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  1. How there's a name I haven't heard in a coons age!!!!!! Howdy Hoss.... Faygo (that will be at the State shoot)Kid
  2. Happy Birthday Marty hope you had a Great day...you're there with Eleanor, Riverview, Mama V. and myself all in the last week. Take Care........Faygo
  3. Everyone know it's called FREESTYLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Faygo said so.........
  4. He welcomed me with open arms years ago the first time I went to the Outlaw Camp. Will miss him Greatly.. Prayers to Red and the family.... Faygo Kid and Eleanor Jewel
  5. Yes it is a Great range to shoot at. I try to shoot there every time I'm in Drasco(about twice a year) Faygo(that'll be down in Feb.)Kid
  6. Have a Merry Christmas and a Better New Year.... Faygo Kid and Eleanor Jewel
  7. Howdy Catlow

        Sounds like the weather is iffy at times and if it's that tight(we did that this year at Gunsmoke)not a problem backing in just to close. Going to check out the station. See ya in Feb.

    Take Care

  8. ​Happy Birthday SASS....Thank you to everyone that has made it so much fun for the past 18 years...... Faygo Kid and Eleanor Jewel
  9. Hey Rye....I got some OOOOOLD unique. You load up some cartridges with that and your pards might thing you went back to being a Soot Lord...LOL Faygo(that'll see ya in the spring)Kid
  10. Powder Valley had them listed yesterday......
  11. ​Howdy Ya'll Mr. Top...You have been after Eleanor and I come down for several years now....and.......guess what....Eleanor wanted to go to Back at Ya......so it just happens to be on the way to Texas....Let the Furrie One know that Eleanor and Faygo are plannin' on being there. And I'm bringing my Rope........LOL.........See you in Sept..........Take Care........Faygo
  12. If you ever go to Sparta,IL. that's what you got to show them to buy ammo at Walmart. That's if you're from out of state....Anyway that's what they asked for a couple years ago....... Faygo
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