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  1. You think they are heavier than the TTN?I found one but I have not had it in my hands.
  2. Any one know anything about the hammered double made by Pioneer ARMS.I think it is made in Polland.It really looks nice.
  3. Can't use a 16" barrel.Thanks anyway.There are two 16" on a auction site that I go to.
  4. Thanks Capt.I don't like the new models.the R92 has side plates.
  5. Looking for a rossi model 92 with a 20" or 24" barrel in 357 cal.No action work is great.Blue or SS.
  6. I have some stuff.I will put it together and take a picture.

  7. Any one have a rossi 44-40 they want to get out of their safe?I bought one from Slick and few years ago and had Johnny Meadows work on it.When out church action came around I had nothing to put in it but my 44-40.I was going to buy it back but it when for way more than I could pay.I am going to find me one more some day.Just putting feelers out.
  8. I am changing grip frames on my 45 rugers from bird heads to plow handle.Do I have to change anything but the grip frames?
  9. I just looked at the 9mm from Cimarrons.Billy sent me a link.Those 155 gr 45s sure or funny looking Colorado but shoot fine.Pit Bull
  10. That white one is my size.Wish I had the gold Johnny.Bump for my pard.
  11. Thanks. OK. I went to their site. Cimarron don't list a 9mm.That is were I get my 38s and 45s
  12. Does anyone on here sell 9mm bullets?
  13. Where would I get a good schematic of the TTN?


    1. Colorado Coffinmaker

      Colorado Coffinmaker

      Pit Bull,


      I have never seen a schematic of the TTN.  Good or Bad.  I have seen a picture of the various parts laid out but no schematic.

  14. Happy,were you looking for a 66 in 38cal?I have one that Boomstick did for me.It was not new when he did the 3 rd gen SS on it..


    1. Happy Appy

      Happy Appy

      Tex could u get some pic of the gun?  Would u be interested in a trade?

  15. How much for the grip frames?


  16. You sell the 45-70?


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    2. Jeb Stuart #65654

      Jeb Stuart #65654

      I believe I had it posted for $1175 and I'll pay the shipping to your FFL.


    3. Pit Bull Tex

      Pit Bull Tex

      Thank you.Just looking.Thanks again.


    4. Jeb Stuart #65654
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