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  1. It's about time you got a pair! Sorry, it was just too easy! Please take it in the humor that I intended. A pair are always better than a single, anyway. Remember the Doublemint Twins?
  2. These are called Stock Tanks, or just Tanks, in Texas. For when the cows get thirsty.
  3. I was driving with my family on a hot, steamy Texas road just after a rainstorm, and we saw a rainbow. As we followed the road around a curve, the rainbow came to the ground on the road in front of us, and in the area where the rainbow hit the road, the mist was a golden color. It remained that same golden color as we drove through it, and then we drove out of it. We were all marveling at the golden glow. We had found the gold at the end of the rainbow! Alas, no pot of coins. Happy St. Patty's Day!
  4. Smart kitty already knew not to poop on the upholstery or the carpet!
  5. That would be a big smoker even in Texas! But, yes, black is the traditional color. White will be stained from the smoke. Danke.
  6. You'll be fine. It's just a little road rash.
  7. I noticed that the hand-written caption on the photo says Jaws of Death. The bottom "jaw" is not very thick - I wonder if it still hanging on there, or has it fallen? ....... OK, I googled it, and it's still a feature of the park, but they renamed it The Balconies. And people are not allowed on it anymore. It's protected by a fence. Like a fence ever stopped ANYone from going somewhere cool!
  8. junior samples and br549 - Google Search Here is the original BR549, from Hee-Haw, back when I was younger.
  9. A quick search of the all-knowing OZernet said The Marvelettes released it. Too much other internet gibberish to get anything else relevant.
  10. We don't have that in Texas. Folks might be a bit more mellow if we did.
  11. And Texas has been on the warming tray since February.
  12. It's already IN Texas! But, yeah, just a bit small...
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