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  1. 299152. This is the regular bullet for the .32 Short, Rim or Central Fire shells. Use only No. 4 tool. Powder charge 8 grains FFFg black. (Heel, RN, 80 - TP is 465) Send PM with price Thanks for looking
  2. Not a big seller. Two reviews and on the market since 2016
  3. With any of the pump clones of the Colt Lightning, to preclude stove pipes, be sure to test fire the overall length of your reloads. Th lifter to the chamber clearance can vary slightly. In my case, the Taurus 45 Colt likes a COAL of 1.50 to 1.55 without stove piping. Put any longer up to 1.60 round in it and start swearing
  4. Unless you want to be First on the scoresheet, the Stevens Savage 311 or 315 is cheap and a workhorse. You can can never break the 2 cocking levers snapping the barrel open to eject your spent case as is an issue with many other SxS shotguns
  5. Jake, all caliber brass are made to SAMMI specifications but not all firearm chambers may not be cut to cartridge case dimensions. Step 1. Read the full length die adjustment spec's to insure that any New or Used brass have been resized .... All the Way to the Bottom of the case Web Step 2. Chamber that resized case in the chamber. If it doesn't slid in the chamber easily, the case Web is still too large in diameter for the chamber. Re-adjust the FL die and run the case through it multiple times and re-chamber the case again Step 3. If the case sticks still, take a Magic Marker and coat it on one side - chamber the case again to see where on the the case the ink is rubbed off. If it's at the mouth of the case - your seated bullet is too fat and the bullets used will be needed to be resized smaller Step 4. If it isn't a bullet diameter issue ... Call your gunsmith and show him the case. Probably your chamber needs a ream job
  6. 1. Cowboy Action is not like playing darts. You will spend a minimum of $1000, then more to play the Sport 2. Go to a match and ASK ... SASS members are very helpful, even using their firearms if yours haven't been purchased yet 3. Save your money doing 'race jobs' on your firearms thinking your speed will increase to be more competitive ... unless you practice - practice and God gave you great reflexes to operate firearms speedily
  7. What if I modified the weapon? Gun Modification leading to gunshot injuries Modifications are common; however this can waive certain merchant liability issues. When the weapon is modified from its original manufacturer setting, then they may not be held liable for the defect of the weapon. However, certain type of trigger modifications, magazine modification, sight modifications or other firearm modifications can hold the seller liable.
  8. Ripsaw - sounds like you found a better price - Thanks for the post
  9. https://www.rogerssportinggoods.com/Ammunition/Shotgun-Shells/Target-Loads FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS $100 OR MORE! And Rogers Service is Excellent
  10. TJ Telephone 859-635-5560 My gunsmith only works on referrals - I'll let you know What's your birth certificate name so if he concurs and I let Bruce know who would be calling him
  11. Bob, which ever Smith you use and John Taylor is a premier reliner be sure to buy a TJ Enterprise liner from Mike. Here's why .... The difference is, Redman liners are button rifled. This is the same process as a lot of barrel maker use for after market barrels. In this case aircraft tube (4130 steel) is used and a button is pulled through it. T.J.'s liners are hammer forged around a mandrel that has the rifling. The mandrel is about 4" long and the same aircraft tube is used, only starting with a larger size and thicker wall. The hammer forge does just what it sounds like, beats the metal down on the mandrel. This process makes a smoother rifling and in my opinion has better defined rifling. Customers say they don't lead as bad. Also it work hardens the metal a bit, come out at Rockwell 28 on the C scale which is what a lot of barrel companies are getting out of 4140 ( Douglas is still around 32). Button rifling is quicker and the machinery is less expensive but the liners are limited to the length of machine travel. Mike says he can make a liner 10' long. This way he can cut off the length a customer orders. My Smith has relined several of my rifles from 22LR up to 38-55, all with TJ liners. Best relining was on a buggered out bore of a Wurfflein that is now a 38-55 and groups are MOA accurate out to 300yds
  12. Would like to see this law in New Jersey
  13. Waimea - Your right - no free NRA firearms insurance anymore. There still is good coverage for NRA members through Lockton https://mynrainsurance.com/about-us I use them and had a claim for $12,000 related to damage of my firearms from Super Storm Sandy less $100 deductible
  14. https://mynrainsurance.com/insurance-products/firearms-armscare-plus Plus free NRA Member Insurance of $2500
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