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  1. Here are the scores by category. Scores by Category Main Match 06252022.pdf More info on scores can be found at http://www.middletownsportsmensclub.com/cowboy-range/
  2. If any of these 10 are your senators, let them know that you disagree with this proposal. Unfortunately my senator, Portman, is not running for re-election so I am sure he doesn't care what I say.
  3. Been using it for years. Before storing my guns I wipe them down with it. Does a great job of preventing rust. Not really good at removing rust.
  4. Great match with a nice variety of stages. Thanks to all that made this match possible.
  5. I agree that most candidates are not a perfect choice but we need to vote regardless so that the better of the two candidates is elected.
  6. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed S.B. 215 into law on March 14. Under the new law, which takes effect June 13, qualified Ohio residents not otherwise prohibited from owning a firearm will no longer need a permit to carry a weapon — either open or concealed. While many Ohioans may have some issues with our Governor, I was pleased that he signed this bill. In the upcoming election he will be running against a strong anti gun opponent.
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