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  1. There aren’t yet but Brandon has set it up to be
  2. I have a couple different people who do a fantastic job . During deer season it’s kind of a cottage industry in MI . One of the guys I use also makes excellent sausage. If you’re going to someone who leaves the silver skin on or has hair on the wrapped meat your just picking the wrong processor/butcher shop . It’s no different than a cow or pig , you can generally tell what kind of job you’re going to get by looking at the shop, but not always.
  3. I used to process all my own deer but anymore I just gut it and take it to the processor. I was never bad at skinning them and quartering them but I’m not much of a butcher . And I never enjoyed making sausage. I only kill a couple a year anymore so I’ll just pay for the convenience
  4. Lobster, crab , shrimp and yes as you mentioned cleaning fish . Seems I like seafood but it’s a pia I never look forward to making deviled eggs or ham roll ups around the holidays.
  5. https://www.brownells.com/handgun-parts/trigger-group-parts/trigger-parts/triggers/ruger-mk-iv-accurizing-kit-prod101222.aspx
  6. They can be eliminated. I put in the Volquartsen trigger kit , it eliminates it . There’s so much after market support for them you can make them whatever you want
  7. I had a Buckmark , Woodsman and Ruger all at the same time , the only one I still own in the Ruger . Not that there was anything the matter with the other two . The Ruger is like a 1911, glock or S&W revolver. There’s just so many aftermarket goodie’s for it you can make it into anything you want. I have to admit this one interests me , but I never have shot one https://www.smith-wesson.com/product/sw22-victory
  8. I was being a bit sarcastic myself. We’ll probably pay for the loans also before we’re done
  9. So instead of letting us all pay back their student loans he’s going to let us pay their salaries and be audited more often, gee thanks
  10. Sadly today some people would believe he said that
  11. I would think being the guberment they would want to sustain the budget they already have at the very least , so they should have had the money to replace retirees before the funding for the new ones was appropriated . I don’t remember IRS getting any budget cuts recently . So until I see something to the contrary I’m thinking this will eventually almost double the size of the irs
  12. You wouldn’t want to anyway. With 87,000 new employees it’s sure to trigger an audit. I just looked it up and as near as I can find the IRS already has 93,654 employees, so they are almost doubling . Comparing that to the USMC at 172,000 . The IRS when done expanding is going to have more personal than the USMC . Between the border enforcement “or lack of” and the acts of congress it lets you know who the government is targeting . The tax paying US citizens .
  13. It just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside to see where our tax dollars are going
  14. Didn’t show as sold on that page , sorry to get your hopes up
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