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  1. Ascertain you aren't using 'A-merc' brass. They won't hardly extract from ANY rifle..... Check with Ranger Point for their Marlin extractor assembly. Worth every penny.
  2. I put mine in a DeSantis 'Wild Hog'. I believe they were/are on sale today at 20% off. Check Midway or direct to DeSantis.
  3. Well, Zeb outdrew me on this one. Well C. W., we seem to be occupying the same boat..... I found the Uplula device to be my solution. Has capability to do single-stack .45 as well as Glock 9mm. Sold all over----Midway, Natchez, Brownel's. Proper technique turns magazine loading time into....almost fun.
  4. For several posts, this was to me academic and a philosophical discussion. Then you posted her photos....... Had a traumatic and unpleasant experience at 10 years of age losing our puppy, and could never allow myself to get into a similar situation of experiencing such emotions again. Prayers for your comfort.
  5. Problem is, the current bunch is 'out of control'.......
  6. Don't recall original pricing. $145 seems familiar. Any thoughts?
  7. I like to think that in Harry Truman's day they would have been appropriately up against a wall wearing a blindfold. BTW, Joe McCarthy was right.....
  8. Old Al is as full of crap as a Christmas robin.......
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