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  1. The other unaccounted for people might be shooting cap and ball revolvers and at that point they will be occupied almost the entire stage from what I have experienced. Or, there may be visitors that a member or two will go and interact with, since we are at a public range with multiple bays. And it seems if someone has a firearm malfunction it take twos or three people to resolve the issues. And lets not forget those that are still debating the last P, miss, or SDQ call made.
  2. I went out snake hunting Sunday and got a nice blacktail rattlesnake. I skinned it out today and noticed what appeared to be eggs inside. They were. There were five dead baby rattlesnakes. That's a bummer as that's generations of future rattlesnakes gone and I want to keep doing this as long as I can walk. In case you have never seen the inside of a rattlesnake, they can have a lot of fat. Other snakes that I have found road kills of, do not. It is extremely hard to skin a gopher snake because they are so lean. Rattlesnakes are so fat, skinning them is like taking off a sock.
  3. If the match is fun and folks friendly, I would shoot it. Compared to where I'm normally told to go, being told to go to the LT would be a pleasant change!
  4. They have to get money somewhere if they aren't going to sell them in the UK. https://www.npr.org/2021/07/26/1020571339/marlboro-maker-ceo-says-the-company-plans-to-stop-selling-smokes-in-the-u-k
  5. I'll take this: 11. 60 pieces of 7mm Rem mag - $30 + $8.45 shipping I can pay via PayPal.
  6. The only reason I like having a shooting order is the club that did it had the culture to help out, so no one was at the loading table unless they had been called. Because of that culture it was never an issue to find a spotter or TO when it was time to load up and shoot. Some of the places I have shot there will be two or three at the LT loading or ready to shoot, and then a another three to five waiting in line behind them.
  7. I use TB with Federal SPP and have had no issues with ignition, ever.
  8. The .38 Colt was around back during the Old West. That's what most Colt M1877 Lightnings were chambered in. The .38 Colt is the original length case before the .38 Special and the .357 Magnum.
  9. I recognize that manual! Speer No. 10. I bought my copy in 1983 and read it forwards and backwards. I still have it along with nine others in hard copy and another ten on pdf.
  10. Nice thought but CAS is but a small part of the shooting world.
  11. From the Lyman Cast Bullet Manual: From Modern Reloading 2nd Edition by Richard Lee :
  12. I was not around SASS back then but I have heard of how Colt gave out SAAs at the time. They were and are expensive.
  13. If we had Monk we would only need one spotter!
  14. Exactly. And many folks want the firearm to be in as original condition as possible, including the box, hang tag, booklets, etc. Colt boxes from the 1800s can go for thousands of $$$. Some people even counterfeit old Colt boxes and get hundreds of dollars for something that is really worth less than $10.
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