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  1. Midway got back with me. They said they have had this site shutdown several times but it pops up again. It's hard to score on a whack-a-mole operation.
  2. Please don't ask me to spot for you if that the case.
  3. If it's like the target at Bordertown, it's massive. 300 meters isn't that far for a long-range match so you should easily be able to make it ring with a 405 bullet.
  4. Light loads are not a thing around here these days. They made an appeared a few months ago, then vanished back into the forest. My only option to teeth jarring loads is to reload.
  5. As stated above, Midwayweapons.com is a scammer website. Do not fall for their attempt to copy Midway. They claim to have a rich OH (Ohio) tradition but list their address as being in Texas, but they ship you gun to Cabela's or Glockhouze. Check out they way they word their about us page:
  6. The heaviest bullet listed for the Trapdoor in the Lyman Reloading Manual #47 is 420 grains. Pat Wolf's book on reloading for the trapdoor lists a 500 grain bullet but most loads are for the 405 grain bullet. Bear in mind the Trapdoor was the rifle that hurt the people at both ends. I can't imagine the 500 grain bullet being easy on a shoulder with as little at the trapdoor weighs when compared to the Sharps 1874.
  7. The adjustment takes a little studying. It's best to have the manual otherwise there might be a lot of gnashing of teeth and rending of garments involved.
  8. I believe the originals were 405 grain. I use the Lee mold specifically made for the Trapdoor. The bullets are 405 grains with a hollow base.
  9. Trampas must have left Shiloh and joined the navy. That's him playing in the card game at 6:19.
  10. My FIL used to live with us after my MIL passed away. He would sob at times. The older I get the more the reality of what might happen haunts me and I feel like sobbing.
  11. We use the frozen hash browns from Walmart but it still seems to take forever as everyone wants a massive pile of hash browns, so that means one meal at a time unless I use two skillets. If Village Inn was still around here, I would just say to eat out as they used to have HR. I asked the local breakfast joint we like to eat at to make them. They said it would be a bad idea for a Scandinavian to try cooking a Tex-Mex dish. Now, if I don't want to cook HR we go to Williams, AZ. A local restaurant there offers "Christmas" huevo rancheros, one side green chili and one side red chili!
  12. I used to take it to a processor but after years of dealing with hair and a nasty taste, I decided to do it myself. No more hair and I trimmed away all the fat and silver skin. Suddenly, the gamey taste vanished and everyone started eating venison. But, it did take me four to six hours to totally process a deer. We preferred young does but that ended by moving to Arizona.
  13. Huevo Rancheros with hash browns. It takes forever to make four plates but everyone that visits want them again.
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