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  1. Howdy, A, if I can call you by your first initial, I had a good time at the Texas Independence Day celebration in Conroe. We met descendants of signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence, and showed off our camp and equipment to lots of visitors. We fired salutes to past Texans and current first responders, and the cannons shook the trees. The visitors took lots of photos, and the kids had really big smiles when we let them hold our rifles. In Texas, this is still politically correct. A couple of Colonels agreed that this flintlock would be fine for the time peri
  2. Does it bang and clang on the hour and quarter hours? That would be cool.
  3. I like it. I'm a Colonel in the Texas Army, and we do reenactments and salutes at events, representing the Texas Army of 1836. We have an event in Conroe, Texas on Saturday for Texas Independence Day, and I want to get some opinions on the historical accuracy of the rifle from other Colonels. If the rifle fits the bill, I'll be taking it. I'll be back in touch with you late Saturday, or more likely, Sunday. If you sell it in the meantime, well, I understand. But if you can make a list of other buyers, and hold it for me until I reply, that would be great. It might
  4. This might be interesting. How long is the barrel? What is the overall length? Does it function as it should? Has it been shot? Have you shot it? I see it has the set triggers. How is the action? What else might you tell me about it? Thanks, Brazos
  5. Well, Dang It, That old pistol, it's almost as old as me, and I'm worthless, so it might only be worth about $100, but I'll give you twice that, sight-unseen. I know that's a gamble on my part, but I want to help out a fellow shootist. I'll be waiting on your reply..... Brazos
  6. Miz Belle, You didn't have any points earned towards winning the Cadillac, so I gave you one. It's that number under the word Members in your profile on the page. Win enough points, and I've been told that you win a Cadillac. Never have seen one, though. I'm sure glad that we're getting some decent weather again. I'm North of Houston. See you down the trail, Brazos
  7. I would, but I already have too many things that I've outgrown, and these are that size. Good luck on your sale, Miz Belle. Brazos
  8. That's a neat looking pistol. I've never heard of them. Looks like it was from Germany in the '30, with the aerodynamic styling. Thanks for learning me something today!
  9. "Self Cleaning Guns" would really garner some interest. Sorry. Back to the sale.
  10. Howdy, Hellbender, Me, again. I'll take #1, the Rossi spring. I'll get the gold headed your way. Put it in your gun cart for when you come to THSS. Thanks, again, Brazos
  11. Well, howdy, and welcome to a lot of fun! To buy a rig, you'll need your waist size, and are you right or left hand strong? If loops on the belt, what caliber? What color? How long are the barrels on your guns? I hope you have as much fun as I've had these past 25 years. Brazos
  12. Howdy, Captain Bill, I saw that you had 2,999 of those credits, so here's one more for an even 3,000. How many do you need to win the Cadillac? Sorry for the hijack. Y'all get back to the stock talk. Brazos
  13. I like the longer barrels on my c&b's. The 5.5" barrels seem incomplete. I have no dog in this hunt. Just my opinion. YMMV.
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