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  1. I don't know if it's getting old or being tired (or maybe just a touch of dyslexia) but I swear I read that as "Cadavers" and I'm thinking to myself... Dang! $50.00 for the shirt off a dead guy! That's outrageous! I think I should probably go to bed early tonight...
  2. In just eleven day, on the 17th, Holli and I will hit the road for Kentucky. According to Google Maps, it 542 miles and about 8 1/2 hours (plus stops) from home to the range so, if we can get an early start, we should be at the range in time to get registered and offload the cart, which will make the rest of the trip much easier. Although all the parts have all finally come in for the repair, the truck is still not back from the shop, so it looks like we may be once again making the trip in the Prius. That will make four BIG matches in a row in that LITTLE car this year, DE State, PA State, VA BP State, and now KY State. It's a very tight fit to get everything in there, especially when we use the big cart, but we sort of have a packing system that seems to work. As long as we don't hit the weight limit with ammo that is!
  3. Congratulations Jack E Rabbit! What an awesome cart and what a great cause!
  4. That's what I was storing, their holsters, belts, and shotgun belts plus some I had picked up for the grand-kids should they ever decide to play cowboy. The desiccant pack will saturate at some point and everything sort of becomes stable, humidity wise. Since it's not an "air-tight" seal on the box, it doesn't get to be like a desert in there. Check it occasionally, and just by opening the box, you will let in a little humidity.
  5. We have moisture issues up here in the Mid-Atlantic as well. I have my kids stuff stored in plastic storage boxes (not air tight but a decent seal) with one of those little desiccant packs in it, like Damp Rid. Been that way for 5+ years and they still seem OK. Had some other stuff (leather slings, etc) that was stored out in the open and they all got moldy. I have run a pair of dehumidifiers in the basement for the last 3 or so years and that has helped immensely.
  6. Got mine. Win or lose, the Carver family will win! Thanks to Yul Lose and Moe T Vator for putting this together.
  7. Well, Sunday night I did the deed. Cleaned and prepped the nuts (more like I flange bolt with a hole drilled through it) and the mating threaded hole in the receiver. I also discovered that there was a bur on the end of nut that kept loosening which may have prevented it from seating fully. Buffed that out with a jewelers file and stone. Used a toothpick to carefully apply the Loctite to the threads of the nut, and snugged it up. Did both of them. Next match (and the first test) is this coming Saturday near Williamsburg, VA, Smoke on the Mattaponi, then Black Gold, then Gunfight at the Double C, then Appalachian Showdown, and then hopefully, North Carolina. Not doing too many monthly matches at the moment, life is too complicated these days... Thanks for the info, I will report back occasionally with status. Hope it works!
  8. Loose screws are to be expected here, but no one wants to lose their nuts!
  9. Yep, I can feel the softness of the metal. Had me thinking of how to fix it if it stripped. A new nut could be made, but the other would require drilling out the tube and making an insert to replace the original. Could be done, not easily, but it could be done. Got me to thinking about an oversized nut and an helicoil used backwards. Hopefully, it will never get to that point. I blew a brake line on the truck (During Thunder Valley Days of course!) and have to make a run to Home Despot to get a new small pipe cutter as my old small one it lost in the garage somewhere. When I finally die, my kids are going to be cleaning out the house wondering why Dad had 10 of the same dang tool! I will pick up a fresh tube of Blue Loctite222 while I am there. Last one is probably 20 years old and, you guessed it, lost in the garage somewhere...
  10. Larsen, I was hoping you would pop up with the answer. I was going to put a dot on the barrels under the wood forend as a test, but now I can just do it! I was about to grind a perfectly good box end wrench to be thin enough to fit without removing the hammer! I'm sure that would have been exciting! LOL Thanks! Dogmeat
  11. Howdy, The title basically says it all, but I have a TTN shotgun that I have been using for a number of years and one of the firing pin nuts just won't stay tight. I have pulled the hammer and put a socket on it and tightened it as much as I feel is appropriate for a nut that size, but it typically only goes a couple of matches before it's loose again. I don't want to give it the full "Mongo" torque, but I don't want it to come loose during a match and lose it, the firing pin, and spring. I figure there are four options... Install a crush washer under the nut, but I need to make sure the nut fully seats as that sets the firing pin position. Crunch the nut a tiny bit to make it a "Lock Nut" but that will likely trash the threads on the receiver. Use a little thread-lock compound like LocTite 222, but I am concerned about it eating the bluing. Of course, there is always a lacquer like nail polish or the like. Anyone else have this issue? What was your solution? Thanks in advance, Dogmeat
  12. Scores are posted online at the club website. You can find them here...Thunder Valley Days 2024 Scores Congratulations to our repeat champions... The Maryland State Ladies Champion - Misfire Maggie SASS 69350 The Maryland State Men's Champion – Lead Slinging Nick SASS 82660 Overall Top Match Ladies Champion – Misfire Maggie SASS 69350 Overall Match Top Male Champion – Lead Slinging Nick SASS 82660 In addition, Pop LeCorque has posted a lot of video from the match on his YouTube channel and there will be pictures will begin appearing before too long on https://www.memorytrailsphoto.com/sass-cowboy-shooting Just a little note to anyone using CAS Scoring on an iPad. They did an update over the weekend that had a bug that would only show the first category in the Scores by Category list. I contacted them on Monday morning and he said a fix was in process. It was released either late Monday or early Tuesday. (I believe he is in Czechoslovakia maybe?). I did it manually for the awards ceremony, but make sure you are updated to V1.511 or it will be a problem!
  13. Thank you for the kind remarks, and we are glad you enjoyed your time with us. As to me not being on the shooters list, well the story sort of goes like this. Over the 7 years I have been match director for Thunder Valley Days, (Only 6 matches due to Covid) I have only shot 2 of them. While I would have loved to shoot them all, I quickly discovered that I can either shoot well (at least for me) or be a good Match Director, but if I try to do both I don't do well at either task. In the end, I find that I enjoy myself more making sure everyone in attendance has a good time, talking with folks, taking care of the problems that inevitably arise, and just watching the show. Smiling folks, is what makes me happy, and hopefully, there were plenty of those! Next year will be our 25th Anniversary Match and will be themed after the movie Silverado in honor of it being our Silver Anniversary! The dates would normally be the 2nd weekend of June, but due to the variability of the Calendar, that weekend will also be Fathers Day Weekend, so we are looking at shifting the date for 2025, but I need to have a discussion with the other clubs in the area so we don't step on anyone else's match. More information will be available soon, so stay tuned, and I hope to see you there next year!
  14. Cemetery, Having shot with you several times, I can say that it was hard earned and well deserved! Looking forward to the next time, but I think I may get a small fire extinguisher to put in my cart, just in case! Double Tap Taylor, It was an honor and privilege to watch you shoot again. If I ever grow up, I want to shoot just like you! All I need to do is shave about 12 seconds (Per Stage) off my times!
  15. And yet, after all these years, you still have that sparkle in your eyes, not to mention coming out of your shotgun barrels! I was a pleasure shooting with you and Double Tap Taylor again, as well as all of the folks on Posse 8! You guys all Rock! Holli and I had a lot of fun, with a great group of folks, and good lord willing, we will be back again next year. For the record, I have no idea how in the heck I managed to get a clean match. I thought for sure I messed up on Stage 4 because I literally couldn't see anything. I was aiming by looking for the target stand bases and trying to keep the rifle pointed at the same height above the ground as I swept across the targets. All I can guess is that the spotters couldn't see anything either. I suspect it was one of those situations that can best be described by the phrase "And much discussion ensued"...... Now I just need to find a "Ribbon Of Shame" to pin my "Dirtiest Clean Match Ever" award onto before next year! (If you don't know what a Ribbon Of Shame is, watch the 1986 movie Gung Ho with Michael Keaton )
  16. I'm with you. I like having a theme at the match. I struggle to write stages, even for our monthly matches, until I get a theme set in my head. Once I have a theme, then it all just seems to flow right out of that. To me it's just part of the experience of the match, especially at a State or Above match. I did one called "A Day In The Life" which was about all of the various things that Cowboys do herding cattle, fighting stampedes, branding calves, etc. Usually, I do movies or western themed TV shows, but that's just me. I remember one match that was all about Cowboy Sidekicks. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be great!
  17. Holli Docaday and I will be there, it will be our first. We were able to shuffle our normal summertime journey a bit and move it forward enough so that this will be the first stop of our vacation. We shot with Ringer several times at the BP Championships down in Florida and he kept telling us we needed to come to this match. I'm just sorry he won't be there this year, but I suspect he will be there in Spirit.
  18. Fixed It For You... I'm just grateful my muscles remember things, my brain sure seems to be having trouble lately!
  19. It has been posted here a few times in the past, and to the Damascus Wildlife Rangers website (specifically the Thunder Valley Days page) and it was published as part of the Mason Dixon Stampede when that match was the Eastern Divisional, but it has never been approved by SASS although it was reviewed by a few on the RO committee some years ago with no negative feedback. I think part of the issue, is that SASS is specifically leaving it vague because they don't want to force match directors to award 38 awards. There are Sanctioned matches out that draw less than 50 shooters and it can be a huge expense for those matches. Back in the day when matches sold out in 2 months and even the small ones were 100+ shooters, it was less of a problem. Of course, we only had a handful of categories back then, but now it can be a "Thanks For Coming, Your Prize Is In Your Shooters Packet" kind of thing. If that is going to happen, it should at least be the decision of the Match Directors. I had hopes that SASS would have included it, or something very much like it, in the SHB. It is a constant source of debate amongst the various match directors and some additional guidance from SASS would be appreciated. I would be more than happy to send the Excel file that I created to generate the .PDF to them so they could do with it as they saw fit, but unless SASS "Officially" blesses it, it remains simply my interpretation of the Category Matrix and Un"Offical".
  20. That can be a difficult call at times, but ultimately it comes down to the Match Director's decision as to what works. Nobody likes showing up to a match and not being able to shoot "Their" category, but almost everyone I have encountered understands that there has to be some limit placed in it. As long as they can shoot their "Shooting Style" they are generally OK with it. In the Shooters Handbook, Page 10, SASS states... In the interest of ensuring and promoting a true competitive environment at the SASS Sanctioned Championship level of competition (State, Regional, National, and World Championships), all possible category breakdowns may be offered, however, categories above the base categories will only be honored if they meet the minimum entry mandates decreed by SASS and the Championship agreements. SASS then goes on to define what those minimum entrant levels are for the various levels of sanctioned match, and then they further define a list of "Protected Categories". Where the confusion comes in to the picture, at least for me, is a clear definition of what the Base categories are, and at least from my perspective, the "Protected Categories" are already included in the Base categories. Unless someone is planning on lumping the BP shooters in with the Non-BP shooters, or eliminating Costume Categories, or Duelist/Gunfighter Categories, it would appear that the only unprotected categories are the age based categories between 17 and 70. I'm not sure that was the intent, maybe it was, but I am not privy to the background information. From the Shooters Handbook, Page 10, SASS also states... *Shooting categories offered at any match are ultimately at the discretion of the Match Officials to ensure the success and viability of each match individually unless the individual contract indicates otherwise. Below (and attached) is the chart I created and use as a basis for the MD State Match. My interpretation of the rules is that all of the "Base" categories are to be offered at every match and anything beyond the base is supposed to follow the criteria for minimum entries. We offer all of the Base Categories our match. Any of the "Optional" categories are only offered if there are enough participants. There are exceptions to this. If I have two folks signed up for Senior Duelist, and nobody signed up for Duelist, I am going to run Senior Duelist because at the end of the day, it doesn't make a difference. If I end up with a Duelist also, then it will all collapse down to Duelist. The result is that there are 38 "Base" categories, 19 Open and 19 Ladies and, if all of the optional categories were appropriately populated, there would be 128 Optional categories, 64 Open and 64 Ladies. As unlikely at that is to happen, it could result in 166 categories being offered, but if there were that many shooters, no one would care! SASS Official Category Matrix 27_5.pdf That's my take on it anyway, your mileage may vary. Now, let the flaming begin...
  21. Donovan, It was great to be able to host you at your very first shoot! As you noted, the Cowboys (and Cowgirls) are a great bunch of folks, and more than willing to lend a hand. If you have not already done so, you should sign-up for Chuckaroo's Cowboy This Week Newsletter as there is a For Sale section and Cowboy Carts show up there fairly often. In fact there was a Rugged Gear Cart that just sold within the last month. There is a link on the Damascus Wildlife Rangers webpage to signup for the email list and that will get you on the Newsletter distribution list as well. Short term, at almost every match you attend, someone will lend you space in their cart, especially if you offer to push it for them. As to your questions, not necessarily in the order you asked... What locked up your shotgun was that the firing pins got stuck in the cover plate holes. When they are stuck like that, they lock into the primer indents which prevent the shotgun from opening. Stoegers are notorious for having soft firing pins that tend to mushroom out with use causing them to stick in the firing pin holes. The ultimate solution is to replace the firing pins with properly hardened ones, which are relatively inexpensive, and if you decide to do that, I have the tool to remove the firing pin retaining cover plate. It's a quick job. However, as your shotgun is brand new, even though having stuck firing pins was the cause of the lockup, mushroomed pins was probably not your issue this time. I was able to get the pins to release with a solid whack of the butt on the floor back at the building (concrete covered with carpet) and then Chuckaroo put a few drips of oil down each of the firing pin holes and we cycled the action a few times. After that, you said it ran fine so maybe the pins were just running dry. I would continue to put a few small drops of oil in those holes before and after every match for a while. As also noted, better ammo helps a LOT, both with having the shells extract from the barrels and for not letting the firing pins go too deep into the primers. Which ever brand you select, just get the low recoil stuff. Winchester FeatherLights are one of the most popular and they are only 980FPS. The targets are close, and set to fall easily, you don't need anything more than that. Eventually, you will start reloading your own, and then we can pull you into the Dark Side as Scarlett mentioned above! My suggestion is to just oil the pins and run it for a few matches to get a feel for it and see how it behaves before you take it to a gunsmith. It needs to a break in a little bit and it will also give you more data to give to the smith about what you want to have done. As to the rifle, at present there is only one cowboy gunsmiths I know if that is somewhat local. It depends on what you want to have done, but a good roll crimp on the end of the rifle rounds will help a lot. Most of the smiths I know debur the edge of the barrel mouth or even chamfer it a bit so it feeds smoother. This is typically done as part of an action job that lightens the springs and/or performs a short stroke action job. Ask around at your next match, most of the Cowboys will be willing to let you try their rifle to see how it feels and let you know who worked on it. It may help you decide what you want done. If the name you were given was Ca$h Caldwell, he is/was located in Thurmont, MD, but sadly he retired a few years ago so that won't work. The other, somewhat local, gunsmith is Cody Conagher and he is located Berkley Springs, WV about 45 minutes from Frederick. Cody Conagher's Cowboy Shop https://codyscowboyshop.com/ specializes in doing short stroke action jobs, which you will eventually want anyway , but I believe he will also do basic gunsmithing. If you ask, you will likely find that a large percentage of the top shooters in our area are using rifles he short-stroked. If there is any other information you need, don't hesitate to ask, and I will see you at a match somewhere in the near future! Dogmeat
  22. That Horse and I have a "History". Can't remember the year, 2008 or 9 as I recall, they had that horse with two large targets, one on either end, setup on what they called Bay 10 which faces close to due south. It was our first stage of the day, simple Nevada sweep starting on either end with the rifle. Sun just cresting the berm. First sweep across, no problem right, the targets are HUGE! I come back to the middle (the horse) and it's GONE, and I mean GONE. The air was dead calm, humidity just perfect, and the sun had backlit the black powder smoke so that all you could see was billowy clouds of white smoke. The target could have fallen down and you wouldn't have been able to tell. Dang Horse! If they bring that back, Paint It Black!
  23. I agree with that, but April will work. It also gets it far enough away from EOT so that the folks who travel there have time to recover a bit, and as Capt. Bill Burt pointed out, SC State is the weekend after, so you can get a "Two-For" out of the long trip. That's what Holli and I are planning to do. Drive down and hit Last Stand first, spend a couple of days in Florida, then catch Bushwhack on the way back home. Belton, SC is almost exactly half way home from where we stay in Florida. Already looking forward to the trip. Missed seeing you at DE State this past weekend, but man was it Cold & Wet on Saturday, a challenging day for sure. Sunday was much better.
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