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  1. After I retired I thought mine would look more like this than Hoss's. Now like everything else I blame mine being a mess on the China Virus.
  2. With slightly les chance of a tornado.
  3. I have hunted that week of October starting in short sleeves and ponds frozen by the end of the week. Be ready.
  4. When I heard that the national shoot was coming to OKC in 2022 I asked the match directors about parking. And the parking is being addressed. Also I did hear they were planing a twelve stage match for the national. I am sure the shoot will be conducted with the same care and attention to detail that has been the trademark of the Territorial Marshals and Land Run.
  5. To dry brass I have used the oven set at 250, bake timer set for one hour. Had a live round in a batch of brass I forgot to pull when done. The wife went to preheat the oven to 450 for a pizza. The live round cooked off about the time the oven was up to temp. It was a bit exciting for just a little bit. The case split and both the bullet and split case stayed in the tinfoil pan I had the brass in. I think it was good that the round was a smokeless round rather than BP or Sub.
  6. I wonder if the ball made it out of the barrel or if it stayed in the barrel.
  7. 59 and 39 grips don't interchange.
  8. I had a Frankford tube filler. With all the fiddling around I was faster filling tubes by hand. A few years ago I wanted to start shooting gunfighter. Since my left hand was my week and dumb hand I started making myself use the left hand to pick primers. I can now pick primers left handed as well as I can right handed. Even with all the left hand primer picking I still don't shoot gunfighter very well.
  9. What is the schedule of events for the state shoot?


    1. Calamity DiBar

      Calamity DiBar

      Friday & Saturday will be the Main Match.  Thursday will be Side Matches & Cowboy Garage Sale.

      Wednesday is still tentative but we are planning to have clinics and Warm-up Matches.

    2. Buffalo Bill Mathewson, 37826

      Buffalo Bill Mathewson, 37826

      Thanks, This gives me an idea as to planning my travel. I will be watching for more Wednesday and Thursday details. I mailed off our entries yesterday. 

      Buff Bill and his Kitty

  10. I see you found the land run app. See you there

  11. Categories are insignificant if you can't shoot them gunfighter.
  12. The Arkansas Lead Slingers have a nice private range that is tucked away in a valley in Northwest Arkansas. Not too far from the Rogers / Bentonville area. It is a SASS club that works at following SASS rules without forgetting the cowboy way (friendly) in doing so. Blackwater Bruce is the clubs TG, and does a fine job with that duty. I have sent you a PM with his e-mail address. PM me with questions and I will try to help. Buff Bill
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