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  1. Howdy, Skillet, That little number under "Members" shows how many Likes you get. When you get enough, you win the Cadillac. I don't know how many that is, but here's your first one. Good luck on getting the rest! Brazos John
  2. Wow! Very Nice! I admire your collection of coins. Thank you, Sir.
  3. It was my first Trailhead, back in '96. I had one holster, so I kept my SS Vaquero tucked in my belt. I didn't have a gun cart, so I leaned my long guns against the fence, and stepped into the porta-can. I was unsure about hanging my holster on the fence and laying the Vaquero on the ground, so I figured I could just shift my belt around, unbutton, finish up, and get out. Well, in slow motion, my Vaquero does a double flip right into the blue. I came out, and walked over to the campfire where I knew there were some bent rebar for tending the fire. I borrowed one, but
  4. Y'all must be heading to Houston. It's Oak pollen. And Sweetgum pollen. And Ash Tree pollen. Welcome! Ahh-choo!!!
  5. It took me a while, because it has 2 letters.
  6. I got up early in the morning, and I still missed this one! I wish you good shooting!
  7. I get emails from these folks: www.boydsgunstocks.com Stoeger isn't mentioned, but maybe the actual manufacturer is listed. They list Rossi, so maybe they do other importers, too. It won't hurt to contact them. I hope this helps.. Brazos
  8. Ha, ha, ha! Who buys more guns later? Nobody has a safe or two of guns that they haven't shot in years, do they? Who needs more than 2 pistols, a rifle, and a shotgun? Well, maybe just a set of back-up pistols. And maybe another type of shotgun (sxs, pump, or lever). And maybe a lever-action long-range rifle. And maybe a single-shot long range rifle. And maybe some extra leather to fit the back-up pistols. And what about side matches? Pocket pistols are always popular. Have you looked into black powder cap and ball? And then there's reload
  9. A (possible) Classic Winchester Line: Oliver, as a lonely young man, might have said something like, "Would you like to come back to my factory and lever my rifle?"
  10. Dontcha hate when you second-guess yourself, and it turns out you were right from the start?
  11. Pair them with some woolly chaps, and you'll really stand out. Or blend in with the herd.
  12. At THSS, we've always been pretty open to new ideas and new guns. We pretty much always allow stoking of '87s and '97s, and include it in the stage instructions. In my mind, I would like to see it REQUIRED to stoke a magazine if your gun has one. That's why it was there! I've never seen a shootout where the cowboy loaded his '97 over the top, with his left hand, one at a time. Accordingly, I always stoke my shotguns, and just blast away. I might be slower, but it makes me grin! YMMV. Brazos
  13. Howdy, Skyfall, I love Fredericksburg! It's such a great town, located in a beautiful setting. Spent several weekends at Enchanted Rock with Scouts. Magical place. I see you have Tin Star Ranch listed with your clubs. Is it still open? I can only find bad wedding reviews from 2014. Thanks, Brazos
  14. THAT WAS GREAT! You're right, I should have. Lotto has been getting me nowhere lately.
  15. Who else noticed this? The Houston CBS station broadcast a repeat episode of Young Sheldon last night. The show included a shot of Star Trek with Spock with a goatee. There's only 1 episode that does that, where the Capt and landing party get switched by the transporter with a matching crew from a parallel whatever, and Spock wears a goatee. The local MeTV station was showing that exact episode at the same time. I got so excited that I told my wife! She was respectfully supportive. I'm easily amused. Brazos
  16. Getting ready to step out! All Right!
  17. Dad gummit! SN 77! How cool is that? If you ever come to Columbus to shoot, bring it so I can see it. I'd'a jumped on this in a New York minute. Good buy! Brazos
  18. This is a great price! But nothing I have shoots 45, and it's too late to start now. People must be sleeping...
  19. The brass frame might not be suitable for modern ammo. Other folks will offer more details, I'm sure.
  20. I found some Swiss and some Graf's BP at a gun shop. I'm buying a flintlock rifle, and need 4F powder for the pan (the proverbial Flash in the Pan). A pound will last me the rest of my life, so which powder do you think would last longer - Swiss or Graf's? I know that keeping it dry and cool is important. Swiss is pricier than Graf's, but is it that much better than Graf's, and will it last longer? Thanks, y'all. Brazos
  21. Howdy, A, if I can call you by your first initial, I had a good time at the Texas Independence Day celebration in Conroe. We met descendants of signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence, and showed off our camp and equipment to lots of visitors. We fired salutes to past Texans and current first responders, and the cannons shook the trees. The visitors took lots of photos, and the kids had really big smiles when we let them hold our rifles. In Texas, this is still politically correct. A couple of Colonels agreed that this flintlock would be fine for the time peri
  22. Does it bang and clang on the hour and quarter hours? That would be cool.
  23. I like it. I'm a Colonel in the Texas Army, and we do reenactments and salutes at events, representing the Texas Army of 1836. We have an event in Conroe, Texas on Saturday for Texas Independence Day, and I want to get some opinions on the historical accuracy of the rifle from other Colonels. If the rifle fits the bill, I'll be taking it. I'll be back in touch with you late Saturday, or more likely, Sunday. If you sell it in the meantime, well, I understand. But if you can make a list of other buyers, and hold it for me until I reply, that would be great. It might
  24. This might be interesting. How long is the barrel? What is the overall length? Does it function as it should? Has it been shot? Have you shot it? I see it has the set triggers. How is the action? What else might you tell me about it? Thanks, Brazos
  25. Well, Dang It, That old pistol, it's almost as old as me, and I'm worthless, so it might only be worth about $100, but I'll give you twice that, sight-unseen. I know that's a gamble on my part, but I want to help out a fellow shootist. I'll be waiting on your reply..... Brazos
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