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  1. Depends on which side your on . The tea party rallies generally used to leave the place cleaner than they found it . But they put the IRS on those people. If they had got violent they would have come down on them hard . But BLM and antifa get a pass . What nobody seems to point out is Minneapolis is already a leftist democrat stronghold. They run everything there if their policies are so great and work so well why did this ever happen . But the places run by the democrats always seem to have all the racism, how come
  2. The protests can continue as long as they want as far as I’m concerned, it’s the riots and looting they need to squash. I believe some of the mayors and governors want this to disrupt the country. Look at Diblasio last week if someone wanted to go to a funeral or the beach he was going to lock you in jail . This week it’s ok to riot . If these “protesters” were from the right instead of the left these same mayors and governors would have the police/national guard coming down on them like the wrath of God . More about making Trump look bad than anything else. Plus after their cities have been destroyed they can ask the federal government for bailout money and when they don’t get enough “which they never will” they can blame him again. I also don’t believe in systematic racism in the USA , yes there’s racism and it cuts every way . I don’t think we’ll ever completely get rid of it but it’s no where near as bad as the race baiters make it out to be . Only good thing about this is the whole covid thing is done unless we see a big spike because of the riots , but I doubt it .
  3. After Rosanne was on for a while I remember seeing a old episode of cheers and Rosannes sister was one of Ted Dansons girlfriends. She was smoking. But was always pretty frumpy on Rosanne
  4. They don’t happen to be really wide do they like , eee . My feet generally fit good in the shoe boxes
  5. I like my odds with a AR/AK or shotgun with a lot of ammo better than without. Drop the first couple they may just turn their attention to someone easier to victimize
  6. China still puts it on all the kids toys , so it can’t be bad
  7. Had that more than covered years ago . Current favorite is a Sig MCX Virtus
  8. I’m not paying anything for a plant based burger. My food eats plants
  9. I now wonder why someone didn’t come up with something like this along time ago . For the price it’s a great addition for anyone who wants to prep brass before tumbling/cleaning/trimming
  10. I started using one of these a few years ago and it’s made primer seating much more uniform especially with mixed brass , you’d be surprised how different primer pockets are from mfg’s https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/product/productId/75513
  11. don’t sell anything, just buy another gun
  12. I’ve always been partial to tru-oil thinned 4 to 1 with mineral spirits. It allows the finish to penetrate deeper in the wood and imho works better when mudding to fill the grain . But it will change the color of the wood . And as John stated a good oil finish is easily repaired, something that’s one of its selling points to me
  13. I’ve always found the 90/10 rule to be pretty close . 90% of the people are actually pretty good decent people and 10% are $hit heads . It’s just the 10% can cause allot of problems. In fact it seems to be their full time job . There are allot of good people out there helping other people it just goes unnoticed and unappreciated for the most part.
  14. Same thing happened to my wife , you’d think after they stole the money the least they could do would be to turn the wallet in . But I guess that’s not the least they can do
  15. He certainly made some stinkers but the Shootist was a great end to a pretty nice ride . Also one of the better movies Opie has ever been in
  16. It’s a funny substance, I’ve also heard if you don’t get enough it can kill you also , I guess you could classify it as addictive
  17. I was used to Mi with Detroit being a socialist petrie dish and when I moved to Ca in the 80’s it was a culture shock I can only imagine it now . Then I moved o Wi , the people of Wi have a genuine hatred for people from Ill . Allot of them had cabins in Wi , they called them all flatlanders . Nobody really wants to move to Mi , unless your from here
  18. It’s bad stuff , it kills many people every year due to drowning
  19. CLK , years ago I used to go to the pheasant hunt on Pelee island every yr . I haven’t went in a few , guess if I go back it will have to be with the 16ga or 20 . It really sucks for you guys
  20. If the crack is spreadable without doing to much damage I’ve used the air compressor to blow acraglass in the crack while it’s still in the runny state . Sometimes you can get it pretty deep into the crack
  21. Has there been anything said about changing the decree where you can keep your 12ga with screw in chokes ?
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