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  1. John Boy

    Shotgun choke

    At the distances for shot gun plates, unless one is a poor shotgun shooter ... any choke will work equally
  2. Distributors will not have full supplies for 4 -6 months
  3. Be sure to check the Marlin rifle serial numbers to determine left over inventory from Remington or Marlins made by Rutgers
  4. Put many spent brass in the chambers and see if the primer hit is duplicated. Asking for an answer for only one round is impossible to determine and respond definitely. Otherwise there will be a many ‘crap shoot’ responses. Let us know what you determined and how many than good recommendations can be provided
  5. Conversely to the post, my fired rifle brass have been found to not be trimmed - but especially the 45-70 brass needs to be stretched
  6. Johnson, what’s the issue with the rifle.? Maybe you can fix it ...
  7. Dutch - excellent idea. We all have 'stuff' in the reloading just collecting dust
  8. 357 Magnum W-231 From 7.5 grains to 8.6 grains CCI-550 Primer
  9. Shooting offhand matches., I put just a stick on piece of sand paper adhesive on the butt plate - no slip or sliding. That's all that's needed
  10. Two NJ local clubs, a LTO and an ULTO at every match
  11. Any primer in any position will ignite if the firing pin strikes it Hard and Fast
  12. Mike, two conditions are needed to make Lightnings function with no issues: 1. The proper overall length of the reload and 2. The rifle has to be racked hard for both the chambering and extraction cycles. Totally forget what works in your 73 for comparison because they are Two Totally Different Firearms
  13. Deacon ... what’s the purpose of the question other than being curious
  14. To determine the issue, you have to look at the cases that caused the blow back. We’re there no splits or broken webs on the cases? Bottom line, no cases ... clean the blow back off - look at the area with a 20X magnifying glass - no sign of a a cracked cylinder ... just an Unsolved Issue
  15. There is no need to press the over shot card into place - just hand set it on top of the shot and glue the card in place
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