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  1. I have a bench source annealer but you culd use a drill and socket to turn it in flame,I hear ya I wanted t find some brass or loaded ammo then I would have correct brass to reload but this worked out even better.It also worked out well as I have a 50 Alaskan already and had a bunch of new brass on the shelf,have fun I really like this round
  2. Star line shows in stock but you have to order 250, but brownells shows 100 count in stock
  3. I don’t have any for sale I hope you find some,I was in same boat a while back,couldn’t find anything,so with advice I had read on here and others I ended up taking 50 Alaskan cases running in Lyman 45-75 dies annealed and ended up ordering a mold from Steve Brooks for the original 350 grain bullet and once formed and shot I simply expand mouth a little drop in 75 grains of 3f and prime.
  4. I need to edit my title to found if I can figure it out but again thanks
  5. I seen that I have a set already found and sent payment,but thanks to all
  6. Prayers as well may God heal him and comfort family
  7. Thanks to all we just got home,I have been checking in on my phone while work today,need to get boy in tub and supper I will contact you guys tomorrow and please pm me or let me know how much you are asking and thanks again
  8. Just thought I’d ask I am looking to get one or two if available ruger vaqueros 45 colt 4 5/8 . If you have one or two please let me know,even a jimmy Spurs gun,thank you
  9. Thank you Larson but I think I got some,and I messed around and made a few with my .45-70 short size die and they seem to come out decent but still waiting on my 45-75 dies thank you
  10. I tried sending him a message last week about different brass,and it wouldn’t go through either.
  11. Thanks Pete I replied,for some reason It tells me Arkansas Harper can’t receive messages
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