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  1. Doug rushed to hospital with signs of a heart attack tonight.. Doctors determined the left ventricle is blocked and maybe more. On heparin and IV. Cardio team working him now..Ventricle blocked 99.9% at the entrance of the”Widow Maker”Has a stent inserted now and other medicines. Plus further operation to be done ... Prayer Posse Up with strongh prayers for a successful operation and recovery for my Son in Law ... he is a great guy
  2. H K ... if the stove pipe was not repeating ... Operator Error, starting at the cartridge stop Wnen was the last time you completely cleaned the magazine tube
  3. https://www.amazon.com/EEP-100-Rechargeable-Construction-Manufacturing-Maintenance/product-reviews/B07P8YDBZD?pageNumber=2
  4. From Anchorage: * Take the one day trip up to Cold Foot along the pipe line and then fly back over the Brooks Range. I did and crossed the Arctic Circle - was 78 degrees and mosquitos were the size of "dinner plates" * Or take the Alaska Railroad train ride down to Kenia National Park for a one day adventure and the bus ride back to Anchorage https://www.nps.gov/kefj/index.htm
  5. Why there is Nothing ... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9550661/Gun-background-checks-soared-April.html.
  6. John Boy


  7. Beware ... the locking lugs on LC Smiths are not made to take the shucking punishment we put them through. I now have an LC that is a parts shotgun and it didn’t take long to brake the lug. And if you brake it, it is a custom custom repair and be prepared to spend big bucks
  8. I started deleting my 209 primers in 2019 .... again when the NICS numbers started climbing, cranked up the Size Master and the 650... and reloaded 2 cases of smokeless and 2 cases of black powder
  9. Prayers of Healing and Comfort to Lezlee and Family. Prayers to Rest in Peace for Jeff
  10. ... and using oils collects dirt and foul. Eezox doesn't, my choice to lube and clean smokeless round firearms. OK, re: keeping a Lightning clean: * When my re-engineered Taurus came back, off to the range with it and 50 rounds, Ideal 454190, 255gr bullets charged with ETR7 smokeless. Shot the 50 rounds with no cleaning, canted sideways, 90 degrees sideways & normally .... consecutively with no cleaning as fast as I could work the slide- FAST. Had only 3 rounds that stove piped
  11. The reason it is $44 for box of 20 at Tomball Pawn is because other vendors are out of stock at $33 & $37 per box of 20 - 405gr rounds
  12. Send your wife and relatives to buy the rest of them ....
  13. Call Or send an email to Val Jr at Navy Arms ... https://www.navyarms.com/AboutUs.php. Then let us know the answer ...
  14. Some additional history about DuPont and Moosic Plant... DuPont sold to Gerhart Owen in 1971 because they were cited under the Taft Hartley Act for restraint of trade. That didn’t stop them in the BP business though. They opened a a sales office in Lake Placid and were selling imported powder in the US labeled Meteor made by Noble Industries in Ardeer, Scotland through their CIL Canadian subsidiary. This Meteor powder was the same production mix or left over powder when Curtis’s & Harvey sold out to Noble in 1967. Might add C&H powder was rated the best BP powder made and I have a g
  15. *. Reloads 1.55 to1.57 chamber better than COAL 1.60 * Don’t baby racking the rifle, full cycles and with strong movements
  16. http://ericnestor.com/video-tour-of-the-abandoned-goex-powder-plant/?fbclid=IwAR1baIuQo7MBp_FKGp8N7e9I_L-bPEQ8cIYY9yrG07UgtI7fDWifcW9XMFg
  17. Mark, they are the same configuration and quality rifles except for the butt plates. Pedersoli has a shotgun butt plate requiring a tighter grip to keep it on the shoulder. The Uberti has the hooked butt plate that provides easier control of the rifle at the shoulder, especially shooting off hand Both barrels are match grade and overall quality is equal So, my recommendation is the Uberti with a MVA Soule vernier and a MVA Beach Combination foresight Sporting Rifle Straight Stock .45-70 30″ Have had a Uberti Deluxe 38-55 with DST for a lon
  18. Prayers Up ... keep us informed
  19. John Boy

    Soy Wax

    Paraffin wax is ... is a soft colorless solid derived from petroleum, coal or oil shale that consists of a mixture of hydrocarbon molecules containing between twenty and forty carbon atoms. * In chemistry, paraffin is used synonymously with alkane, indicating hydrocarbons with the general formula CnH2n+2. A good hydrocarbon chain ingredient supports an excellent lube for black powder reloads * Paraffin wax initially suffered from a low melting point; however, this shortcoming was later remedied by the addition of harder stearic acid, another excellent ingredient for BP lubes
  20. At the top of the SASS Wire is a link to the Events Wire created by the Moderators and how to use it
  21. John Boy

    Soy Wax

    Make Do, personally, would use canning paraffin which is an alkine with a melting temperature of 154 degrees vs soy wax that is more expensive that starts to melt at 120 degrees You also might want to consider using hot glue if you don’t have any over shot wads
  22. https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/serbian-military-surplus-leather-magazine-pouches-4-pack-used?a=1744064
  23. Rimfire ... 22lr Center fire ... 38 Spl Ideal Molds since the turn of the century, produced the largest number of CF’s and the largest number of Ideal molds for sale on EBay are 38;Spl’s and the same on the forums
  24. Billy .... never heard of KG-1 .... and have probably 20 products in the cabinet Go To’s: Smokeless ... Eezox Black Powder .... Lehigh Valley Lube and Cleaner
  25. Let’s say these are categories for different types of rifles and different distances. Period correct iron sights are required for all rifles. SASS pistol caliber rifles are shot at 100, 150, and 200 yards. Big Bore Lever Action rifles are shot at 200, 300, and 400 yards. Big Bore Single Shot (BBSS) and Buffalo (black powder) rifles are shot at 300.400 and 500 yards. There a two different rifles tha have to be considered for ‘long range’ per the original post ...a lever and a single shot. Next are the distances ...200 to 500... For the lever, a Uberti 1886 Sporting Rifl
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