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  1. The Alabama State Championships for 2020
  2. Texas Jacks is what comes to mind. Not a lot in the way guns but they do have a ton of Cowboy clothes. The town of Fredericksburg is nice. The pacific war museum is worth the walk through. The main drag in Fredericksburg is full of shops and restaurants.
  3. Reloading a round that the wife likes to shoot Reloading a round that feeds through her rifle flawlessly Reloading a shotgun round that she can comfortably The is all priceless.
  4. Have you tried 200 grain or 250 grain RNF? Then little stumpy Bullets maybe the problem.
  5. Thanks for all of the kind words about the shoot. As most of you know it takes a lot hard work putting the match together. The hardest part starts when the shooters start to arrive. Keeping the train on the tracks is a challenge but we have a great crew, Branchwater, Buck, Gray Wolfe and Drake Robey helped keep the match going buy doing the little things that needed doing. Toolman Barkeep, Ironhorse Jim and Ironhead filled in where they where needed. Thanks guys T-Bone... what a showman he helped us entertain you guys on Friday evening. Thanks T-Bone. Sawyer put on a successful Poker Tournament and he found all of the prizes for the player. Thanks Sawyer. A great big thanks to all of you for coming out and shooting with us.
  6. Another TrailBoss user here. No problems loading 38-40, 45 Colt, 38 Special and 45 acp.
  7. Have not seen check clear yet, verifying that you all received my late application. Thanks

    Major Bill

    1. Marshal TKD, Sass # 36984L

      Marshal TKD, Sass # 36984L

      I have reached out to Drake Robey t see if he has received it.

    2. Major Bill

      Major Bill

      Thanks, left email for Drake. Waiting instructions

  8. I have a non SASS 6.8 SPC AR15 Palmetto State barrel and matched bolt. $100 plus shipping. I replaced the original barrel with a longer barrel for hog hunting. Round count on the barrel Is unknown. I put 40 rounds through it to function test and see how it shot. It shot a 3 inch group scoped and a non free floating forearm. This was with Federal American Eagle ammo which did not group well in the longer barrel either. First two shots where where with in an inch and the third was a flier. Shooting was done from a Caldwell Lead sled which can put a good bit pressure of a forearm. Price I includes the barrel, castle nut, front sight, flash guard and matched bolt. The twist on the barrel is 1/11
  9. check out happy's thread on his buying a 97 shotgun from this guy!!

    1. Marshal TKD, Sass # 36984L
    2. Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      Dutch Nichols, SASS #6461

      I shouldn't have said anything

      just don't want to see anyone else hurt by this gent.

    3. Marshal TKD, Sass # 36984L

      Marshal TKD, Sass # 36984L

      Thanks for the heads up. If he does contact me about the rifle I will tell him he needs to make it right with Happy Appy before we do any business, not that I would after reading the other posts. 

      I was having second thoughts about buying due to him not answering messages. Even though he had been on the wire. Just confirms my gut feeling.

      I believe that we do need a place to post about these kind of deals. 

      Thanks again. 

  10. Decided to copy from the pm Incase you are hav8ng problems with the pm

    Hey Dutch Al

    I am interested in the 38-55.

    I have a couple of questions.

    JES did the rebore is it the standard .366 and .376 rebore?

    Rear sight was mounted by who? Is it lined up straight? Can I get a picture of the sight mounted on the tang?

    Has there been any other work done on the rifle? Springs,  work etc.

    Does it function 100%? Feed, go bang every time etc.

    What kind of accuracy did you get out o the rifle?

    Lastly would you ship it for your asking price? 

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