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  1. Thanks Mr. R, I double checked and the RCBS box only says 10mm Auto. I guess that they should also do .40 S&W. I modified the Dillon set to reflect that. The D set does say & .40 S&W. Thanks for looking. These need a new home I have not loaded .223 or 10mm in 14 years and only a little 9mm. C-U, C.W.
  2. 1. 10mm - .40 S&W Dillon dies, 550 tool head & thru powder die. No caliber conversion. $100.00 shipped 2. 9mm Dillon dies, 550 tool head, thru powder die, and caliber conversion. $ 140.00 shipped 3. 10 mm RCBS group B 3 die set with single stage shell holder. RCBS # 21615. $ 42.00 shipped 4. Dillon .223 dies, # 10839, 550 tool head, thru powder die and .223 REM conversion. $145.00 Thanks for looking, C.W.
  3. Don't feel bad pards, Tyrel is right quick on the draw with BP stuff. Also Tyrel just shot his second CLEAN match in a row w/ cap guns. Congrats, Pard. C. W.
  4. Double Down on all comments, Waima is a fine Cowboy and a heck of a bullet maker/vendor, call ahead for big orders, he will come thru. C.W.
  5. Last night Ch2 news reported that 400+ guns have been stolen from unlocked cars this year in Nashville. THAT is the way criminals get guns. C.W.
  6. Trainweck, Sorry for the delay, my wife had an eye appointment in Nashville took up most of our day. Dies w/shell holder, listed above with 300+mixed headstamp and 100+ new Winchester shipped, I am asking $95.00 shipped. Thanks for looking. C.W.
  7. FF, In .44 I have RCBS # 18612 carbide three die set 44 spec/mag with a Lyman shell holder, a Dillon caliber conversion, a 550 tool head, and a Dillon thru powder die. I will need $125.00 shipped & insured to you in the lower 48. Thanks for looking, C.W.
  8. Splitthumb, I only have dies and brass for the 10 MM. RCBS 3 die-Carbide set RCBS # 21615, with a shell holder, 100+ new Winchester and 300+ mixed. Most of the mixed will be once fired but I cannot guarantee it. Please let me know if still interested. C-U, C.W.
  9. #1. Caliber Dillon caliber conversion for .223, complete with Dillion # 10839 dies, 550 tool head, powder die, $145.00 shipped. I will include whatever brass I have (100 pieces a guess.) Will add more when I get it all sorted, 10MM, .44mag, Old Redding .357 dies. .357 SOLD Thanks for looking, C.W.
  10. With a derby hat? Great Job, Tyrel, C. W.
  11. Widder seems to get closer to that great ole peanut butter lube when he au thinkin' about Red Knee's favorite '97!!!!
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