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  1. I just keep thinking, how can Bruce Dern not at least make the list ? Who’s the worst, meaning the best, could probably start allot of saloon fights.
  2. I’m honestly surprised there isn’t a email address. The NRA summer school always used to have a coordinator that was in charge of the whole shindig
  3. It would only be for a week or two. Lassen County really is a pretty sweet place to visit in the Sierra Nevadas. And it’s not really like the majority of the places in CA. I was just looking at Montgomery CC, they look to have a good summer program, and some star power. Hamilton Bowen teaches the Ruger SA class. They also have Irv Stone from Bar-Sto teaching a pistol barreling class
  4. Also there are 4 different schools that offer NRA summer programs if one of the other 3 has a class that you would want or their location suits you better https://gunsmithing.nra.org/find-a-school/
  5. There’s a phone number on this form that you have to fill out to be accepted before you can register. I’m sure they can get you a price list. When I was there in the late 80’s it was substantially cheaper for a CA residents. They just released this schedule a couple of days ago. http://www.lassencollege.edu/academics/programs/gunsmithing/Documents/NRA Summer Courses Links/Summer GSS Application.pdf All the classes say they are 1 or 2 units. The last time I was in college it was always a credit hour, but I’m guessing it’s a standard price. One for residents and another for non residents like any college I didn’t even see a cost link so I guess you got further than I did
  6. Everyone’s custom guns are going to be different. Springs, headspace, firing pin protrusion, firing pin diameter, end shake and the quality of the reloads all make a difference. If you want 100% assurance a certain primer is going to work in your gun you’re just going to have to try them. But at least a guy like this can give you an educated guess. He’s only tested one of the brands so far, it will be interesting to see how the rest go. What other primers besides federal do your guns set off reliability?
  7. You can stay in the dorms, allot of people use campers or rent a cabin. It’s all about how many classes you want to take. One week or all of them. Susanville is actually a pretty scenic area in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Even close to Reno if you want to gamble or see a show
  8. Nope , brick and mortar. They are summer classes that last a week to two weeks. When I was going through the program there allot of retirees would come for a class or two. A few spent almost the entire summer
  9. But he is testing them in a Taurus with ignition problems. Much like sass guns with light hammer springs. If you have a gun sprung so lightly it will only set off federals that’s what you’re going to have to find, there’s no sense in using anything else.
  10. Has anyone heard what became of these ? After this I never heard anything about them again
  11. There will also probably be a IRS version also . To make sure you’re paying taxes on your ill gotten gains from being the local chicken king
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