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  1. Nice looking mount, Charlie. Hopefully it shoots as good as it looks.
  2. VERY quickly!! Pilot's had to be quite cognizant of that firing button
  3. Thanks for the update,Warden. Love to see these old Marlins put back into service.
  4. I believe we're reloading the right side .50's for a P-47, there. 36 yards worth, per wing. THAT'S a lot of nasty!
  5. The redbud off our living room windows is starting o leaf out and has buds all over it. No flowers yet.It's probably over 20 years old, our place was put in in '94, we bought it in '99 and it was big then. So I think it was probably planted around '93 or '94. Not on our lot, but the next door one
  6. Gotta have some space for that tool box!
  7. I've got two of those, Blackwater, plus, a grumpy old man. Love all three
  8. Wife got her second Phizer a week ago today, no problems. I go for my second Moderna Friday. First one was no problems other than a sore arm
  9. Flying fingers and an amazing lip! Between him and Harry James, the "Flight" is dang near impossible to master any better. I believe Raf was an Olds ambassador, there was a model horn named after him,I think. I have an Olds circa 1972, a "Custom Crafted" with a .462 bore that I love the sound of when I've got enough lip. Haven't been able to play for several years now due to missing teeth and not enough dental coverage
  10. Haven't seen very many Elec. cars here yet. And, No charging stations at all. Guess my area isn't big/elite enough to have them. Have seen a couple CNG set ups, mostly for RT buses or commercial trucks, though
  11. Those are some fancy uniforms. Lucky they set up where they did, there's horse poo in front of that cannon
  12. I picked up a DVD player at Wally a couple months ago. It's an LG, hooks up with HDMI. Does a good job and was only around $30 plus the Governor's due. It's hooked up to the Emerson 32" TV in m y bedroom. Haven't noticed any dedicated CD players in my store trips, but I assume they are out there if you look hard enough. Wife has an AM/FM CD portable that she uses occasionally.
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