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  1. I would also add that venders pay hundreds to $10,000 a year to advertise in the Chronicle and be in the Merchant Corner. Add that to other overhead fees to run a business. I don't see how they turn enough profit to make it worth it.
  2. While that seems short, many of the ranges I have shot at in the eastern US don't have the space for anything longer. Some don't even have a hundred-yard range.
  3. SOLD - Mojave rattlesnake bolo tie straight from my personal collection. It's pretty big. See the business card next to it for size reference. $80 shipped. If I don't sell it, back in my sock drawer it goes. The "tie" is real braided leather. The tips are plain nickle points. This would be great for B-Grade Western. The first "I'll take it" posted here it gets it. I take cash, money order, check, and PayPal.
  4. Is this before or after his hands are cuffed behind his back?
  5. If I'm asking a question on something for sale, it's about condition, modifications, or to clarify what the item really is. Some of the photos and descriptions are not very clear.
  6. My FIL had a colostomy bag. He wore bib overalls to SASS matches and staged his guns on the table. No holsters. He also didn't shoot the shotgun but I assume the shells could be staged as well.
  7. You assumed correctly. It was a facetious remark meant to induce humor. Obviously I failed...again.
  8. I agree but if you ask tough questions that brings up issues with the firearm you'll have your motives questioned. Then you'll be accused of trying to drive the price down or scare off other buyers. The system is imperfect but I have not seen one that is.
  9. This doesn't compute. You mean it is possible to buy a gun and then turn around and sell it for more money that it was bought for??? I don't remember this ever happening to me. If I'm lucky I break even. Most of the time I find out I overpaid in the first place. I assume buying a firearm and losing money in the sale is not a concern of the ATF.
  10. "I'll take it if so-and-so gets his answer and doesn't want it"? >>> Something along this line would be nice. I understand that this will never be done universally, but it would be polite. I have seen this same behavior at gun shows. I was looking over items at a table while someone was discussing a gun for sale with the seller. Another buyer came up and said he wanted the gun being discussed without waiting his turn. Was it a ploy by a shill to force the first buyer to jump on it? I don't know but it ticked me off and I wasn't the prospective buyer.
  11. Could you please post or PM me a clear photo of the serial number area?
  12. There are two reasons I sell stuff. 1. I need money for some foolish notion like a new gun. 2. To get it out of my way because it’s taking up garage space, shelf space, or a tote. If it’s number 1, I ain’t giving it away as far as I know so if the buyer can get more money on top of what he paid me, good for him or her. If it’s number 2, I am close to sending it to Goodwill so as long as it’s gone, I don’t care how much money you make or how much the dump fee is when you decide to get rid of it. I see the OP lost out on a 97. While it wasn’t mine, I have had things like this happen to me as a seller. If I’m at work I don’t monitor the forum to see if someone has posted a comment. But I do get emails when someone PMs me. I have in the past made a sale via PMs only to get home and find someone had said they wanted it in the comments. That’s a tough spot to be in. I have learned my lesson and now check the post to make sure I’m selling an item to the first person that says I’ll take it. The real bummer is when someone wants it but has questions only to have someone else swoop in with an Ill take it before the question is answered. To me that’s line jumping.
  13. It some sort of goat. I don’t know the exact species.
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