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  1. A bit off topic, but I do not know how contractors can build a house so fast. Every box of screws or nails I get fro the store has all of them mixed up together, so first I have to sort the entire box for the wall the go in to.
  2. That is part of what I have come across, not clearly confirmed from a reliable source. So pending confirmation, the director called for another take of a scene. Baldwin disagreed. He expressed his displeasure by picking up the firearm, pointing it at said individual, and pulling the trigger. Now I do understand those who do not know firearms safety rules would call that an accident. We in the firearms community understand our own stricter standard and classify this as a negligent discharge. I have read the movie standard for firearms handling, and the entire thing must have been written by those who do not understand firearms. The standard we use begins with the mantra to always treat every firearm as if it is loaded. The movie standard reassures everyone that no firearm is loaded unless it is absolutely confirmed to be loaded. And someone died because of this totally bass-ackwards view of firearm safety.
  3. Rules for live ammunition on set: https://www.csatf.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/02LIVE_AMMUNITION.pdf Many were obviously broken.
  4. 10/22 dammit! I've had a rough day. Not even going to go back and edit it.
  5. Not that it is humorous, but because this thread is read a lot on Fridays. Today is a Thursday, today is 10/19. Tomorrow is both a Friday and Ruger Day! Celebrate it.
  6. #2 (married on the way to the delivery room) is referred to as the man "making an honest woman of her." Please note the man doing this does not get the same benefit. It only removes any stigma from the mom and the child. The man still needs to "own" his prior actions for his lifetime. #3, while a good deed, is not as good as #2. But you left out another option. If the no-good dude won't own his actions, kick him to the curb as soon as possible.
  7. And by what shipping methods. Cholla needs to know. I need Cholla to know. I don't know. Thanks in advance.
  8. There were some available at retail online a couple months ago. Just looked on ammoseek and none found. You can add them to your wishlist at the MagTech site: https://www.ballisticproducts.com/MagTech-12ga-2-1_2-empty-brass-shotshells-for-reloading/productinfo/3921270/ The wishlist would be the first orders filled and might drive some demand for Magtech to fire up a production run. Until then, hopefully someone has a couple boxes to get you going.
  9. An Australian tour guide was showing a group of Americans tourist the top end. On their way to Kakadu, he was describing the abilities of the Aboriginae to track man or beast over land, through the air, under the sea. The Americans were incredulous. Then later that day, the tour rounded a bend in the road. Lying in the middle of the road an Aboriginal . He had one ear pressed to the white line whilst his left leg was held high in the air. The tour stopped and the guide and the tourists gathered around the prostate Aboriginae. Jacky, said the tour guide' what are you tracking and what are you listening for? The Aboriginae replies, down the road about 25 miles is a 1971 Valiant Ute. It's Red, the left front tyre is bald, the front end is out of whack, and it has dents in every panel. There are 9 black fellows in the back, all drinking warm Sherry. There are three kangaroos strapped to the roof and six dogs on the front seat. The American tourists move forward astounded by this prescise and detailed knowledge. 'Goddammit man, how do you know all that?? Asked one. The Aboriginae replies, I fell out of the bloody thing about a half an hour ago.
  10. I will take the dice cup and derringer kit. When you get home, let me know shipping cost. I think you are correct with Tennessee but will wait for your doublecheck. If FFL is needed, I will PM details as needed. My shipping address will be in your PM shortly. Enjoy your trip. Please reply to my PM with your desired payment options as you have time.
  11. Can you ship when you get home? I want the dice cup with dice. Also interested in the derringer kit, does it require FFL? What caliber is it?
  12. Per the rules, it does say "other people." So you are good! But if you do manage to shoot yourself, you will be somewhere in the range of DNF to MDQ. I think this maybe could be called the Darwin Rule. Don't sweep yourself either, OK? Orchestrated optimized transitions are fun to watch and do.
  13. Please take the other discussion to a new thread. Yes Yes Yes No, already answered as engaged. Been thinking about this. Need to still think overnight. I do see something, but think it is already eliminated in the circumstances; it is caused by those same circumstances, but should not be. I might ask you by PM rather than in this thread.
  14. More shortcuts: https://www.google.com/advanced_search All of them can be typed in the search bar, but this page makes it all pointy-clicky. You can also use google search as a calculator. To get unit conversions. Track packages (it recognizes tracking numbers from the major shippers), and more. I always search forums from a search engine, none of the forums have decent search functions built in to them.
  15. I think if there is a sequence and the round count is exact, then move to the next target. But if the round count is for example 4+, then the miss needs to be made up on the next shot.
  16. Agree. Sometimes God smiles on someone. And the score should reflect that result.
  17. And having proposed that rule... And thought about it for a few seconds... 4 targets, one shooting position, no order specified. Number 1 is already down. Shooter engages #1, #2 falls. Shooter engages #2, #3 falls. Shooter engages #3, #4 falls. Shooter engages #4 (where it was, or that-a-way) 4 shots, 4 down. Assume my "new" rule was adopted by the ROC. Recall a prop failure can not result in shooter penalty. Clean? I just figured out writing rules is not easy. Not even one that should exactly solve a particular question.
  18. Lets see if I can ask this question in an easier way... 4 targets, but one is down. Stage instructions call out no order or different firing location for any of the targets. It can go one of 3 ways: A: Shooter throws a round that-a-way for the down target. Then successfully engages the other 3. 4 down, 4 shots fired. B: Shooter successfully engages the 3 up targets, then throws one more that-a-way for the down target. 4 down, 4 shots fired. C: Shooter engages the 3 up targets, but one of them (for whatever reason) is still up after 3 shots. Shooter engages that target and knocks it down. Still 4 shots fired, 4 targets down. Under C, is the shooter getting a free pass? That seems to be what I am reading as the concern. If so, would a rule along the lines of "In the event a SG KD target is down prior to shooter engagement, it shall be engaged by shooting where it was at the earliest opportunity allowed by the stage instructions."
  19. This was clearly stated in a quote from one the RO courses (quoted in the thread from 6 months ago. A shooter can not be penalized for a prop failure. So no P. No miss.
  20. To clarify my previous post, I am completely OK with a reshoot due to equipment failure, and I'm OK with "shoot where it was" which is sort of "that-a-way." I just can't see getting a shooter penalty (P or miss) as long as I "engage" the missing target.
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