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  1. WTS canvas Prairie Belt with Officer buckle plate. Holes are 39" to 45" though room for a couple more holes. Asking $75.00 + $10 USPS priority mail. Contact me at <imarangemaster@gmail.com>. Paypal friends and family preferred, or USPS Postal Money Orders. Below picture shows belt. Holster, revolver, cartridges, and box not included.
  2. Yep, that's about with me: pre-SASS Wire and Pre- CAS City (the days of the old CAS-L BB).
  3. Glad you like it. Was that a Dyer? I'm getting old....
  4. Hahaha! Senior moment., I lived in MADERA then! I may have to come down next year. I consider the early days pre- 2000-2002 or so. They still had "The John Wayne Test" back then, most of the current stuff would not pass! LOL. Mouse f@rt loads, Titanium firing pins, aluminum followers and short stroke kits ARE NOT from the early days. Rifle target would be 25-35 yards or more, pistol at 10-15 yards, and targets about 1/3 the size! Railroad Flat had a 50 yard bell in a bell tower. Stages were scenarios with a script, props, and a theme.
  5. Fort Miller, Madera CA 1999. I had all my hair then, and it was still brown!
  6. SASS Alias: Tuolumne Lawman SASS#: 6127 Life Where are you from: Northern California Sierras How long have I been shooting SASS: 25 years (since 1994)
  7. Those pictures bring back memories of the old days. I started in SASS in 1994... a lot of water under the bridge, and changes since then.
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