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  1. On my way to the Dr.'s appointment yesterday, I actually saw one of those Mustang Mach E's. To me, it's not a real Mustang, just an SUV playing off the Mustang name. I've seen a total of maybe 5 electric cars around here, PERIOD! And , NO charging stations. I've seen one CNG station.
  2. Wonder if it's going to stay in the States?
  3. Maybe a Christmas in July night?Tonight is supposed to be beer and hotdog night. Hopefully it doesn't get out of control like it did in the '70's
  4. Mostly agree, there,W.K.. It's the age we live in now,I guess. A guardian can also mean like a sentry, which is basically what those statues are kinda meant to be. Maybe Joe or someone can put up a picture of them
  5. Oops, guess that was my bad. Forgot about lake trout. I'm more partial to salmon anyhow
  6. Ours doesn't want anything to do with outside. She perfectly happy to stay indoors and look out a window if she wants to.
  7. Took a minute or two to dawn on me who it was. its that night stick(?) on his belt, an SP?
  8. Not too bad a choice. The landmark statues on a depression era bridge are called the Guardians, so it's a good fit if you have to change because of PC
  9. She's been singing this evening,mostly country. She's considering singing "The Rose" on Monday.
  10. Thanks. We finalized arrangements this morning. She had a pre paid package,so, it made things somewhat easier. Calling hours on Sunday after noon, burial on Monday.
  11. At around 11 A.M. local time, my SIL, my wife's twin passed away at Aultman hospital here. She had been admitted on Friday with a blocked bowel. When running additional tests ,they discovered that she had blood clots in almost all her internal organs. She had gone septic and her vitals kept dropping. She had passed before we arrived there this morning after talking to a doctor on the case. Sandy was 5 minutes younger than my Susie, but looked at least 10 years older than her. The girl had many fisical( SP?) problems and was always feeling bad. During the early stages of the Covid pandemic, sh
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