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  1. Military families who booked rooms in Foxboro, Massachusetts, which is the site of the 124th installment of this storied college football bout at Gillette Stadium, are getting cancelation notices from hotels that are being used by the state to house migrants. Army-Navy game hotel rooms given away to migrants (americanmilitarynews.com)
  2. For that to blow like it did there would have to be a large room filled with gas and at that point he would not of been conscious enough to fire a flare . No word as to why they were doing a search warrant or who it was served on , and we will probably never hear .
  3. Now do you want the US military version on this or the Canuk? Primary Leadership Qualification (PLQ) Environmental & Occupational Quals. Develop Management and Leadership Ability. Intermediate Leadership Program(ILP)
  4. Contact me before we bet on the SuperBowl this year
  5. A home exploded on Monday in Arlington, Virginia, after a suspect inside discharged several rounds of a flare gun, Arlington County Police said. Officers were trying to execute a search warrant when the suspect allegedly fired multiple rounds inside the home on the 800 block of North Burlington Street, according to authorities. For the Record I was nowhere around and was not breaching this house Must have been one hell of a "flare gun" ( Military memes for source ) https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/northern-virginia/arlington-home-explodes-after-suspect-fires-flare-gun-police/3486238/#:~:text=An explosion occurred at a,gun%2C Arlington County Police said. https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/northern-virginia/violent-house-explosion-in-arlington-as-police-execute-search-warrant/3486263/
  6. Weird hill to stand on for a squid , I win either way Marine and Army LOL
  7. Marine then went Army tabbed not scrolled But the unit I was in well Platoon Sgt was Ranger(scrolled ) SF and former Delta . We were training a unit for breaching a room they kept messing up and on a live fire shoot house I said here try this , Cracked the door and tossed a thermobaric grenade in and said thats how you clear a room I was in Iraq had no missions going the next day and a Marine unit asked our LT if he had someone that could rollout as they were a man short (sick ) . They asked who had the "club patch "ironed on inside of ACU blouse , Of course me and LT said well at least he speaks your terms LOL. I said sure . The Master Guns in charge asked if I wanted to drive or be gunner . LT yells hold up , he drives because he will shoot any damn thing that looks cross eyed at me . The Master Guns just laughed and said still a Marine . I ended up driving
  8. LOL I am sure you arent giving yourself enough credit after all you were Navy All good next rounds on me
  9. FORD - Found on Reservation Dump BOHICA - Bend Over Here It Comes Again FNG- Freeking *New Guy PFT - Pretty *Freekin* Tight RFN - Right * Freeking* Now KISS - ,Keep It Simple Stupid ARMY = Airforce Rejected Me Yesterday MARINES = Muscles Are Required Intelligence Not Essential NAVY = Never Again Volunteer Yourself AIR FORCE = Ain’t It Rough Flying Over Real Combat SPACE FORCE = Star Fleet
  10. FORD - Found on Reservation Dump BOHICA - Bend Over Here It Comes Again FNG- Freeking *New Guy PFT - Pretty *Freekin* Tight RFN - Right * Freeking* Now KISS - ,Keep It Simple Stupid
  11. LOL , Just not into that style of comedy , but to me Full Metal Jacket is a comedy and i get what you are saying kinda like riding a horse with white tennis shoes You know it dont fit in I accept that I dont care for what I deem mindless comedy , I cant stand many of Jim Carrey type comedies Ace Ventura Pet Detective is a easy Pass for me , But the 3 gun types well Grew up with Cowboy guns and the 3 guns dont have much luck running any of my tactical drills
  12. To be honest I have seen where several retailers their Black Friday and Cyber Monday "sales" were running and the current sales price just relabeled as the current thing .
  13. Yep paid for my car and any college with blood ( combat pay)
  14. So does that figure out to appx 81 million ?:)
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