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  1. Wish I had what you wanted.Love the rolling blocks.
  2. I think they are Berdan primed.I got them to collect but I don't know why.I am not a collector and never have been.I just saw them I thought I need them.But I don't.
  3. I don't know if I can ship these or not.Can someone tell me?Picture of primers
  4. Oregonian,How much you want for the 20 ga.PM me.
  5. If you want something don't ask about it just say I will take it.Late again.All is good.
  6. Pit Bull Tex


    Cheyenne that makes them cooler in the summer.
  7. Pit Bull Tex


    The brand is DUBLIN.They are water proof they say.I bought the ladies because they were the only ones that were narrows.They are 11 ladies which fits me and I ware a 9 mens.They are a little taller than I would have liked but I am 5'7" and a lady that ware a 11 is most likely over 6'.They feel really nice on my feet.I went to the DUBLIN site and all they have is ladies.
  8. Pit Bull Tex


    Would these boot be legal?
  9. I will take is per our PMs. Buffalowinter.
  10. I would love to have this almost as bad as the .410 I got from you. Wish I had a Cold Cobra maybe we could work a trade.Good luck with the sale.
  11. Had to sell my cap guns.Had a pair of Uberti 1858 SS with 5 1/2" barrel and 10 more cylinders.Had to sell them and some more gun because of the Harvey flood.Sold all of the ones that I liked the best because they were the fastest sellers.Don't have any cap guns.sold my 58s,SKB and ruger 32s my 73.and my 66.Have not shot in a year and half. hope to get started again when it warms up.Had a knee replacement. Pit Bull
  12. If I had the gold it would set in my den.Love the carts Yul makes.
  13. Did I miss something.This one is new and I did not see any scratches.Maybe my eyes are bad.
  14. Will get it in the mail today or tomorrow Smoky Pistols.
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