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  1. I shoot a pair of Uberti Opentops in 45 Colt from time to time. I use the same load as I do in my other 45 Colt revolvers.
  2. I have a size O drill bushing coming. I hope to fit it into an orphaned die and make it work.
  3. If they are like the originals, the mainspring and hammer are different so I think it would take some major skills to get things right. I imagine it would take a huge investment to modify them into something that is already offered on the market.
  4. The biggest issue is I need this for an article I have due in 25 days! I'm sure 26 days from now I will find what I need!
  5. Same. I sold a beautiful walnut stocked Springfield M1A, which I do miss, but I had shot less then 100 rounds through it in ten years. I sold other guns that I never shot. I have an M1 Garand coming to replace the M1A because with my new writing gig I have a little more folding money in my pockets.
  6. I bought a broken US Revolver in .32 S&W two years ago and after much procrastination I decided to replace the faulty trigger reset spring. Despite my best efforts I can't get the trigger to reset. In the process I thought maybe the trigger was just too gritty to allow the spring to work properly... so I removed it and wasn't fast enough to document how the sear spring went. 1. How does the sear spring fit into the assembly - See photo. It doesn't seem right as installed. 2. How do I get the reset to work properly? I found one bit of information that said the screw that goes thro
  7. First, the market has gone nuts and prices are crazy for handles. Second, the larger Lee 6-cavity handles will fit on Lyman molds just fine.
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