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  1. I'm selling the Nate Kiowa Jones Rossi '92 I purchased in June and took delivery of in August, 2020. It's a beautiful rifle. I tried to take pictures that do it justice. I also included an image of my original receipt. As you can see, in addition to the action works, I had Nate pretty it up a bit, including the bead blast. I've put less than 200 rounds through it. Why am I selling it? I intended to shoot some B-Western late in the year. However, Nate highly recommended I shoot a 158gr bullet (see the attached image from him). 158gr bullets are not something I loaded, which meant
  2. As a reasonably new shooter myself, I wanted to have an option to shoot a different category. I currently shoot ..38 specials in both my pistols (Ruger Vaqueros) and rifle (1873 Uberti). I use an SKB double for my shotgun. I considered both Classic Cowboy and B-Western. I found I would have to buy several new weapons to shoot Classic as it requires a different caliber and, as I recall, a different shotgun, whereas all I needed to shoot B-Western was a new rifle. I would have to buy appropriate clothes in either case so that was a wash. I went with B-Western, bought a new rifle, and p
  3. I have no problem if others choose to wear masks and do my best to maintain a respectful distance from them. I wore a mask at the loading/unloading tables once last year and that was enough. No more, and I won't go to a match where masks are required at anytime during the competition. I won't complain about any range that has an absolute mask requirement - that is their prerogative. I'll just choose not to shoot there, which is my prerogative. If this means I have to travel farther to shoot, so be it. I look at that as an opportunity to visit clubs I may otherwise not visit. I'll ad
  4. I'm considering adding a 2nd modem so I'd have two more network "billboards" visible in our neighborhood. They'd be secured and pw protected, but not actually used for anything other than to post cryptic (OK maybe not so cryptic) messages.
  5. I like those. For a long time I also used NSA_Free wifi as my hotspot network name, back when the NSA was found to be spying on US citizens.
  6. I’ve had fun over the years altering my wireless network name to communicate sarcasm or make other points to others around me. Let me explain. Most of us have had to connect a device (e.g., phone, tablet, PC, etc.) to a wireless network. Recall that when you need to connect you are presented with a list of wireless networks available to you at that spot, whether it is in a restaurant, coffee shop, and even your home. In this case, I'm altering my home network name to communicate certain themes to those living within range of my wireless signal. Here is an image of available n
  7. Besides Illowa Irregulars regular monthly matches held on the 3rd Sunday beginning in April through the Fall, I am planning the following: Definite May 28-30, 2021: Iowa State Championship, Des Moines, IA; Sept 24-26, 2021: Illowa Irregulars Fall Round-Up, Milan, IL; and, Sept 16-18, 2021: Midwest Regional Championship (Gunsmoke), Morristown, MN; Considering March 18-20, 2021: Hell on the Border, Fort Smith, AR; April 21-24, 2021: Land Run, Oklahoma City OK; and, July 8-10, 2021: Nebraska State Championship, Grand Island, NE.
  8. Cactus, Looking forward to it - count me in! Popcorn Kelly
  9. Clay, thanks and good to hear from you. It was a pleasure meeting and shooting with you this year, and look forward to doing the same next year. PK
  10. Well, like many others in the northern part of the US, Illowa Irregulars held our last match of the year recently. What a year! I'm still on the fence - is this s year to remember or a year to forget? Perhaps a little of both. For those that are unfamiliar with us, Ilowa Irregulars Cowboy Action Shooting was established in 1993. We are located in the Quad Cities region at the Iowa/Illinois border (Davenport and Bettendorf, Iowa and Rock Island and Moline, Illinois), which is where the "Illowa" portion of our name originated. Our club is actually located in Milan, IL, just outside R
  11. Deacon thanks for the comments, and Marshal, I know the Partners well. We're planning for our last shoot of the year scheduled for Nov 1. Right now the weather looks to be cooperating. Planning for 2021's matches, including our annual 3-day event Fall Round-Up, will begin in earnest in January.
  12. This is just a quick note to let the SASS Wire community know that Illowa Irregulars Cowboy Action Shooting club has added a new page to our www.illowairregular.com website titled Camden Mills Stage Photos. The page can be found under the Photos section on the home page or by clicking here. If you get a chance, take a look. We tried to capture the range’s beauty, as well as the amenities it offers as best we could, as well as provide a little club history for your enjoyment. Illowa Irregulars is located in Milan, Illinois, part of the Quad Cities region on Iowa/Illinois border. Our 2020
  13. llowa Irregulars’ Fall Round-Up 2020 is now in the history books. For those that are unfamiliar with our club, we are located in the Illinois/Iowa Quad Cities area (Davenport/Bettendorf/Rock Island/Moline), hence the name Illowa Irregulars. We host monthly matches all spring and summer, and a large 3-day event each Fall. We had a stellar set of Fall days on the range this year. Lots of smiles on cowboys’ and cowgirls’ faces all three days. For some, perhaps many, it was a crowning positive event in an otherwise remarkable year (remarkable for all the wrong reasons.)
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