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  1. Kinda on the fence on this one. Since there are some reports of reactions involving those with shellfish allergies( I'm allergic to iodine)
  2. I think it comes with age,Pat. Maybe life experiences as well.
  3. Think I'd go with the olive as well. Canola sometimes has an after taste to it depending on the brand( cheaper= more after taste)
  4. We got a little overnight here. Have seen some coming down this morning, mostly the little puffball looking things. Believe it has low moisture content. At least I didn't have to shovel
  5. Got Susie one when I switched her over to .38's. Big mistake! That thing was at the smith's more than it was at home. He began calling it "The Winchester from Hell". Finally gave up on it and got her a 94 Marlin carbine. At least she could get through a match with it
  6. A band I was in during the bi-Centennial year had a Carpenter's medley that we did. Final was " Rainy Days and Mondays". The other first player and I had a duet during it. Dynamite sound between him and I. One of my highlight memories besides meeting my wife in that band. That was 45 years ago
  7. He had a chub on as bait, each time he recast it had more tooth marks on it
  8. They're calling for a tenth inch of ice here over night. Not too thrilled about that. Snow I can deal with, ice....................
  9. I saw it once during his first encounter with it, head looked as wide as a shovel! Would take the bait and let him start to reel in. Once it close enough to see the boat..........ptooie! Spit the bait. Did it three times that evening, before we quit as light was going. He went back to that spot the rest of the week, but it had probably moved on
  10. Gotta make sure to keep the bearings lubed
  11. I have a story about pike playing with bait. Happened to the Ex's Uncle on the same trip. That thing was scary massive!
  12. Isn't Christmas time without hearing "Merry Christmas Darling". Her alto voice is just beautiful. Another gone too soon
  13. I was going to say maybe your bluegill came wrapped in pike! The pike I caught years ago were just "snakes" compared to that one. I was up in Canada with the ex's Uncle and Aunt.
  14. When I started, a friend of mine picked up a 600jr at auction for me for $35. Other than replacing wad fingers, I've put nothing into it other than shot and powder. I've loaded a LOT of 12ga on it. My deceased shooting partner started with a Load-All and switched to a Mec when he got the chance. I've gotten extra bottles and powder inserts at times, but it's never given me a bit of trouble
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