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  1. If you’re hearing loss is anything like mine I think that you will be amazed at how much your missing and possibly misunderstanding, when we can’t hear our brains tend to fill in what we don’t hear with what we think fits . You’re also going to get allot of different opinions on tinnitus but I always felt they helped me with tinnitus. My Dr has told me you’re brain needs the stimulus. I’ve graduated to cochlear implants now and they seem to have the same effect
  2. My wife used to make extra money pulling those samples when we were both younger. She said some weren’t always initially cooperative .
  3. If a guy can do that I’m not sure anyone would want to tell him he can’t shoot
  4. It’s from Brownells FB page 28mm just under 100lbs
  5. Just ordered some Strat-O-Sheen to try . It got pretty expensive when I saw everything else the have , but I needed some new needle files , and I just couldn’t pass up one of those baby hack saw kits
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