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  1. Just thought I’d mention starline has just put the short version of 38-55 brass up for taking orders,I sure hope they follow suit with the long brass!
  2. Got ahold of Cheryl at MVA she got me all fixed up so never mind,such a great helpful gal AA+ company
  3. Long shot but looking for a mva #108 and base for Marlin 336 CB anyone have one or at least the base for a 336? Thanks
  4. Thanks Bill it is late but I replied to your pm
  5. Turquoise Bill I would gladly buy 50 if that’s ok?No need to be greedy I appreciate it very much that would get me started until starline makes a batch,let me know where to send funds? Anything you need I could help you with? Thanks
  6. I know it’s a long shot but I just picked up a Marlin CB in 38-55 and am looking to buy some of the long star line brass for it,if anyone could sell me some I would greatly appreciate it and thank you
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