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  1. Just some thoughts... I think a used 450 or even an older 45 model would be a great step forward for you. The Ideal company (pre-Lyman) even had told of the advantages of their machines about a hundred years ago as being both cleaner & faster. They still sold cake-cutters for those that wanted them though. What diameter dies will you need?
  2. Actually looking to modify the die so so carbide. thanks
  3. Thanks Boomstick, I'll keep it in mind so I'll keep looking for just a sizer.
  4. Looking for a Non-carbide .32 S&W Long sizer die. Anyone have one they don't use?
  5. There's the cross cut in the wooden shutter on the left from the cabin from "The Outlaw Josey Wales".
  6. Not that are easy to get, maybe they are now, but I think if you look at the case specs, I think .303 Savage brass was looking close before cut & form. I almost went down that .44 M & H rabbit hole.
  7. Many new & old metal & wood listed on E-Bay, also check Amazon, but with Amazon be sure to check shipping times.
  8. Whitney-Kennedy "S" lever action in 44-40. Still have a little work to do but it should be fun to shoot once in a while when I get it there. I think it would be fun to coordinate a "slow-gun day" to bring out the more unusual guns.
  9. Straus , mint chocolate chip, organic & and it's not green colored.
  10. Hoped in vain that when they were making all the different models in the last run that they would make these.
  11. Ditto Joe, Glendale isn't that far from Mesa. Maybe I shouldn't have asked to be on your posse, it appears it's the posse on the wait list.
  12. This can't be a current picture otherwise there should also be a picture of the traffic jam involving all the cars behind the picture blocking the road that stopped to pick it up. There should be video of the fight scene between the pickers.
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