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  1. The world will never see their like again
  2. Sounds like the story of our current newest four legged cutie. We had just lost a smooth dachsy unexpectedly and were hurting. Wife went the county pound following a tip on a dog coming in. When she got there, it hadn't came in. She happened to spot this little shaggy girl with one ear up and one down. She hadn't been there but one day, and was somewhat terrified at 7 months old. That look spoke to her and she took her in . She's a real sweetie play girl and turned out to be a Daddy's girl. She does have some faults, but is a good girl anyway
  3. Local communications were advising that several on/off ramps on 77 here were shut down last evening. Believe we had some sort of protest going on at the time. I know the Saturday one formed in the parking lot of my SIL's nursing home( very downtown). It's still in lock down so the residents were safe inside.
  4. Hope the blade holds an edge better than the older Leatherman's
  5. I was 5'9" out of high school, am now about 5' 6" or 5' 7" depending. Discs are compressing, I guess
  6. Yessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm on the wagon, coffee,please
  7. Step stool or a lift/elevator Not gonna laugh too hard as I've got my own problems getting into raised vehicles
  8. My Mom was originally from Moundsville, W.Va.. They were related to the Briggs clan. I had a Great Aunt that lived in Wheeling, we used to go there quite often when I was a wee lad
  9. I'm with Alpo on tail gates. Step on the low section, then the high section, one leg over( carefully), then the other leg. My hinged parts don't work like they used to, plus, the legs aren't as trustworthy/strong either anymore
  10. I have an appointment with my barber on Tuesday at 2:40 P.M.. First he could work me in........................FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Are you feeding it, Miz Mo? Rhodies need Mir-acid ,i believe.
  12. Had me going there for a moment
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