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  1. Fall Round-Up 2021 is coming up, Sept 24-26, 2021. Be on the look out for our 10th and final video teaser scheduled for release in early August. We’ve given this video a special title: The Ghost of Fall Round-Up – The Unforgiven Edition. If you’ve not done so already, download and send in your Fall Round-Up Registration. If you've missed the previous nine teaser videos you can see them listed in the right menu on our home page - www.illowairregulars.com. It goes without saying that Fall Round-Up 2021 would be the highlight of your visit, but the Quad Cities area offers plenty mo
  2. I've looked around Sassnet.com and searched the web but couldn't find anything. Can someone point me to where I can download the requirements to hold a SASS State Wild Bunch Championship match? PK
  3. I ended up paying $150 base price for 2,000 Federals from Brownells which became $190 after sales tax and hazmat shipping, and welcomed the opportunity to buy them. Given Scarlett's email above, that may be just what we have to pay at retail for awhile. It'll certainly be nice when I can buy 5,000 to lower my overall shipping, but I suspect we're a few months away from unrestricted purchase quantities.
  4. I’m already thinking about my turn as Match Director for one of our monthly matches next year, and would like to do something slightly different. Here is my idea: Hold an Around the US (or World) Cowboy Action Shooting Match. The match would consist of six stages, each of which is uniquely identified with and submitted by a specific club or region. Each stage would be set up, introduced, and specifically identified for the club submitting it. I think this would add an interesting, and different wrinkle to our series of monthly matches. Taking this one step furt
  5. Lack of RO courses is a discussion worth having, but it probably deserves its own thread. Although I'm a relative newcomer to SASS, I suspect the number of RO instructors and the number of RO courses have been trending down for years, with the trend accelerating. I know there is resistance to online ROI and ROII training, but instead of rejecting it we need to find a way to make it work. It can be done effectively. Online education would allow SASS to educate a broad swath of its membership with ease, likely increasing the number of initially trained people exponentially. Frankly, most of
  6. I put together an "unofficial" EOT 2021 highlight video and posted it on LinkedIn. It's about 27 minutes long and includes a few views of the range, the vendors, the banquet and fireworks, several stages being shot, and some photos. You can view it here:
  7. End of Trail 2021 40th Anniversary SASS World Championships. This is Part 2 of a two-part series. In Part 1 , in keeping with my 2021 Cowboy Action Shooting series, focused on my personal EOT experience. In Part 2 below, I take a more in-depth look at the entire EOT experience to the extent my shooting experience allowed. This was my first EOT, but it won't be my last.
  8. Slim, Thanks much. Likewise, I enjoyed meeting you and the others. To say you all were hospitable to Julie and me would be an understatement. I look forward to returning late next week. Catch you then. Popcorn
  9. I had the pleasure of being near Paradise Pass this weekend so I stopped by the range to get a sneak peek before EOT. As luck would have it the local club was shooting their month match Saturday. Although I did not have my gear with me, I stopped by and took a few videos and photographs and created the little video shared below. I suspect many attending EOT have never visited Paradise Pass so this may give them a little insight into the range and facilities. From what I saw and heard you won't be disappointed. This club has been working diligently to bring all a great experience. Many th
  10. I agree w/ El CupAJoe that there is a lot more we should be doing to market the sport. I started in this sport two years ago next month after (mostly) retiring. One of the things I quickly recognized was that our local club had no effective, user-friendly, public facing presence. I also noticed when I looked at other clubs websites that was sort of the norm, with a few exceptions. Most seem to serve an internal purpose, but aren't really designed to attract new people into the sport. I took it upon myself to change that for us by creating a much more user-friendly and informative website w
  11. Thanks. I was grateful when Mountain Man Champ shared the info with me, so I thought others might find it useful as well. Glad you did.
  12. Excellent info and just what I needed to know. What a crowd!
  13. I plan to shoot a little B Western this summer. A friend of mine thought there is a minimum rowel size requirement. The January 2021 SASS Handbook says only that "Western spurs with rowels and spur straps are required for men," mentioning nothing about rowel size. Am I missing another set of rules or is SASS silent on rowel size? PK
  14. As a newer shooter (not yet two years) I'm uncomfortable offering advice on this forum as there are members much more knowledgeable than me. on about every subject. I'm much more of a consumer of your experience and advice. For that, I thank you all - I've learned a great deal. However, I'm going to make an exception and post a video I made showing how I built my own set of targets so I could practice. I'm sharing this here because, as a newer shooter, this is certainly helping me improve and want to share it with other newer shooters who might also find having their own targets useful
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