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  1. My Lyman # 47 gives a maximum length for 357 at 1.590. I would check cup pressure for your intended data. 357 has a cup maximum at 45000 psi. Unless you are close to or over max cup I don't think it would be a problem (disclaimer this is my opinion so take with grain of salt). Another option is call Hodgdon and ask them about the information. Also since 357 is safe to shoot 38 special in may not be issue. I load to 1.55 since my Rossi 92 is finicky with short rounds.
  2. I hear tale time flies upside down in the under
  3. I cant afford to fill the tank with gas on that thing
  4. A lot more fun trying get them fresh off owner.
  5. It is for my leather jacket. I have some already on it dut have coupl pockets still need them. I choose size based on which zipper. with gloves on does make easier.
  6. looks like got piece of food between his teeth
  7. The tips I've got are about 1 1/2 inch long
  8. To allow for cartridge stretch. Or look at a tolerance your minimum safe length and maximum safe length.
  9. I'm wanting to make zipper pulls with antler tips. Any advise about drilling and screwing in eye screw?
  10. Try contacting hodgdon see if they have info
  11. Depends on the epoxy. An easier way is get a leather handle cover
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