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  1. DD , I'll take Cimarron 1876 Crossfire Carbine 22" .45-60 - This is the 1876 Carbine like the on used in Crossfire Trail. It's pretty smooth and in good shape. per our pms' Thanks, Earl
  2. I'll take 5.) 1911 Military flap holster w/ hanger and magazine pouch (right hand) Holster is dated 1918 and mag pouch has repair to bottom (see pics). $35.00 for both. And BOTH of them 6.) Original style pistol lanyards. Excellent condition. $10.00 each. Only one in pic, I have two (2). (Free shipping if included with any other item).
  3. Might try Imperial Sizing Die Wax, also good for case forming.
  4. Goody, thanks, yes, it looks like just a little at the ends that go into the receiver will do it. Also if wanting to look "correct" cutting the comb thumb relief? cuts. Really widens the looking. I found a forend for a 39 that I think is the right one. It's on the way so I'll know soon. Fence Cutter, thanks but I'm trying to keep the costs down a bit.
  5. WTB Marlin 39A Mountie Straight Butt stock & Forend for round barrel . Need the whole setup.
  6. Earl--

    You got a nice horn at a fair price. Congratulations.


    All I got from you was  several words and then it was cut off and I do not know what you were saying.

    Let me know your plan and how you want to pay.

    My Address:           Donald Tusher

                                       138 Greenbriar Road

                                        Gadsden, Al  35901-6424

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Earl Brasse, SASS #3562

      Earl Brasse, SASS #3562

      Howdy Two Ponies,


      Box came in, packed so well you scared the Postal Gorillas & they didn't even try to beat it to death.


      Flask & knife are very cool.


      Do you have any history/info on knife?  I like the blade shape.


      Extra thanks for the booklet & card (neat you signed it).


      I don't have an 1890 (yet) & now I will know how to make a better decision if I find one.


      I am a book fiend (rolling ladder and all) 


      I would think the check should be there by Friday, maybe Thursday.


      If you ever need any Colt percussion part give me a holler.


      (or if you decide to sell any other cool stuff, you have great (similar) taste.)


      Thanks again,





    3. Two Ponies

      Two Ponies



      Please send my your email address.   

      I have tried three times to send pictures to you of the

       hatchets   and they never will deliver.

      Perhaps an email will work better.




      Two Ponies

    4. Earl Brasse, SASS #3562

      Earl Brasse, SASS #3562

      Sure thing Two Ponies,







  7. Just some things I have heard & or seen............. Years back when the Contender crowd complained that 32-20 Win brass was failing after a couple firings R-P made theirs a little thicker. This helped the TC shooters as they were using .308 FMJ bullets & dies came in boxes that said " 32-20 For TC Contender" & were setup for that combination. I believe the dies were marked "TC" also. This was not helping anyone trying to reload for old guns. (or even new non-TC guns) Today when wanting to shoot a larger dia. bullet do to wanting to mach bore size +.001 it is a ?? as to how to get it right sometimes. The size of the finished cartridge is determined / restricted by the die & the thickness of the brass & bullet size. Just for fun pull a bullet & see what size it is. Sizes are approx (from memory) Example cast bullet .314 (trying to get to work in old Colt) Pull loaded round, bullet is only .311 loaded in R-P brass Winchester brass is thinnest allowing the net dia of the bullet to increase. Starline was in the middle for thickness. This brass thickness difference would cause crimps to differ a;so, (providing R-P was trimmed to Winchester length so cases are equal length). By the way the Wilson gage is a "case gage" not a "cartridge gage" they say so in the instructions that it is not for loaded rounds. Example, new factory Winchester ammunition falls into the gage as the shoulder is set way back so as to chamber in "any" firearm in that caliber. No spec for 32-20 (& 38-40 Win) etc so nobody makes a cartridge gage that I am aware of. (hence the practice of using a tight revolver cylinder to gage rounds. There is a company making one for 44-40 that seems to work for my applications at least, but when I spoke with them they were not planning any in 32-20 or 38-40. Oh what fun. Hope this helps or at least was interesting.
  8. Howdy Meesterpaul,


    I have a friend who was looking for one.


    What's with it & what condition?





  9. Another thing to look into when you're getting your house roof replaced is the roof ventilation ratio & having the correct ratio of upper roof to lower roof venting. This can make a difference in heating & cooling & having a "hot room" when the rest of the house feels fine. Many homes are built to the minimum spec, when like many things, there really is a "good, better, best" available that is never offered when buying a new home. Many blueprints (with a city seal) came in where where I worked that the house venting totals were added together even though the roof areas were not even connected to each other. Just because your roof has "lots of vents" or "real big vents" may not mean it's o.k. Good luck with your project.
  10. I called EMF. There was an error in the GOTOW magazine article, they are not stainless, but "white steel". Still real nice.....
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