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  1. For sale: three of the 1974/1975 Time-Life Books series on the Old West: The Soldiers, Cowboys, and The Gunfighters. All three are in MINT condition! All three for $30 +$5 USPS mail. Prefer PAYPAL friends and family. In their time, they were absolutely the best books about the frontier and frontier life. Unique embossed leather bound covers with numerous pictures. These are hard to find in mint condition.
  2. Whet to a River City Regulators match in Davis, CA and had an awesome time. Took my .45 Kirst/Piettas (Saber River 1860 and NMA 1858), and my HRA 011 Henry .44-40. Their matches often have farther and more challenging targets than the standard 24x24 pistol plate at 3-5 yards. In fact, one stage had a 8" diamond, heart. spade, club set at from 7 ton 10 yards for pistol. Another had small 12" cowboys at 25 yards for bonus rifle (shooting from a spring loaded buckboard seat!). I shot a clean match with all guns, and even got 9 out of 10 bonus 25 yard cowboys on the bouncing buckboard! All guns performed awesome! best match I have had in years.... Here's my pair of conversions to go with my 1860 Henry: Pietta/Kirst 1858 .45 conversion and Pietta/Kirst 1860 Saber River .45 conversion, and my HRA 1860 .44-40. The Henry was in the January Chronicle, and the 1858 Kirst was earlier last year. Saber River 1860 is in an upcoming article.
  3. BTT, to make it easy for some to find! Seriously, I really would like to sell this to fund another project!
  4. Nope, absolutely stock. Functions flawlessly. I gave it to my son about 14 years ago, and he never shot it. Recently got it back. I doubt If I ever fired more than 100 rounds through it.
  5. OK, an opportunity for a different toy has arisen. I'll drop price to $825 including holster +$35 Shipping and insurance! That's a 20% discount from what they are going for!
  6. WTS Nearly mint Taylor's/Uberti 1875 Schofield top break No. 3 revolver. Wells Fargo Model with a 5" barrel, 45 Colt or Schofield. Has been safe queen for a dozen years, so low, low round count. Comes with custom molded slim Jim cross draw holster, original box, and manual. Will be featured in a Cowboy Chronicle article late in 2020. Gunbroker has them $1.000 and up, and the holster is worth another $50.! Make sure your dealer will receive from a private party with copy of ID. If dealer required, it will be another $40 for my FFL to ship. See blow post
  7. Providing it is a Pietta I’ll take it. I’ll send Pm later today
  8. Price drop: Venturino books, $50, second and third groups $40 each. All are plus $10 shipping. All 6 books $125 Plus $15 USPS.
  9. Dang, If I had the $$$ I''d go for it. Trade you the library of Old West books I am selling in this thread, and throw in a couple more.
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