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  1. Selling one of the 1858 Remington Kirst cartridge conversions from the upcoming October Cowboy Chronicle article. Items included are: Pietta 1858 percussion (with percussion cylinder) a Kirst Gated .45 Colt/Schofield Konverter, an 1858 improved ejector rod assembly, original wood and inexpensive faux-ivory grips from "Get A Grip" and a brown slim Jim Holster. Will ship as black powder pistol, so no FFL needed, and 50 state legal. Also shipped separately will be the Kirst gated .45 Colt/Schofield Konverter, the correct ejector rod. The right side of 1858's recoil shield milled "to allow easy capping of cylinder," (and incidentally accommodates the gated converter for loading and unloading the cylinder. Works like a charm). The action is smooth and the revolver dead on at 15 yards with .45 Schofield rounds. The Konverter and ejector run $434 for the set, and the Pistol is $300, and the Slim Jim Holster is $35. You can have this for $525.00 + $18 shipping and insurance. That is a $245 savings, and the recoil sheild is already milled with a loading channel if you choose to use the Konverter (which would be another $129 from Kirst). The $525 is less than an Uberti 1858 in .45 Colt, but you have both a percussion revolver and a ,45 Colt with no FFL needed.
  2. Yep, that's about with me: pre-SASS Wire and Pre- CAS City (the days of the old CAS-L BB).
  3. I do love a Spencer. I had an original 56-56 and several Taylor’s: a 56-50 and a 44-40. Does it cycle the 45 colts and 45 Schofields ok.?
  4. BTT. It will go on Gunbroker for $900 starting bid after one week if not sold.
  5. My good fortune is your good fortune. I just got my Henry Repeating Arms H011 "Classic 1860 Henry" to do a Cowboy Chronicle article on, so I don't need my very early Navy Arms 1860 Henry .44-40. This 1860 Henry was made in the US by Val Forget Jr. of Navy Arms around 1976, before Uberti started making 1860 Henry in 1979. Though figures are not exact, less than 3,000 were made by Navy Arms, with only about 500-1,000 (depending on the source you read) being the 24" standard model in .44-40. The rest were 22" Carbine models, a few in .44 Rimfire, and various presentation models. This is a great shooter and great collector piece. It is the second, American made Henry (the first being the originals made by New Haven Arms, and the third being the current Henry Repeating Arms Classic). Condition is 99% +, as it was unfired when I got it. I have used it at about 6 or 7 matches, so a few minor dings on stock and small marks on brass. It is dead nuts on at 25 yards. Stock is beautiful American Black Walnut with oil finish. Dimensions of this Navy Arms is closer to the original than the Uberti made ones. Top of barrel Marked "Henry's Patent Oct 16, 1860, manufactured by Navy Arms Co. Ridgefield N.J." Serial number A262, marked .44-40. Pictures accurately show condition, but stock is actually darker brown that the digital photos show. It has an advantage over the Uberti 1860 that black powder shooters will appreciate. Rather than the Uberti's both side plates having to be driven out to disassemble, the Navy Arms Henry uses an 1866 style single side plate screw to disassemble, MUCH easier to clean after shooting black powder than an Uberti. PRICE $895.00 plus $50 shipping and insurance to your FFL. USPS postal money order or p@y p@l friends and family ONLY
  6. Yes, the Kirst is 5 shot, but SASS legal. The percussion cylinder is 6 shot. PM sent
  7. Yes, the Kirst is 5 shot, but SASS legal. The percussion cylinder is 6 shot.
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