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  1. Obviously the sellers are getting what they want for their guns
  2. I write a couple of checks a year anymore. And at my CU you can go online and view a copy of the check . If you need to be reminded .
  3. Thank you for making a great set of sights , I’m guessing you’re going to sell a few pairs
  4. I was getting a few things from Brownells and decided I might as well check powder and primers and I scored 8# of Hodgdon BL C2 . I was in shock when I saw “in stock”
  5. It’s good to hear. Hopefully supply is catching up with demand
  6. Don’t think I could pull off that look , but I did enjoy the video
  7. With this not being sudden I’m hoping he had a plan , maybe has even picked a successor. Rush was always well prepared
  8. When I went to gunsmithing school some students did excellent work and some were gun butchers . The attrition rate was like 75% when I was there , allot of people starting out though it was going to be like the good old time hanging around the gunshop . Dunlap did a pretty good job of weeding for a college instructor. But some butchers made it through. It’s no different than an auto mechanic, or any other tradesmen or I guess profession for that matter. How many people out there have got the shaft because their lawyer sucked ? It also doesn’t help that there really is no standard to be a gunsm
  9. Allot of people who drive for a living like cross draw
  10. This is the best belt I’ve ever found for carrying a heavy full size gun iwb https://www.aresgear.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=99&zenid=b036931859a9216066c43c37629ace68
  11. My pants fit properly with a pistol tucked inside them
  12. No looney tunes bbls . But I do remember seeing some pics of a German WW2 gun that was intended to shoot around corners that had a pretty severe bend in it . I think it was a sub gun
  13. You just cost me some money. I like horizontal mag carriers , and there aren’t allot of holster makers who do the new Staccato guns . I freely admit I’m a holster junkie
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