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  1. One of our current shooters, Scrub Oak Willie has them, I believe. Sorry, but I don't have contact info for him but he lives in Tn. Good luck. C.W.
  2. Widder, we will all miss you, personally and as one of the main attractions of the '97 speed match. Get well, amigo, C. W.
  3. KR. I had one years ago. Darn strong, great little gun, but it Bit me every time I shot it. I also found it also a bit heavy heavy for a .380. YMMV, C., W,
  4. H. H. Yes they are as of Easter evening. After Fatboy Harley brought the ad up I handled them again this evening and they are fine. If you have specific questions ask here or PM me for a chat. C-U, C.W.
  5. F. Harley, Yes, these beauties are still residing peacefully on the top shelf of my safe. If you would like, send me specific questions here or in a PM. C-U, C.W.
  6. Bringing these back up for some variety. C. W.
  7. Bushrod here is another chance. C-U, on the 29th. C.W
  8. :D Hey Midnite, I have marked the items SPF.  Me:  Arthur Pilot, 253 Cullom Way, Clarksville, TN 37043.


    (C) 931 249-7638.  Email  aepilot1@msn.com


    Your bill should be $ 60.00 + $ 16.00 + $ 22.00 + $ 98.00.  


    If you agree send funds to my home address.  Also send me your mailing address.  


    Also if you are interested I will sell you the brass for an additional $ 52.00 shipped with your other items.  

    Let me know.  Thanks C. W.  :FlagAm:


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    2. Midnite Jack

      Midnite Jack

      On second thought I will take the brass too



    3. C. W. Knight # 47289L

      C. W. Knight # 47289L

      Sounds good. Sold $ 159.00 total   Really interesting, you lived in Clarksville, now you reside on Dupree Drive in AL.  Our Webmaster for the Wartrace Regulators and a friend of mine lives in Huntsville.  His name is Ryan Dupree, and his Cowboy handle is Branchwater Jack.  Look forward to shootin' with ya some time.  C.W.  :FlagAm:







    4. C. W. Knight # 47289L

      C. W. Knight # 47289L

      Wrong price $ 150.00 Sorry

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