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  1. Started being interested in old airguns so if you have any you would like to sell let me know what & how much in a pm. I'm going to Bordertown & it would sure beat shipping them. But shipping is an option, Mainly looking for old Benjamin, Crosman, Sheridan, Webley, or BSA or other old repeaters (or single shots) Rifles or pistols. Pump or Co2, working or not. Also have some things that could trade, (but won't be bringing down to sell, unless we settle something before I leave) Jacketed bullets for reloading, non-SASS, hunting bullets of various calibers, 6mm, .270, 7mm .338, .375 lots... Antique shotshell loading tools, 12 ga, 10 ga Mec 12 ga reloaders, 12 ga Colt signature Series percussion revolver parts, many models, many parts, 1849, 1851, 1860, Dragoon, etc.. (also will fit Uberti.) .280 Rem brass, .30 carbine & 8mm Ammo possibly other stuff
  2. Something to think about folks is if these are a little too short remember, you most likely will be wearing tall boots so a little short just means easier to tuck in. Won't fit me but someones gonna be happy soon. Best luck to all
  3. SOLD to Yul Loose, (or maybe traded?) They're yours either way Yul, Thanks, Earl
  4. GTG, quick transaction

  5. SOLD ! 16 Gauge Antique Reloading tool set (much harder to find than 12 ga., but you knew that) Roll Crimper, ("nubs" look good in the brass head, no cracks in handle, ferrule or knob) "B.G.I." Powder/shot adjustable measure ( top edge not "perfect, but works well, this is a side slot type that does not use a pin, yep, it's dirty on the top half, clean it or keep the patina look, nice handle) Iron 16 ga. priming tool SOLD to Yul Loose ! All 3 pcs shipped to you in the USA $ 90.00 1st "I'll take posted has priority" If you happen to have an old air pistol or rifle might could work a trade? up or down . (Benjamin, Webley, Crosman & etc ??)
  6. btt If someone were to take it all, the price would go down as it will all fit in a large flat rate box.
  7. I'll take #1 Black with dark brown saddle seat style running down inside of leg. Waist 38”, Inseam 30”, high waist 14 1/2” crotch to top of waist band 2 front pockets bone buttons $65.00 Free shipping
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