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  1. Howdy Kid I handled C D's Lassiter did at Fire n Ice last year n they seem right nice. See ya in the summer.... Faygo
  2. If you still have them at the Round Up in March I'll try them on...Faygo ...from MI right size..but like to try on before buying
  3. Howdy Dee...I have 4- 8' LEDs that light up the room and use flexable lights on all the benches to light up the area that I'm working in. Works for me....see ya soon Faygo Kid
  4. Just got this from his brother Tim on facebook. What a shock!! Great friend and Cowboy. Will be missed...Prayers to Jan/Annabell and to his whole family. RIP my friend Faygo Kid and Eleanor
  5. Howdy Max...Why don't you wear your Cochlear when shooting? I've had two for 9 years now and wear them for all my shooting. If I'm being a TO and I'm going to be in buildings where the noise is a little hard on the eardrums I just wear ear plugs. I was so happy when I got my first one, because I didn't need to be tapped anymore. If you have any questions pm me and we'll talk...lol...….Faygo
  6. J.J. going south on the 30th of Dec....got to see all them Doc before we leave...Happy Holidays...Faygo
  7. We shoot paper targets. We have 4 targets and are going to switch up the shooting order for the different stages. just shoot pistols and rifle..This is the first time so we'll see how it goes.
  8. Attica..Ya'll got more snow down there then we do up here in Hillman....by the way everyone can come to Hillman on Dec. 14th. We're going to CAS indoors... Happy Holidays to you and yours Faygo and Eleanor
  9. Howdy Catlow

        Sounds like the weather is iffy at times and if it's that tight(we did that this year at Gunsmoke)not a problem backing in just to close. Going to check out the station. See ya in Feb.

    Take Care

  10. If you have been to this shoot and stayed at a campground around Yuma I'd like to know which one and what you liked about it. If you haven't been there then please keep your two cents to your freakin' self...Thanks
  11. Well it was 10 degrees this morning around 7-8 with wind chill around 6. My son was in tree stand for about 2 hrs. came in and said nothing is moving including me. He did look a little stiff......lol Shoot Safe......Faygo
  12. Catlow…..you better turn it off until FEB....BURRRRRR!!!!!!!!
  13. Ya'll keep that fire going and send some of the heat up this way....right now it's 24 with a wind chill of 14 still above 0 in the great white north...LOL Have fun and be safe Faygo (that wants to head for AZ)Kid
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