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  1. For Sale: Uberti 1873 straight stock 45lc rifle 20" full octagon barrel. (originally was 24" but was cut, re-crowned, dovetailed and large front bead by Colt Mcallister ) -3rd generation short stroke kit and full race action job. Nice and smooth -lightened carrier and smith shop whisper springs. -leather wrap and Kirkpatrick butt stock cover installed. Bought it used, very little use before, (I shot it once) $1600 plus shipping to your FFL Can deliver to EOT Paypal F&F, venmo and zelle also accepted. First to post "i'll ta
  2. For sale: Dillon 650/750 45 LC caliber conversion kit. I bought used off wire her a year or so ago and decided to sell all my 45 stuff. So have this left. $65 shipped Conus First to post "I'll take it" here on wire is winner. Paypal F&F, venmo, zelle also accepted.
  3. For sale: IAC Winchester 1897 12 gauge shotgun. 20" barrel. - Gun has a full race action job by Huckleberry. Very slick, ejects hulls quickly. -New Buttstock pad professional installed -"jeweling" done to bolt and carrier (see picture.) -Wood is very good quality. I've used this at backup maybe 2 matches, otherwise like new. this gun is all set to go and race ready. $600 plus shipping to your FFL (can deliver to EOT next week) First to post "I'll take it" on wire is the winner. Accept PayPal F&F, venmo, zelle
  4. Looking for a good practice match the weekend before EOT, if your coming from the West, were about 10 min off of I-80 on I-55 in Illinois. Plainfield Illinois. About 2 hours from EOT. Fort Beggs Shootout @ Oakpark sportsman club in Plainfield Illinois will hold matches both this Saturday June 19th, and Sunday June 20th. Saturday will be right after setup @ 9:30, dress will be casual. Come help setup @ 8am and shooting is free, otherwise $10: 5 stages. Sunday start is 8:45am. $15 6 stages. Both scored separately Different scenarios each day. More
  5. I've accumulated this brass over the years with the anticipation that I would some day load and shoot it. Never did. Been fully cleaned. 525 pieces 45lc brass. Shipped to Conus $160.00 paypal, venmo, zelle accepted also. First to post I'll take it here in the wire is the winner.
  6. What the title says. Pair of SASS ruger vaqueros , 45lc , stainless, 5 1/2 barrels Fully brand new in original box with all original material. Never fired. $1,800 plus shipping to your ffl. (Eot delivery also option) PayPal f&f, Venmo, Zelle payment options also accepted first to post, “I’ll take it “ here on the wire is the winner.
  7. What club shooting at? Many have loaners to use for the match.
  8. Got ours for first match today. Connected in seconds to an apple i-pad, iPhone and an android device. Timer performed flawlessly. Nice and compact but well built. Sensitive to pick up rifle shots, but not to record when bumped or hit. This is a great product. Timer called out score, looked at scorekeeper with pad who confirmed that's what they received and like magic it transferred into practiscore. No chance for errors when calling out a score and misunderstood. Again, recorded all shooters perfectly with out a hitch. If you run your matches with practiscore,
  9. Not sure, but hope he can expedite all the clubs orders. I also ordered one for our club to use with our practicescore running tablet. Ordered on Feb 23rd and hoping to have before our April 18th first match!!! If works as expected we plan on ordering a bunch as our IDPA/IPSC group all shares equipment and are looking eventually for about 4 more!
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