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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but unless if it's an antique I thought the frame of a revolver was still considered a firearm by the ATF and is required to be transferred though an FFL. Like Springfield said, that would be two transfer fees at my end. You may be better off stripping everything off each frame and offering them without the frame on ebay or here.
  2. None taken. I wish I could find the examples of Lanara’s work I was looking for. He works magic with older Colt double-action revolvers.
  3. They are cutting down the pine bark beetle killed ponderosa here as fast as they can so it isn’t a lack of material.
  4. I am working in Phoenix for the next few days. I am in a GPS monitored van so I can’t run all over creation. I need a pound of Reloder 7. Got any ideas where to look? I was told Bruno’s might have some but they are not answering the phones right now.
  5. Sal Lanara is “THE” guy an M1877 Colts. He understands them and makes them work perfectly.
  6. If I’m selling something it’s to make room or fund a new project. If it’s for a new project I need every penny I can get to make it happen. With prices elevated as they are I am going to treat it like fuel. I’m not going to sell diesel for what it sold for back in 1994 to fund buying gasoline today. And ammunition is as close to fuel as it can get. The projectile machine won’t go bang or pop without it. We have gas stations out here that are way off the main drag with gas 25 cents to a dollar higher than those in town. Yes, I try to buy my gas at Safeway but if I run low out in the boondocks I
  7. I have been in the Sportsman's Warehouse in Prescott and Flagstaff several times in the past month. Most times they have a selection of .223. I no longer have a need for it so I let it sit. I did pick up 1K of CCI bench-rest rifle primers for $60 which is not a whole lot different than pre-2020. I was at another local gun shop in Flagstaff and they had 1,000s of .223 at roughly a buck a shot. Again, didn't need any but they had it. The shelves are not totally vacant. The only thing I need is a pound of Reloder 7. That seems to be the bridge too far every where I check.
  8. https://www.shootingillustrated.com/articles/2021/5/6/smith-wesson-plans-to-sell-thompsoncenter-arms
  9. I was in the USCG Honor Guard at one funeral. We had to use a screw-on plate to produce enough back pressure to cycle the action.
  10. Well, heck! He has missed 59 of my birthdays. Sounds like I'm due, big time.
  11. You are leaving yourself wide open to scammers by posting your phone number. It happens all the time on other forums I'm on. It is best to PM the seller using the Wire messaging system.
  12. I have been at several ranges that have stages that have shotgun targets on both sides of a post so that the shotgun needs to be pulled in while getting around the post. I have seen shooters with long barrel shotguns have issues getting safely around the post. The wear and tear would be a concern.
  13. Don't use white as a background. The camera meters the light from the white and under exposes the picture. A neutral color is best, like grey.
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