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  1. I am interested in the 1886 Winchester. Could you please send me some photos of the barrel markings? What length is the barrel?
  2. I wonder if they work for the company I work for. Management rarely responds to my emails!
  3. Have you tried Jack First? https://jackfirstinc.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=400_468_71
  4. My tumbler used to leak. I started rubbing Dawn soap on both sides of the rubber seal. No more leaks.
  5. I used to buy the small bottles which I think are 9 ounces for $15 which would make a pound about $30, making the 5-pound roughly $150. Many places go a little higher so I would agree with the $150-$175.
  6. I like a light rain during the fall colors. The wet makes the colors pop and the overcast sky gives good color saturation with almost no shadows.
  7. Did you use Venmo or Zelle? You will never get your order. Venmo and Zelle are cash apps. These apps are for sending money to someone you know and trust, such as splitting a check at a restaurant, sending birthday money, etc. ANY site that lists them as their means of payment is a scam. Using either app to buy a firearm or certain components is a direct violation of their user agreement. These sites are as common as dandelions in a summer lawn and pop up just as fast. If you use PayPal F&F, Venmo, or Zelle, you will never see the primers and you have no recourse to get your money back. If you can't pay with a credit card, the company is a scam. Plain and simple.
  8. That's Jimini Cricket whispering in your ear. Listen to him. I have seen the same thing on RVs, high-end fishfinders, and more. Some scammers even go so far as to slightly alter the images they rip to hide their scam. Here is an example from a scammer and a real auction. Notice how they tried to alter the look of the grips. It is the same photo, just altered to fool a buyer.
  9. Total scam. The photos from Canada prove it. Do not send him any money. Ignore him or he will give you some other sob story to pull you back in.
  10. This same guy had other auctions running at the same time. If he were truly owned them all of his photos would have the same background. None of the photos in the auctions were taken at the same location. Huge red flag. While I did a google image search none of them came up. I still feel he ripped this images from some website, guns international, auction arms, or some local site. https://www.gunbroker.com/All/search/completed?Timeframe=1&Sort=1&IncludeSellers=1219533&PageSize=48
  11. Tell him you are going to be visiting some friends the next town over from Flatwoods, KY this weekend and can pay him cash if he meets you at the FFL. I promise you he will have another excuse why that can't happen. This is a scam.
  12. The next MO is to attack your credibility, claim they are a veteran that has countless awards and medals, and been in hundreds of fire fights to protect this country, and now you are saying he isn't trust worthy. I have seen that as well. They shut up when I show them the website where the photos are copied from.
  13. Exactly. Total scam. Long guns need to go through an FFL on your end, not his. He ships to your FFL. I would report him as a scammer to GB. They have posted that they are cleaning up their act. You can also leave him bad feedback and let the world know he is a scammer.
  14. It looks like you can use a CC through Guntab. Here is the process: What are the transaction steps? Successful transaction steps A successful transaction has the following steps: Pending buyer preferences (5 minutes or less). The buyer needs to select a receiving gun dealer or enter a shipping address, depending on whether transfer is required. The buyer also needs to select a payment method. Pending verifications (if applicable; 2 hours or less). Usually this occurs when the buyer needs to verify the payment method. Credit card verification takes around 2 minutes. Bank account takes 1-2 business days. Sometimes this occurs when GunTab needs to perform additional verifications on the transaction. These usually take less than 2 hours. Pending payment processing (if applicable; 1-2 business days). This only occurs when the buyer pays by bank account, because credit card and wire transfer payments are effectively instant. GunTab needs to wait for the bank account transfer to be processed by the banking system. Pending shipment (less than 3 days). The seller needs to ship the merchandise and “mark as shipped” in GunTab. Ideally the seller provides the shipment tracking number. The seller must ship the merchandise within 3 days of receiving shipping instructions from GunTab. Pending delivery (1-8 days). The shipment needs to be delivered. If the seller provided the shipment tracking number, GunTab will “mark as delivered” automatically. Otherwise the buyer must mark as delivered. This takes at least 1 day, and depends entirely on the shipping service purchased. Weather and other events can occasionally cause shipments to be delayed. Pending buyer inspection period (up to 3 days). The buyer has a 3-day inspection period after delivery. If there is a problem with the merchandise, the buyer needs to file a dispute with GunTab in this period. If the 3-day period expires without a dispute, or if the buyer chooses to “mark as accepted,” GunTab disburses the funds to the seller. Learn more. Pending disbursement processing (1-2 business days). The seller needs to wait for the bank account transfer to be processed by the banking system. If the seller has not already verified their bank account as requested, disbursement processing will be delayed until it is verified. Succeeded. The buyer is satisfied with the merchandise and the seller has been paid. The transaction is complete.
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