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  1. You could also post it on the Colt forums to get comments from the experts there.
  2. Having worked in manufacturing, I know in many cases design and process changes are made to maintain prices or profits. Nothing in the world is getting cheaper and the USA isn't the only country competing with China, India, Indonesia, etc...
  3. Yeah, the only problem is PP is about three hours away. Pine Ridge Regulators is only 1.25 hours away. But thanks anyway.
  4. I just got the word from the editor. My article about the history of the Colt Bisley and the Cimarron clone is to run in the August issue of Guns Magazine. This is a new market for me and it is very exciting.
  5. They appear to be one-piece. I just bought this Cimarron/Uberti Bisley.
  6. Sold Pending Funds -- I sold my Garand and M1A so I no longer need the cleaning kit and sling. Both have never been used. $35.00 shipped First I'll take it here gets them. I take PayPal, money order, or check.
  7. I'm sure for the first few matches she will be using my stuff. She has her own non-SASS guns, has a good job, and a master's degree that the VA paid for. (She got hurt in the army.) So, her comment when I told her the cost of the guns was, "Well. I've spent more on dumber things." So, the hope is that she will eventually get her own things.
  8. I went to my first NCOWS shoot of the season while my wife was out with my 26-year old daughter. I got back home about the same time as they did and had my gear laid out in the living room. My daughter started checking out my guns and decided she wanted to try them out. Two boxes of ammo later she decided that she wants to attend an upcoming SASS match in two weeks. She loves my 1860 Henry of all things, but she also wants to buy an 1873 Winchester clone. She even videoed me showing her how to load the 1860 so she could show her friends! I told her not to buy anything before she goes to a match. Now I have to figure out a way to fit my man-sized leather holsters and shotgun belt on her size-1 frame! Plus she wants her boyfriend to try it!
  9. Sold Pending Funds -- I have roughly 788 bullets, one full box and one partial box, judging by weight, so we'll say 750. They are 100-grain RNFP cast bullets by Suter's Choice. I will sell them for $55, shipped via USPS small flat rate box if you don't need the boxes they are in now. If you want the boxes they are currently in, add $10 for extra shipping. Please look them over carefully. They are already lubed. I have been shooting them in my .38s but I went to .45 now.
  10. Gold is traveling the Highball Express as I write this.
  11. I have three Ruger 10-round magazines made for the Ruger Mark III .22 pistol. I'll take $60 shipped. I take PayPal or check. They are new.
  12. If it's $50 for both, I'll take them.
  13. Fast Freddy PM'd me stating he wanted them before you posted this Smoking Pistols. You're up second. Sorry.
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