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  1. Belly up. Whiskey is watered down and glasses are dirty
  2. Can I get side of bacon with my bacon sandwich
  3. But California will slide off into ocean. Sure glad I bout my beach front in Arizona
  4. If you got the newer prep it’s not as bad. Tha drink gallon water drink gallon prep discharge 10 gallons not fun at all.
  5. Not really unusual. I have ball python if his skin is not in one piece he is not getting enough water. When a snake is ready to shed they start by rubbing muzzle on something rough then run it all the way down body.
  6. So far I’m using CCI 200 Large Rifle I also have some Federal I could try
  7. Took out first batch of test rounds of Barnes and Sierras using RL19 Sierras started getting good at top charge. No pressure signs so could bump a little higher. Not real happy but could be good enough for hunting with a little under 2 inches at 100 yards. Going try H4350 next good reviews for it and books seem to prefer it.
  8. If you have a fan or ac vent in area small amount of airflow can affect digital scales.
  9. My daughter learned to bounce them off her father. To point she would shoot look around see where I was then break action.
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