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  1. Cholla -read this article and you'll be a Black Powder Reloader in no time: The BP Cartridge Rifle Reloading Guide https://www.bpcr.net/site_docs-results_schedules/documents/bp_cartridge_reloading_dick_trenk.htm
  2. With "real gunpowder' - black powder, the only corrosive element in the foul is potassium sulfide and it doesn't rust as the potassium chloride does. One can leave an uncleaned BP bore void of moisture in the safe for good period of time. I have gone a week or better with no rust. Leave Pyrodex bores for a day or so - expect rust and it degrades quickly in the container - only good for garden fertilizer
  3. $2.37 a round? No thanks * Smokeless powder cleaning: hot water + a squirt of Dawn .... oil & done * An old trick cleaning black powder bores: shoot a couple of smokeless powder shells down the bore. Removes the BP foul then: hot water + a squirt of Dawn .... oil & done
  4. There is something of a dark side to Pyrodex. The patent disclosure shows the formula to contain 19 parts of potassium perchlorate along with 6 parts of sulfur. This effects the powder in two ways. The presence of a perchlorate means that the residue produced by the combustion of the powder will be rich in potassium chloride. Any chloride being corrosive. The presence of elemental sulfur with a perchlorate presents shelf-life problems with the powder.
  5. No need to ... half of the mix is ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) and if Marvel Mystery Oil is used in the mix ... both fluids serve the same lubing as Kroil, even better
  6. * Mix up a solution of 50:50 mix of Acetone & ATF * Spray the mix on the rust and let set for 15 minutes * Rub the rusted areas with bronze wool .... You'll wonder where the rust went ... GONE and never to return
  7. * Remove the stock * Inplug the magazine tube * Spray the tube and the action good with your favorite cleaner * Take the rifle to your favorite beer joint * Scream ... THIS IS NOT A HOLDUP Go in the Men's room and put the rifle under the Exactor Hand Dryer for a good Blow Job Go back out to the bar - order a beer and enjoy your day
  8. https://jack-first-gun-parts.myshopify.com/collections/rossi-92-357-lever-rifle/products/rossi-92-magazine-plug-screw-357
  9. The Rossi 92 with BP is no harder to clean than the 60's -66's and 73's
  10. Just fill the hull with cotton - simple as that
  11. Another reason to Black Ball Stoeger and NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS
  12. Have club member that owns a chronograph?
  13. Strip the bluing off and buff the steel with steel rouge
  14. J-Bar, you just have to shake the can to put the acetone/ATF into a combined mixture. The color will change to a light creamy mixture I keep mine in 2 containers: a spray bottle for wide applications and a Zippo can for drop by drop application
  15. Thanks Nate - Johnny's conversion project is looking better & better all the time. Final recommendation is for him to ship the rifle and the new barrel to do all the work .... to you
  16. Nate, I believe the issue with the left cartridge guide is: your right: - the case dia on the Colt is 454 plus v 427 plus. Also the 44-40 rim is 525 v 512 on the Colt, so where the rim cut in the carrier is would have to be enlarged 0.013 otherwise the case would ride on top of carrier. But major issue with the project is the cartridge stops. They would have to be custom made because there is no replacement source for them
  17. Many times, I've had frozen screws and parts the refuse to be loosened. How to: loosen or remove them: Prepare a container of 50:50 of acetone & ATF or Marvel Mystery Oil. Soak the parts or screws with the mixture and let stand for 15 minutes or half hour depending on severity. The mixture needs only about 68 pounds of tested torque pressure to loosen frozen parts Extreme example of effectiveness:: * I had a tow hitch on my 2006 Toyota that pulled my duck boat and was submerged every 13 years in salt water; Needless to say, the hitch was severely rusted and refused to budge with a 20 lb sludge hammer. So I soaked the hitch casing in the 50:50 mix for about a half hour. Then hooked a heavy duty tow strap around a bulkhead 6x6 timber that bolted down the dead man wire buried 5 ft in the ground. Connected the tow strap to the hitch ball - put the Toyota in 4x4 and with 3 JERKS on the tow strap, the hitch slid right out of hitch casing ... with CHUNKS of RUST up to about a 1/4 inch
  18. Johnny - I looked on the Inernet at Winchester 1992 parts and except for the common stuff - other parts would require custom machining by a competent gunsmith. Accordingly, save your money buying the barrel and doing the conversion project. One part I forgot is complete magazine tube because 44-40 rim diameter is larger than the 45 ... ergo rounds won't fit in 45 tube https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=winchester+1892+parts
  19. The expense for the conversion is barrel related. What's your cost RANGE for other expense?
  20. I’m not going to look up all the differences between a 45 and 44-40 but other than relining considerations are: round extractor (Colt, 512 rim - 44-40, 525 rim) from the magazine, bolt face and case width. Will definitely have to place a shim under the left cartridge guide. I converted one of my Rossi’s from 38 Spl to 32-20 with a TJ and that’s all that had to be done. The extractor between calibers will be the primary issue
  21. Except for case length, the .38 Special is identical to the .38 Short Colt, .38 Long Colt, and .357 Magnum. 38 Spl, 125 gr bullet ... Red Dot From 3.5 grains to 4.5 grains
  22. Warden, if my 550B looked as clean as yours in the picture I believe I had never reloaded with it.
  23. If ya wanna dance, ya gotta pay the fiddler
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