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  1. I've shot a pair of Uberti Russian 3-5 stages on a few shoots with straight BP, 1/20 lead bullet & BP lube. Yes, I agree that the problem is the Uberti not having a gas ring that is under the forcing cone cone. (as seen in Driftwoods' excellent pics) But... I have thought about filling or having machined the area just above the forcing cone to the same contour as an original. I have a few originals to compare to. The Uberti profile looks to be blocking/redirecting BP fouling down & in instead of out & away. On the originals you can see
  2. And the 1 day I don't look at the wire.... I wonder what buyer fees they had & how long it took? Some interesting stuff.
  3. If you are going single stage press you might want to think about a case ejector. They will speed you up 50 % as you only have to put the case in the shell holder as they auto-eject out. https://inlinefabrication.com/collections/case-ejector-system sells them or build your own. I use one for de=priming BP brass prior to wet-pin tumbling.
  4. I have one with no work done & tried to shoot BP in it 20 or so years ago & it was a "no shuck" gun. I had to claw every hull out. I just use it for Smokeless non-SASS shooting clay birds on occasion & for that it works well.
  5. Deacon, thanks for the positive review, I would like to find an original by may end up going the triple K route. (an auto with only one magazine is sort of hmmm)
  6. F/S REDUCED $Non-SASS LEFT Hand Galco Holsters, these are "new- old - stock". in the package. these were with a "you have to buy them all if you want any" deal & I'm not left handed so.... $38. each/ single (one holster is $38.00) , shipped in the USA A posted "I'll take it" has priority. Quantity available is in front of description. NOTE: just posted picks of a brown & a black holster for representation to show style of what they look like they are all blocked & numbered for what they fit. Might as well mention what is
  7. Not sure how old the ones you have are, but just the empty boxes can bring good money depending on what they are. I would say shot the primers & then sell the boxes (if you have something you don't mind loading with that flavor of primer). Some folks on auction are getting more for empty boxes than the primers went for before all this covid etc happened.
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