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  1. Nothing to contribute to this discussion, mainly posting to subscribe and leave a note to myself why. I have not started reloading yet. But for minor contributions... No, your press will not blow up from static. It is difficult to ignite powder with electricity and even harder when it is graphited. That is the "g" in FFFg. Electric charges run on the surface and are conducted well, so there is not enough heat to ignite it. An electric charge tends to push the particles apart rather than create a path for ignition. Static... That can still be a factor, ground
  2. For clarity. No bars (no network available), no communication. But if you compose and send a text to someone and a signal does come available later, your phone might send it... but on iPhones, you have to retry manually once the text fails. If you do have signal, even if your phone bill has not been paid (or you find an abandoned phone, or whatever), calls to 911 will go through if you have network signal. You need network signal. Same for land lines. Bill not paid, no service contracts, as long as you have a dial tone, a 911 call will go through
  3. A pot-belly stove from Ace Hardware, a (typical) chimney install kit, fireproof flooring and backing, plus a half cord of wood... Maybe $1,500. The fire will run hot, then cold, require refilling every few hours, be somewhat smoky but will keep you alive. Substitute a Droulet stove, beuatiful backing and floor, run even heat on a reload for 12 hours, enjoy the romantic fire, but up your ante to about $10,000. But if the goal is to survive a night or two or three with no regard to romance, I can beat all of that with a wimpy contractor-grade generator, a 150
  4. Nice! Wrong caliber for me and an inch too small for me (rare on this forum). But that is nice!
  5. Yet another case of why we need a boo/hiss button on this forum. Sometimes the "haha" emoji is not quite right.
  6. Every two hours or if it gets damp. N95 or panty hose, change it every two hours or if it gets damp. That is the sign which should be posted. The county sent me a mask as part of the awareness campaign. One mask. Several months ago. I wore it when I went to my annual doc appointment, it was good for the two hours.
  7. But the day after that is Thursday, and that is getting closer to Friday. At least this did not start with Sunday, that would add yet another day.
  8. Timing does matter. I wanted a Mossberg JM 930 Pro for 3-gun, it would be a serious upgrade to my Maverick 88! Did not have the gold, then CoViD happened and none were to be found. Well, GunBroker had them but I just am not going to pay the amounts they were going for. By accident, I learned a 940 had come out. $400 over MSRP for the few examples on GunBroker, $700 over the street price before CoViD. Not gonna do it. But now I wanted a 940 instead of a 930. Was at a local store about a month ago, was talking to the pusher -- I mean sales rep -- a
  9. Studying the tracks, I see a more complicated story... I see a set of tire tracks. I see the puddle. I see footprints. No idea from the footprints if there was a romance or a bromance, but it ended when the footprints reached the first tire tracks.
  10. Bandsaw or sawzall with large-tooth blades. Chainsaw teeth makes a good reference for tooth spacing. So use a chainsaw. Sharp chainsaw blade. Collect and melt the shavings. You want blades with large gullets or they will fill up and slow cutting or even get hot.
  11. I have a Girl Scout Cookie habit... When confronted with a table, I always buy a box for the troops. Have not gained an ounce yet. Sucks that the troops might be getting shorted on quantity, but I'll still do it.
  12. Looking deeper, I agree. My quotes were for existing rules before the changes. I don't know how you keep all of this in your head (changes versus existing), I'm still trying to catch up to the point the rules are at. I did take a look in part because the manufacturer of my 1873 (Winchester, but actually Miroku), documents in the manual of arms storing the rifle at partial cock. I have no issue with having the hammer down on an empty chamber in competition. As I read the rule change per your post, I get a free pass (no call) if I have my Winchester/Miroku at
  13. Looked it up, this case was about legal (attorney) fees. The state has a consumer protection law which allows collection of legal fees in addition to damages for work which was billed and not performed. If the work was performed, but performed negligently, then damages still apply but legal fees are not part of the law in that scenario. That is what the appeals court found... The work was performed, with a notation the work was not properly performed. So the law allowing collection of legal fees did not apply. Actual damages do still apply. In no
  14. Tennessee: From: https://www.tn.gov/twra/license-sales/hunting-licenses.html Bill may just be along for company, but it may be a hard sell to a warden given the wording here. If he helps carry any gear or haul out your trophy, he is assisting you. To be legal here, he would have to be useless.
  15. They seem to still have them: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1657554245 $1.40 per shell for a box of 25. So a 40% premium compared to a year ago just before the supply dried up. A case of 250 shells is limit 1, but I put 25 small boxes in the cart just as a test and there was no complaint from the web site.
  16. They go quick now at the local gun shows Lots of folks seem to finally recovering their investments. But yes, I agree. Commemoratives hurt value in most cases.
  17. There are posts related to "Not For Resale" primers in the wild dating back to 2011. In that case, it seemed to be CCI unplated primers. As far as I could determine, the sales then were not strictly illegal but the packages did not contain the consumer safety leaflets that would be in retail packages. Those primers were intended for ammo manufacturers and someone found selling them could end up losing the ability to be a distributor or purchaser of them. OTOH, there was a rumor I found from back then that they were from a bulk auction purchase of an ammo remanufactures
  18. I was going to try IWB for my Sig P938, but it is no longer in my carry stable. Everything else in the stable is too big for IWB. I carry OWB 3 O'clock, unless I am rocking my custom leather shoulder rig. I do prefer leather, and prefer custom rigs over off-the-shelf. But the cost... Good leather is at least 5 times and can be 10 times the cost of Kydex. For Kydex, I consider Blackhawk the "gold standard" for a real working durable budget level-2 retention holster. Since I am a klutz and somewhat active, level-2 or thumb-break is an absolute requirement for any firearm
  19. Just when I thought it was over...
  20. Can't think of any I ate then that I still eat today. But back then, Pop Tarts on Saturday mornings and Dinty Moore Stew when I could get it. But neither are the same now as they were then. Coca Cola is not the same either, it changed. Have not had a Big Mac in decades but still miss them. But they are not the same either. The fries changed too.
  21. Following this thread since I also want one. While phone/laptop sync would be nice, I would take as a base reference for a working shot timer... Those blue ones that seem to be used at almost every competition. Good loud beep, registers the shots, and big easy to read numbers. Who makes those and what models are clubs using? I gave up on phone apps, the microphone on the phones just don't reliably register my shots (and then sometimes register shots from the next bay) and the beep from a phone speaker is simply not as loud as what a real shot timer emits.
  22. I suggested it as an alternative response to Genesis 3:10. I'm not one to honor uninvited guests poking into my business.
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