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  1. Once they got the body shape right, they just buried Enzo with cubic inches. Used nascar's experience in making big blocks last for 500 miles running flat out turning left
  2. Prayers up, Doc. It's sort of unusual to have a really good relationship with a MIL. Cherish it while you've still got her to tell
  3. CGI on the SBD's has one mistake. Tail guns weren't duals, they were single .30's.
  4. Them things was really good,Rye. They got me hooked on chips when I was a young'un
  5. Maybe you'd be better off staying inside with a cold one, Alpo
  6. "Where, oh ,where, are you tonight"....................................
  7. looks like mobil anti-aircraft set up
  8. Broken 150PSI air lines will contribute mightily as well
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