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  1. What defines a major regional? The South East Regional, Ambush At Cavern Cove is typically the end of September, first Sunday in October.
  2. The stages are posted in Practiscore. You should have gotten no-rely@practiscore.com email from practiscore when you where registered. That email will have your link to match. Don't have it, check your junk box.
  3. If anybody could help out with registration and running the long range match. We have a couple of ladies helping with the registration area but could use a couple of more helping hands. We also have one person volunteered to run the long-range match but another person or two would be great. Thanks
  4. Drake is in the throws of mental twister working the posse list. We have 240 shooters with more arriving daily. The who's coming list is on face book. (North Alabama Regulators) The posse list, the plan is to email it next week. Heck I might even release the stages next week. If everything goes as planned the posse will be locked at 16. There maybe the odd one at 17 because somebody is sharing equipment and waited till the week before to sign up. Practiscore has 19 spots on each posse. I guess this to allow Drake to move folks around. Practiscore is the preliminary posse list.
  5. I think Scotch is going freelance on this project. I told him he needed to set up near Badlands Bob camp site in case of explosions, toxic gas, toxic waste or other mishaps.
  6. Tullamore’s Marlin is running great. Thanks for checking in on it. How to win a football game in Alabama or against Alabama… … impossible can’t be done.
  7. Our target distance is posted on the web page. So everybody has the same advantage or disadvantage. Targets are picked and placed on the Wednesday of the match. Since the range is cold until the side match day on Thursday, no opportunity to practice. https://www.northalabamaregulators.com/side-matches-ambush
  8. I have, Meopta, Bushnell and Tasco spotting scopes. Meopta is the clearest, the Bushnell which is a compact model is pretty dang good. The Tasco is better than nothing. I bought the Meopta used for about 2/3rds of retail and it is an older model. When I was out in Yellowstone NP the guides for the critter watching groups where using Vortex Spotting Scopes. What are you going to use it for? Spotting impact on steel less than 500 yards? Most of the mid priced even lower price will work. Arhlon optics is what the NRL 22 group at our range uses for their club spotting scopes. These guys are spotting Rimfire hits on targets as small as a 1/4 at plus yards. Spotting groups on paper at 200 plus yards better to go with a higher end scope. Scope clarity is subjective to the user. It is best for you to pick your price point and then go take a look through a couple different models.
  9. The first range finder was invented in 1769. So a screw type range finder could be considered period correct.
  10. Cowboy shooting is one of the few shooting sports that does not require chamber flags for long guns and yes I understand the difference between a lever gun and a semiautomatic. With that said anybody who has a snarky comment over an item that enhances safety or allows a shooter to move to and from the line in safe manner should probably rethink their comment.
  11. And... Scotch Before Noon is also going to host a beer brewing 101 for those that are interested in how this strange bit of alchemy is done.
  12. Well it just so happens that Black Patch distilling will be there doing a Whiskey Tasting of Thursday Evening.
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