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  1. Sorry for being slow, but... Where did the Bush Morgan post come from? Did Bush Morgan reply to Snuffy's post? I can surely see how his post is bogus, but where did it come from to begin with? Thanks.
  2. ^^THIS TOO^^ If the stock is too long, you have to drop it off of your shoulder to really work the lever hard enough to clear the shell. I've been afraid to cut mine, though. "No matter how many times I cut it, it's still too short."
  3. Too Wild! I never even wondered about grips from the bones of kangaroos or camels. Now I'm wondering about some of the other potential grips that could be made. Kind of like exotic leathers for boots. You see all kinds of boots here in Texas. Grips are usually concealed.
  4. All these Dawgs around! And I missed another dawg-gone good deal. Another dawg day afternoon. Howwwwwwwwlllllllll!!!!!!
  5. Dang it, Dave, You've been getting to the open tops quicker than me for a while now! I don't need one, but I thought it would be another cool gun to shoot. But you keep getting there ahead of me. You must have a nice collection by now. Will these 2 satisfy your open-top hunger, or are you still looking for more? Just wondering..... Hope to meet you at a shoot some day. Stay healthy. Brazos
  6. 3 minutes to sell it! Yul Win if yul deal with Yul Lose! Free slogan, if you want it.
  7. Howdy, Dave, I'll take the wild rag slide. I like that mysterious image on the lower half. I wonder what it is? Kind of ghostly, with a pork pie hat. I'll send info tomorrow. Thanks, Brazos
  8. Oh, THAT kind of cat house. By the way, the acronym for their society is, uh, ….
  9. I saw that movie for the first time a few weeks ago. It's great. I hadn't heard of it, but when I saw Duvall was in it, I started watching it, and it was a really nice movie.
  10. I'm still laughing at this! If it wasn't midnight, I'd show my wife.
  11. I LOVE THIS! Has anyone rewritten the full skit?
  12. My thoughts exactly. May the prayers and wishes from your many friends unseen and unmet bring you strength in such a sad time.
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