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  1. There Is a reason for one we used we called the "homewrecker"
  2. Or after 88 days of being submitted it become a Auto DENY , there fore the ATF can and they have already stated they will come door knocking
  3. Never used it , Should I probably , I would rather go back to Afghanistan then go to Walmart
  4. Let do some checking Do some checking on that one for you , Because well I dont trust the feds on this one ,
  5. Happen to see the Northern lights last night that far south ?
  6. 1500's was a little before the "Western Cowboy" and term was used
  7. No you encounter whats left behind by that Bull , Dont put that on the grill
  8. Shall I really stir the pot and say its still 90% true as most the closest they have been to a bull is a t-bone steak ?
  9. Yep , saw them there , Just like the M16 sear on Shotgun news years ago .
  10. Nope East of Mississippi river Cowboys in 1800's were not a thing east of Mississippi
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