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  1. For all intents and purposes, I think we can forgo the feathers and foam --- JUST TAR THE SCOUNDRELS!!!!!!
  2. I thought you were going to try your hand at counterfeiting!
  3. The wife's granddaughter (I will not claim the brat) visited with her mother. She would not take off the mask to eat! She merely moved it aside to get a fork in. She would not talk to anyone (that is her normal mode though) and, unless at the dining table, would stay in the bedroom on her phone all of the time.
  4. In the video he uses the "propper" bearing, not the one shown above. From Miriam Webster: Definition of propper : one that props : SUPPORTER So, you need the bearing that will support the backpressure, not maintain the correct backpressure!
  5. Won't need roads or bridges! Check out the movie "Mortal Engines"
  6. I got an 1840's vintage Kentucky rifle after my grandfather died. My aunt took my cousin and I to a closet in her house and told us to pick a gun. There was an 1860 Springfield in there but to a 13 year old, the Kentucky rifle looked "cooler". I shot that rifle many times way back then. No recoil and weaker than a 22.but it was very accurate. A good squirrel gun. It does not hold much sentimental value as my grandfather was kind of a junk dealer and no one knew where he got it or the other guns. My dad had only two guns, a 22 Marlin single shot bolt action and a 12 gau
  7. Two clowns are eating a cannibal. The first clown says to the second "I think we're doing this joke wrong".
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