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  1. Always fun to get a new rifle.
  2. Thanks fellows, I put my name on a Shiloh,already have casting supplies and ordered a mold from Steve brooks.Got some powder and brass,and other things rounded up,now the hard part is waiting.
  3. Good deal, I would have bought this doc if I didn’t end up going in different direction GLWS
  4. Another vote for BearCreek,great products,fast shipping,and super nice guy.
  5. Thanks gritz I have 1100 yards here at the house you should come up my way sometime and teach a new dog. Your welcome anytime
  6. Thanks,Gritz will do and thanks for recommending jumping on in to a quality piece,it’s always something I wanted to do,just no one around me that I know is involved in this.
  7. Thanks everyone and all offers are appreciated but one thing leaded to another and I ended up ordering my own 1874 Shiloh sharps rough rider in 45-70 with 30 inch heavy oct,now I need to research best molds,Bullets,brass and sights. Again thanks
  8. All excellent replies guys,and Grass Range if I ever decide to go that route I’ll take you up on dinner,lol.
  9. I’m around Bethany area in nw mo.Sent you a pm
  10. Thanks river dog,how long barrel does yours have?
  11. That’s what I am leaning towards thanks
  12. I understand that heck I have a 22 long rifle that is a hammer at 300-500 yards with good conditions,a local guy recommend Kelly sights as well.
  13. Thanks guys,I’ll get ahold of doc,and longcolt send me some pics and price please,I don’t know about the replicas what do you think are they as good?
  14. How you like the uberti
  15. I am recently coming back to my roots,I have been involved in longrange precision rifle for several years,and while I still enjoy it I have always had my share of singleactions and have had a interest in cas. My question is I’ve recently acquired a couple leverguns and am really thinking about a highwall or sharps rifle to shoot bp 45-70. Is there anyone that can point me to someone where I could acquire a BPCR or sharps. I do see there are a few Winchester’s out there. Just wanting to pick up one and want to get a good one without breaking the bank,like everyone does I suppose. Just thought your opinions and thoughts will help and thanks. I have 1100 yard range right out my door shoot
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