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  1. Have you considered moving to South Pole until she cools down
  2. A very intimidating sound is a pump action being worked,
  3. I get dried Carolina reapers from Amazon and fresh habanero at store about 10-15 each add little garlic,salt, onion and about cup of tomato make about quart and half
  4. Make my own with habanero and Carolina reaper. If I tone it down some cayennes for flavor
  5. I will be going to the Sierra and no longer use Hornady unless I use GMX or for varmint only
  6. My experience with SST was my son shot a blackbuck at 120 yards with his 308 she maybe weighed 60 lbs it exploded inside and I was picking shards out like little wires it didn’t have an exit wound. This last season a 50 yard shot on my on 125 lb whitetail went through him but absolutely no blood trail. Stumbled on him by searching direction he ran not even blood on ground where he laid. 60 lb pig went straight down and kicked for little while. 80 lb axis doe went nearly 100 yards again no blood trail just happened to find her by searching are in direction she ran. My daughter has taken 4 anima
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