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  1. Who is coming list updated. Schedule is updated. We will not be printing a shooters book this year. The Shooters book has been sent to those who registered. Drake is sending out an updated email in t he next day or two. You can save a copy to your phone or tablet, most of them have files area to save files to. You can also print a copy and bring it with you. THERE WILL NOT BE ANY PRINTED COPIES AVAILABLE AT THE RANGE. We have a new food vendor this year so hopefully it all goes well. Here is a copy of the stage book. Shootout 2024 book.pdf
  2. As others have shared the barrels are hammer forged. Hammer forging process. A blank is clamped in a rotating holder. The rotation is not used to produce the rifling twist in a hammer-forged barrel; the twist is in the mandrel. Rotation is used to keep the barrel round during the forging operation. The mandrel is inserted into the borehole, and the barrel moves at a constant speed toward a series of cam-driven hammers arranged in a circle. Hammers are paired 180 degrees apart to equalize stresses. The hammers strike the rotating barrel with tremendous force, bending the steel to contact the mandrel inside. If the offending machine work bothers you a bunch then you could always lap your barrel. We shoot minute of plate, not minute of angle in CAS. Most of us accept that fact.
  3. For sale is a Colt Light Weight Commander. I bought it used, I have never shot it or carried it. There are some handeling marks and light scratches on the frame. It comes in the Blue Colt box. One Colt Magazine. No paper work or lock. $700 plus shipping to your FFL. Shipping should be no more than $50 in the lower 48 from my FFL. First I will take it gets it. Certified bank check or postal money order. I can do a face to face locally, Huntsville Al area.
  4. Yes it is. The 375 is probably one of the more versatile rounds out there. i am still looking for some more brass.
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