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  1. We use Practiscore. Pair a Commander Shot timer with it and you have a great system. The timer sends the score to to Practiscore via Bluetooth. https://www.amg-lab.com
  2. Equal parts of Absinthe & Wild Turkey American Honey over ice will slow down the cracker crew.
  3. This might be shaping up to be a SPAMagedion.
  4. See updates to schedule. We are holding all the events on the range.
  5. BTT thanks for the offers on a unfinished stock, think I need to stick with a take off.
  6. The posse assignments will be made by Drake Robey. Posse Marshal’s will be picked by Reno Mustang.
  7. Well there has not been a ghost chicken sighting in a while, however there are still a 1000 ways to... at Cavern Cove. Schedule update. The Creeker's will be playing on Friday evening. Whiskey Creek is bringing a bit fun from the Hillbilly Nation capital, Black Gold. Scotch B4 Noon should have his home-brew Octoberfest beer ready. Any of you have something entertaining that you do at your annual shoot let me know, it might get included in the entertainment.
  8. I reached out to SKB, no response, they called back and are out of stock on the buttstock. BTW new stocks for the older guns are being made in Turkey. Looked at Macon gun works, Cottage Craft works, figured I would give it a go on the SASS Wire.
  9. I reload standing up. So the strong mount is a must.
  10. My wife Tullamore Dew has claimed one of my SKB’s as hers. So I am need of a 12 gauge SKB pistol grip stock. A cut down stock is ok depending LOP. Would prefer a stock that is a take off.
  11. Well… 45ACP… a 9mm would better for playing the PCC game. For reliability in feeding Glock Mags. Glock Mags. Glock Mags A buddy has Thompson that runs, well it doesn’t run. He has tried different mags, cleaned it and so on. CMMG builds a 45ACP AR that uses Glock mags. https://cmmg.com/resolute-mkg-45-acp-16-1 I have a KRIS Vector 45ACP SBR that runs reliably, it is just a slow cycling beast. It uses… Glock Magazines. https://kriss-usa.com/item/vector-crb/ The 9mm Vector that I had was noticeably slower that my AR and slower than my Ruger PCC. A CMMG or Vector is a good choice in 45ACP.
  12. Who is coming to this shoot? Look here https://www.northalabamaregulators.com/about-3-2
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