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  1. Weatherman said -4 tonight with a feels like temp of -20. Hey cold is cold. Now let me know when its back up to 70's. Brrrr
  2. Well prayed sirl. If the prayer was indicative of your sermon, I do believe you are very well grounded in the Word.
  3. Jabez, I just don't think human beings are designed to chatter their teeth for months on end. Its just not civil. I need a built in thermal heater. Rev
  4. minus 10, wind chill of minus 32 makes me grumpy cold. Especially when i have to take the furball outside to do his duty. (Central Illinois Ice Age) its not this cold in Alaska is it?!?
  5. I didn;t make this order this time but will continue to keep my eyes and ears open. Fortunately I have enough for this year but its scarce enough to always be looking,
  6. GOFWG old words are missing in these posts. Grumpy, get off the lawn, dang kids, Ol Blue.... Makes me grumpy to think about it. Shoot I can't remember why I came in here....oh yeah, scold young whippersnappers. Rev
  7. I'm getting fitted for a heart monitor this week. Seems old sawbones doesn;t like my pulse rate down in the 30's. May be why I'm getting so lightheaded. That's what makes me grumpy. Youth is wasted on the youngins. I made it through a match last Sat with the Freegrazers but had to sit a lot. Old age ain't for sissys. Rev
  8. Stick my head in here again to check grumpiness status level. It appears we've grown leaps and bounds, beyond my expectations. Keep off my lawn! Carry on. Rev
  9. Sticking my head back in here to see if anyone's smiling. Taint allowed. Merry Christmas yes but no smilin.. Now get off that frozen patch of ice I call a lawn.
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