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  1. I'll take 250 pieces of 38 auto brass that is new and unprimed asking $50 shipped.
  2. Yes, by luck for you I forgot to take them to our match swapmeet Sat. Let me know which ones you want & I'll figure shipping out.
  3. Reason for the 4-3/4" barrel.... short as you could make the barrel using the "stock/common" ejector rod housing.
  4. I'll take all the Rem Gun Clubs at Bordertown.
  5. Looks like the seated 2nd from the right has a 1873 "Trapper" carbine. Note the length of barrel & forearm even taking in account it is slightly back than the others in that row.
  6. My opinion. Houses need proper roof venting. Your builder will most likely have used minimum specs cheapest & least efficient to keep costs down. (hate to say it but many houses were built with approved prints that were still not to code even when new.) Look up roof venting ratios & requirements/recommendations. They are along the lines of "good, better , best" for energy efficiency. You really need to measure your house roof area in square feet (not counting overhangs). If all the roof area is not connected each area will need separate calculations. Pay attention to "upper & lower" venting requirements & spacing. Yes, ridge venting will really help if done in conjunction with other venting methods such as soffit & gable end & "O-Hagin type" venting. Yes, usually you should be able to find a 3 tab shingle to cut for ridge cap. In some cases of higher end laminate shingles they only made colors that matched in "factory" ridge caps. I was a Purchasing agent & estimator at a large roofing company for many years. Good luck with your project, stay safe, remember to tie off your ladder.
  7. Figured I should ask here first as you never know what some pards have lurking in the back of the safe. What have you got by way of Large Rifle primers & CZ pistol to sell at Bordertown? Looking for modern, steel or alloy frame guns. Yep, it does leave a fairly wide variety since they make a bunch & discontinued a bunch but (other than .40 S&W) pretty open. Let me know what model & how much.
  8. Also, while only fired a little, storage is still a factor, how is the bore condition?
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