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  1. Thanks again to all. I tried Ringer first and he was back with a quick reply that he was not casting at this time, so this search. I have used Scarlett's bullets and have her on my list to check. I will look at all that were mentioned. I prefer the full round nose if possible, RNFP would be second choice. With Chas's excellent help the immediate situation is more under control. Great amount of help here once again. C-U, C. W.
  2. First off, thank each of you for your responses. I have known Chas for several years and the bullets that he offered and the ones that I have been using have crimp groove but they are NOT needed for ACP. Also I agree, I would not use Real round nose in my tubular fed rifles. Thanks to all Great Cowboys all around, . Thanks again and I will look at each of the suppliers that you offered. Shoot straight, as often as you can, C-U, C. W.
  3. Title says it all. I thought that not shooting much last year that I was OK Now I find my supply of coated bullets in this caliber & configuration has escaped. Thanks for looking. C.W.
  4. H. H. Yes they are as of Easter evening. After Fatboy Harley brought the ad up I handled them again this evening and they are fine. If you have specific questions ask here or PM me for a chat. C-U, C.W.
  5. F. Harley, Yes, these beauties are still residing peacefully on the top shelf of my safe. If you would like, send me specific questions here or in a PM. C-U, C.W.
  6. :D Hey Midnite, I have marked the items SPF.  Me:  Arthur Pilot, 253 Cullom Way, Clarksville, TN 37043.


    (C) 931 249-7638.  Email  aepilot1@msn.com


    Your bill should be $ 60.00 + $ 16.00 + $ 22.00 + $ 98.00.  


    If you agree send funds to my home address.  Also send me your mailing address.  


    Also if you are interested I will sell you the brass for an additional $ 52.00 shipped with your other items.  

    Let me know.  Thanks C. W.  :FlagAm:


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    2. Midnite Jack

      Midnite Jack

      On second thought I will take the brass too



    3. C. W. Knight # 47289L

      C. W. Knight # 47289L

      Sounds good. Sold $ 159.00 total   Really interesting, you lived in Clarksville, now you reside on Dupree Drive in AL.  Our Webmaster for the Wartrace Regulators and a friend of mine lives in Huntsville.  His name is Ryan Dupree, and his Cowboy handle is Branchwater Jack.  Look forward to shootin' with ya some time.  C.W.  :FlagAm:







    4. C. W. Knight # 47289L

      C. W. Knight # 47289L

      Wrong price $ 150.00 Sorry

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