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  1. The title of the video should be, "How to destroy the value of the gun in 20 minutes or less."
  2. I want to trade my Uberti 1860 Army back strap, trigger guard, and wooden grips for the same in Navy version which is shorter. This needs to be from a Uberti.
  3. You never want a drink of water until the well runs dry. Look at Gun Reports. Look at American Heritage Arms. Everyone wants free. You can't pay bills with free. I know a few well-known gunwriters who have been taking pay cuts for the past two decades and are now getting paid what they were making in the 1980s. If you want good content, you have to pay. You want free, you get AI-generated content or YouTube idiots like this guy:
  4. I am trying to get CMP regulation matches going in Prescott. There are a lot of hurtles in place.
  5. I would have broken the sound barrier getting my wallet out!
  6. I’m lucky I can’t drive there! I want one of every maker. They have the IHC right now but I can’t justify $1400 to sit in a safe.
  7. I have two. One WWII Winchester was $1100. One WWII Springfield was $900. As far as lower prices back in the day, what were you wages in comparison? How much were cars and houses back then? CMP rifles are still a great value considering people were buying ten at a time and flipping them at gunshows not long ago. I think they are putting the breaks on that now.
  8. No. In the past, I have stepped into a situation where someone had a bad illness or death in the family, and I just didn't want to deal with that type of conversation right now. I figured someone here knew him and could tell me what I needed to know. Widder gave enough of an explanation.
  9. I tried emailing JM Ross to get another holster to match what I have but didn’t get a reply. I went to their website and they are not taking orders. Does anyone know why?
  10. Thanks. It keeps me off the streets. https://gunsmagazine.com/?s=Garbers
  11. Please subscribe to GUNS and American Handgunner. My article on the Black Bart commemorative Colt is in the latest issue of AH. I have not seen a copy yet.
  12. Cholla

    Unique powder

    You didn’t say where you are but Sportsman Warehouse and Cal Ranch have it from time to time.
  13. https://www.guns.com/news/2023/11/27/athlon-outdoors-group-sold-to-unknown-buyer
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