chili sounds good. Should I invite Frank?
  6. The display of destruction is nothing more than publicity stunt. It does nothing about the missuse. Only a public spectacle to look as if something is being done. Destruction of inanimate objects is only to make feel good gesture.
  7. Ok who pushed @Patriot's button
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