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  1. Any difference in reloading them? A pard gave me a bunch of once fired hulls and it's about 50/50 red and grey.
  2. I've got a number of Starline 44-40 with various size splits. I'll do an inventory and let you know.
  3. If you're going to the SD/ND State shoot you can handle my 87.
  4. Thanks for all the recipes, I'll print them out and put them in a folder for the next time my computer crashes.
  5. Google comes up with Alliant Extralite, I can't seem to find any Winchester?
  6. Lady shooter friend has run out of Clay Dot and needs another light load. My computer crashed a couple of months ago and i lost all my light load data. It looks like Clays, Clay Dot and Red Dot powder is not available right now. I know there is data for Winchester Xtra Lite and 700X. Can anyone share their load data that is close to Winchester LNLR?
  7. So sorry to hear, he was a heck of a nice guy.
  8. Have a local former Remington Marlin worker her and according to him, the 1895 uses the same screw, so i went on line and found they have them in stock for $4, alsoJack First in Rapid City (where I live) now has stainless steelones in stock, there is a guy on Gunbroker who makes his own and finally there are some used ones on EBAY. Good Luck

  9. Howdy Bob: Want to say that I must apologize to you for not meeting up with you at the ACSA shoot where you brought Jackpine Bill's 97 for me to take look see at it. Needless to say your wife approached me & I advised her of my mind change. That was it & I must say that this was not my way of doing things.

    I  have COPD and was having a bad day after shooting ACSA & just wanted to leave..


    Thanks  again.


    Jackrabbit Joe

    e-mail jgp3749@cox.net

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