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  1. Amazing how talented some of them are
  2. Now I understand why @patriot rides a hello kitty
  3. I have been turned back from courthouse because i had p38 on my keyring
  4. nope they just let it tick away
  5. Chinese for dinner?
  6. welcome back!!!! based on title next time we will find a deeper septic tank to toss into.
  7. or strap holding the dog saddle bag
  8. If all cats could breath more fire
  9. get her a set of these since mothers day soon
  10. hope she is in good mood today
  11. Totally agree. I had a rv salesman try to tell me that my v6 1/2 ton Chevy would have no problem with 10000 lb. trailer. At that time i was looking for under 5000. now my Duramax has a lot more capability and capacity but still don't want to max out either. i intend to keep this truck while longer, not beat it like dead mule and trade for new payments
  12. amount of time i may be having to stay in it. some of the better features and layout not available in 5th wheel
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