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  1. Took my daughter looking at handguns once. Salesman handed her a glock and she was "What the......" needless to say she is not a glock fan.
  2. I would take it as an insult being called a glock owner
  3. Glock owners need alot of ammo so eventually they might hit the broad side from inside of the barn.
  4. Well Pat you stole my thunder with my S&W so I put this one up
  5. What would it be if a couple is married and one of them gets pregnant but they do not want the child? The child is born and raised by the parents even though neither wanted it to begin with.
  6. Means you have to eat them before they kill you But you sent pictures and everything
  7. Been working up to it probably have brain in traction for a week now. Dang my feet going get tired cause I can't put pressure on my brain.
  8. Pray for you pard if I can ever get neck working again doc wants do my L 5
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