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  1. As stated not for B-Western or Classic Cowboy. Other than that they should be fine. The boot is a copy of a Galway boot by Dubarry. Originals are expensive hand made boots. Would be interested to know how they hold up are they water proof etc.
  2. We have it as a requirement for club membership. New member has to take RO 1 class at earliest opportunity. This usually falls at the State Match or Members Appreciation. I also believe it is a great idea for anybody who has taken RO 1 to audit a class every so often. The rules change, memories fade.
  3. I have 3 2 non SASS items for sale. Item 1 Condor Tactical soft shell Summit Jacket. Green $45 plus shipping. This jacket has been worn very little.sixe is a XXL but these run small so it fits like XL Item 2 Condor Tactical fleece Sierra jacket, Black. $35 plus shipping. This jacket has been worn very little.sixe is a XXL but these run small so it fits like XL. The inside is a rougher material than I would prefer. Item 3 Woolrich Vest size Large. Fits true to size. Green. $25 plus shipping. Sold
  4. I use mail chimp for our club email. It tells me how opens and clicks. I use another email service for my business. It goes into more details. Clicks, hovers, opens, bounced and undeliverable. These tools are available to many business.
  5. Just completed a transaction with Average Joe. It was a pleasure doing business with him. Great communication, prompt payment.
  6. I would consider it sorta fixed. The rifle should work consistently when you open the lever to eject the spent case.
  7. I have Cimarron 1885 High Wall Deluxe For Sale. Caliber 45-70 Barrel length 32” Pistol grip stock Pedersoli Long Range Sight & Hooded Front sight.($400) Price is $700.00 shipped to your FFL. Now the rest of the story... I bought this rifle a year ago from a “Pard”. He made no representation that the guns previous owner had worked on it. I put about 30 rounds through it and started getting light primer hits. Took it apart to clean it and noticed the tweeking on the springs. I asked the previous owner about the work on it. He said the original owner worked on it but it worked fine. Hmmm... I ordered new hammer spring, firing pin, firing pin spring, sear spring and maybe a trigger spring. Parts came in over a few months time. I replaced the springs and test fired using primed cases. First 10 no problem. Second 10 there was 2 light hits that detonated on the second hit. Ground acouple thousands off the end of the firing pin spring. Test fired. As long as I go to half cock chamber a round the rifles fires. Forget to go to half cock and load I get a light hit. The last time I had it at the range it was raining. Shooting from under cover. I wiped the rifle down and put in the case. Apparently the inside of the case was wet at the muzzle end. So it developed a few surface rust spots on the last 8 inches of the barrel. I stripped it, polished it and cold blued it. You can see some pitting if you look close. How does it shoot? I had it shooting 1.5 inch groups @ 100 yards from a Cauldwell Lead Sled. The rifle is priced at $700 shipped to your FFL. The rear sight is removed for shipping.
  8. I had one. The firing pin is a poor design. Mine bent twice. Other than that is was cool rifle.
  9. Drake Robie would be the keeper of the list. I will see if we can a list posted.
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