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  1. Apparently someone likes them at that price. I just looked and there out of stock Did you buy your 50k Rooster
  2. I have a hard time believing that Taylor’s didn’t investigate this possibility before producing/testing the gun . If this is going to set off std hardball it’s going to be a liability nightmare. And I know a guy “I know everyone does” that used to work for CCI that said that there small rifle and pistol primers were the same except for the ones that they produced to military spec which were harder “ or magnums or bench rest, maybe other manufacturers aren’t” . So I don’t know if that means a different thickness , material or heat treat, anvil, compound ? And if the rim theory applies why not use pointed bullets? I just don’t see how even with a rimmed cartridge occasionally one bullet nose isn’t going to center on the primer during firing or dropping the gun with all the cartridges are bouncing around in the mag tube. 73’s that have been converted to 45acp aren’t out there setting off chain fires in the mag tube. It just seems to me people are looking for a problem where there isn’t one. I guess we will find out when these hit the market if they all start having chain fires
  3. Looks like the 45 ACP and Colt we’re both made with a small fp on the tip
  4. Apparently the make it in 38 also and there hasn’t been a rash of injuries I’ve heard about yet
  5. Don’t doubt these could be a problem. But I wouldn’t think they are very common. Most std round nose , fp and hp should be fine . And hopefully warning in the owners manual, and a little common sense from the end user.
  6. I guess I’m not seeing where most 9mm ammo should be a concern. Everyone I’ve ever known has shot rn ammo in a 30/30 and that has far more recoil than a 9mm. And the radius on a .308 dia bullet is going to be smaller than on a .355 , plus the 30/30 has more mass . I don’t doubt they exist but I’ve never seen a pointed bullet in a 9mm . What am I missing here?
  7. That sounds more like a problem in the reloading process. If it wasn’t possible to seat the primers deep enough then I would say it’s a primer problem. Same way if all the brass isn’t the same , different brands of brass have different depths and diameters in the pocket , S&B brass usually has extremely tight pockets. I and the people I know haven’t experienced any problems, sorry you got a bad batch .
  8. I tried some and never had any issues. A couple of friends have shot thousands of them in semi autos and S&W revolvers and never had a problem. If you’re guns primer strike is set up so light it will only set off federals , well you knew it when you did it and now that’s what you’re going to have to use. Although a couple people have told me the new cci’s are pretty sensitive
  9. They aren’t federal but at least the price is going the right way https://www.powdervalley.com/product/servicios-aventuras-small-pistol-primers/?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=Weekly&utm_campaign=Weekly Deals&_kx=E6kaNKYYOSLRyOLHF9uZBXQF-6T9Hh2E1IlpiWJDYnA.SeB582
  10. They are already punishing people for crimes someone thinks they might commit with red flag laws, so why wouldn’t they tax people for what they think they should make. It’s liberal logic. But they don’t want to punish people who are already actually breaking the law
  11. Tons of competition in the Glock accessories and clones market, it’s almost as bad as AR’s I actually met him once when I was going to gunsmithing school in Susanville. He was taking a NRA class and doing some filming for a video. He had that salesman personality, seemed like a good guy
  12. I’ve never got that. If you kill someone what does it matter how you did it , unless it’s intentionally done in a way to make somebody suffer. The penalty for murder, assault, robbery etc…. Should be severe enough as to not need to tack on a how they were armed charge. In this case the car was also an integral part of the crime , by their logic they should get a few extra years for using an automobile in the commission of a crime, it definitely can be and has been used as a deadly weapon in the past . Laws could and should be much simpler
  13. But it still was never really a “cowboy/western cartridge. Especially since the guns most everyone’s competing with are 357 magnum. My point being if you can use a 38 special you certainly should be able to use a 9mm designed in 1901 . Then you just need a pair of Schofield’s in 9mm with full moon clips for a fast reload
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