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  1. Howdy Curly. Your point number 2 pretty much answers your questions. On point one unless it's written into the stage instructions there are no reloads for pistol or rifle to make up misses, you are usually able to reengage shotgun targets to eliminate a miss. Scores are time plus misses and penalties, so if you're faster than me including your penalties if any you beat me. Since this is a fantasy sport and we don't get to really shoot the bad guys it's a time thing. From your SASS number I'd guess you've been a member for awhile, if you haven't shot any matches yet just go and shoot your own match and have fun. No one is going to think any less of you for shooting your best. Have fun and worry less.
  2. Their Facebook page is current.https://www.facebook.com/Nutmeg-Sports-LLC-225192290868650/
  3. If you are unsure of your measurement, I'd call Henry. If it is 375 I'd use a 376 diameter bullet.
  4. Yep they were Mule Deer, we get both White Tail and Mule Deer, sometimes together and one buck that looks like a crossbreed. He has the body that looks like a White Tail, with an almost vertical rack, smallish body for the size of his rack, but he has a pronounced black stripe that goes all the way down his tail.
  5. Good on you! I can only imagine. Bonnie and I have taken a pards grandkids to matches a couple of times, he's laid up and they bout wore us out, but it was great to spend time with them.
  6. I load 78 grn Chey Cast, with 2.4 grn of Trail Boss for Bonnie's Rugers. They work good.
  7. We must have the same service,though I'm suspect of the turkeys, they keep trying to break into the house
  8. She was "occupied", there was a fire in the fireplace.
  9. Hired these young ladies to take care of the lawn, so far they're doing a pretty spotty job.
  10. My wife and I bought a 2012 Coachman Freedom Express 191 RB last fall, under $10,000 and it looked like new. The microwave, oven and shower had never been used. Our requirements were, no slides, too many problems and many are in the way when not extended, tandem axle, better weight distribution and higher load capacity, light weight, ours weighs 3400# as measured at the weigh station empty, walk around bed on three sides so it's easier to make up and I don't have to crawl over the wife to go to the bathroom at night, fiberglass exterior as I think the tin ones look cheap and it hails here very frequently and the usual shower, oven, microwave, AC. I'd NEVER buy a new one. You lose at least 20% of the value as you drive off the lot and the quality of construction has taken a big hit in the last few years. Thor is the parent company for the vast majority of RV manufacturers now and they don't have a very good reputation. This is a very good site for info. https://www.rvtravel.com/rv-travel-newsletter-issue-919/ Whatever you do DO NOT BUY FROM ANY CAMPING WORLD. https://www.rvtravel.com/campingworldhorror898/. All can have issues, it's about how the company handles them. Airstream has their problems as well, just look at their owners comments. https://www.godownsize.com/common-problems-airstream-trailers/ We've owned an Airstream motorhome and it had it's share of problems. As others have wisely said do your research, check everything carefully on any rig you are considering, people sell them for a variety of reasons, just like anything else.
  11. http://www.bordertowncas.com/2019/Bordertown2019_WinnersByCategory.pdf
  12. Maybe I missed it, if so sorry. But what are you using to drop the powder?
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