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  1. Wish I could buy itIt would be in my den.So pretty.
  2. I will take them the way they are.No tax and no shipping.Thanks Mr.Drifter
  3. I think this is what he has.In 45 colt and in cowboys.They will not feed in my colt auto.These are 155gr.
  4. Don't know why this is not sold.I have one in .410 ga and.20ga. and 12ga. good luck with the sale.
  5. Modle IZH-43E-IC.26 1/2" barrels,14" LOP.Screw in chokes Left barrel is Skeet.Right Barrel is Improved Modified.The chokes are Colonial Choke Inc. the left is a TSSK1 and the Right is a TS1MC.It is stock, It looked and feel new but I don't know is it has been shot.The single triggers are getting hard to find and I was going to make a cowboy gun out of it as a back up but changed my mind.$675.00.
  6. PM me where to send the $45.00.Will you take a check?
  7. What kind are they?Pictures of hulls and the primers.
  8. Crosscut I have a lot you can have.You just have to come and get them.
  9. Keep it up just in case someone may find some.
  10. Anyone have any they did not need or like.
  11. You can make two parts and prime the brass shell on your mec loader.The dark ones are the stock parts and the shiny ones are the ones I made.You use the same spring.
  12. If I find any more SKBs or Baikals I will sure save them for you.Thanks Johnny.
  13. I run a 1/16" drill bit through them.Some are a little smaller than others.Some the 1 /16" goes right through them.
  14. The large mag. pistol primer work.I like the shotgun primers better but the large pistol mag primers work.I reprime them on my mic grabber.I made two parts that let me put the large pistol primers in the hulls.
  15. 17 gr. of Clays.Took me a long time to get them to shoot The nitro cards and the fiber wads and the over shot cards, .
  16. Thought I would try just brass and see how in work out.I have five boxes of the ones that use large pistol primers and two boxes that use the shot gun primers.They clean up easy and they load easy.Use the same load in both kind but add a little more fiber wad in the long ones.
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