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  1. When I bought my Colts in 38-40 for around $950 apiece, wish I would have bought a set of 357’s.
  2. We had a guy do it at our local match about 20 years ago. New shooter on his first stage. As he re-holstered he spun the revolver. Looked cool but… DQ on his first stage of his first match. If I recall correctly he got mad and left the match.
  3. If you happen to over my way (north Alabama) I can help with small pistol primers. PM me if interested.
  4. It will use 17 round or greater 9mm Glock Magazines. I shot it with ETS 40 round Glock Magazine, Glock 33 round magazine and the 17 round that comes with it.
  5. Good to hear, thought maybe you where posting about Gunshot Wound.
  6. Goody, pretty sure that is why the hole saw was invented.
  7. Doesn’t add any time to look at where you holstering. The flip side of that is that costs a bunch to drop a gun.
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