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  1. I don't see any grass here, just snow. I'm stickin my head in again to keep you all properly mannered in grumpiness. I've been out checking thermal Pulsar scopes to snag a few coyotes. Then researching a roomful of old smokepoles when I can't get out of the house. I'm getting cabin fever.... Stay off the lawn! Rev
  2. Solvang Shootist,. Well here I am in CA for a very short visit.  I'm headed up to Solvang today.  Any chance we could connect for coffee?  Call me, 217.853.5370. 

    Rev Willy Dunkum

  3. Good soggy Saturday. I put in my retirement papers at work for 3 months from now. If they kick me aside sooner, good. My plate is full and overflowing but I'm ok with that. My 89 year old father just handed me control of the farm operation. So there's no true retirement, just changing vocations. Not much planted in this rainy flooded year so far. Best thing for strangers to do is stay off our soggy yard.
  4. Buffalo Creek Law Dog I sure did. Had the shot 10 years ago after I recovered from double pneumonia. Supposed to be for life. Theres a booster after 65 but Im a few months away from that. I wasn't too pleased but it is what it is. I am improving
  5. Jabez you been minding the proper etiquette for this unworthy level of ne'er do wells? Whats become of Old Blue? Dad blasted young nincompoops at work has got me all riled up.
  6. Well now, not trying to be too grumpy here, but..... it sure is great to be alive. Literally. I've had my third bout in my life with pneumonia and didn't know if I was going to make it this time. I've rounded a corner and on the mend, thank the Lord. I'm planning on getting to a match soon. Had one under my belt this year and have got to get the BP out soon before I dry up completely. Miss all of you but don't take that for me getting soft. Church fund getting low boys, two old quarters, kleenex and someone's rusty pocketknife. GOFWG #250
  7. Oh yeah, howdy to rest of you grumps. Carlos, Imis, Dapper, Kid and all.
  8. Jabez, I got a wine cork, a concho, a case from an A10 Warthog and a quarter on my desk. It all goes toward that cannon fund also, Funny how that fund keeps disappearing,,,, Weird Illinois weather, last Wed wind chill was -40 degrees, actual temp was -19 F. This morning its already +41F and should reach mid 50's. Its a good morning for Scripture readin on rest along with that coffee java and expand-the-waistline bearsign. Grandkids can be pretty sweet. Congrats, Stay clean, shoot straight and stay off my lawnl
  9. "One of thee days....When I have time.....Someday......" I've been using these phrases for getting back in the saddle to send Holy Black warthog loads downrange again. I've been saying it for a couple years now. Meanwhile I've been seeing too many of my shooting cowboy friends succumb to Father Time. I miss my buddies and have to admit I'm a bit purturbed time is not been friendly. Oh well, keep the track open and the light on. My irons are getting rusty, but I'll be back on the range and surprise some youngins eventually. Rev
  10. 7 inches of snow today. Better than 18 inches called for in parts of Missouri. Cancelled all plans for today except scoopimg the white stuff. Humpf!
  11. Humph. something disturbed my hibernation. I'm turning back into the cave.
  12. Dang cold snowy weather. Joints ache, caught a cold, coffee cold. I'm not a fan of anything cold.
  13. Had a tooth pulled putting me in a foul mood and learning to eat soft foods like some snot nose brat. I asked them what John Wayne would've done, they asked me who John Wayne is... I dont know which made me grumpier
  14. Howdy Carlos (still no smilies...ever) . I've watched too many tragedies called life lately, not much shootin' last couple years or so, church fund depleted even moths packed up. My red head stays by my side, she's a keeper. Glad to be this side of the dirt.
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