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  1. Squeak is a grumpy 15 yrs, Sasha is 10 and way over weight( blew up like a blimp after getting spayed), Chloe is 4 and still a play girl.
  2. Better watch that one close, Seamus!
  3. i ended up chasing busted pieces of green styro board all over several streets this afternoon. Some sheets weren't secured and the wind took off with'em. They were at the construction project in the pool/club house area originally
  4. Three small ones here. Who needs a doorbell, we don't. Our Dachsy is over weight, she blew up after getting spayed. The min-pin chihuahua is old and basically toothless, and is a wuss anyway. Chloe is a lover girl, loud, but a lover. She's daddy's girl
  5. WoW!!!!!!!!! I was out of breath just listening to that. That was possibly the fastest tempo I've ever heard for that piece. The brass were probably double or triple tonguing at the beginning
  6. Trumpet would have to use a straight mute, a pixie mute, or possibly a harmon with the plunger in
  7. He's not overly thrilled, that tail's tucked pretty tight
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