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  1. I use Steiner 7 x 50 for in the vehicle, and 6 x 30 for carrying. Both rubber armored. 7 x 50's are excellent in low light. Avoid variable power. And by all means, try before you buy.
  2. PR, the Amazon deal on the Lansky is great....very near what I have to pay wholesale from my suppliers. I have never felt the need for the C-clamp stand. OLG's suggestion for Comet as a stone cleaner is terrific! BTW, I get the edge angle set and edge fully sharp with the xtra coarse stone, then rapidly work through the other grits taking the striations from the blade until the white stone, which basically polishes the cutting edge. Hint: I begin with a black magic marker line on each side of the edge so I can easily duplicate the original blade angle. Also, if you look edge-on and can actually 'see' the edge, it's not yet sharp.
  3. I use the Spyderco unit for quick and easy, and it's often good enough, but if you have more time and/or higher quality knives, you can't beat the Lansky deluxe system. I use both stone and diamond sets. I use them for my own use and for commercial sharpening. I've sharpened everything from a 1" secondary blade on a Victorinox Executive to a Garand bayonet and a 1943 issue GI machete. I use water, not the provided oil, to flush the metal from the stones about every 20 swipes. I avoid anything electrically powered. If you carefully view a knife's edge through a quality lense with a good light, you often see small areas of the very edge which get overheated. Over time, this bodes ill for the consistent sharpness of the blade. All of the sets using a jig depend on correct setup for both the blade and the stone.
  4. So.....what is the source for Shooter's Lube? and is it for the shooter.....or the firearm?
  5. Besides committing the sin of envy in with unbridled gusto, I undergo the 'shoulda, woulda. coulda' syndrome over all the missed opportunities as I see what vehicles are bringing now, versus what I sold the same models for in my misspent youth....... Still it is marvelous entertainment!
  6. Back in high school days, by best friend had a crackshot. It was a takedown model and perfect for backpacking. We took it along on a trip into the Olympics in Washington. Using .22 shorts we entertained ourselves for hours shooting horseflies out of the air. Still one of my favorite memories..... (yes, I know...easily entertained).
  7. `I have to have a land line to my retail store, so I get frequent 'opportunities' ..... Had the one where they pretend to be from the local utility (power company this time) and that I had to make immediate payment for past due bill or their representative, who was in the area, would soon show up and turn off our power. Payment had to be made via prepaid card, and I should read them the # over the phone. I told him to tell his representative to bring plenty of help, at least 3 days rations, and lots of body bags. That was the end of that....
  8. Nine dedicated Vigilantes gathered at the Robber's Roost range and braved a 60 degree day for 6 stages and a great time in spite of the grim weather. About 32 degrees arriving at range, and a pleasant warming as the sun broke through morning fog and clouds. By stage 4 the gloves were being retired. Snow on surrounding mountains and hills is disappearing, and buds are appearing on my Chinese elm tree. Can Spring be far away (calendar notwithstanding)? Boy, I have come to love the desert......
  9. From my machinist Dad: Always get a good light on it. You can't do neat work in a messy area. Use the RIGHT tool for the job. Nothing good happens after midnight. Mother describing what to her was a mismatched couple: Never a pot so crooked that you can't find a lid to fit it. And a favorite for motivating us kids to get a project finished: Make hay while the sun shines.
  10. A stage repository is a great idea. I very much enjoy the variety to be found (and 'borrowed from') to add spice to our club matches. I freely borrow ideas from the larger matches I attend in order to give some of our members who don't or are unable to travel a taste of what's out there. Very much appreciated are creative ways to keep our matches interesting. I will say that some of what I've experienced could go into a "stage suppository"...... the creator should shove it up their a$$....
  11. Ah, yes..... the tattoo to enhance self esteem......
  12. We tried to relocate to Southern Utah, 1988 to 1992, and everyone we ran into was fearful of our California plates. After a while, one of the neighbors came over and said "Ya know, at first we wuz afraid you might be one of them ENVIRONmentalists. But it turns out you folks are OK." We went over to 'the farm' every 3 weeks or so to mow all the grass and weeds , and just plain enjoy being there. From the grape arbor we could see the skyline of Zion Park just 12 miles away. Watching the colors change as day ended was far better than any television,,,,, On one 3 day spurt of cleaning up fence lines and mowing and starting our compost pile, the area was experiencing some record heat. For us, 105 at 3500 feet was a piece of cake, being used to Ridgecrest and MUCH more heat, and we were out mowing away and raking and all when I noticed NO ONE was visible, anywhere. No neighbors, no vehicles moving, nothing. I told my wife perhaps we were desecrating some local holiday or something. Later on, during conversation with a neighbor we discovered everyone had been laying low inside due to the extreme heat, and they all thought we must be madmen for even being outside, let alone exerting ourselves. Had a good laugh over that. Told them we wanted to be there to enjoy what they had as far as politics went. Sadly, in early1992 we were unable to meet a balloon payment, and literally "lost the farm." It was 14.5 acres and constituted the SE portion of Virgin township, and straddled the Virgin river. It was our dream for retirement. Oh, well, still dreaming..... and only one of us has retired.
  13. I live about 16 miles north of the Garlock fault. Here in Ridgecrest we've been getting aftershocks which are felt, noticeable, worrisome, but thankfully not powerful enough to cause more trouble. It does keep sensitive folks on edge somewhat. I had to set my phone app which records quake activity so that it ignores anything less than a 3 on Richter scale. If I'm up and moving around it takes 3.6 to 3.8 to be noticed. Walked into the house the other day and my son, sitting on the couch, asked "Did you feel that?" No, thankfully, I didn't notice it..... Hoping we can ride it out again when the front half of California so deservedly falls into the sea. And also hope all our CAS pards are well inland at some big shoot when it happens!
  14. Virginia's governor has no problem with murdering newborns. He may have second thoughts when the victims of his policies decide to shoot back.....
  15. Another burden foisted upon us California residents.......
  16. As Bull well knows, he can shoot stages faster than I do. However, SPEED being relative, I was able to begin to do better as I recovered from some surgery by being WILLING TO MISS. What Doc said (and wrote in his book) I took to heart. Creeker covers the same idea. For a while, I'd have monthly club matches that were 'disgraceful', but it was a pathway to increased efficiency and speed. All that said, I'm not speedy by any means, I'm just faster than I was..... There is still much for me to improve upon.
  17. All purchased items are in the mail and on the way. Thanks, pards. and Merry Christmas! BB
  18. I was, with Lawman's help, getting a handle on Glock model terminology. Then I realized it was a Teutonic sort of thing as I tried to figure out the current model roster of BMW autos......
  19. Glad to see this...... means the rest of MY day will be a breeze, relatively speaking.
  20. My first 2 years in CAS I was convinced Crown Royal was a corporate sponsor.......
  21. Mattress ticking striped shirt and Wah green paisley shirt are sold. Thanks, pards. PM on pants answered. One pair of corduroy 38 x 36 remain. I posted several shots trying to get realistic representation of color under fluorescent lighting. Costa Rican Kid has first right of refusal on them at this point. BB
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