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  1. “Muzzle Muzzle!” Could/ should have been a first reaction to warn the shooter BUT the “unsafe ness” of a straight up muzzle being “unsafe” should really be reviewed by the rules committee. Rules say 170 applies, before during and after stage. How many times have you seen people moving to the stage or walking back down range where the last gun was a shotgun and the muzzle is carried straight up ( or slightly forward, up range) when shooter goes to unloading table. Or to their cart!!( seen a call on way to cart before). We call straight up (or slightly down range) ok in another part of the rules. Probably one of the safest positions to point the gun, YET we have people dying to call major penalty violations for one of the safest places to point. i understand 170 left and right, but difficult to understand the up or down version being unsafe. Too many people getting penalized for a very safe action in my opinion
  2. For sale: Assortment of Men's XL Cowboy Shirts all in size XL. All in excellent condition. Worn only a few times. Shipping is $5 for 1 item, $8 for 2-3 items, and $12 for 4 or more. So create a bundle and save shipping! Winner is first to post on the wire "I'll take # X". CONUS only. PayPal accepted. #1: Frontier Classic XL in Brown - $20 SPF to Iron Biscuit #2: Frontier Classic XL Red - $20 SPF dhamilla #4: Frontier Classic XL Blue - $20 SPF to Iron Biscuit #5: Frontier Classic XL Lt Blue - $20 SPF to Yul Lose #6: Scully XL White - $20 SPF to Kidrick #7: Eddie Bauer XL - $15 SPF to Yul Lose #8:Levi XL White - $15 #9 Levi XL Lt. bro - $15 SPF to Yul Lose
  3. Our club converted from ACES 2 years ago to Practiscore. Just as easy to use. Again written by same people. No issues with anyone of the people recording scoring. Actually think it's a bit easier. Just load Practiscore and don't look back.
  4. What about offering to life members to purchase when they hit their anniversary for the cost of the pin? Ordered some lapel pins for our group a few years ago and didn't think were more than $20, but unsure of sizes of these pins. I'm sure many life members would be willing to pay cost plus expenses (not retail) for the pins. Just a thought
  5. I'll take the 3 xds 7rd 45 mags for 45 shipped
  6. I believe there is a basic function in the setup of IP board that will send an email notification to someone when a new user registers. Just drop that name in a simple excel file when receive notification. Once a month review names who are about to expire with the SASS office to see if the many have joined. And if not, delete. Yes, simple, no programming costs and take about 30 min maybe a month. Yes programming and running this board is and can be expensive, that's why this benefit of membership should be for current members in good standing or guests for a limited time
  7. Simple solution. Guests get 6-9 months before their web access expires and need to become paying members Dues and membership pay the funds for SASS to support this website. If your not an active paid member or in that 6-9 month guest bucket, just read only access IMHO In my opinion the decline in paid membership is because of the generousity of SASS to still offer these services (like this website and being able to shoot matches without fees, unlike other pistol sports) to all for free trusting that the membership will continue to support them, while you have many shooters who proudly wear their sass badge and use their ailias, post on this website and haven't paid dues for years. That's disgraceful in my opinion.
  8. What do you want SASS to do for you???????? What interest do you want SASS to take in your club???? Been a match director for he past 10+ years and never was wondering what INTEREST Sass had in my club or what they can DO for me, BUT more what WE as a club and me as a member can do to hep grow and promote SASS or help support our community
  9. $100 bucks was 2015, 2106 was only $50 In an effort to simplify the process and eliminate any misunderstanding, there is a change in the pricing structure this year- as a result of your requests and feedback, the affiliation fee is a flat $50; regardless of your SASS membership status within your club members Again no excuses not to support the organization that created what we love to do!
  10. It's only $50 bucks for the year and very sad that anyone posting on the wire can justify why their club can't come up with $50 bucks for the YEAR to support the organization who created the sport we participate in. Who gave us years of enjoyment and friendships can't justify why to send $50 bucks for the year!! For that 15 person club. That's like $3.50 per person???? The same people who spend thousands on guns, leather & ammo. It's all what have you don't for us lately, how about what they have done for us all for over the last 25 years! Last year I changed my monthly match fees and gave a discount of $5 off match fees for sass members and hinted to those to join sass because I'll pay the first $40 bucks( $5 times 8 matches). Had some people who refused to shoot because the felt I was charging them more because they weren't sass member. Refused to join sass again because said they "weren't getting anything", yet still wore the sass badge got along time ago, used the sass alias and attended many sass state shoots over the years and had a large group of friends they never had before sass. Weren't getter my anything??? BS. Sass gave them a lifetime of stuff. What I came to understand, some people just like to complain about everything and are never happy. I say. Good riddance! (Now off my soapbox)
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