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  1. 6.0 Gr. with a Bear Creek 185 Gr. RNFP. Work great in my NMVs and Uberti '73 Short Rifle.
  2. Rugged Gear also sells them in sets of three. Really nice quality.
  3. I haven't had any stovepipes or other malfunctions and clean the thing after every match. Not a complete tear down mind you, but a basic cleaning including soaking the bolt/extractor with Hoppes then rinsing with Gun Scrubber. I'm guessing this just may have not been properly heat treated at the factory. Hopefully, the C&I will provide many rounds of service. KCM
  4. Hells Comin, I'm using Starline brass and have been since this rifle was new. Springfield Slim, The extractor moves freely up and down. The down is being handled by gravity rather than any spring action. KCM
  5. Probably between 2,000-3,000 I'd say. Purchased the rifle new in April 2019. I've been shooting two matches a month since, as well as a regional, state match and Bordertown. It's been box stock until last weekend.
  6. I just ordered the C&I extractor. Looks like I'll be shooting the '92 this weekend...
  7. Thank you for the replies. I hadn't thought about the pin being bent. It's functional at the moment, but clearly needs some attention. I'll pull the bolt and remove the extractor to see if the pin is bent. KCM
  8. Hello All, I have a Uberti 1873 Short Rifle which I've been shooting for eighteen months or so. Guessing there's two thousand rounds down the pipe at this point. I have been shooting the rifle box stock until this past weekend at which time I installed the full range of PGW parts - super short stroke kit, coil mainspring conversion, lightened firing pin extension, firing pin/spring, lever/lifter springs and lightened carrier. So all went well and the rifle seems to be timed correctly. I ran fifty rounds through the gun and it functioned smooth and flawlessly. However, Ejection seemed to be inconsistent. Definitely less aggressive than prior to the work. There was a pile of brass behind me and numerous shells around my feet. Some cases were hitting me in the left shoulder or ear. So, I took a look at the extractor and there is definite free play. See the attached video. Is the extractor just worn and this issue is not related to the recent work? Thanks! KCM Extractor.MOV
  9. Pioneer Gun Works also offers a complete front sight to work with the standard rear.
  10. I have backups as well and usually take them to matches. I have three identical Ruger NMV pistols. For my main match rifle, I use a Uberti '73, but recently picked up a Cimarron/Chiappa '92. For SG, I've been using 50/50 a slicked Stoeger and TOZ 66 (hammered). So, while my pistols are all the same, I do have options for rifle and SG that allow other categories as well. I figured it would be good to have options.
  11. I too have a TOZ66. Great hammered gun once you have the tank like hammer springs lightened. I honed and polished the chambers and it runs great. These Russian built guns seem built to run forever.
  12. +1 on the RNFP bullet shape for your Rossi. You'll find parts and expertise at Steve's Gunz - http://store.stevesgunz.com/.
  13. I'm surprised more people have not done any work to the chunky Stoeger stocks. Seems there a plenty in service and most CAS shooters are pretty handly.
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