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  1. I got a hangover from clear alcohol. Everclear!!!!
  2. Maybe it was at the store where they met. He dropped a dollar and she was kind enough to bend over and pick it up for him.
  3. I seem to think if your plumber is going to supply the unit 2 reasons he might be recommending it. First would be he has worked with them for a long time and is comfortable with how to install them. Second his profit margin might be higher. I'm not saying he is trying to take advantage of you. Research of your own and choose on what you think will be best for you.
  4. My son is named for his great grandfather who was Marine in WWII and his great uncle who died as a Marine in Laos. so yes if I felt was good thing to do but doesn't mean I will. Also I'm past children production so from this time on NO!!!
  5. May also print their policy off their website and take with you. Sometimes they don't know the company policy and their lack of knowledge and fear of guns they will say no it can't ship.
  6. For the west Texas whitetail she just harvested I'm happy with downrange performance. If you would like more detail description PM me. .
  7. Yes they are. they started with the new gamechanger bullet they had developed and are loading 5 or 6 calibers ammo under their own name. they are little expensive as MSRP is about $50 but if you watch for sales at places like Midway and Brownels they are little over $40.
  8. A few months ago I asked if anyone has had any experience with Sierra's new bullets. A couple days ago I posted the results of my Daughters hunt. She used a Remington 700 in 243 with the new Sierra ammo. I am impressed both with accuracy and performance. So if anyone wants a recommendation on a good choice I give a vote for the "GAMECHANGER"
  9. Didn't want be one say it but guess I'm not only one thinking it
  10. Got her doe Friday evening. Nice nine point took sat morning. Saturday evening finished with a management spike. All about 95 yard shots. All one round and animal did not go far enough to track.
  11. Halfway we have stopped for breakfast.
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