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  1. I’ve shot every Goex brand and grade. Tested every one too for density, fouling control and grain ratio by grade. When Goex said we’re discontinuing Goex Cowboy (FFg grade) … I cleaned out every can from my reloading supplier’s trailer. All other Goex brands sold off and Skirmish used up for shot-shells IMO, Cowboy was the best powder Goex made and have shot at least 2 cases of it and keep a lot remaining in inventory Am I sorry to see Goex close making powder … No, as long as Swiss is still available. And if KIK was to start shipping again … would be one happy camper. Their 2010 lot IMO was even better than Swiss … only have 5 cans left
  2. Scam ….. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/3641-SW-Avalon-Ln-Topeka-KS-66604/77468071_zpid/. Empty House
  3. Have I. ? Never and started hunting with shotguns at age of 12
  4. Larsen, don’t own a 73 but …. A 60, 66, two Rossi’s and a 94 … all brass. One of the Rossi’s is a carbine I like brass …
  5. The good thing about HF’s also is replacement belts are sold on EBay Have 2 multi drums and still running after the early 2000’s
  6. Al, you were on the Wire 20 minutes ago … complete silence about your whine?
  7. Kid, you need a calculator…. https://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?105952-Lead-alloy-calculators
  8. The hint to tighten up the guessing game is to determine as much as possible what is on the head stamp
  9. Al, why the big mystery about the part that is 0.30 short? Revolver or Rifle or Shotgun? oK, the guessing game … hammer spring, sprue, trigger spring, links or grips Name it and what it goes on ….. good possibly a forum member has an answer Just send the vendor a certified mail with return receipt that has your telephone number and email for follow up reply. You always have the option to stop payment on the part too
  10. Mrs Uberti and the owner of VTI Gun Parts, I have forgot her name, have been friends for years. Maybe this ties the barrel stamp together … Where are VTI Gun Parts’s headquarters? VTI Gun Parts’s headquarters are in PO Box 509, Lakeville, Connecticut, 06039, United States
  11. Bear, with either a factory or roll crimp, the amount of tension can be determined with yout thumb or index finger…. Just roll it over the case mouth on the reload and if the point no case edge is felt … perfect crimp i adjust the crimp die just to the position that my finger rolls and no more … will give a heavier not needed crimp
  12. Two years too late … https://www.lot-art.com/auction-lots/COSTA-RICAN-COLT-LIGHTING-MUSKET-SABER-BAYONET/227-costa_rican-05.10.19-milestone
  13. Double the price from just before this pandemic
  14. Allie, One Day at a Time to get Better … My prayers to St Pio for your recovery
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