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  1. I just retired my 1872 S&W #3 Russian, I still shot it, just not in matches.
  2. Lizard Litter from the pet shop stores works, but I found I can buy 50# bags of ground walnut from abrasive supply stores for under $20.
  3. I use 4.2 gr of Red Dotwith a 200 gr bullet in my 44-40 rifle, don't own any revolvers in that caliber.
  4. That's the problem I had and wrecked too many pieces of brass when brass was hard to find. I switched over to a Lyman T Mag and it works great.
  5. Mine are made by ST Machining purchased from Desperado Bullets http://cowboybullets.com/ST-Machining-Products_c_17.html
  6. My wife bought one for Christmas 20 years ago. It worked great for many years and then started to give me fits. I took it to Dillon and the put new rubber feet on it, sandblasted the tray and it works great. You have to replace the insert that drops the primer into the tube frequently. I found a used one for dirt cheap at a gun shop last year and brought it to Dillon and they refurbished that one no charge. I do get an upside down primer 1 out 2 or 300 hundred. I just set them aide and fix them all at once. I like the fact that I can keep reloading while it runs. Filling primer tubes by hand is one of my least favorite parts of reloading.
  7. I have one made out of aluminum, I can't remember where I got it and my stuff hasn't been unloaded from my semi annual move. I'll look at it in the morning and see if there is a name on it. I have one for the Sharps and one for my Highwall.
  8. Had my right wrist done back in the late 80's, imediate relief.
  9. Well in a broad sense, yes. Both are costuming categories and specify not only what you can and can't wear in each category, but also what guns you can and can't use. See Shooters Handbook pages 7,8 and 9. Welcome.
  10. I reload Winchester AA's . I load a very light 12.1 gr of Clay Dot, grey claybuster wads and 7/8 oz 7 1/2 shot. I have used factory Winchester Low noise/ low recoil with no problems. Yep you'll need to shorten the stock so you can get a good throw on the lever and lever HARD.
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