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  1. That is all part of the equation. With Absinthe 1=3
  2. I will be attending also. Somebody has to keep an eye on all of you.
  3. For sale is a Recover 20/20 Tactical Brace. Fits Glock 19, 17, 22, 23, 34, 35, 45. I used it for about 100 rounds and decided it was not for me.It does not have the sling with it. It does come with everything in the picture. The chassis, angled magazine pouch, 2 charging handles and rails.Price is $150 plus shipping. A medium flat rate box should be about $15Will do PP F/F buyer paying the fees, or certified check.
  4. Don't know about all of this hand cuff stuff. Creek jumping... that I know about. You can also rent a room and stay on the range. You will find those listed under coming as well.
  5. At the range the Cowboys are rebuilding the Sawmill. We are still removing stuff and burning stuff. We had a weekend long fire going this last weekend. Camping is filling up fast. Little different way of registering this year so make sure you read the instructions.
  6. It is a well known fact the Dixon Ticonderoga is a mighty fine pointy thing.
  7. Yes a bit more. Barrel cut back and chamber cut.
  8. I know Cody Conager does the 45 ACP conversion for the rifle. Is there any other gunsmiths doing this?
  9. Still have have 600 pieces of brass boxed up and ready to go for $75.05 shipped. One of deals did not happen, last I heard was going to get a check. PM the feller twice and no reply. So back up for sale.
  10. Judging by the replies it must be just you. I load with Trailboss and W231 for pistol. Never any appreciable difference in the metering.
  11. I started with a Stoeger, still have it but about 8 to 10 years ago bought a SKB and have never looked back. I have two 73’s and a pair of Vaqueros done by Longhunter. Excellent work.
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