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  1. We've passed the siege of The Alamo, and San Jacinto Day, April 21, is approaching. To prevent another celebration, Santa Anna has set fire to the San Jacinto Battlefield, and is trying to capture the San Jacinto Monument. But on April 13, the Texas Army will re-enact that glorious battle on the same battlefield where it occurred, and we will, again, whip Santa Anna's butt. Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad! God Bless The Lone Star State! Actually, this is the ITC Refinery fire in Deer Park, outside of Houston, taken Tuesday morning. It's miles away from the San Jacinto Monument. The fire is out now, but it sure put a lot of smoke into the air.
  2. I made a deal on the hand made Bowie with the concho. It arrived quickly, and was well-protected with lots of padding. I'll be picking up that shredded paper for days! It's bigger than I expected, and I really like it. I'll be wearing it proudly in Houston's St. Patrick's Day Parade with the Texas Army on Saturday morning. Erin go bragh! Texas go bragh!
  3. I've got one of those, but it doesn't run anywhere near that fast!
  4. 11. XXX - What's That, Friend? I was edited. You can guess what it was....
  5. The safest city in America, since the Wall was built!
  6. Howdy, Devlin, The Texas Historical Shootist Society's next shoot is this coming Sunday. Go to www.thss.org. It's fixing to get real cold for Texas (in the 30's), so I'm not sure I'm going to make it, but there will be lots of good folks that'll make you feel right warm. Look for Texas Billy, Crazy Ed, and Doc Boedecker. They'll steer you straight. It's free to watch, and your first shoot is free, too. Tell'em I said so. Hope to meet you in Gunsmoke some warmer day. Brazos John
  7. This was sung on Reba's Christmas show last night. I thought the same thing. "A pistol that shoots"? How did this song get past the censors? Oh, they're probably too young to actually know the words to the song.
  8. I went down that road with my Dad. It's a rough one. I'll pray for your Mom, and especially for you, Clay. Brazos
  9. I live near Spring, Texas, North of Houston, where President Bush's casket was loaded onto his train, 4141. The crowds in Spring were huge! I had to go out in the boonies to find room to set up my camera along the tracks, and ended up using my cell phone. So, I apologize for the amateur quality, but here's his train as it passed me. Hail to the Chief. And, Gig'Em, Aggies! Brazos John TAMU 1976 Train 4141.MOV
  10. Thanks, y'all, for the different ideas and advice. Brazos
  11. Thanks, Warden. The more I see on reloading the brass shells, the more comfortable I'm becoming. I think I might start with that MZ that you used. Cleaning guns isn't my favorite chore. Brazos
  12. Is that why all the powder fell out the little hole? OK: 1. Seat primer. 2. Load powder...…..
  13. Thanks, Sedalia Dave and Prairie Dawg. These are the articles I was looking for. I'm wanting to get some Slix nipples for them, and my Uberti and Pietta need different sizes. Thanks again, Brazos
  14. I have a box of MagTech shells that I've been hesitant to load. The way I understand it: 1. Load Powder. 2. Load over-powder card and compress. 3. Load the cushion wad. 4. Load shot. 5. Load over-shot card and compress. 6. Now what? How does the shot stay put? Thanks, y'all.
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