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  1. Tim McCoy Remembers the West is good.
  2. None in our area. Folks from the club back in Indiana were trying to get me to start one. I don't think I have the energy right now for that.
  3. This reminds me of my Boy Scout days. Our troop butchered a hog every so often so our troop could have biscuits and sausage gravy as well as other cuts. The older leader whose house we were at and whose equipment (grinder, trays, etc.) we were using had done this for decades. He was butchering the hog and bringing us the cuts to clean up and process. All of the non-choice stuff was ran through the powerful grinder. He brought in the liver and some other organ meats and said we should run it though the grinder for sausage. As soon as he walked out some of the other leaders grabbed the organs and buried them in the trash, saying they didn't want to have that for breakfast on a Scouting trip. I had to laugh because I couldn't disagree but I also know how upset the leader/butcher would be if he knew what had happened. In another time, we probably would have fought over who was going to take the organ meats home.
  4. One of the nice things about SASS is that you can take your clothing style and period just about any way you want. I personally like to go as pre-1899 as my wallet can let me and I have had some mention that they would like to do the same but have no idea where to start. As a former member of NCOWS I followed their guide, Creating the Outfit. The guide recommends several books to read through. In case you want to read it, it's attached here. Just to clarify, I was a SASS and NCOWS member at the same time. I enjoyed both clubs. Half the SASS club was at NCOWS matches and often many NCOWS members showed up at the SASS matches. They were different enough to be interesting and it doubled the shoots every month. If there was an NCOWS club near Prescott, I would join just as I plan on joining the Whiskey Row Gunslingers as soon as I heal from my last kidney operation (Yesterday...). CreatingTheOutfit.pdf
  5. I think it was Groucho Marx, but I'm sure others have used it. https://quoteinvestigator.com/2011/04/18/groucho-resigns/
  6. Click on your name in the upper right corner. A drop down menu will appear. Click on account settings. Click on signature. I believe that is what you're looking for.
  7. When we lived in Mancos a tornado came by in 1986 but never hit the ground and didn't do anything but get me flustered and heading for our cellar. My wife was talking to her girlfriend on the phone and it went right over her house. They never stopped talking on the phone. I still have photos of it somewhere. It looked like a big prophylactic hanging down from the clouds.
  8. I'm confused. He rode out of town on Night. It didn't say anything about more horses. Yet he's going plinking with his colts so it sounds like he had a herd or horses. I assume he was a singing cowboy if he was plinking. I used to plink away on my guitar. Edit: I guess he might have hauled the piano out to plink on. Then it would have required two horses. But they should have been bigger than colts.
  9. I have suspected something along these lines. I would like to read the data that you talk about.
  10. It looks like it says .44 CF on the trigger guard. That's .44-40. The gun also looks heavily buffed and the edges on the frame are not sharp. I would say it was a .44-40 when it left the factory and was buffed and re-nickled when it was converted or later. The .32-20 was highly popular around the turn of the century and someone might have wanted something better for small game.
  11. Not every veteran qualifies for VA hospital benefits. It depends on your income and if you have a service related health issue. I was turned down at first because I made too much money. I retried again based on a service injury and was turned down again because I made too much money and my injury didn't cause me enough problems. Seven years later my injury was causing more issues so I tried again. This time they agreed that my now advanced service related injury qualified me for VA access. I am still in the process of setting up my primary care doctor.
  12. Of all the JW movies I have seen, this is the worst for me. Parts of the movie lacked reason. The mud slide scene had no purpose but to make every white person look stupid. While I love seeing Maureen O'Hara, the last seen with her running down the street in her bloomers was a demeaning attempt to add sex appeal to the movie. As far as accuracy, name a JW western movie where all of the firearms are period correct. Rio Lobo was set directly after the Civil War (1865) yet they had Colt SAAs (1873) and M1892s (1892), both of which weren't even on a drawing board yet. And a bad guy tried to light and throw dynamite, which wouldn't be invented until 1867.
  13. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/star-trek-spinoff-young-spock-cbs-all-access It took a moment for it to register why Anson Mount sounded familiar.
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