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  1. Prayers for a safe trip and fruitful outcome
  2. A success because it sank a vessel. I think the theory about the blast wave is a really plausible one. 16 feet plus is not far away enough from the explosion of that much BP aided by the compression of the water
  3. +1 on the CB's. I was in the later 40 channel era, along with 108" whip antenna's. Then i graduated to side band radios.
  4. My Mom used to do the same with the left over crust. as far as the rolls go, my neighbor makes some really good ones
  5. Thanks for the update, UB. More prayers going up
  6. Sorry to hear the nasty news. Prayers still ongoing
  7. They did call the coursair "Whistling Death". not sure about a soubriquet for the Lightning. All in all, I'd say this was a very "Bohemian" thread
  8. Thin Mints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They've come out with a new lemon cookie also. We had a dealer in the office this morning
  9. Mud Marine, Those 106 recoiless will get you every time!. Mine was caused by a 150 PSI broken air line that I drove a cherry picker under with a mill wright to shut it off. he had protection, I didn't.
  10. Glad to hear from you,UB! prayers still ongoing
  11. My Mom used to cook it using a syrup made from brown sugar and whole cloves mixed in. tasted pretty good to a young lad, probably had to do with the sugar
  12. I'm on my second set. They're rechargeables. getting used to the ticking clock sounds familiar After recharge the auto reset to the fifth setting volume wise, i reduce it to the fourth. only complaint is some things sound too tinny. Also keeping your ears cleared of wax is good advice. with my allergies I tend to produce a lot of it. Have had to have several speakers replaced on my left one since I got them.
  13. I believe that pony has a 4 speed in it, not an 8 speed. Provided it's the original tranny. I know the clutch had gone out, that's when the previous owner's Dad had parked it
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