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    My wife and grand kids and my kids. Their health and their love.I love The people I have gotten to meet in sass and the ones that have just talked to on the wire.I do like to shoot and pick on people at the shoot.I love the hugs I get and the ones I will get when I meet some on you people. I pray for all on the wire and all that I shoot with.After this last fight with cancer that my wife and GOD and all of you that prayed for her.Things change your outlook some.

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  1. I talked to Widder and Possum .He did not shoot gunfighter but he said he would shoot it at a monthly.They made him a Jedi before he passed.I talked to him a lot and I miss him.
  2. I have loaded some BP in the .444 marlin hulls and a little in the plastic hull. I use .45 cal 1/2" fiber wads with the BP.I used a hole punch and some like poster board for over shot cards and school glue.
  3. I load 1/2 oz of #7 shot in 410 shells and they alway take down the knock downs.I load in plastic hulls and also in .444 marlin brass cases.They work in a S X S but not all the time in a single shot.
  4. Anyone here have one and reload for it..I found one and I was wondering how people like the cal. and what is it good for?
  5. I put a brass wrap on the front sight on all my SASS pistols.
  6. Them are some pretty 44-40s for sure.
  7. How much does one of them hammered doubles cost.There is one one I auction site I get on?
  8. Father God I come to you for prayer for Mrs. Plass for a complete healing in Jesus' name.Amen
  9. Lassiter did the short stroke and slicked up on my 32s.Steve Young and done some 92s for me. Johnny Meadows has done SKBs and Baikals for me and a 44.-40 92 for me.Boom Stick has done a 66 for me.I have done my own Ruger 45s and 357s and my Uberti 357s.
  10. The prices I have seen I would buy two boxes and I don't even have a 45-70..
  11. Dear Heavenly Father bless this family.Give them comfort in your loving arms.I ask you in Jesus' name Amen.
  12. I never like the pair I bought.A world champion gunfighter from La. loves them.
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