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  1. At work, we had a Group Leader named Donald Duck. Hearing that over the paging system was kinda weird
  2. Couple summers ago we had a bad storm come through. out at the front of the park are some REALLY big oaks in front and beside a couple older homes. the one had a double trunk and one of them busted off. it was approx. 16" in diameter. that half landed between both homes damaging just a small part of the one home's carport and putting a dent in the car's fender.They were lucky, that could've been real bad. Clean up took a while as there was a lot of tree to get rid of
  3. Ate mine last night. neighbor makes really good ones
  4. Sounds good,Rye. not sure what we're having, got invited to oldest son's camp site and won't know what's on the menu until we get there
  5. I had to look twice at the drawing J-Bar posted, before it dawned on me
  6. If she gets too tired, she could probably ride it
  7. Reminds me of my associates father, a dedicated scrapper. he doesn't overload that bad though
  8. Seeing how that went up makes me wonder and hope that the club house/barn here never catches fire. It's 160+ years old and the beams and uprights are hand hewn and most likely extremely dried out. probably wouldn't last long
  9. 40, you have a host of friends!. Some interesting suggestions there along with the fal-der-all
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