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  1. Easy. Any arbitrary number of equal increments. As long as what I am dividing is a straight line, not something difficult like trisecting an angle.
  2. Wonder what a Steampunk version would look like... I probably would not like it either, but probably dislike it less than the Tactical
  3. If I got them mixed up, I know I would catch the longer one on the holster. But we already have a shotgun and rifle, nothing I see requires matching pistols. My backup carry does not match my primary.
  4. It does buy "signs of forcible entry" protection. Then file police report and an insurance claim. Just like the deadbolt on my front door, easily breached. More so for the window next to the door. "Real" safes are much more difficult to breach and much more expensive. What we buy at hardware stores and gun shops are technically "Residential Security Cabinets."
  5. One of my "just for fun" builds: Just because of this: This was a way to have a nice box in the living area for critter control (anything from rabid 'coon up to bear) at my mountain cabin. Most folks should just buy the box from the above link.
  6. My shipment arrived yesterday. Midway site now shows "unavailable."
  7. John Kloehr


    You probably took the wrong turn when you wrote "'r'evolver" instead of "'p'istol." I forgive you, lest I not be forgiven for a similar typo.
  8. John Kloehr


    Looking at the miss flowchart... And considering choice 2. Did the shooter hit all of the correct type of targets? No. Shooter was short one round due to bad gun. Assess Misses (1). Were the targets hit in the correct order except for any misses? Yes. No further call. Miss flowchart: https://www.sassnet.com/Downloads/RO/Miss Flow Chart.pdf
  9. Greenland wanted immigrants, Iceland did not. I recall once reading this as an explanation for the names.
  10. I adopted a rescue Husky/Golden mix (Goberian). Every now and then, he displayed a "dramatic' reaction to a stranger, but completely friendly to everyone else. After a while, I figured out he absolutely never liked any meth-head (bad teeth, bad skin, jittery twitches). For those who did not display those characteristics, I figured they were not completely gone yet but figured my boy smelled the meth.
  11. "Advice of Charge and Duration." Not Advise! English, not American. Having searched using the correct language, I second Alpo's finding.
  12. Just ordered 20 individual boxes. Estimated delivery on the 23rd. Big question now is will they ship...
  13. It has to be this way. Edge cases define the scope of rights. If the penalty is death, I recall an appeal is automatic. If it were not for due process, I would express other sentiments.
  14. Inane unrelated posts should easily get us to 4 pages. I am proud to contribute this small token of unrelatedness. What is up with the one-legged rooster?
  15. I may have just used up my free views. Here is a profile page for the article author: https://buffalonews.com/users/profile/rod watson/
  16. Two comments: 1) I silence or ignore unknown numbers as they come in. If the call is important, the caller will leave a voice mail. I can then add that number to my address book for the future. Sending unknown numbers directly to voice mail would be better, but this works as a practical matter. 2) Fake caller ID is built into the phone system(s). Originally for FAX machines to set the calling number on the header, it was not something the early developers thought of as something someone would fake for "bad" reasons. Call centers also use it for legitimate reasons, for instance to set the call from the number you (as a customer) originally dialed in on. Then there are scams and such like car warranties, where the called from number is not even related to the call center. The FCC/FTC/etc.have failed in the recent crackdown.
  17. I never asked for one when purchasing a firearm on this forum. My DL goes to my FFL.
  18. Wow! https://www.ammoland.com/2022/09/atf-pistol-brace-amnesty-registration-program/#axzz7dru8b87N
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