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  1. My Bad (as the kids say). It was late, I was tired, and trying to use my phone. What I meant to say was Ox-Is-Maroon!
  2. It's from the movie Shanghi Noon starting Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. Love that movie. Of course, you probably knew that already.
  3. I guess today is the day. The "options" expire and hopefully the final list will get posted. I know a few folks sitting right on the bubble and I am hoping they make it. Good luck to all.
  4. For me, it's a lot more to do with how (poorly) I grab them out of the belt. I think I'm faster if I grab the first two, throw them on the ground to get it over with, and go again.
  5. Only in my dreams, pard, only in my dreams! I'm working hard just to elevate myself from the top of the bottom third to the bottom of the middle third. Man's got to know his limitations!
  6. I used to shoot a Stoeger, but that now belongs to Lil. I switched to an '87 for a while, which I always liked, but it didn't like me. I think it would be fine, but it needs a little TLC as it gave me fits at times. Had to learn to load with my right hand as I was never comfortable holding it by just the lever to load, and in some ways, I was much better doing that. Unfortunately, that allowed my left had to completely forget how to grab shotgun shells properly, so when I put the '87 down after "The Incedent" (while fighting to get the shells to line up with the barrel properly
  7. I did that for a long time. Actually got to the point where I was shooting about half my matches clean, but you could time me with a Sundial. Cut my internal clock speed to about half of what it was when I was "trying" to shoot fast, granted Fast for me is a relative term. Now, as long as I can keep my stupid left eye closed when shooting my pistols so I can keep it from trying to tell my left hand gun to trust it, my accuracy is fine. Speed however has suffered, and even when everything goes right, it can still go wrong, case in point "Squibby" from the Ides of November. Shoot
  8. Well, after almost 2 decades of playing Cowboy, I have finally decided to get serious. Ok, well maybe not SERIOUS serious, but you know, maybe subject myself to that thing some folks call "Practice", heaven forbid. I've heard about it, but never really tried it before, but I understand it can help reduce a persons stage times. Figure I will start off with a remotely possible, but maybe obtainable goal. At the Ides of March my goal is to be half as fast (or is that twice as slow ) as Santa Fe River Stan. I think half-fast is better 'cause there ain't much slow in Stan!
  9. Had my FCGF butt kicked by some fine cowboys, but none finer than John Barleycorn. He and BDoc are some of the finest folks you will ever have the pleasure to meet, inside of Cowboy Action Shooting or out. I certainly look forward to seeing them again in the near future, hopefully at PA State, as all of this craziness lets up.
  10. Have you heard if there are any plans for the Chapel, or will it just be abandoned? SASS may not have made any plans at this point, but I was thinking about it as it is a "separate entity" as it were. No doubt they still have a lot on their plate at the moment, and once EOT 2021 is in the books, there will likely be more time to address these other issues, just curious if you had heard anything. As to Stampedes, I have rounded up a few stray dairy cattle in my day from my neighbors and friends farms, but No Way would I even come close to one those Buffalo on the loose! That woul
  11. Sad to see this happen. I know that there was a lot of work put into the facility over a lot of years, that will sadly be lost to the ravages of time or other development. I still remember the excitement I felt when I first read about it in the paper Chronicle and about the herd of Buffalo on the ranch. But, as with many things in life, sometimes dreams don't turn out the way we would like them too. I am glad that Lil and I had the opportunity to travel there and attend EOT on 2016. I was a really cool place to visit, and we enjoyed a few days of sightseeing around Albuquerque
  12. These two tips are were the solution to our problem many years ago. We use a small plastic funnel and make sure everything goes through that on its way into the powder measure. Takes a lot less time than cleaning up after a clump blocks the measure. I also make sure to clean the powder measure and components after every session as the powder can build up in there. I find that a brass barrel brush of the correct size does the job admirably.
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