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  1. Good call Warden, theirs are about half of what I found on ebay.
  2. Thanks Rev, I could not remember where I found these but I did a quick search and found some on ebay for around $20.00. Good luck and yes they are very handy. C. W.
  3. Like a fine wine you are not getting, older you are getting smoother and more mellow. Have a super B-Day. C. W.
  4. Bushrod here is another chance. C-U, on the 29th. C.W
  5. Yes, a friend that is more computer savvy than I, found it in the archives. It is titled 3 Nickle Colts posted June 4, 2019. I can rewrite an ad but some times finding the right pictures dwelling deep in my old confuser is the hard part. I was hoping that I could just go BTT. Thanks in advance if you can help. C.W.
  6. Can a seller request an archived ad be opened? Thanks, C. W. Knight, 47289 L.
  7. Boss, thank you for the offer, that is a nice looking rifle but I actually trying to downsize. I do have an elk rifle that has allowed me to harvest 3 out of the 4 elk that I have been fortunate to have harvested. Thanks for lookin', C.W.
  8. TB ifin' we have us a shoot @ Wartrace Sat. I might bring them down. I will bring a roll of paper towels for drool control. Hope to see ya Sat. C.W,
  9. You might always try a Mexican serapi as Clint did and just throw the front over your back. I did that once and won the style point race that day. . C.W.
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