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  1. Seeing how that went up makes me wonder and hope that the club house/barn here never catches fire. It's 160+ years old and the beams and uprights are hand hewn and most likely extremely dried out. probably wouldn't last long
  2. 40, you have a host of friends!. Some interesting suggestions there along with the fal-der-all
  3. Had that happen to me several times. If'n you see it, you'd better grab it right then, don't dither around
  4. That's gonna make a BIG mess if a train comes along!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I'm still a luddite. still carrying a flip phone. It packs better for me, doesn't get busted if i'm crawling under neath a home or equipment. my associate has cracked three screens on his smart device in the last three years and has trouble getting it out if it goes off whilst we're out in the vehicle/conveyance. besides, I don't want anything that's smarter than I am
  6. Real dedication to duty and Country. don't make too many like that any more
  7. We have all three in this area. as we have a commercial account at HD ,i've had a bunch of experience with them. the people at the commercial desk are top notch. For myself, i tend to go to Menard's for most of my stuff
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