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  1. I searched “best western scene” on YouTube and this is what it gave me. See what it does for you.
  2. Maybe this will help people see the way it works
  3. With a ez lube hub you could pump grease forever and never blow the rear seal . It will just keep coming out the front of the hub . if the rear seal isn’t sealing it doesn’t matter what you have the grease is going to leak out
  4. There is pressure with the bearing buddy if it doesn’t have a vent hole. Then there is sprin pressure . With the ez lube there is no pressure. Once they are full the grease just keeps coming back out at you through the bleeder/vent . Every time I take my trailer somewhere I pump each hub until I see grease coming back out at me , that way I know I’m starting each trip full . Watch the first video. Each time he pumps the gun it is pushing grease to the back of the hub/axle then forcing it back out the front . These don’t get you out of maintenance but assure your axels are full of grease , plus you can flush them if you want to
  5. These guys explain they don’t eliminate all maintenance. I like them because of the ability to flush them and the ability to fully pack the hub with grease.
  6. The trailer I have them on is used to haul a tractor and an excavator. It has breaks . I’ve had trailer for about 15 years now and never a problem with the hubs . I’ve had to work on the breaks a couple times but never for grease . These shouldn’t leak any sooner than anything else , especially bearing buddies . There’s no pressure on the seal , it’s just a more efficient way to re pac the hub . You usually won’t find these on the small trailers , I’m guessing because of cost
  7. If you look at higher end boat trailers they will usually have some version of this hub because they are always being backed into the water . This gives you a way to keep the hubs full of grease and the ability to flush any water out
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