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  1. Howdy, Happy, Strange old guns are soooo cool. If I hadn't already exceeded my pocketbook this summer, it would be mine. After searching and guessing, I found that this is a Velodog Extra-Garanti Revolver. Here's a lot of info: http://www.velodogs.com/ Probably from Liege, Belgium, pre-1900. Liege had a big gun industry back then, and for many years afterward. Another neat topic to research. Keep you powder dry! Brazos John
  2. On Saturday, the little church in the piney woods was filled with friends and family, and lots of cowboys and cowgirls from all over. Several family members shared the praises Lady Ghost, but the words from the granddaughters reflected the thoughts of everyone there, and brought tears to my eyes. Lady Ghost was a true lady, and as wonderful a grandmother as there ever could be. She is already missed by a lot of folks, and will be missed until we meet again. Say a prayer for Texas Ghost as he works through the loss of his best friend. Vaya con Dios, Lady Ghost.
  3. I grew up in Pa, Del, and NJ, and call it a blinker. Here in Houston, the "newly-arrived" have a driving maneuver I call the ___ shuffle, where they don't use their blinker, and just kind of shuffle over into the next lane. Usually, I don't even bother to share with them that they're number I. Well, sometimes I do.....
  4. I saw this on the news last night, and choked up so bad I couldn't tell my wife about it, I could only point to the tv. Here's a print version. I hope the link works. http://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/article/an-entire-airport-came-to-a-halt-to-honor-the-remains-of-a-returning-vietnam-veteran/ar-AAFxAhc?ocid=ientp
  5. Tell has always been a high roller, especially at Trailhead, where he's always truly generous. I can only afford brass, myself. Brazos
  6. Morning, Slick, What a deal! I'll take #6. I'll get info to you later today. Brazos
  7. They're sure pretty. I can't buy them, but I never get to be the first commenter. Happy Friday.
  8. I agree. They should both be quality shooters from good sources. You ought to jump on these, before someone else does. Just my 2 cents worth of opinion. YMMV.
  9. I was trying to shoot my LeMat and had so much trouble with the caps falling over in the straight capper that I quit. I got a Polish capper, and it works great.
  10. I've been using the Polish Capper with Slix nipples and have had no issues. Not a paid testimony, just a happy customer.
  11. I should have quoted you with the first reply, so you'd get notified. Here it is. Brazos
  12. Morning, Sarge, I like your cavalry photo. Seeing where y'all are located, don't these grips need to go through an FFL? They're wood, so there's no waiting period. How were those quakes a few days ago? Me, I'm waiting on a hurricane this weekend. See you down the trail, Brazos
  13. Dad gum. Late agin. Let me know if things don't work out. Brazos
  14. Howdy, Scout, I bought some things from Buck years ago, when he came down to Trailhead. I wish I had bought more, but I got a saber belt with buckle and hangers, an IW blouse, and a blue Dances with Wolves vest, and ran out of money. He sure knew history. Thanks for the details, and you're looking quite sharp as you escort that sweet, young thing. See you down the trail, Brazos John
  15. Thanks, y'all. Lots of good info, and things for me to consider. I knew I would get some good replies here. Keep your powder dry. Brazos
  16. I've got a cavalry LeMat, with the spur trigger guard. I want to wear it in reenactments, but I can't find old photos of one being worn. I don't have a holster yet, because I haven't decided how to wear it. If my saber is on the left side, I guess the LeMat will go on the right side. Should it be butt-forward or butt to the rear? Flapped holster or no flap? I know it's my choice, but I'm looking for historical evidence of how they did it back then. Any ideas based on history?
  17. Morning, Rufus, I think I'd like to take the Model 2 for $250 shipped. PM me with your details. Thanks kindly, Brazos
  18. I live just North of Houston. The headlines include, not just ordinary evil-doers, but imported gangs from the South and elsewhere. Gang killings, honor killings, road rage killings, and state-sponsored killings. Harris County sentences more folks to die in Huntsville than any other county in the US. So yes, my comment was meant to be an observation of how technology has made the act of killing each other much more efficient. Just point and click, so to speak.
  19. To think, we all have ancestors that lived through those times. I'm glad society today is not nearly as barbaric.
  20. If you throw the cat at a wall, does the cat hit the wall feet-first, or sideways? I HAVEN'T DONE THIS, ALLIE, I'm just asking.
  21. Wow, Griff, The first 10 minutes of that sure was painful. That's how I felt when I tried to shoot my LeMat. Your rifle was a lot better. Hope you find a good piano tuner. Brazos
  22. Howdy, again, Shameless, How much for the yellow lab? They are great dogs. I miss mine.
  23. Shameless Womanizer is a top-notch cowboy that I would be pleased to do business with again. Keep shooting straight, and I'll see you down the trail, Brazos John
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