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  1. Mud Marine, Those 106 recoiless will get you every time!. Mine was caused by a 150 PSI broken air line that I drove a cherry picker under with a mill wright to shut it off. he had protection, I didn't.
  2. Glad to hear from you,UB! prayers still ongoing
  3. My Mom used to cook it using a syrup made from brown sugar and whole cloves mixed in. tasted pretty good to a young lad, probably had to do with the sugar
  4. I'm on my second set. They're rechargeables. getting used to the ticking clock sounds familiar After recharge the auto reset to the fifth setting volume wise, i reduce it to the fourth. only complaint is some things sound too tinny. Also keeping your ears cleared of wax is good advice. with my allergies I tend to produce a lot of it. Have had to have several speakers replaced on my left one since I got them.
  5. I believe that pony has a 4 speed in it, not an 8 speed. Provided it's the original tranny. I know the clutch had gone out, that's when the previous owner's Dad had parked it
  6. We made it to midnight, then had some pork&kraut. Then crashed. Just stayed in and safe. Happy New year all
  7. Works with sausage,too. Squeak doesn't like to rise early, this morning was usual for him until Susie started some sausage patties and eggs. He was up right quick
  8. BGQ, Glad you survived your off road excursion. You had an angel on your shoulder this time
  9. My wife, a piccolo player, isn't overly thrilled with it. Out of all the times we've been in bands that have done it, she's only had to do the Grandioso once solo, and wasn't too happy about it. She did get a round of applause, but would've rather not had to have played it. Listening to a good rendition of it does bring tears to my old myopic eyes
  10. He may have to make sure that he's got Rudolph hitched up, it's quite foggy here
  11. Might have had a few adult beverages involved in this one
  12. That's really amazing considering those are all dachsy's. Usually that would be a free for all
  13. Wife has gotten most of her orders so far, but they were done end of Oct./early Nov.. The one showed up today, and it was ordered quite a while ago
  14. 9 here this morning at reville Boss took pity on my old bones and sent me home after 2 hours
  15. We've had to mow wet a lot this season. Was pretty rough on the blades. Of course, we had the empty lots to do in the undeveloped areas, rough, rough, rough
  16. The Counselor was on NCIS a few years back. Her horizons have expanded over the years
  17. Squeak is a grumpy 15 yrs, Sasha is 10 and way over weight( blew up like a blimp after getting spayed), Chloe is 4 and still a play girl.
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