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  1. I shoot trap & skeet with a friend who lost complete use of his left arm in a motor cycle accident. Before his accident Joe was ranked 7the in the world shooting skeet. He still can run 95-98 birds
  2. Grizzly - Much Thanks for your post, informative and always nice to read posts on the Wire that are educational instead of WTC's and match schedules. Have to add - excellent bore scope pictures ... really shows the issue and the final results which probability 99.99% of 38-40 owners have never seen nor the tools to see
  3. Dutch-that Lee mold is not a hollow base mold
  4. Suggestion: if it adds 20 seconds to each of your scenario times - remove it. If not, leave it be
  5. Is it any better is a nebilois word. Is it “prettier or is it more accurate for the price of the gun? That’s your call not mine. Same barrel on a H&R 45-70 Buffalo Classic, mine, will print a 3.5 x 2.75” group at 600 yards ... for $700 less so you make the call with vernier sights. PS: My origional Trapdoor with a non Buffington sight will print 7” groups at 600 yards and splash lead in the 20”circle at 1000yds on a 48x82” steel gong target. And I only paid $700 for it
  6. Sorry Doc for not reading the caliber correctly. Ideal never made 50-70 mold with a hollow base so Lyman didn’t reinvent the wheel with one. Add not a volume caliber firearm ergo buy a flat base mold and drill out the hollow
  7. * Take th shot gun to a gunsmith and talk to him. Re: duplicate set of springs if you plan to do a kitchen table modification - good luck finding a set Other options: * Sell the external cock shotgun and buy an internal cock one * Two Ibuprofen and a bottle of water before the match to relieve the arthritis pain
  8. Any comments on who makes the best replica? H&R, Uberti? All depends on how much you want to pay: * H&R Trapdoor (if you can find a used one) - 500 for the rifle & about 700 for the Calvery carbine model. Friend has the carbine and is A OK in my book * Uberti Trapdoor - new = $1200
  9. Just buy the mold from Lee and start casting .... https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1010203933/lee-1-cavity-bullet-mold-459-405-hb-45-70-government-459-diameter-405-grain-flat-nose-hollow-base
  10. http://www.trapdoorcollector.com/shooterstext.html For reloading data https://www.gunsinternational.com/guns-for-sale-online/rifles/springfield-rifles-trapdoor/springfield-rifles-trapdoor.c1409_p1_o6.cfm
  11. Slim, you return the sprues to the pot while casting ... do not that in all my years of casting. A good size sprue puddle will drop the pot temperature which I want want the temp to hold the same the duration of casting session - with a digital K-probe
  12. Lawdog,your best source of information is Olin Industries ... Call Them
  13. El Hombre ... Who Thinks Out of the Box Thumbs Up, Mate and a Big Round of Cheers
  14. Deuce - Congratulations to You and the Mrs for the Memorable Event of Surprise's Birth Be sure to post up a picture of the young lad with gun rig strapped around his diapers for our viewing pleasure and a great picture for his scrap book
  15. J-Bar and Yul, nothing more authentic and 'Cowboyish' than a brass frame firearm coated with black powder "patina" IMHO A polished brass frame reminds me of a new posse member with spit shined boots - new bib-bed shirt and a hat with not a mark on it Might add -all my SASS rifles are brass frames and are coated with years of black powder patina
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