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  1. I woke up upside down (head first) in my sleeping bag after a marathon drinking and poker game with Bean Pot, Abilene Drifter, and "The KId" who was a 14 year old card sharp that took out money!
  2. Yep, that is the fall version of High Sierra Shoot out. I went in 2019, in the pre-COVID world.
  3. Hi Doc! I will do that when we commiserate over cigars and Bushmill's Irish Whiskey the first night. I will probably be the only tent camper there this year, though my wife and I figure at 68, it is about time to retire and travel. We will probably pick up one this fall.
  4. Also, there was "Fur Lickin Fred" and his motorized miniature rideable covered wagon gun. cart that they would not let him use at EOT!
  5. AH yes, Tinker's (now Peaceful's) Ore Cart! One time Rio Justice forgot to load his pistols on that stage, and when he drew and realized it, he went "Bang, Bang..." 10 times with his empty pistols! That was class!
  6. Hello the camp fire. Many here may remember the Railroad Flat match, as in the early 90s, it was one of the first and premier annual matches on the west coast. I went to my first annual match at Railroad Flat in 1995. At that time, there was a Suttlers row with two dozen tents or stalls, and about 150-180 shooters. To a new SASS shooter like me it was Cowboy Shooting Disneyland! ... There was playing poker with Bean Pot and the gang at the Gouge Eye Saloon, Cowboy Poetry, home made dutch oven biscuits and "Apple Pie" (the drink, not the pastry!) at the River Junction tent, and much more.
  7. Yep, that's about with me: pre-SASS Wire and Pre- CAS City (the days of the old CAS-L BB).
  8. Glad you like it. Was that a Dyer? I'm getting old....
  9. Hahaha! Senior moment., I lived in MADERA then! I may have to come down next year. I consider the early days pre- 2000-2002 or so. They still had "The John Wayne Test" back then, most of the current stuff would not pass! LOL. Mouse f@rt loads, Titanium firing pins, aluminum followers and short stroke kits ARE NOT from the early days. Rifle target would be 25-35 yards or more, pistol at 10-15 yards, and targets about 1/3 the size! Railroad Flat had a 50 yard bell in a bell tower. Stages were scenarios with a script, props, and a theme.
  10. Fort Miller, Madera CA 1999. I had all my hair then, and it was still brown!
  11. SASS Alias: Tuolumne Lawman SASS#: 6127 Life Where are you from: Northern California Sierras How long have I been shooting SASS: 25 years (since 1994)
  12. Those pictures bring back memories of the old days. I started in SASS in 1994... a lot of water under the bridge, and changes since then.
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