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  1. What do clubs do about restricting black powder during high fire conditions? Our range is adjacent to National Forest and I'd hate to have a problem. We do have 2 4 gallon sprayers we keep handy just in case, but was wondering what others do.
  2. We owned a Scamp, pluses are light easy to pull and there is a fanatical following. Minuses, early Scamps and some others used very thin wall frames, mine cracked and broke 3 times, no permanent bed so you had to make it up every night and then turn it back into a table to have a place to sit and eat, only one person at a time could get dressed. Sold it and bought a Coachmen Freedom Express 19 ', much happier with that.
  3. Actually at a motorcycle event, but I would guess most anyone that does the custom molded ones could do it. They're probably 20 years old and I've moved them from Walkers to different Walkers over the years. Walker stopped supporting an older set and gave me a deal on a newer one. The trick is to find someone who will be able or willing to fabricate them with a tube that connects to your Walkers. I know Sam's Club makes custom plugs, they made set for Bonnie. You might ask them if they can do the hearing tube. Good Luck.
  4. That's the first thing I asked, they said while all hearing aids do offer some compression theirs would not work for shooting. I had a pair of another brand i bought at a SASS Convention MANY years ago. They offered suppression for shooting, but for me anyways lacked the ability to help my hearing loss. YMMV
  5. Costco's HA's are very good, I've been using them for 2 years, much better than others I have had, BUT they don't suppress gunfire. For shooting I use Walker Game Ears with custom molded plugs. The Costco aids are Bluetooth and run around $1500, the whole Walker setup was around $350. Works well for me.
  6. Thanks, the Numerich link calls it an ejector spring, I'll check with them for an extractor, tried EBAY, no joy. I have a Sure Claw on order, but thought since I had a couple of stock extractors I'd just get a couple of springs.
  7. Where to find them? I've done the Google search and haven't found any available. I know about Ranger Point and have one that broke pretty early, and Slick Magic one on order, but i have a couple of original style extractors and figured I might as well have springs for them.
  8. The one big disadvantage (for me anyways) is there doesn't appear to be any way to tether them together. I've had trouble with this type of ear plug falling out and if they're not tethered together it can be a pain to find them.
  9. For me and many of my shooting friends it's the less exposure to lead, certainly not any quicker or easier.
  10. Been using a Lyman for a number of years, works great. https://www.lymanproducts.com/brands/lyman/turbo-tumblers/cyclone-rotary-tumbler
  11. I've ordered 38-55 and 44-40 brass from Starline in the last couple of months it said back orders were OK. I got both in less than 3 weeks.
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