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  1. I was just thinking about him....Eleanor and I vended along side him many times and he had given us his special posse badges that I ran into the other day. A lot of good times just sitting and talking...Prayers for his wife and family....RIP Just Wild Bill Faygo and Eleanor
  2. Prayers for you and Ellie... Faygo and Eleanor
  3. Congrats...Sage Chick....Hard work always pays off.... Faygo and Eleanor
  4. Aren't they Great....Hi Wilbur and Rose...Faygo
  5. Howdy Doc...me me....tell Pinky hi......Faygo
  6. Howdy Kid I handled C D's Lassiter did at Fire n Ice last year n they seem right nice. See ya in the summer.... Faygo
  7. Howdy Dee...I have 4- 8' LEDs that light up the room and use flexable lights on all the benches to light up the area that I'm working in. Works for me....see ya soon Faygo Kid
  8. Howdy Catlow

        Sounds like the weather is iffy at times and if it's that tight(we did that this year at Gunsmoke)not a problem backing in just to close. Going to check out the station. See ya in Feb.

    Take Care

  9. ​Happy Birthday SASS....Thank you to everyone that has made it so much fun for the past 18 years...... Faygo Kid and Eleanor Jewel
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