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  1. I've got wedge shaped disc between L-5 and S-1 that I've been babying for years. With my last set of x-rays this summer, I've been informed that my right hip joint is showing excessive wear. Gee, maybe that's why it hurts at times. Problems with statin drugs haven't helped me much either, Lipitor REALLY screwed me up. Don't trust my legs hardly at all anymore.
  2. I tend to moderate my posts. Sometimes I do have to bite my tongue, but feel keeping it calm is best for me.
  3. I've had my problems with them for years. Trash cans, no problem, they're in. Bird feeders, oh yeah!. Suet cages, no problem, they made off with three of them one winter. I managed to rig the cages so they can't take off with them or open them, but they still manage to get the suet out anyway. Next door neighbors set food out for them, one was so not scared that it would go up on their front porch with them sitting there.
  4. Ooo, Arctic convoy duty, not the choicest assignment for sure.
  5. I've got two toast dogs, Miz Mo. Squeak and Chloe just have to have some when I do breakfast with my morning paper. Chloe makes sure by jumping into my lap and covering my paper until she gets some.
  6. I thought SoDak was in the Pacific in '43. Know her and Washington had a tiff with the Nippon Navy at Guadalcanal in late '42. Back in the Atlantic after battle damage repair???????????
  7. Same here, MMH! I don't trust my legs anymore, so taking extroidinarary chances are definitely out.
  8. Apple, Lemon(NO merengue, please), Key Lime.
  9. On this date 45 years ago we got married in our living room in front of the large ship picture on the wall. She constantly jokes about that thing calling it the "sh-t" picture. And don't ask her about getting carried through the door of the hotel room, that gets another big laugh.
  10. Attended calling hours last night. Line was out the door, attendees were almost all masked. Wife had to move a little, then sit, move, and then sit. She made it through, though. Tough little river rat she is.
  11. We're averaging between $2.99 and $3.09/gal. here in Stark County, Ohio. I'm glad I'm running a small tank sipper. Even at that my last fill-up was $34.00, filling from an 1/8th of a tank on the gauge at the time.
  12. Oh, Brother! Can I relate to THAT one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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