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  1. Widow of my good cowboy friend wants to shoot up his black powder ammo and asked for help with the cleaning of the rifle. What works well. I've never shot the Holy Black before. Thanks
  2. Donuts at 11, shootin right after. Weather is going to be perfect.
  3. If you can wait a day or two or maybe Thanksgiving I'll be there to help.
  4. Actually the caliber is 45 S&W, S&W got rather testy with me when I made that mistake talking to them about mine.
  5. It's far enough away I'm just gonna let nature take it's course and have some more firewood and maybe take some of it to the saw mill and make a bench out of it. I have some old wagon wheels I was looking for a purpose for.
  6. My run in with lightning, about 100 yds from my house.
  7. I don't think those would be considered "period correct". I'd try some light weight goatskin that fit very snuggly.
  8. $10 for the Black Hills Shootists, we only shoot 4 stages, but do give ya donuts.
  9. And Queen Foraday won the Quigley Shoot there this year. I taught her everything I know about long range and she still won. I don't mind paying extra for long range matches, I've helped at a number of them and it takes lots of time and people. Money well spent.
  10. Powder bushing 22, there is no shot bushing, just the bar and you want a 502 78
  11. From the other side of the creek, don't call, or email the day of the match expecting a response , our range has no cell service and I'm on the road by 8. Don't tell me your coming and can you get a guncart, holsters and some ammo and maybe a gun or two and then don't show up or notify me. Just because a club has few members doesn't necessarily mean it's dying, it's just small or maybe growing. If you have questions CALL.
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