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  1. Some carriers have issues with 'lost packages' when it's known that firearms are contained within. The less time they're in the system, the less time there is for anything nefarious to occur. In my experience, most carriers recommend that you ship any firearm on an expedited service.
  2. I've used UPS and FedEx for both handguns and long guns. I would opt for 2nd Day Air service and insure for replacement cost of the firearm, not what you paid for it.
  3. I just had the ejector assembly on one of my NMV depart on the second stage of a monthly match. Fortunately, the spotters found all of the parts including the screw and I was able to put it back together before the next stage. Both main match pistols and my back up have been treated to a little blue thread locker.
  4. Understood. I figured the bluing would wear, but with the same round count in both pistols, it's just strange that one is considerably more worn than the other. As I said, both function perfectly well, so my initial thought was to run them until they don't run.
  5. My question is mostly prompted by what I think is unusual wear of the finish on one of the pins for one of my match guns. I have two blued 512 series NMV which I've been shooting for a little more than two years. There are probably 1000-1500 rounds through each pistol, but one pin is almost devoid of any factory bluing. Both guns function perfectly and shoot identical. I don't pick one or the other to be holstered right vs. left. I'm not sure if it's the bluing, pin, cylinder, or what, so I was considering aftermarket pins for both.
  6. Just a simple question pards. It's not clear in the Shooters Handbook, but is replacement of the standard Ruger base pins with an aftermarket unit like Power Customs allowed? Thanks! KCM
  7. I've been running a Stoeger single trigger for two years and have a ton of shells though it (1,000 or more?). I have not had one issue with this gun and I have never "doubled" with this gun. I did hone the chambers, installed a larger bead, and cut the lever spring and I must say, it's fast, balanced and shucks Winchester AA and Remington STS shells with ease. BTW, the Stoeger is does not have inertia set trigger. Fore the money, it's hard to beat. KCM
  8. ***SOLD*** is a like new Beretta APX full size 9mm. This piece has less than 500 rounds down the pipe. Has Trijicon night sights and black non-finger groove frame kit installed. Also includes factory Beretta upgraded striker, recoil assembly, threaded barrel, holster, black finger groove frame kit, FDE finger groove frame kit, Grey finger groove frame kit, (8) factory 17 round mags (which can be transferred to out of CA or LE buyer unless blocks are provided at transfer), (6) 10 round mags, and factory box, accessories and paperwork. Streamlight TLR7 pictured has been sold and is not included.
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