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  1. In the videos I have watched and from my tinkering with it, the cylinder screws in place using threads on the barrel and on the cylinder. Once the cylinder threads past the threads into the rebated area (green arrow) it can spin free until pulled backwards and unthreaded. The threads in one spot are wore down so if the revolver is opened while it is in the spot, the cylinder can pop out. I do not see anything on the release lever that would prevent it from coming off.
  2. I have been following this since first reading Clive Cussler's story on the topic. I find it very interesting. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/new-explosive-theory-what-doomed-crew-hunley-180974159/
  3. I purchased a small US Revolver, made by Iver Johnson in .32 S&W. It is a break-top style revolver and the cylinder has a few threads that allows it to screw into place on the barrel. In one spot the threads are worn enough to allow the cylinder to pop out when opened. I suspect there isn't an easy way to put material back on the threads. Have any of you had to deal with something like this?
  4. I was doing a search on eBay for parts for my US Revolver breaktop and these came up in the search. I thought someone on here might be interested. I am in no way affiliated with the person doing the auction. I believe they are for a USFA revolver. https://www.ebay.com/itm/U-S-Revolver-Grips-with-US-logo-white/132669086958?hash=item1ee3b19cee:g:8wYAAOSwEzJbKAwX
  5. Beware folks that will try and sell you regular shirts and call them brushpoppers. I am sure you remember that true brushpoppers had one color or colors on the outside and another color on the inside. Normal Wrangler shirts allow the outside colors to be seen on the inside. And real brushpoppers are a light canvas. There are some available on eBay. I have a few but I'm keeping mine. In the photos the pink on turquoise shirt is a real brushpopper, the black shirt is not. Both are on ebay listed as "brushpoppers".
  6. There is a western wear store just off the interstate in Ocala. And there are a few western wear stores around Orlando. I do not remember their names. All of them had Stetson and Restitol hats.
  7. We are shopping for a new bed. We looked at Temperpedics tonight. The king bed she wants is $7800 with two fully adjustable beds and a plain Jane base. She has sleep apnea. If they are truly "Life Changing" I wouldn't mind paying that because I toss and turn all night with pressure points on my shoulders. But, some of the reviews claim the mattress only lasts 7 years on average. That $1000 a year. The thought of paying that much for something that will only last just past the payments will make me lose sleep on its own. We are going to go check out a Sleep Number store about 2 hours away and see what they feel like. I know we have somewhat discussed this last November but I wanted to hear other opinions and options.
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