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Found 5 results

  1. NRA-ILA GRASSROOTS VOLUME 31, NUMBER 12 (nraila.org)
  2. Ordered a new bolt assembly from Taylor's. Planning on sending off the original for repair to have as backup... Thanks for the help Update: Received the new "new style" bolt assembly from Taylor's. It fit right into the gun with no modification or "tweeking". Works like a charm. Now i plan on sending off the old one and having it as a backup. Like the title says. The tab on the bottom of the bolt finally broke off on my trusty old 66'. I thought it was the extractor but when i disassembled it i found the tab gone. This gun has never been short stroked and has all factory internals. Looking for a factory part or info on available options. I would like to have the gun up and running as soon as i can.... Checking VTI and other options, just thought i would check here... Thanks for all helpful information, Asa PS: I have owned this gun since 2003 and bought it used, not sure of the date of manufacture but think this is considered the "old" design. Any helpful info appreciated... VTI is out of stock on the old (pre 2008) design bolt...
  3. To everyone who has reserved primers from me at EOT I wanted to give an update. I took a fall Tuesday and am dealing with a LOT of pain. Our plan was/is to drive out Saturday and set up vending Sunday morning. Now I’m not so sure. If physically possible I will stick to that schedule. But I might have to delay a day or 2 to recuperate. I don’t HAVE to be there till Tuesday morning. Bottom line: I WILL be there if I am physically able!! I’ve promised primers to people and I keep my promises if humanly possible!! Now shooting, on the other hand….
  4. So Ann and i, independently, have observed a small wren type bird either sticking its head out the birdhouse hole, or flying our of the house itself. Always, of course, no phone in hand to capture the moment. Last night I decided to put my phone in the window and put it on video record. Lo and Behold, 8 minutes into the video we captured the bird entering the birdhouse. It has been staying there ever since we put the birdhouse up and it moved from hiding in the palm. It enters at the 8 secound mark of the video below; however, it enters in less than a second. 20240111_190807_001_1_1_1.mp4 Here is the proof!
  5. That's not taking one for the team. That's taking several for the team. Scott Sterling #2 23191466_142846493009346_5384190548661764096_n.mp4
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