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  1. See Mike Venturino’s book dealing with Buffalo Guns.
  2. Another RCBS stuck case user here. It does what Michigan Slim described.
  3. Granite Mountain Outlaws monthly will be May 19th at the Compass Training Center, Chino Valley, AZ. Were at 4500’ so a little cooler than Phoenix.
  4. I tried a Lightning. After working a lever, it was a train wreck trying to operate the pump under pressure.
  5. Hornady is on record as stating they have multiple powders they use for any one cartridge load, just so they have the ability to keep making and selling product. What powder they are using can change from lot to lot. You can’t assume it’s the same powder. I am another reloader have Hornady Precision Hunter 7 PRC. We both pulled the loads on a few. Mine appeared to be StaBall HD, a flattened ball powder, and his appeared to be RL-26, a stick powder. Both were new purchases.
  6. Update: Finding Large Magnum Rifle primers these days is almost impossible. I did locate new Remington LRM primers at Bruno's Shooter's Supply, so I bought another brick. I went back to load testing my 7 PRC. Of the 20 loads, one FTF! For giggles, I pulled all the loads that didn't fire, carefully popped the primer out, popped them into 7 Rem Mag brass, and tried them in my Remington 700. Half fired! So, I think my brand-new 7 PRC has a weak firing pin spring. The good news is I now have 2K of LRM primers. The bad news is I need to contact Ruger once again.
  7. I listened to a podcast with an interview of one of the top members of Hodgdon. Most of the gun powder is made outside the US and imported. That’s concerning.
  8. What??? I just talked to him at the gun show in PV last month! Man, I hate to hear this. For the longest time I thought his alias meant he was a turkey hunter but then I realized it was most likely a play on the Jack Elam character in Support Your Local Sheriff. Bummer.
  9. Thanks. You can mention my name anytime. I’m the culprit, Alan Garbers. I wrote an article about Bordertown in this same issue.
  10. https://www.henryusa.com/sass/?utm_source=Henry+Repeating+Arms+Editorial&utm_campaign=b1bcd42cad-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2024_04_30_07_00&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_-b1bcd42cad-[LIST_EMAIL_ID]
  11. But, if you have had any comments in the open forum in which you gave your email address, phone number, address, etc, that comes up as well. The only way to eliminate that is to go back to those threads and edit them. I could go into the information on one member in this thread, and right there was his contact information, as well as the other person he was trying to buy/sell to. The only thing he didn't post was where the front door key was hidden! All dealings should be in private messages, not in a thread in the open forum.
  12. That's the rule. That's not the reality.
  13. I understand the feelings about this, but if you make it just current dues paying members there will be a lot of former SASS members no longer paying dues that will no longer be able to come here to sell off their stuff. Other forums I’m on don’t even allow the classifieds to be seen until the member has 50 worthwhile posts.
  14. These are for elk and antelope hunting this fall. I am not going to take chances. If I had not already given them the batch number, my name, and phone number, this might have been an option.
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