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  1. Be sure to look tonight. Supposed to be a 'blood red' moon/eclipse beginning around midnight eastern time.
  2. Glad you're up & runnin'. When I had it all adjusted correctly, clean and lubed, it was like an exercise machine.....left hand wad; right hand pull. Only had to pause to clear finished rounds away and then stop and rest while I boxed 'em up, get a drink, and go again. By all means, call if you have any questions. A pleasant transaction all around. It gave me the opportunity to know El Catorce and Palo Alto Kid.
  3. Thanks to all who posted here...... lovely rabbit hole to explore. LOVE Cajun/Zydeco !
  4. We're finishing our third day in a row, 25-35 steady, with some MUCH stronger gusts. Canceled our match yesterday. South-westerly, so you'll likely have another day or so of it. We're not predicted to be rid of it until Tuesday night. Batten your hatches! Springtime is usually windy in our desert, but it runs in cycles, and THIS year is one of those exceptional ones. I'll be replacing some more shingles on my store roof .....
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