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  1. Great all we need is an overcharged kitten
  2. I've been using Leopold for over 20 years first time sent in something to them. I'm sure they gave me the long estimate just in case. I put a Swarovski on rifle I took this one off of but I'm sure I can find a new place to mount it.
  3. The cat got a kitten for Christmas
  4. Leopold 3-9 Vari X 2 wont hold zero. It is only a five or so years old.
  5. I sent a VX 2 scope in for warranty service. Got email saying they received it and should be ready in only 7 weeks.
  6. My cats like to bring home toys to play with. Field mice and birds are favorite.
  7. I'm sure he would. I'm considering farenheight 451 narrated by Tim Robbins
  8. My son has required reading of Screwtape letters next year. I downloaded the audio version and enjoyed it.
  9. When I decided go cordless I was between DeWalt and Milwaukee. I chose Milwaukee and am happy with them.
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