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  1. Here is a link to a 17-minute video showing a few highlights from the 2024 Missouri State Cowboy Action Shooting Championship June 26-29, hosted by Butterfield Trail Cowboys. Congratulations to Matt Black for taking top Men's Shooter and Missouri State Champion titles, to Jackie Diamond for taking the Missouri State Ladies Championship, and to Missouri Mae for taking top Lady Shooter honors.
  2. I don't watch many either, mostly when i recognize someone. I still prefer my long-form videos where I record an intro, show a few stage videos (often set to music) and then roll our match scores at the end. PK
  3. Want to see something interesting? As some of you know, I've published a few cowboy action shooting videos these past few years, mostly related to my home club, Illowa Irregulars, with a few others from clubs I've visited. My videos have tended to be long-format videos, most of which are 12 to 18 minutes long, with a few longer (primarily the two or three state and/or national matches I've attended). Most of my regular videos get 200 to 400 views eventually, although a couple of the national matches have received upwards of 2,000 to 3,000 views after several months (> 1 yr). According to YouTube, nearly 100% of these viewers are 65 years of age and older. Not sure I quite believe that, but the audience certainly skews older. Lately, I've posted a few YouTube "Shorts" here and there. Shorts have to be 60 seconds or less. In that regard, it's typically a single shooter shooting a single stage. I'm struck by the magnitude of the response to the short form videos compared to the traditional long-form video. Three of the short four shorts I posted yesterday are approaching 10,000 view each after only 24 hours, with a third coming in at about 9,000 views. That's a big difference! What's even more interesting and perhaps something to think about, is the difference in audience demographic. As you can see in the table below, 28% of these "Shorts" viewers are 25-34 years old, 22% are from 35-44 years old, and 15% are 45-54 years old. What does this mean? Who knows, but clearly, there's some level of interest in the 20+ age groups. Audience Demographics
  4. Here is a link to a video I put together with some highlights from the IA/NE State Championship match. If you missed the match, you could live vicariously through it, but believe me, the video doesn't tell half the story - you had to be there. If you weren't able to attend this year, perhaps you'll be able to next year! I also posted several shorts on my channel from the match as well. Popcorn Kelly
  5. Saul, As Slow Poke Gear wrote, yes smokeless is allowed. We've two matches left this year. July 28 Online Registration October 19 Online Registration Or you can hover over the Buffalo Shooting link at the top of our homepage and find them there. You don't have to register in advance, either. You can just show up on match day. PK
  6. Illowa Irregulars held the first of three Buffalo Shoot matches Saturday, May 18th. I recorded a few short video clips along with a few pictures and put together the attached video for anyone interested in seeing what a Buffalo Shoot looks like. We have two more Buffalo Shoots scheduled this year. One on Sunday, July 28 and another on Saturday, October 19. Click here for more information. If you are interested in coming, click on the Buffalo Shooting link on the top menu to register in advance or email us. The video also includes a few minutes of our Sunday Cowboy match. This particular cowboy match included a long-range option (a third set of targets set out to 60' or so). Most participants shot the regular targets set at about 12' to 15' for pistols and 30' for rifles. The long-range options shot pistols and the 30' rifle targets and rifles at the 60' targets. We also invited several regional NCOWS shooters to join us. In fact, I happened to be on that posse which was comprised of all black powder shooters shooting the long-range targets so all the video I was able to get was from this posse.
  7. Cactus, looking forward to getting over your way. Always enjoy FDMR's matches. You've a stellar organization and group of people. PK
  8. The 2024 Illinois State Championship scheduled from Auguust 16-18 hit our 180-shooter limit this evening. We'll start a waiting list and work through it in the order any future registrations are received. Thanks to everyone who signed up. We look forward to another spectacular event. PK
  9. Come to Illinois State - we offer Outlaw without regard to the number of entries. I know there'll be at least one other. Not many over our way. I know he'd enjoy the Outlaw competition. But hurry if you want to come - we've 176 entries and have a 180-shooter limit. PK
  10. It'd be helpful to a lot of people if the "Official" Category Matrix was published in the SHB as an Exhibit or in an Appendix. I've seen it somewhere before, but it's not as easily found as it should be. PK
  11. I posted this thread's initial question while I was working on the video attached below. We don't collapse categories, but I could easily model what the impact would have been had we done so using our registration data. In the video below I describe what I learned from this exercise. I'm giving this group an early opportunity to view it before making it available to a wider audience. Suffice it to say I found little upside for us to collapse categories and will continue to offer a hybrid model where we offer all Protected and a select number of Unprotected Categories, and then sticking with them.
  12. Yes, that is my understanding. Age-based Style and Costume categories aren't "Protected" and are subject to being collapsed if the MD wants to do so. We don't collapse categories at the Illinois State Championship. Instead, we offer a few targeted Unprotected categories which are indicated by the peach-colored cells in the attached image, and then guarantee the person will be able to shoot in it at the match. These include the Unprotected categories of Wrangler through Silver Senior, and a few age categories for Duelist, Gunfighter, and FC Duelist. We don't get crazy and all every possible iteration, just these few targeted categories based on our experience. We also publish how many people are signed up for each category so if someone really craves the competition they can self-select into a more competitive category if they wish to do so. I'd much rather shooters voluntarily self-select into a different category than to have us move them involuntarily. (*The image reflects the Protected and Unprotected Categories as we understand and apply them here.)
  13. I'm sharing our Shooter's Information Packet so those of you who can't attend the 2024 Illinois State scheduled from Aug 16-18, 2024 can get a sense of the match. This packet contains some match specific information like a (tentative) Side and Main match schedules, round counts, registration location, raffle information, etc. Additionally, knowing that many people attending the match will be unfamiliar with our range and surrounding area, it also contains other information some may find helpful like maps, camping, and award ceremony information, as well as a list of nearby restaurants. I'm making it available here for anyone else that may be curious/interested to download and review. On a related note, we've 166 registrations as of today, with a 180-shooter limit. That means we've just 14 openings left. If you would like to attend, please get your registrations in very soon. The easiest way to do that is by registering online. PK Shooters Information Packet_2024.pdf
  14. Here are the two SHB sections relevant to the question: If an offered category does not meet the minimum mandates, the entrant(s) will be entered into the next category down as the categories collapse toward the base categories until the minimum mandate is fulfilled; and, Protected age-based categories: Buckaroo/Buckarette, Junior, Elder Statesman/Grand Dame, Cattle Baron/Cattle Baroness, El Patron/La Patrona, and El Rey/La Reina. Question: If Wrangler’s entry does not meet the minimum entries and the club collapses categories, would Wrangler be collapsed to Cowboy? In my interpretation of the above sections, Cowboy is the "base" category to which Wrangler entries would be moved if they don't have the minimum number of entries. To come at this from the other side, if Wranglers would never be collapsed, it effectively makes them a Protected category and therefore would be listed as such (bullet #2 above). This is mostly a curiosity question as I work to understand how this section is applied.
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