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  1. I too have been setting up to try my hand at Classic Cowboy. While I was on the hunt for a hammered coach gun, I found a TOZ 66 (Russian Tula built) external hammered coach gun. It's modeled of the 1878, has true external hammers and is built like a tank. It is stout, but it's much lighter and handier than the Cimarron. I got a deal on this gun as it was in the "used" rack (these were manufactured from 1966-73), but if you can find one (Gunbroker?), I would highly recommend adding one to your cache. The cylinders will need to be honed and polished and the hammer springs feel like they came from a T-34 tank, so need to be lightened for CAS. I honed and polished the chambers and had the springs lightened by a local smith. I'm faster with this 'Street Howitzer' than I am with my Stoeger. Oh, and since the furniture is varnished birch, I refinished all the wood in a walnut oiled finish and I'm pretty pleased with the looks too. I'm all in on this piece much less than I would have spent on a Cimarron or or CZ and could not be happier.
  2. Welcome! I'm sure we'll run into each other at CVR or PRVC.
  3. I started with a pair of New Vaqueros in .45 Colt and shot them reasonably well. Built like a tank for sure. I tuned them with SBH hammers and Wolf springs and they're great. Then I received an EMF 1890 Police (Remington replica) in a trade deal, so thought I should get another to have a back up pair to my Rugers. The EMF is i bit older, but I found an older Cimarron model to go with the EMF. The mainsprings on both have been lightened, but are otherwise out of the box stock. I shoot these faster with fewer misses than my Rugers. The y feel better in my hands and point more naturally. I score a few 'cool' points at matches as well since they're not your typical SAA clones. As everyone else said, if you can shoot a number of different makes and models, go for it. It should be pretty obvious what works for you.
  4. I had the same experience although with a valid CA DL which is not a REAL ID, but also does not state "Federal Limits Apply". The REAL ID is not required until 2020, but the big box store in question would not accept my current DL and would not sell me shotgun shells for my next match. I've since bought bulk from a local gun shop that knows and plays by the laws, ridiculous as they are, and I passed the background check and made my purchase without issue. I've lived here all of my life, but am looking for a way out...
  5. Hmmm...Not sure if he had difficulty with the toggles, coil spring conversion or what, but he's installed short stroke kits on both straight and pistol grip stoked '73s and said the straight was simple fitting and timing where as the curved pistol grip model needed much more additional work to fit. I'll see if I can get specific details and post.
  6. If you plan to modify it later, go straight. My understanding from another SASS shooter is that short stroke kits and such don't play well with the pistol grip stocks.
  7. I too have honed and polished the chambers in all of my SXS shotguns. I shoot Winchester AA and do not put anything on the shells and do not mop, lube or otherwise mess with my shotgun between stages. Shells shuck easily with 99% reliability.
  8. I have a Stoeger Coach gun and shoot Winchester AAs. I did hone and polish the chambers and do not lube the chambers or shells prior to or at any time during a match, but they shuck just fine. I have not tried Estate or STS, but will at some point to see how they work in my SG.
  9. I started with a pair of Vaqueros and Uberti '73 in .45 LC and am really happy with them. Also opens the door to other categories that require larger caliber such as Classic Cowboy. I have a friend who also shoots .45 LC, so we get together to load ammo regularly.
  10. I too use Winchester AA LTL in my Stoeger and have about 99% clean shucking. I have honed and polished mine however.
  11. Quite a varied response to cutting barrels. Since I have the Stoeger and TOZ 66, I'll shoot the Central Arms Co. before I take any other action. I agree, the distances we shoot will not make much difference if the barrels are shortened. Step one will be to have it inspected. I'll see if the forcing cones need to be modified for modern 2-3/4" shells at the same time. Then shoot it. I may like it as is. If not, I'll seriously consider the barrel length.
  12. I just picked up a 20" barreled TOZ 66 hammered coach gun, so I may shot this thing as is with 30" barrels. Still needs to be looked over by a smith and then I'll run some hot stuff through her.
  13. Hmmm...Hadn't thought about pulling them from a belt and actually loading them. Probably worth a try anyway. I'll see if there's a source in CA for the Kent 2.5" shells as well.
  14. UPDATE - I had a shop measure the chambers with a chamber gauge and they measure just over 2-3/4". The smith was confident that the Winchester AA Light Target loads I'm normally shooting will work just fine in this piece. Again, not sure about the forcing cones as this was just a quick look over and chamber measurement while chatting with the shop guys. Another idea is to shoot it with the Aguila Mini Shot Shells. They're 1-3/4" long, and are readily available in lead # 7-1/2, 8 and 9 shot. Does anyone shoot these in CAS? Will they actually knock down a knock-down target? Any thoughts?
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