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  1. Goody, thanks, yes, it looks like just a little at the ends that go into the receiver will do it. Also if wanting to look "correct" cutting the comb thumb relief? cuts. Really widens the looking. I found a forend for a 39 that I think is the right one. It's on the way so I'll know soon. Fence Cutter, thanks but I'm trying to keep the costs down a bit.
  2. WTB Marlin 39A Mountie Straight Butt stock & Forend for round barrel . Need the whole setup.
  3. Shirt came in & looks great. Thanks, Earl
  4. I'll take the following but your message box is full ***Double action grips-- 4 pair total ** 2 pair are factory S&W, 1 pair that has rounded corners at the bottom of the butt, and old gutta percha, possibly from a pocket pistol **1 pair of rubber grips for S&W (chewed up on the butt) ** 1 pair of grips for a Taurus. $60 Lowered to $30 + shipping
  5. I'll take G) Wah Double breasted Grey/Black XL.............................................$35.00 shipped
  6. If I remember right Kennedy 1/2 dollars were 90% silver thru 1964 then 40% 1965 -1969. Check the dates when you see a "clad" 1/2 that may look a little "funny" to see if you are lucky.
  7. Sold to Medicine Creek Johnny sending you a pm (mine was full but I just made space)
  8. SOLD to Medicine Creek Johnny Dillon Super 1050 Toolhead #20420 (bare toolhead, see Dillon Website) New in box, never installed. These are $204.95 + shipping from Dillon. Buy this one, the only one I have to sell, $ 175.00 + shipping in the USA
  9. I have some Colt 1849 barrels from the Colt Signature Series (with Colt address etc), sent you a pm. Also 1851 barrel if you need any.
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