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  1. Nice voice stilled. Her and Anne Murray were hits around the same time period
  2. Congratulations. Hope the new endeavor works out for you
  3. Best to take it before it becomes a HOT problem. Not to mention that trees like that can put a big hurting' on a mobile. About 5 years back, during a rather intense storm, half a very large oak came down between two mobiles out front in the park. We were looking at a 16" dia. trunk section. It just fell between the two nicking a car port and the front fender of the car parked there. If it would've hit either home, it would've been curtains. Those two were some of the oldest in the park, something like '69 or '70 era with the old 1x2 wall construction. One of them has since been torn down, but the one with the car port is still there
  4. Train wreck. Got outta hand and never straightened up. Glad I didn't waste my time on it
  5. My co-worker's Dad has something similar on his S-10 P.U.. He collects deer carcasses in the fall and gives the heads to the DNR for testing. He's been at it long enough to know what's harvestable and fills his freezers each fall/early winter. He had one hoisted in the back of it today. So I guess he's started for this season now. IIRC, he collected about 60 of them last year. All of them collisions with vehicles
  6. Probably depended on what state it was in
  7. I was going to mention lynx, myself. Seems that vac also changed it's color as well
  8. Like the wife says, " Happy Hallothanksmas"
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