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  1. Thanks Rambler. I believe that is part of the problem. I noticed when I got a chance to test fire a few that turning th cyl was very tight. Unloading one of the guns I had to pull the cyl pin and take the cyl out because it would not turn. So the Sch rds are just a no go. I will next try a few different batches of my colt loads. I shoot mostly .38's so this may just be a winter project. A huge thanks to all who offered advice. C-U on the firing line sometime. C.W.
  2. McC, did you find the carrier that you were looking for?  If you are still looking, I have one that might fit the bill.  I bought it to maybe replace one that had a small hole from a casting flaw in an original Longhunter rifle.  Never was problem for me, but I sold the rifle to a rookie buyer and he cried about it being more used than my description and photos showed.  I gave him his money back minus my shipping & ffl cost, and sold the rifle to a very knowledgeable SASS shooter the day after I received back.  The new one I bought I sent to Sgt. Eli for lighting.  He found a casting flaw in it also but filled the small gap with JB Weld and finished it with final machining.  If you are interested PM me a cell phone # and I can provide a couple of photos.  The price will be $100.00 shipped me to you.  C.W. Knight, 47289L  :FlagAm:

  3. No reason at all HT, That is a very valid suggestion, especially since I believe that I will have to re-adjust both sets if I want to use the current ammo, But with my rifle not having any issues and for NMV I only wish to use the Schofield rds. Also as a added benefit, this is a no cost option. Sometimes it is very easy for someone that may be too close to the problem and to overlook the oblivious. Thank you HT for sharing, and I hope you have just a wonderful Cowboy Day. C.W
  4. Thanks Choctaw J. I bought a set of like new SASS .45,s It is looking more like my reloads. C.W.
  5. Thank you Burt, I have a box of remanufactured .45 colt, and yes they drop right in the cylinder. I do not own a proper gauge for .45 colt. I have always used the revolver cylinder to check fit. Never mic-ed one. Started w/.45's, all Rugers. Still today no problem w/ .45 rifle, same ammo. The problem came with SASS pair NMV .45. Started w/ Scofield for less powder and also started lighter bullets. I do use a Dillon 550. As soon as I finish catching up with my .38's loading. I am going to swap Calibers and try to reset the sizing die, on both my Sch set & .45C set. And yes on the .452". Bullets. Thanks again, I do really appreciate the response and advise. I thought if someone had a F.L. Sizer I would put it on my single stage press and test my/your theory of just poor Die set-up C. W.
  6. Thank you LG for the recommendation, I am trying to remove/resize some of my older reloads that are not quite acceptable to my NMV's. I also have some 500+ Schofield rounds along with .45 colt with the same issue. The resizing has worked in my older Vaquero's but not the NMV ones. Appears to be too tight the last 1/16" at the bottom of the case is just too large, Some bind or are tighter to spin or turn a loaded cylinder. Will always listen to other suggestions/advise. C. W.
  7. Ad says it all, I need to resize some of my reload .45 cal rounds. Anybody got one they don't need. Thanks, C.W.
  8. Received my hatband very quickly. Just can't decide on which hat to put it on. Maybe the new one. Thanks , C.W.
  9. C Reb, I would like to take those off your hands. Please PM me with $$ information and where to send it. Thanks C.W.
  10. I'll take it. Please send me the payment info. PM is fine. Personal check O.K. ?
  11. CHolla, please put me on the list for a hatban. C.W Knight #47289 L. Thanks
  12. John, can you post a photo of what you are looking for? I believe that I have a couple. C.W.
  13. Chrony Sold Pending Funds Thanks, C.W.
  14. Spaniard, I have a new in the box Chrony. The box has "ALPHA" marked on end. lLet know if you are interested. I can send phone pictures. $85.00 shipped! C-U, C.W.
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