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  1. Dave, more than one way 'to skin a a cat' * Normal 3 die set with expander - seater dies - without need for a 'M Die" * Next reload: same bullet & cases: Lee Universal Expander Dies to bell case mouth. Normally, 0.002 bullet tension will be in the reload case * Lee Neck Collet Die ... TIGHTER BULLET FITS delivered from the factory, the collet die will grip the bullet with a light press fit with cases of average hard-ness. For a tighter fit, you can anneal the case neck or polish the decapper mandrel .001 smaller. Do not go beyond .001 smaller as there will be no increase in bullet pull, and a decrease in accuracy as the bullet will then be sizing the neck as it is inserted. OPTION The collet die provides the optimum bullet fit for maximum accuracy and case life. Should you desire a tighter fit, and are not able or willing to polish the mandrel or anneal the case neck, you can order a custom mandrel from the factory
  2. Might want to reconsider the 150 yard statement Ideal 311413 The Squibb gas check bullet for the Springfield and other .30-06 rifles. Perhaps the most accurate gas check bullet yet produced. Excellent for target practice up to 600 yards. I use this bullet in a '94 for Long Range Lever Action Matches (200 -500 meters) and have used it for the last 7 years with accuracy. The 1st time I tested it after sighters, I put 7 lead splashes on Ram at 500 meter in less than a 10" group Another Ideal bullet for long range ... 311291 Designed for .30-30, .303 Savage and .30 Remington cartridges, but popular for all 30 caliber rifles. (GC, RN, 170 - TP is 465) "The 311291 is much shorter than the 311299 and has a true round nose profile to allow use in lever guns etc. It is also a bore rider design many folks seem to find it more accurate than the 311041 in the 30-30. and one more, the 311284 Designed for .30-40 Krag, but excellent for all 30 calibers. Very accurate up to 600 yards where it says for a 30-06 & 30-40 Krag - a Lee Lube/Sizer is your 'best friend'
  3. Dale - interesting that only 2 of us know about neodymium magnets in computers. I keep 4 of them handy in the reloading room - great for finding iron parts that drop to the floor, like screws
  4. Grits - Never gonna happen: Never owned one - never shot one and never gonna buy one ... Carry On except for a couple of JM Marlin Ballard falling block single shots - The Real Marlins
  5. If you don't want to wait for the brass, there are 19 kits IN STOCK that include 2000 primed empty cases ... https://fedarm.com/product/22lr-conical-bullet-ammo-kit/?attribute_pa_quantity=2000-casing-bulk
  6. expander die Screw the die in until it touches the shell holder, then back out one full turn. Finger tighten the lock ring, adjust the flare to your liking; turning inward increases the flare. For maximum case life, flare only enough to easily accept a bullet. In use, the expander plug travels approximately 3/8” within the die and comes to an abrupt stop at extraction. This helps to shake the powder through. However, we recommend you check to be sure all the powder has cleared the funnel and expander plug.Be sure to occasionally clean the bullet lube from the expander
  7. Stop over to my reloading room and look at all the certificates on the wall for long range pistol caliber ... using 45 Colt ammo
  8. .....Yes, also tin makes bullets lighter . Dross is gray/black ash - Not a blue color *** Using this alloy & a high temperature - Do the cast bullets fill out with sharp groove bands & flat bases? *** Cast at a high temperature are the bullets frosted
  9. Black powder 22LR reloads have no use for Cowboys - Cowgirls or Buckaoos. Stepping forward: * 22 LR BP rounds are long obsolete, so John Kort and myself felt it was time to "Step Back Into Time" back in 2009 * Accuracy with these BP reloads is equal to or done correctly, better than smokeless reloads * NRA has BPCR 22 matchs but are shot with smokeless rounds. Maybe with BP rounds * I like to reload and now do it for 22, 30, 40, 50 calibers and several metrics to feed every rifle I own. For the 22's and next for 22 LR smokeless rounds:
  10. https://fedarm.com/product/22lr-prim...-2000-ct-pack/ The resupply is on a wait list now - so sign up I'll bet fedarm is building an order of 500,000 cases which takes 250 wait list orders @ 2000 pieces Primed empty 22LR brass has not been available to buy since 2009 - so get on the wait list and spread the word
  11. Shooters Information Center This Page is for the Benefit of Veteran and Novice Shooters of Trapdoor Rifles and Carbines. !!! BOOK MARK IT FOR FUTURE REFERENCE !!! http://www.trapdoorcollector.com/shooterstext.html The smokeless & black powder 45-70 and other caliber powder charges plus bullet alloys are listed at the bottom of this Trapdoor website Another source for trapdoor powder charges ... https://www.thehighroad.org/index.php?threads/45-70-trapdoor-smokeless-loads.620790/ And here;s a duplex powder load .... A5744 can be loaded without fillers to approximate black powder ballistics, internal and external. The 5744 load is 40%, grain weight, of the original black powder load. For my older 45-70s, I match the 45-70-405 full load by using 0.4 x 70 grains = 28 grains of 5744. One heck of an accurate load and it chronys at 1275 or so.
  12. http://stevespages.com/458_1_500.html 500 Grain Bullet AA-2015 From 36.0 grains to 49.3 grains Winchester WLR Primer AA-2495 From 41.4 grains to 46.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer AA-2520 From 50.5 grains to 56.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer AA-2700 From 41.4 grains to 46.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer AA-3100 From 54.0 grains to 60.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer AA-4350 From 52.2 grains to 58.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer AA-5744 From 27.9 grains to 31.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer AA-8700 From 54.0 grains to 60.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer AR-2206 From 45.0 grains to 55.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer AR-2208 From 47.0 grains to 57.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer BL-C(2) From 34.0 grains to 53.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer BM-2 From 44.0 grains to 54.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer H-322 From 42.7 grains to 51.2 grains Winchester WLR Primer H-335 From 49.0 grains to 53.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer H-4198 From 25.0 grains to 41.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer H-4227 From 32.0 grains to 34.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer H-4831 From 54.0 grains to 60.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer H-4895 From 50.0 grains to 57.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer IMR-3031 From 44.0 grains to 53.1 grains Winchester WLR Primer IMR-4064 From 43.4 grains to 55.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer IMR-4198 From 35.0 grains to 47.6 grains Winchester WLR Primer IMR-4320 From 48.0 grains to 51.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer IMR-4895 From 42.4 grains to 53.2 grains Winchester WLR Primer N-135 From 44.2 grains to 54.8 grains Winchester WLR Primer RL-7 From 35.0 grains to 45.5 grains Winchester WLR Primer Varget From 49.0 grains to 55.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer X-Terminator From 45.0 grains to 49.0 grains Winchester WLR Primer
  13. OK, since you changed your request now ... Please explain What Kind of Informed Purchases .... and Be Specific!
  14. https://www.go2gbo.com/forums/92-cap-ball-revolvers-pistols.html
  15. Less than $100 ... https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=miniature+brass+cannon&ul_noapp=true
  16. With my morning coffee, my routine visits are to these forums: ASSRA - Cast Boolits - SASS Wire and Shiloh ... then the World News Have to admit, except for the World News, all the forms have been boring with no interesting posts, So the visits are short and are only one cup of coffee visits Once in awhile I look at the For Sales on ASSRA - Cast Boolets - SASS Classifieds and bpcnet for anything of interest. Lately not many CC charges
  17. And IF they chamber one in 32-20 - out comes my credit card
  18. Yul - take this into consideration; the gents on the ASSRA forum have stated that they say when they sell any of the old classics, Ballards - Stevens, etc, if they state a trashed bore is relined with a TJ - the price they get is almost top value to one with an original excellent bore Yes, I agree with you, ask any Cowboy Shooter the difference between a TJ and a Redman liner - the don't have a clue which liner is a better quality
  19. Not as well as TJ liners ... Post by John Taylor Someone mentioned my name, better step in here. The difference is, Redman liners are button rifled. This is the same proses as a lot of barrel maker use for after market barrels. In this case aircraft tube (4130 steel) is used and a button is pulled through it. T.J.'s liners are hammer forged around a mandrel that has the rifling. The mandrel is about 4" long and the same aircraft tube is used, only starting with a larger size and thicker wall. The hammer forge does just what it sounds like, beats the metal down on the mandrel. This process makes a smoother rifling and in my opinion has better defined rifling. Customers say they don't lead as bad. Also it work hardens the metal a bit, come out at Rockwell 28 on the C scale which is what a lot of barrel companies are getting out of 4140 ( Douglas is still around 32). Button rifling is quicker and the machinery is less expensive but the liners are limited to the length of machine travel. Mike says he can make a liner 10' long. This way he can cut off the length a customer orders.
  20. For these splatter examples - what were the condition of the steel targets being used and their proper or improper placement? Targets have a lot to do with causing no splatter or splatter flung distances behind the firing line
  21. Noah, with a Uberti HiWall, Ideal 375166, 325gr, (clone is on Accurate Molds), 42gr KIK 1.5Fg ... 50 rounds shot consecutively with no tubing or patching ... Rams at 500 meters back to the Chickens at 200 meters went down with accuracy - with minor adjustments of original sight setting On a calm day, the Ideal 375166 will also shoot accurately at 600yds. I also shoot the Ideal 375166 at 1000yds on a 48x82" buffalo silhouette ... with A Lot of Sighters! At this distance, you really need a 40 or 50 caliber bullet - not one out of a 38-55 Optimally, a 38-55 is a 300yd caliber rounds
  22. * All vernier sights are graduated in Minutes of Angle (MOA) * There are 3 'basic' verniers with MOA's needed for shooting specific distances: ** Schuetzen Distances = 50 to 200yds ... any lead bullet up to 50 caliber ** Mid Range Distances = 200 to 600yds ... generally any lead 30, 40, or 50 caliber bullet ** Long Range Distances = 700 to 1200yds ... generally any lead 40 or 50 caliber bullet MOA's on each specific Sight * Schuetzen - up to 88 MOA elevation - 44 MOA windage * Mid Range - up to 189 MOA elevation - 44 MOA windage * Long Range - up to 289 MOA elevation - 44 MOA windage So, pick the vernier sight depending on the MAXIMUM Distance your caliber rifle will be shot to ... for single shot rifles, Bolt Gun Rifles excluded with jacket's and smokeless powder
  23. I brought my '94 Centennial out of the box because prices were going nowhere. It's now used for NRA Lever Action Rifle matches
  24. A greased hard 0.03" felt wad prevents this: cleans the chamber after the powder charge and also when the chamber is fired
  25. For the 32-40 and 38-55 calibers, Alliant 300-MP has produced excellent groups 300-MP Felt Wad 32-40.docx
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