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  1. Had to look twice to get the joke. Without a blurry video, I didn't recognize him.
  2. Howdy, Texas Ranger McMinn, I knew the daughter of a Texas Forest Ranger of the same name from the National Forest on FM 1488 south of Conroe. Can't imagine that you're related, but I saw that you didn't have any credits by the dot under your name, so I gave you one. Collect enough credits and you win! Not in the market for a Dragoon, but I wish you good luck in your sale. Brazos
  3. Howdy, Abilene, and everyone else, Too hot to work outside (101 in Houston today), so I'm looking to do some gunsmithing. Might even clean them. I know the numbers for the tips refer to the thickness and width, but what exactly do they mean? Thanks, Brazos I think y'all were even hotter than we were today. But being in the Hill Country automatically makes things cooler.
  4. I'm considering these folks: http://buffalobrothers.net/epages/6e0660d3-c48c-462c-bcf4-e93d79a29461.sf/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/6e0660d3-c48c-462c-bcf4-e93d79a29461/Categories/On_Line_Store/4-C They have good reviews, but I haven't bought from them, yet. They say they can even do cracks. Good luck, Brazos
  5. Every owner of a Remington product should take it to Cerberus and show them how well the products work. But airline travel is too dangerous right now.
  6. Don't try to diagnose this condition at home. It could bring disastrous repercussions. Those are repeated percussions on whatever body part is exposed to the person that has been diagnosed.
  7. That's why my son joined the Air Force. His first post was 4 years at Ramstein. That's hard to beat! God Bless all of our Veterans and Active Duty Servicemen/women. And thank you for the time you spent as part of the World's Best Air Force!
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