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  1. Watched the grandkids this weekend so my son and his wife could pack for their upcoming move. Chaos ensued, as expected, but I did get some prop work done for the upcoming Maryland State Match in June. With the grandkids safely returned to their parents last night, I started accumulating our gear in the living room this morning in preparation for the trip. Packing Thursday and departure either Thursday PM or Friday AM. I can hardly wait!
  2. With just a little luck, in exactly 7 Days, Lil and I will be checked into our hotel for the match. Lot of miles (both literally and figuratively) between now and then and here and there, but it's getting close. With apologies to Dr. Suess. 7 Days between Then and Now, 7 Days between There and Here Then and Now, There and Here, I'm sure to be tired anywhere!
  3. Twelve Days To Go and time is moving sooooooo sloooooooow! We are heading that way on Friday Morning the 21st so we don't arrive dead tired the night before the match. Might possibly head that way on Thursday evening the 20th and do a stop-over in Ohio as I still have a few things to take care of to settle my Aunt's estate, then head the rest of the way Friday afternoon, but hopefully I can resolve that before we leave town. Looking forward to the Match and seeing some old friends, meeting some new ones, and forgetting about the rest of the world or a few d
  4. I try to alternate water and Gatorade to stay hydrated, although I always start with coffee! For snacks, I like those little child size lunch box plastic cups of peaches and occasionally a snack pack of trail mix.
  5. Awesome! My granddaughter Summer Breeze and my grandson DooHickey have been members for 5 years. My grandson is only 6! Hopefully, when the time is right, he will become an awesome shooter.
  6. With the conclusion of the Eas'dern Shore Roundup this past weekend, next on the agenda is MBPGA just 19 days away! Looking forward to the chance to shoot in Indiana for the first time. Got a couple of shoots north of the old Mason-Dixon line that are still on our To-Do list, but they will have to wait a few years until we get a few more life details sorted out. Is there a Shooters List out there somewhere in Internet Land? I don't see anything on the website, but with EOT being held there this year, I am sure they have their hands full. Doesn't matter either way, I just like t
  7. Just wanted to drop a note with a Big Thank You to the Eas'dern Shore Renegades and their Committee Members for an awesome match this past weekend. Lil and I had a fantastic time, had the opportunity to visit with some folks we haven't see in a long, long, time and have a really fun shoot to boot. Congratulations to Vaquero Dan and Hazel Pepper the overall Delaware State Champions, all the Delaware State Category Champions, all of the Category Winners, and to overall match winners Tombstone Coty and Happy Valley Harlot. Some fine shooting for sure! P.S. POSSE 4 WAS
  8. I believe that there are several other threads on this topic in this forum and as I recall Starline, while they make excellent brass overall, does not anneal their brass. My wife shoots 32H&R brass using a APP and a 115gr 32-20 bullet, which is no a hot load. She get a couple of split cases every match, split down the side not at the mouth, and that happens even with brand new brass. As the 32H&R brass is relatively long compared to it's diameter, the process of drawing the brass into shape likely is building a lot of longitudinal stresses into the finished case which is showing up
  9. Geronimo, Who the heck is supposed to keep us whippersnappers in line if you aren't there? One can only imagine the kinds of chaos we will get into unsupervised! Hope you feel better. Who knows, maybe by Saturday, you will be ready to go!
  10. One.......More........Day....... The Dodge City Peace Commission is waiting for you! Left To Right, Standing: W. H. Harris, Luke Short, Bat Masterson Left To Right, Sitting: Chas S. Basset, Wyatt Earp, H. C. Clark, Neil Brown
  11. Ever since Covid, that seems to be the case. No school busses running, those that do go into the office leave earlier because the don't have to wait for the kids to get on the bus, and the other half are teleworking. It's a weird world....
  12. Taking a 5 min break from working on Hell house (That probably deserves its own website ) and all I can think of is what I need to do before I go. Brake pads and rotors are coming in tomorrow, brake job tomorrow night after the new driveway goes in at Hell House, then oil change Thursday AM, then paperwork scramble until 5:00pm, then pack for the trip. Friday AM, it's coffee, breakfast, and hit the road. Like to be on the road by 9:00am so we are after morning rush hour, and be at the range before 11:00am. It's a plan (and we all know how those go), but at least it's
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