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  1. Howdy, Greenhorn, Besides SASS, I shoot flintlocks, and belong to the Muzzleloader Forum. This is offered on their site: (2) FOR SALE - UBERTI 1847 Walker, ED Myers holster, belt | The Muzzleloading Forum I don't know anybody, and have no dog in this hunt, so good luck with your search. I've shown a couple of folks some of the ads on different forums, but never hear if anything works out. If you make a deal, I would appreciate it if you could let me know that this worked out. Make good smoke, Brazos
  2. I bought my El Paso rig used, 25 years ago, and it's still going strong. They didn't have the Speed Rig back then, which could explain my lack of such.
  3. This is on the Muzzleloaders forum. I have no dog in this hunt. FOR SALE - NIB 7.5 Stainless Old Army w/fixed sights. | Page 2 | The Muzzleloading Forum I wish you the best. Brazos
  4. OK, I get your examples of memes. But, what exactly is it that makes this one not a meme?
  5. I've enjoyed looking at all of these postings, regardless of their name. Pat Riot, would you please post a meme, even if it's a copy, so I'll know which ones don't belong here? It may just be that the posters know not how they offend.
  6. Il fait chaud---- it is hot (actually, it makes hot, but that's not how we say it). Chaud.........HOT!
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