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  1. My article, if it ever gets written, won't be about how well the guns shoot. The story I am tying to develop is about the series of singles actions that Standard is making that are in limited runs or one-off. The Standard Buntline is allegedly the only black-powder frame Buntline that they will ever make. The Colt-dimension gun is supposedly the only Colt-spec gun they will ever make. The revolver with "ivory" grips was made using remaining USFA faux ivory grips that are limited in quantity. They also have told me that they are going to make bird's head grip models, but only in 10-15 gun runs. So all of them are collector's guns. Why, when, and how many is part of the story I'm trying to get.
  2. Thanks, but the credit for the nickle-plated Colt goes to Levi. If you were referring to my photos, thanks again. I have fun with it. I try to find props that logically go with the firearm. I just bought a hundred-year old .38 Long Colt two-piece ammo box to use with my Colt M1877 and a few other guns I have. I recently found three original wrought-iron cattle brands that will look awesome with the Old West firearms. I just scoured eBay a few weeks ago to find original 1900s tobacco tags and coupons to photograph with a Colt M1877 that is lettered to have been given out as a premium by Liggett and Myer Tobacco in 1901.
  3. The cards are all props that I have used repeatedly to make interesting photos to match stories I have read of the gunfighters of the Old West. I bought a reproduction 1864 deck of playing cards to use. I saw this exact card (the original) used by John Wesley Hardin. Could the gun shoot like this? I'm sure if you were shooting it, yes. If I was shooting it from two feet away, maybe. People like to see them with old time looking props, so that's what I do. The buffalo hide are my chaps, the blanket is my poncho. Sometimes I add reproduction ammo boxes that look period correct. I have had folks ask me to photograph their guns in the same manner.
  4. If I recall correctly a six-inch model of the older version was used for army testing in the late 1880s. It's a cool piece and looks to be in great shape. I just sold one that was slightly newer, but it looked as though it had gone through the army testing. The shop I sold it to turned around and sold it for almost the same price as this. Had it looked like this I would not have sold it.
  5. Thanks, but the guns are not mine. They are from a friend of mine that seems to have an inside track in getting one-off Standard firearms to go with his extensive collection of Colt SAAs. I doubt the revolvers I posted will ever be fired.
  6. Had you said, hey, this is Cozmo, I wouldn't have questioned a thing. I didn't realize you were is SASS. That's great! For the record, my guess was for the two center revolvers but only because I would have put both of my most valuable items in the center of the photo.
  7. Thanks for the information. I am not questioning your knowledge and it's obvious you have the guns to back up what you say. But, I have read on another forum in the past year where someone else weighed his various Colt's and clones and the Colt weighed more. But he never went into detail on what grips, caliber, or barrel length he was using for the comparison. And that is what I feel is missing from most comments like this. Are they truly comparing apples to apples? I am not trying to push any firearm. Like some have said, if I had the extra cash to spend on one, I'm buying one with a pony on it. And from my experience, the layman can't feel or see the difference. I have put Colt grips on some of my non-Colt clones and everyone thinks I'm shooting the real thing. I know I can't pick out the Colt from your photo. The angle of the photo distorts the grips to me. As far as my holsters go, of which I only have a few, the only issue I have is trying to put non-beveled cylinder guns in. Everything else slides right in.
  8. Guns Magazine, if I ever get the article done. I would guess sometime next year. I am in the process of moving from Indiana to Arizona and starting work at a new branch for JCI so life is just a tiny bit hectic right now.
  9. I have heard this many times and I question the validity. It is a .030" difference in cylinder size between Standard and Colt, from what others have said. That is the thickness of a credit card overall. So that means the cylinder will stick out .015" more on each side. Leather has a great deal of give and take and .030" isn't enough to matter. The balance is also going to change depending on the caliber, length of barrel, plating, and type of grips. If you really want to get down to it, the balance will change depending on the weight of bullets being used and is the gun is loaded or not.
  10. No. The dealer I am friends with sells them at the MSRP and has sold over 50 of them in the past year.
  11. If it was from on the Wire, I would think there should be a way to find the thread about it.
  12. You can also search the completed auctions on Gunbroker.
  13. Keep in mind condition is everything. The one in the auction is sealed, unopened, so it is substantially higher than one on worn condition. I recommend taking it to a gun show and find a ammo collector dealer (Not just an ammo dealer.) and see what they feel it's worth. I'm going to guess much lower than the $325. Or check out Gunbrokers' completed auctions to see what they are actually selling for. Either way, keep it safe as it is a cool piece of history.
  14. I would guess it to be 1900-1930 era and worth $50-$100 from the little I have seen. I use stuff like this as props for my photos that I use for articles. I assume you got it for a song, so good find. I should be so lucky. Edit: Here's a box for $325. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/837597525
  15. I don't think a bullet feeder works with lubed lead bullets. My understanding is that the bullets have to be powder-coated or jacketed to work.
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