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  1. Wife just fueled the '16 Soul this A.M., paid $2.39/gal. With her driving, it's averaging 26 mpg all around driving( mostly in town). The '12 is slightly higher than that with me driving, close to 28mpg for mostly in town/around the park. ' 16 has the 2.0 engine, the '12 has 1.6. Both are 6 speed autos. We had gotten close to $ 2.80/gal a few weeks ago.
  2. Saw one this morning on the porch of one of the new homes here. With the legs, about the diameter of a half-dollar. Just stompped my foot on the porch and it dove for cover
  3. Second post, I like Joe's suggestion on color scheme. Think it would look right nice
  4. Raylan, that one looks like somebody just took everyone else's left overs and put it on
  5. I carry a leatherman multi-tool daily in a hip holster. Have carried one of them for years starting when I got back onto forklifts. Came in real handy opening boxes or breaking them down or when I needed a quick screw driver to tighten something. Only kick I have about them is they don't hold an edge very well
  6. Had an ithaca mod. 66 lever break single shot in .410. Kicked like a mule compared to the 20 ga and 12 ga I've had since then
  7. It's good to see you on here, Shorty. always enjoyed your posts on any subject. come back when you can
  8. Same as Rye. Can't remember when I last even had a beer. been even longer for the hard stuff
  9. I have to agree with Hardpan. loud engine noises will stand the hair on the back of my neck straight up. another is a loud clang coming from under the mower deck here.Dang rocks
  10. I read an awful lot of the Executioner books at one time
  11. From the description of the armament, they were using an M-3 Grant
  12. Amazing how that works,UB Myself, learned to drive on a '62 Ford Fairlane 500, 170 C.I. six, three on the tree. Then after Mom had a cow about it, took driving lessons in a '64 Ford Galaxie XL with a 390, three on the tree. talk about a difference in ponies available!
  13. Stouffers makes a dynamite lasagna, almost as good as my home made
  14. It was definitely hard to pick out of the background at first
  15. That Dr. Pepper commercial guy is a knock off of Steven Tyler from Aerosmith
  16. Once they got the body shape right, they just buried Enzo with cubic inches. Used nascar's experience in making big blocks last for 500 miles running flat out turning left
  17. Prayers up, Doc. It's sort of unusual to have a really good relationship with a MIL. Cherish it while you've still got her to tell
  18. CGI on the SBD's has one mistake. Tail guns weren't duals, they were single .30's.
  19. Them things was really good,Rye. They got me hooked on chips when I was a young'un
  20. Maybe you'd be better off staying inside with a cold one, Alpo
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