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  1. After I posted, I looked it up, and had that sinking feeling when I saw $33, but then I saw the Backorder button, so I figured 2 birds in the hand are worth a little extra seed.
  2. I found boxes of Black Hills 45-70 round flat point lead for $44 a box, or 2 for $96 out the door. Two box limit. They still have more. Is that a decent price? Or did I let the ammo-shortage-fever get to me? Now I have to get me a gun that shoots it! Just kidding, got a couple. If interested, they're at Tomball Pawn on FM 2920, just west of Business 249. I get no remuneration for this - just letting local shootists know about it. Brazos
  3. All of this makes me like my flintlock even more....
  4. DISCLAIMER: The following is the opinion of Brazos John. I don't intend to try to implement any changes in SASS rules, so please refrain from directing any hostility in my direction. I totally agree, and think that applies to the shotguns, too. The '97s and '12s were meant to hold a magazine full of rounds. I've never seen over-the-top single round loading on any western movie or tv show. I think all pump / lever shotguns should be REQUIRED to be stoked. IMHO. But, I also shoot sharpshooter, because the current target placements are so close that they embarrass me. I started shoot
  5. Black is the new red. Or is red the new black? Or is it just safer to stay away from colors altogether? Not if you're carrying a Ruger!
  6. Norm Abrams meets Horny Mike.....
  7. Howdy, Skillet, That little number under "Members" shows how many Likes you get. When you get enough, you win the Cadillac. I don't know how many that is, but here's your first one. Good luck on getting the rest! Brazos John
  8. Wow! Very Nice! I admire your collection of coins. Thank you, Sir.
  9. It was my first Trailhead, back in '96. I had one holster, so I kept my SS Vaquero tucked in my belt. I didn't have a gun cart, so I leaned my long guns against the fence, and stepped into the porta-can. I was unsure about hanging my holster on the fence and laying the Vaquero on the ground, so I figured I could just shift my belt around, unbutton, finish up, and get out. Well, in slow motion, my Vaquero does a double flip right into the blue. I came out, and walked over to the campfire where I knew there were some bent rebar for tending the fire. I borrowed one, but
  10. Y'all must be heading to Houston. It's Oak pollen. And Sweetgum pollen. And Ash Tree pollen. Welcome! Ahh-choo!!!
  11. It took me a while, because it has 2 letters.
  12. I got up early in the morning, and I still missed this one! I wish you good shooting!
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