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  1. I have a Ruger Red Label for sale 12/26. I bought it with the following work done to it. If I recall correctly it the work was done by Briley. Barrels Ported Forcing cones lengthened. 3 Briley chokes. There are total of 8 chokes with the gun. LOP adjusted to 13 1/2 recoil pad added. I have used it for hunting and sporting clays. No mechanical issues. Asking price is $1200 shipped to your FFL.
  2. Had a similar issue, turns out the head spacing was off.
  3. I have a Ruger Red Label for sale. It is a 20/26. Straight stock and has 5 chokes with it. Two are installed. I have hunted with it a couple of times and also shot a few rounds of sporting clays. It shoots great has no mechanical issues. $1200 shipped to your ffl.
  4. There are a bunch of different SXS on the market. One could safely say, there is a model to fit every budget. I shoot a SKB and I shot. Stoeger for many years. The SKB is a very nice shotgun lighter than the Stoeger has a more nimble feel to it. The Stoeger handles very well and mine has held very well. I would say if the SKB is out of your price range get a Stoeger and have it slicked up.
  5. I ended up with Kirkpatrick WB rig. No complaints about it.
  6. Every cowboy needs a straight razor. Well that is if you are coordinated enough to use one. I apparently am not that coordinated. I get a procedural every time I try. So the straight razor is for sale. I used it 3 times. So it is like new. It is a Resolution by Simbatec made in Solingen Germany. It is sharpened it will shave. Asking price is $75 shipped. I will take PayPal or check for this.
  7. Texas Jacks is what comes to mind. Not a lot in the way guns but they do have a ton of Cowboy clothes. The town of Fredericksburg is nice. The pacific war museum is worth the walk through. The main drag in Fredericksburg is full of shops and restaurants.
  8. Reloading a round that the wife likes to shoot Reloading a round that feeds through her rifle flawlessly Reloading a shotgun round that she can comfortably The is all priceless.
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