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  1. Thanks to all that commented. I purchased a Marbles tang sight for the Uberti. My rifle came with a pair of additional screws for mounting the tang sight. It also was drilled & taped for Lyman peep sight. When I started to install the sight everything looked simple. After mounting with the Uberti supplied screws the bottom of the bolt would stop at the cocked hammer position. It was being held up by the forward tang screw. Basically the screw head was too thick. I ordered the screw set but they are not the right screws for an '86. I had a gunsmith grind down the front screw and make a new screwdriver slot. Good, except now the back of the bolt hits the upright. I then took it off and mounted the base backward, and swapped the eyepiece to the other side. So far it functions but I have not had a chance to fire the rifle yet. I have been in touch with Marbles and will sent them one of the original Uberti screws and seek their thoughts. If this work the windage adjustment will just be on the opposite side of the rifle. Wish me luck, somehow these simple projects usually provide some unforeseen drama. C-U, C. W.
  2. Has anybody installed a tang sight on a 1886 Uberti .45-70? Any issues? Thanks in advance, C.W.
  3. BTW I am a plus one for Fast Eddie. C.W.
  4. Scarlett, It is simple that after one of your hugs KK forgot what ever that you asked!
  5. Hey Chas, I don't have any .357 nickle sparkle brass but I do have a couple of gen 3 Nickle .357 Colts that you could match up with that shiny nickle brass. Still got a couple of Blue cons # .357 3rd gen Colts too. Really long bunch of noise to give you kudos for all the help that you & your bride gave us @ WT for TN State. Running the chilli cook off again and you guys providing an outstanding Wednesday dinner for the attending vendors. Hope to see you again soon pard, C.W. BBT for a great Couple
  6. Roland, add my thanks for the pictures. Glad the ya'll had a good time. Peace be with you brother. C.W.
  7. Thanks Mr. R, I double checked and the RCBS box only says 10mm Auto. I guess that they should also do .40 S&W. I modified the Dillon set to reflect that. The D set does say & .40 S&W. Thanks for looking. These need a new home I have not loaded .223 or 10mm in 14 years and only a little 9mm. C-U, C.W.
  8. 1. 10mm - .40 S&W Dillon dies, 550 tool head & thru powder die. No caliber conversion. $100.00 shipped 2. 9mm Dillon dies, 550 tool head, thru powder die, and caliber conversion. $ 140.00 shipped 3. 10 mm RCBS group B 3 die set with single stage shell holder. RCBS # 21615. $ 42.00 shipped 4. Dillon .223 dies, # 10839, 550 tool head, thru powder die and .223 REM conversion. $145.00 Thanks for looking, C.W.
  9. Don't feel bad pards, Tyrel is right quick on the draw with BP stuff. Also Tyrel just shot his second CLEAN match in a row w/ cap guns. Congrats, Pard. C. W.
  10. Double Down on all comments, Waima is a fine Cowboy and a heck of a bullet maker/vendor, call ahead for big orders, he will come thru. C.W.
  11. WOW I do not own one but if this not the COWBOY Nuthin' is.
  12. Please send me pictures of the holster. You can email or text them to me at 314-775-1719.

    1. Springfield Slim SASS #24733

      Springfield Slim SASS #24733

      I can make you a  GP-100 holster if you don't find any good used ones. You can see my work at www.whyteleatherworks.com   thanks, Springfield Slim

    2. joachim slim

      joachim slim

      I found one locally. I will keep you in mind if I need a holster in the future. Thanks

    3. Springfield Slim SASS #24733

      Springfield Slim SASS #24733

      Sounds good. thanks, Slim

  13. Do you want the caliber conversion kit for the 10mm dies also?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Ledger


      Should fit in small USPS flat rate box.  They are around $7.50.  Say $37.50



    3. Ledger


      Sorry...I am confused.  I thought you wanted the conversion kit.  Yes the dies are $45.  So make it 52.50.


      Thanks for catching that.



    4. C. W. Knight # 47289L

      C. W. Knight # 47289L

      Ledger I thought that the 10mm/40 dies were $45.00.  


      O K,  I will get a check out to you tomorrow,  Thanks, C.W.  :FlagAm:

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