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  1. Gotcha. I have not touched the steps at all.
  2. OLG, The cylinder stop looks to be functioning normally. Fully assembled, the pistol is working normally with the exception of the hammer not falling all the way. The hammer does fall to rest when the trigger is released. Also hammer operates normally with no pawl installed. I’m guessing I need to take more off the tail of the pawl. When you suggest a flat spot on the inside edge, are you referring to the tail of the pawl?
  3. Larsen, I received a new pawl and have started trying to fit it. As an experiment, I took one of the old pawls, ground off the tail, smoothed and finished it and installed it. With the spring and plunger forcing the pawl towards the cylinder and no tail to ride in the grip frame, the result is the same. The pawl protrudes through the frame and locks the cylinder up completely. When working the new pawl, I’m concerned the same condition will occur. I’m using a stone and 800-2000 grit sandpaper and taking very little off at a time and reassembling. So far, the hammer does not fall all the way. What a PITA.
  4. Hello Cowboys and Cowgirls. I’m having an issue with a Ruger NMV. It’s virtually new and the only modifications have been Wolff springs and a SBH hammer. It’s built identical to my main match pair wish are 512-series guns and work perfectly. The problem unit is a 513- series. So the problem is the hammer is not striking the firing pin with enough force to set off primers. The hammer is stopping in the last 1/32” of travel. The hammer can be pushed all the way forward, but there is resistance. When thumbing the hammer back slightly, this resistance can be felt and the hammer does not return to full rest position against the frame when you let it go. I’ve had this gun apart 40 times, polished all of the inner parts at the mating surfaces, put the stock hammer back in, tried different hammer springs (still Wolff) and function is always the same. When disassembled partialLy w the internal parts in the frame and grip frame not attached or hammer strut not in, the hammer travels freely with no binding or resistance. Thoughts? I appreciate any help on this one. Thanks, KCM
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