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Found 3 results

  1. It's fate is in your decision. Appears friendly with rounded face.
  2. Need some help with a problem regarding my Stoeger Supreme SxS. After I shoot the gun and move the lever to break it open so I can load my next 2 rounds I have to smack the barrels with my hand to get the darn barrels to break open so I can load it. I have had some work done to the gun, polished the chambers and barrels, and the forcing cones and smoothed out all the rough areas on the gun. It breaks open easily to load my first 2 round but after firing it it will not be break open till I smack it with my hand. I only shoot Winchester AA featherlight loads. What needs to be done so it will break open with just the lever.
  3. When running rifle it starts becoming hard to pull fired shell out. Do not have to use excessive force but need to use more oomph than normal. It is more random and can be going fine and then feel hard pull sometimes 2,3,4 in a row. First stage the other day ran smooth than started to do this on next stages. Use starline brass, 38 special. Micro measured new brass and loaded brass and fired brass all basically same size, .3770-.3775. Stumped, someone mentioned headspace, how do you check that besides just looking? Thanks.
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