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Pray Posse Request For My Daughter Lezlee Who Lost Her Husband In The Line Of Duty

Charlie T Waite

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Dear Heavenly Father bless this family.Give them comfort in your loving arms.I ask you in Jesus' name Amen.

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Sad to hear every time someone gives his all for others

When others wish he had more to give


Wish he was still here to give more

I'm sure he had more to give


May his family and friends find peace

Knowing he did all he could


And that others will follow and give even more

To fulfill his promise to always give

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Prayers heading up Charlie for your families tragic loss. Our condolences.


Eyesa & Ellie

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Our prayer is that the family, and friends, would experience, as the Bible puts it: "the peace that passes all understanding."


How long will those that knew Jeff, remember him? For as long as they live.

How long will God remember him? For as long as He lives. 


Jeff won't be forgotten, nor is he lost. The Bible says the Lord knows the name of every star, and He has numbered every hair on your head. So, our loved ones are not lost from Him.


Jeff is remembered, cherished, loved. He has simply gone on ahead, to end of trail, where he awaits the rest of us to catch up.


Job, speaking of the resurrection, at the last day, he says: "You will call, and I will answer You. You will long for the work of your hands."  

Job - Chapter 14, verse 15 (nasv). 


We won't say good-bye. We will simply say...We will see you later.



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Lord Father in Heaven .

I lift up this family to you at this time of grief and need .

Father your Son gave up his life for us all and Jeff Armes gave up his life for others himself.

Father I pray for Guidance and Peace for this family.

Lord give them the peace of knowing in there hearts and minds that when someone gives up there lives for others that they themselves are by your side in heaven .

Its in Jesus name we all pray Amen .

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