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  1. Looking to sell a pair of Remington 1890 Police models in .45 Colt. One is produced by EMF and the second is Uberti. The EMF is in great shape with little holster wear and the Uberti is like new. Both have lightened factory main springs. I will also include a pair of VTI main springs as well as a new set of factory main springs so you can tune them as you like. Both shoot fantastic and are very fast and accurate. The only possible trades I would be interested in would be a tuned, blued Ruger NMV 5.5" with SBH hammer in .45 Colt or a CZ Hammered coach gun. Looking to get $850 for the pair shipped. Please feel free to PM or email me at ashleysangster@gmail.com. Thanks for looking! KCM
  2. I've tried the VTI mainsprings in my 1890s, but had better results with a smith lightening the factory springs.
  3. I agree. I've had twenty or so 1911s over the years and have run FLGR in some only to find they made no difference except to make disassembly more difficult. I'm currently running a custom Kimber Custom (I know...funny) and a Springfield MC Operator. Both have had a FLGR at one time or another, but both are standard spring and plug now and 100% reliable. The Kimber has chewed through 20k plus rounds without choking on anything.
  4. I’m interested. Can you contact me to discuss details? ashleysangster@gmail.com Thank you! Kansas City Munny
  5. I have a Central Arms Co. 3012 which if my research is correct, is a Stevens model 215. Best I can tell, mine was produced in 1919. Your 250 looks similar in time period as the stock and fore end are nearly identical to mine.
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