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  1. I've been shooting a single trigger for two years at two matches a month, plus annual regional matches and Bordertown and have had zero problems with mine. KCM
  2. Recent Uberti '73 Short RIfle (20" octagonal barrel) with full PGW ultra short stroke.
  3. I had a friend that had two Wilsons. A Protector and CQB. The CQB was not as accurate as it should have been (4+ inch groups at 15 yards). Three 1911 shooters tried this piece all with the same results. While at the range, the Protector locked up with a live round in the chamber and no amount of effort could get the piece unlocked. Disassembly required very careful attention to muzzle discipline obviously and wasn't easy. I've also seen some that have run just fine. For my money, I would buy a Les Baer. If it doesn't need to be 'custom', I would go with a Kimber first, Springfield
  4. I’d love to hear a report from someone that’s handled or shot the Iver Johnson. KCM
  5. I recently saw information on the Iver Johnson Coach Gun and was wondering what people think of it for this game. It looks nice, but does it work? I'm currently shooting a Stoeger and TOZ-66. Put down your sarsaparilla and let me know what you think pardners.
  6. I shoot a Stoeger and TOZ-66. I have honed and polished the chambers of both. I've found that STS hulls shuck cleanly out of both, but AAs don't always. I bought a checker from Coyote Carson here in CA and found that all new boxes of AAs have 5-10 that don't fall free from the checker, so use the other end of the tool to work the ends a bit. Problem solved.
  7. 6.0 Gr. with a Bear Creek 185 Gr. RNFP. Work great in my NMVs and Uberti '73 Short Rifle.
  8. Rugged Gear also sells them in sets of three. Really nice quality.
  9. I haven't had any stovepipes or other malfunctions and clean the thing after every match. Not a complete tear down mind you, but a basic cleaning including soaking the bolt/extractor with Hoppes then rinsing with Gun Scrubber. I'm guessing this just may have not been properly heat treated at the factory. Hopefully, the C&I will provide many rounds of service. KCM
  10. Hells Comin, I'm using Starline brass and have been since this rifle was new. Springfield Slim, The extractor moves freely up and down. The down is being handled by gravity rather than any spring action. KCM
  11. Probably between 2,000-3,000 I'd say. Purchased the rifle new in April 2019. I've been shooting two matches a month since, as well as a regional, state match and Bordertown. It's been box stock until last weekend.
  12. I just ordered the C&I extractor. Looks like I'll be shooting the '92 this weekend...
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