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  1. Some folks over here play with buffaloes, too, but with different results! I tried to find a reasonable video clip, but they all had too many ads and crap. Or they wanted me to sign in. I don't do that for trash sites like those. Sorry for deviating from humour. Well, here's something funny. Spellcheck underlined humour because it's misspelled! Do y'all get the red underline if you spell it humor?
  2. In Texas, we're looking forward to Autumn weather. We're still in the upper 90's, but next week might get down into the 80's. It's been in the upper 90's since June, if not earlier, plus a drought. Winter will be a welcome change!
  3. I saw a skunk get hit by 2 cars, about 3 seconds apart at 45 mph, where the skunk balled up as the first car went over him without squishing him, he bounced and straightened out, and another car came along, he balled up again, the car went over him, and he straightened out and ran off the road into the woods. I wonder how he did...
  4. My wife just doesn't understand the concept of conservation of energy. I've tried to explain it, but I just get tired.
  5. From Mel Brookes: I bring to you these fifteen, uh, oops, these TEN Commandments!
  6. Too wild! I've never seen that. Armadillos don't do that, neither do squirrels or deer. That has got to be UNCOMFORTABLE!
  7. I was working on my inherited Ford Taurus. A radiator hose was leaking, and only the Ford dealership had a hose with a little nipple needed for some damn hose. Compared to other parts shops, the hose should have been around $30. When I bought it, the clerk told me $185. I paid for it, but explained my displeasure. The guy's boss came over, since I was speaking rather loudly, so I repeated my displeasure to him. Nothing he could do... So, I walk through the showroom to leave, and a salesman asked if all was well. Well, I explained to him that the hose would have been too expensive at $85, but Ford charged me $185, and I was very displeased. I told him (and everyone else in the showroom) that I would never buy a Ford. I finally got it running again, sold it, and bought a Jeep Patriot in 2013, and it has over 200k miles on it and is still running. Found On Road Dead.
  8. Turns out that Subdeacon Joe beat me to making a new Friday thread. So, ... Brazos John
  9. Friday Humor got stuck in traffic, and the highway was closed. Here's new traffic to start a new thread:
  10. My Victory Model splits .38 Spl brass, confirming your statement.
  11. Not funny, but here's the newest joke on Oz: You have a new King.
  12. My Stingray was from Sears. It was fully chromed, with a sissy bar higher than my head, and a 3-speed twist grip. I could pop wheelies across the school parking lot! Thanks for bringing back the memory!
  13. Only until they make it a Monday holiday! Viva La Fiesta Nacional!
  14. There you go! Another accurate prediction by Brazos John!
  15. For the price of the ammo at Midway, the rifle is about $170. Looks like someone will be getting a good deal!
  16. The government tax man told the rancher that he had authorization to go anywhere on his ranch, and showed the rancher the badge hanging from his neck. He walked to a gate, and the rancher told him, "You shouldn't go in there." The tax man held his badge up, and said that he can go anywhere he wanted. The tax man walks half way across the pasture, and the mean, old bull that ruled the pasture started chasing him. The tax man starts yelling for help. The rancher yelled back, "Show him your badge! Show him your badge!"
  17. In Texas, they use a horse and a rope, and tie his feet in a couple of seconds. But, I admire his gumption!
  18. The USS Texas is heading to Galveston for a long-deserved vacation and facelift. Her hull will be repaired in drydock, since she's been sitting in the water for quite a few years. As a former Boy Scout leader, we spent numerous weekends on board the Texas, touring down where the public couldn't go, with docents that knew some really good stories. She won't be returning to the San Jacinto Memorial, where she's been since about '48, because she can get more paying visitors at other locations. That sounds harsh, but it takes money to maintain such a major attraction, and at San Jacinto, the Texas is a side attraction. She is a star, and deserves a location where she'll get lots of visitors. She's an important part of history, and claims a special spot in the hearts of a whole bunch of Scouts, Veterans, Texans, and Americans!
  19. Another great group of photos! Thanks, Buckshot!
  20. Stolen from another thread, but more appropriate here. G'day, y'all!
  21. This is one of the best captions for this meme! I think we can all relate!
  22. This bird looks vicious, but what kind is it? What does it do? In Texas, the State Bird is the Mockingbird, which is very territorial, and will dive-bomb pedestrians walking on sidewalks beneath trees with their nests. But it's between the size of a Cardinal and Blue Jay. Your bird looks a lot bigger and meaner. And a lot more dangerous! Even the Aussie birds are lethal! I suspect y'alls butterflies are dangerous, too!
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