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  1. They would only do it from my once, then they would have to clean their SG due to the Black Powder. They would never want to do it again. Scarlett, I will continue to hope that it is all an innocent accident and that someone has it to return to you. I have found items in the past, knew who they belonged too, and for what ever reason didn't see them for the rest of the match and mailed the item to them later. You would be surprised how many SASS badges end up buried in the grass. While we all know that it is an inanimate object, when something like this happens, a person can't help but feel violated by the incident. I truly hope that it finds its way back to you by whatever means.
  2. I can shoot 2 shotgun in 9 seconds, maybe, on a good day, just no other guns...
  3. You are correct, as far as I know. I do not believe that the Old Model parts will fit in the New Model, and vice versa. There is a significant size difference in the cylinders that would prevent the old from installing in the new, and even if the new fits into the old, the chambers would not be aligned with the barrel bore or firing pin.
  4. I Love Me Some Pie! You can keep the Charts!
  5. I was told early on that a '97 is nothing but 100 different parts all waiting for the most inopportune time to break. I mostly shoot a double, but when I feel the need to aggravate myself, I pull out the '87.
  6. MG, Sorry to hear this, but glad we had the opportunity to talk a bit. Hope the dust settles down a some and that the new range is able to fill the hole left by this one. Wishing you smooth trails ahead, Dogmeat
  7. Ask to try a few other pards guns. Different grips, different size/weight, or different hammers can make a worked of difference. I started off with regular old model Ruger Vaqueros shooting two handed. I switched to old model Ruger Bisley's, still two handed, so the kids could shoot my Vaqueros. When I went to duelist, the Bisley's just wouldn't point right for me, so I switched back to the Vaqueros and stayed with them through the transition to double duelist and then gunfighter. My wife switched to the Ruger Single Sixes in .32 so she could shoot duelist. I tried them, but the just felt too small for me. There are big differences in the sizes and hammer reach between all the different models and manufacturers out there. One of them is likely right for you.
  8. Here is a YouTube video about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItpFBsrSfao
  9. I believe that what you have there is an Uberti (or Pietta) 1861 Colt Navy clone cap and ball revolver. Should be .36cal. Can be fun guns to shoot, can be a real PITA too.
  10. They had to make them illegal because they only worked correctly in Rank Point matches. In a Total Time match, if you connect them to a Flux Capacitor, it sends you back to last week.
  11. Don't miss the Darkness Falls and Dark Day on the Santa Fe shoots in Fort White (near Alachua) at the end of January, the week after the OK Corral shoot. It is the Black Powder championship matches, but they allow those heathen smokeless shooters to play. Darkness Falls Dark Day on the Santa Fe Three days of shooting, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday. Lots of fun, sometimes you can actually see the targets through all the smoke! They do have limited dry camping if you are so inclined.
  12. I have that book as well. Times were much simpler then, we had what, 4 Categories?
  13. I was commenting to my wife that you must have a twin to be able to take the video, edit the video, post the video, respond to the social media, AND SHOOT, not to mention the obvious practice you must put in. Heck, I barely have time to WATCH what you post! Speaking of which, it's Tax Hell Week up here again and I think I used up all of my Social Media time for the week just this morning. Anything to avoid opening the Box Of Doom (also known as Tax Records)!
  14. Between the Covid issues and the Ammo & Component shortages, almost every match has suffered some attendance issues. Here is to hoping that 2022 will see an improvement in those issues and a rise in the attendance numbers. I completely understand the issues of having the matches too close together, and it's not just the local shooters getting time off that is the issue. Up here, and I suspect down there as well, there is a small group of dedicated folks who make these matches happen, and they typically are involved with making it happen at multiple clubs. Those folks need (and deserve) some down time between matches to enjoy the game themselves and having the big matches back to back takes a toll on everyone. Having been MD for both the Mason Dixon Stampede (when it was the Eastern Divisional) as well as Thunder Valley Days (the MD State Championship) which at the time were 3 months apart, was a huge undertaking. If they were back to back, it would have been a killer! In reality, the present setup isn't bad at all, I just wish the 950+ mile commute was a little shorter. I'm just grateful that there are clubs putting on these matches and that my wife and I are fortunate enough to be able to attend some of them. Two more matches to run at my home club, (Cops & Cowboys Charity Match and the November Monthly) then we are shut down until March (or April if the ranges are ice covered). Looking forward to Florida in January!
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