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  1. Matthew, here’s the Loctite you should have used, instead of the blue … https://www.loctiteproducts.com/en/products/specialty-products/specialty/loctite_threadlockerred271.html
  2. Sure hope Cole doesn’t have the manual locked up in the safe with the serial and code written on it. If so, his best bet is call a locksmith And when he finally gets the code, if digital … might want to get a tattoo
  3. Mink Oil or Bees Wax …. Warm the leather and rub it in
  4. Cole, call Liberty and they can help you with forgotten safe codes. Give them the model and serial number … your wasting your time posting on the Wire, because no one can help https://www.libertysafe.com/pages/best-customer-service-in-the-safe-industry Helping you get in your safe if you’ve forgotten your combination
  5. http://www.tombstonegunleather.com/?query=Holsters&afdToken=ChMI98Oe0d2A8gIVRRZZBR0faA0eElHcHWD3MKoB2s6qb0HR9de-SNu1oHm0mQOszghvaE9W_z4H8fdM1xsog5zEMXsv_yahZe-_mg6QqPLf0nG5ggxEHYLBcg4JjNcdkiaAQMUWNYM&pcsa=false&nb=18&nm=4&nx=18&ny=14&is=516x381&clkt=18&bg=!3t2l3ZnNAAbnC78O5ws7ACkA7BJNWVy8D8fcNboUcYkS6LKAUlvi4MtyjlaGA7satsW3mm0UHmqyaAIAAACBUgAAABxoAQcKACUGl041Iaog6wfboR4dlzBMiS_cQsaSBLt29XKwBFTMHv7ngEU8mQIQdObs2ZNCB_MgH07SAsQD8skUk1rEI84SPUWwy2hFrR8VCOvVmhNPhhBJ87FX51j1yU23e2YcULOEnAR9wSAzPi0E707j4kKB4UiSPcu445z8ou4LRtMke7ckiAPhdiStlk1izQxLdHzVoVB_0B27_9Mb8R8
  6. Steam gun with nozzle, does a good job cleaning black powder too
  7. OK, next post … Red Dot wins the brass ring
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9812331/Gun-killed-U-S-outlaw-Billy-Kid-sold.html
  9. Magic Marker Time …. Blacken a round,chamber it, remove and see wher the marker color has been scraped off. Wil tell you where your issue is
  10. Cypress Sun, you got it all wrong … up and down hill is trajectory only
  11. NRA Life member provides $2000 free insurance
  12. https://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?427068-Repackaging-powder
  13. Same post on Cast Boolits … many replies
  14. NCIC can also be accessed by an elected politician’s request for lookup to the FBI
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