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19 minutes ago, Buckshot Bob said:


Some of those are coming back.


Polaroid instant cameras have returned. They're made by Fuji now, instead of Polaroid, but they are just like the sx70. You take the picture and it spits out the film. My older granddaughter got one for her 16th birthday, 4 years ago.


Vinyl records are the latest in thing. She got a phonograph and lots of vinyl for Christmas the next year.

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14 hours ago, Buckshot Bob said:



My grand score is 0 and proud of it.


BTW - A zero score means you've done all 20. Just got to read the instructions guys!:rolleyes:

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In the last year, I have...

  • Faxed something
  • Have and used a dictionary
  • Paid with a paper check (often, several a month)

Could also argue my iPhone is a Walkman in all but name.


Nobody has called on a rotary phone in a long time as pulse dialing no longer works, was shut down some years ago.


I used to laugh at the lock on a dial, just pick up the headset and "flash" the number using the hook. If the first number was 4 and the second was 0 for instance, then click the hook 4 times, pause, then 10 times (for 0), pause, then the next number and so on. The call would go through just fine.


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6 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:


They do in Bakersfield CA












Here's another view of the neighborhood.

Inyo Butte, indeed!







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