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  1. Before you go making big changes to the rear sight you might want to verify were the sights are in your natural shooting position. Ideally when you shoulder the rifle the sights should be *right there* without having to smosh your head down on the stock or lift your cheek up off the stock. Once you figure that out you can look at options that get the sight picture in line with your natural stance
  2. Some of us don't 'buy' guns so much as rent them
  3. With only one screw the sight will twist around and be useless. It needs two holes
  4. Ignoring the who and just focusing on the 'what' this should be overturned on appeal based on Bruen's history and tradition standard The entire 4473 should be tossed as well
  5. Someone may have suggested this, I read though it all but might have missed it. Add a 5 plate falling plate rack after the first smaller target so the drill is mandatory 5 shots on the smaller target followed by engaging the falling plates with any rounds left with a 1 second bonus for each plate knocked down
  6. https://www.thecollector.com/the-ship-of-theseus/
  7. Going check my loto numbers, but barring that I doubt one of those is in my future
  8. I realised today part of the trouble I'm having with my Rossi is a wrist injury that mostly doesn't bother but gets a bit sore and I end up short stoking the action Not sure I can learn to shoot sinister, so thinking a shorter (and maybe easier) lever throw would help
  9. Tried to search but couldn't find a good comparison of the lever throw angle and distance between the 3 of them, by chance do any of you have a good photo? Thanks in advance!
  10. And the 5th Circuit has ruled (correctly IMHO) that the question is unconstitutional and shouldn't even be on the 4473 https://www.reuters.com/legal/drug-user-cannot-be-barred-owning-guns-us-court-rules-2023-08-10/
  11. I'm really shocked no one has suggested this yet https://22lrreloader.com/products/22-reloader-kit
  12. I was just talking to a pard about this the other day and he had never heard of this kind of match. I totally know how they are run but couldn't figure out how to explain it to him, maybe you could explain it in a way I . . . I mean HE would understand?
  13. Truthfully, don’t much care about the caliber as long as it’s legal for what we do and I can get components and reload for it
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