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  1. I got a set of these on E-bay, great fit. reasonable price. Mine wasn't a military, so the checkering sounded good. Edited, My opps, I had Colt on the brain, got these for my 1917 Colt. (not S&W) https://www.ebay.com/itm/CHECKERING-WOOD-GRIPS-FOR-COLT-1917-1909-ARMY-NEW-SERVICE-AFTERMARKET-Random/262694997697
  2. War Grizzly, That's why I had mine all cut. I was casting & shooting original Lyman bullet & it worked great. Then tried APP since I could shoot up about 10K of magma style hard cast I got into right. Worked great after recutting. Now I'm looking at casting again as I'd rather shoot BP. But... at least I have bullet options now. Looks like you did a great job & are going to get to the good part (the shooting) & making the "dings" happen.
  3. Yes, I had to have this done on about a half dozen '73's in 38-40 Win. I talk to Cimarron & Uberti years back & was told it was O.K. . It is as long as you use bullets that follow the original profile. (not the very common "Magma" style bullet)
  4. Nickle City is on the money. Neat gun, I regret not buying the one I saw for sale some years back. They made them in 44-40 Win & .45 Colt.
  5. I'll take it Stoeger Coach Gun. I bought this to photograph an article for the Chronicle. Lots of annoying problems which were fixed for the article. New springs, triggers are much lighter than stock, auto safety removed. Everything done except chamfering the chamber mouths. Basically a new unfired gun with a free action job. $425.00 I'll be at ACSA Sat
  6. I'll take #7 – A MEC Shotshell Press cover Came with my press, but I don’t use it, so it has just sat in my basement reloading room all these years. $22 shipped USPS First Class Mail to your door.
  7. I'll take 'em. It'll be interesting figuring them out. I'm thinking maybe, Spiller & Burr, Whitney or maybe 1875/1890 Remington. Looks like more fun than a Rubics Cube.. lol
  8. Dakota, Didn't see the 32-20 '73 listed as gone, just the 38. Glad they are going to a good home.
  9. If this 1/2 of # 5 is still available, I'll take it, 2nd one is a short rifle version in 32/20. Has wife's alias on the carrier. The stock has been cut down for a petite shooter but was not finished off.
  10. Just in case, if any of you pards out there haven't dealt with Mudflat before... His word is worth more than pictures. He's a great man to deal with. (and a real hoot to shoot with)
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