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  1. That is an impressive-looking piece of hardware. I bet it has a bloody history! It even has a hole to hang it from a nail in the wall or the side of the butcher table. A really cool example of the everyday tools that were (are) used by folks for putting food on the table (literally). Good luck with your sale. Brazos
  2. Have another beer and get back to shooting!
  3. Since those Private Messages are private, I don't know what y'all discussed. But if this pistol isn't spoken for, I'll take it. I'll watch for your reply. Brazos John
  4. Which one is the pistol without the trigger guard? I'm interested, but about to go home, and I won't have internet until tomorrow. Thanks, Brazos
  5. What is the proper use of a grease hole? It's a new term to me. Thanks.
  6. I think Sam Peckinpah might have been a technical advisor. My newest favorite Christmas movie!
  7. That hurt. I never liked the song, and this takes it down to a new level. And to have alleged cowboys doing it? Kind of a Brokeback Mountain moment. Make it stop!!!!
  8. I've had good success sending Post Office Money Orders. I have to go to the PO to mail it anyway, so I might as well get the MO there. I hesitate to send a personal check to someone that I don't know, even if I've dealt with them before. If the check is intercepted by a ne'er-do-well, the account info could do some damage. Just my thoughts. YMMV.
  9. Howdy, Stumpman, I hope you're staying warm from that Norther that's been blowing through. It was 84 in Houston yesterday, and now it's 48. Yee-oww! If the Yellow Boy runs like it should, if it cycles 38s right, and if there ain't nothing broken, I'll take it, for $900 shipped. I learned I gotta ask these questions, or shame on me. Your reply that it does what it should do will seal the deal. Afterwards, I'll pm the ffl info. Might be tomorrow. Thanks, Brazos John
  10. I've had this issue, and if I push forward on the slide while pushing the button (regardless of hammer position), it will unlock the action to permit me to open the action. YMMV.
  11. I think I'll take it, but I have a question or two. Does it run the way it should? What is that gold-colored bead on the magazine tube in front of the front stock?
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