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  1. Warm-up and Side Matches on Friday, July 15 followed by two days of Cowboy Action Shooting, Saturday and Sunday, July 16 & 17. You may also want to join us on our special (optional) event – a Saturday evening July 16 Riverboat Dinner Cruise on the Mississippi River aboard the Celebration Belle. Click here for more information and to download a Registration Form or Sponsorship Packet Facilities: If you’ve not attended matches at our club here are two links about our facilities: Stage Photos and Facilities Description. You’ll see that, in addition to several covered building facades, our facilities include covered loading and unloading tables and covered waiting areas at each of our 10, individually-bermed shooting bays, as well as a paved central pathway throughout our facility for easy passage between stages. We will continually update our website with the most recent information. If you have any questions please email us. Illowa Irregulars Milan Rifle Club 9221 51st St W, Milan, IL 61264 www.illowairregulars.com 2022 Illinois State Application.pdf Illinois State Championship Sponsorship Form.pdf
  2. Go to www.illowairregulars.com for Registration and Sponsorship information.
  3. We're holding our own. We're certainly down from years ago, but up significantly from last year and back to what I think will be a new normal for us. In my opinion, our modest success is due to a combination of factors. 1. We have good facilities; 2. We are centrally located to a number of reasonably sized towns/cities within a couple hours drive; and 3. Club Marketing/Promotion - by that I mean keeping our name in front of, and communicating regularly with, our customers. I think we attracted people who were cutting back on their shooting, but considered our club/range one of their go-to places. However, this supply shortage moderates soon or we'll all suffer attendance drops again.
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