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  1. Gone way too soon. RIP, miss her too. She shot with us here in Illinois when she came back to visit her roots. Rev
  2. Prayers going up for your good health and general onriness. Get well you grumpy old fart. Seriously, get well soon. Rev
  3. Sticking my head back in here to see if anyone's smiling. Taint allowed. Merry Christmas yes but no smilin.. Now get off that frozen patch of ice I call a lawn.
  4. No, Bauerauction.com. 2-day gun auction Dec 31-Jan 1st, Mattoon IL, live and online . They have 4 scheduled large gun auctions per year. Note: I just double checked, its a Griswold and Gunnison, dad's Rogers and Spencer was traded off years ago. He had a lot of odd ball firearms. Sorry, my error.
  5. I believe I have one unfired coming up for auction soon. Rev
  6. How can you tell if it was a real navajo besides maybe having a commercial tag?
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