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  1. Thank you Singin Sue. i can always be reached. I'm like a lot of others here, available. Rev
  2. Well Jabez, i'd like to get up that way to shoot with you as well as do some traveling to take in a lot of other matches as well. Someday perhaps it will happen before I'm too decrepid.
  3. Hey Quick Draw Grandpa, I'll take it if not spoken for. PM me for details and I'll get $ to you. Rev
  4. Only one way to cure grumpiness and thats to get out and shoot a match with yer good pards.
  5. I'm shootin black powder tomorrow Bull. I need a whiff of the good stuff, LOL
  6. Not wanting to wear a glove with my 1860 Henry and with the new SASS rules change, p34 under Stocks and Grips, " A leather lace on "heat shield" wrap around the barrel and magazine tube of the 1860 Henry rifle is allowed." My question is, has anyone made a successful wrap yet? I can't see how the follower will clear a lace on wrap. I'm interested. No specifications as to length so is hand width understood or is it personal preference? I don't want to overthink this but want to color within the lines.
  7. Jabez, almost is the key word. Dont go crawling under the dirt before your time. Been there myself with pneumonia 4X, twice in both lungs but I'm still aggravating my pretty little red head. Heal up deep inside where it counts. Someone's gotta check on the grump level.
  8. Everybody got their typing fingers froze to the pole outside? Come on this is just a little winter cold weather, at least the youngsters aren't on the grass.
  9. I remember there were about 2-3 6GH8's in those old tv sets. RCA, Zenith, GE, Magnavox etc USAF trained me back in '76 for television equipment and radio communications. It was tail end of tubes and began the hybrid tube/solid state units. They had their own set of problems.
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