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  1. They would have to stop me at the border to keep me away! (Of course, maybe that's why I'm sneakin' in on the train! ) As mentioned above, my time on the wire (or anywhere else for that matter) has been severely limited for quite some time now, and this series of matches is my little escape from reality, even if just for a little while. I do have to bring some w*rk with me for the time between the Dark Day and the Ides, but it sure beats being back home. One of these days, I am going to just rent an industrial shredder and be done with it! That or a dumpster fire, maybe both, or maybe I will just dispose of it the way the do at the alphabet agencies, shred it, pulp it, burn the pulped paper, stir the ashes, and then spread them indiscriminately across multiple states. Maybe that can be my new job! The Feathered One says Howdy. See you in a couple of weeks!
  2. There are not enough moderate Democrats, and even if there were, they will never gain enough power to change the laws. Maryland is in the same cesspit of liberal politics, constantly trying to gain the lead on California when it comes to enacting this kind of BS. Note that it doesn't matter where the ammo comes from, store bought or home made, the RANGES are the ones that will feel the pinch if a patron violates the law. They will shut down SASS in a heartbeat if push comes to shove. Until a more conservative court is in place, one that constantly smacks down the stupid laws and lawmakers that enact them, they will continue. There is too much dirty money flowing to make the Democrats stop.
  3. Travis James, Thanks for posting the links. I had intended to do that in the initial post, but it would appear that I failed miserably at that task. For a great many reasons, I have avoided the "Book Of Faces" so thank you for those links as well. Likely that's where all of the real activity is these days as the Wire has certainly lost much of its activity. See You At There!
  4. Just a little weight, as to the hair, lets just say Photoshop is my friend. As I always say, Grey hair is not given, it is earned, and I earned every dang one of them! Looking forward to the visit for sure. Been far too long since I had the chance to sling lead into the either that exists between the muzzle and the target that mysteriously turns a perfectly aimed shot, into a miss! Take care and I will see you at the Ides!
  5. Managed to get 3200 38's sorted, inspected, and primed and about 960 32's sorted and inspected over the weekend and Lil managed to churn out about 250 12ga this weekend too. I should get all of the priming done this evening, then we will be cranking the press for a few more evenings to get the ammo done before next weekend. Next it will be time to pull out all of the guns and give them a look over and fresh oiling after their long hibernation. That will just leave the ugliest job of all, and no it's not packing. That job is to pull out all of the Cowboy Clothes to see if anything still fits!
  6. OK, I know I've been out of the loop for a while (Life has been beatin' the ever loving He77 out of me this last year), but I come on here to the Wire to look for the thread about the Fabulous Florida Spring Fling and NOTHING? Seriously, I leave you guys on your own for 11 months and NOTHING? Well, there are only Three Weeks Left until the Hills of Fort White will be white with SMOKE and I for one seriously need the break that this series of matches provides! Haven't shot a match since May of last year, so I suspect I will be a little rusty (not that anyone will notice) but I'm planning on having a BLAST! Looking forward to seeing all of my Florida Pards as well, even that Waimea fella who sells them stolen bullets. Finally cracked open the ammo locker last week only to discover that I had all of about 3 rounds ready for the match (I eventually found about 200 more, but that ain't even close to enough!). Started inspecting and priming brass that very same night. Glad I didn't wait until the day before departure, like normal, because THAT would have been UGLY! Now if I can just remember to bring the right rifle... (For those of you that didn't see me kicking myself last year, I managed to grab my 38/40 rifle and not my .38. Needless to say, the .38 ammo didn't want to work too well. Lil was kind enough to share her rifle during the Darkness Falls and Dark Day matches and she brought my rifle back with her for the Ides. Still catchin' flak on that...and deservedly so. ) Been a very strange winter here in the Peoples Republic of Maryland, too warm, no snow, still feels like fall. Normally I'm talking about snow and ice and cold weather but nothing yet. Lil Feathers is hoping for a blizzard up here on the 15th so she can cancel her flight back and just stay down for the gap between Dark Day and the Ides. She just leaves me down there (supposedly to save the cost of the extra flights) but I think she likes the quiet of not having me around yelling at the massive pile of Tax Papers in my office. I'm heading down on the AutoTrain this year. Lil says I need to be getting more than 4 hours of sleep per night if I'm gonna drive that far by myself. I keep telling her that the ringing in my ears gives the voices in my head something to sing too, so I am never alone but she ain't buying it. Anyway, I will be arriving in Florida on the 9th and off to Dunedin, pick up Lil at TPA on the 11th and we drive up to Alachua on the 12th to get signed in and maybe even extricate the cart from back so I don't have to mess with that Thursday before the match. Looking forward to seeing everybody again, and I've got a hankering for some Fish & Chips at the Hideaway, too. Dogmeat Dad & Lil Feathers
  7. With the change of personnel, there have been a few database errors, but Ruthless Ruby at SASS HQ (who at last contact was the SASS Club Administrator) is working to get everything back on track. If in doubt, give her a call, but even after it is fixed in the database, it can take a little while to get it fixed in the Chronicle and on the website.
  8. Hi Dogmeat Dad,

    When are the dates for the 2018 Eastern Divisional please.?

    And when you have them can you advise the SASS office to put them up on the Shooting Events page.

    We are planning a longer trip  east  next year and the earlier we know the better.

    Many thanks,


    1. Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L

      Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L



      Glad to hear you may be heading east of the Mississippi again and we would love to have you back at the Stampede.  We made some big changes last year and the event was very well received.  Much remains to make it the match I want it to be, but we are off to a very good start.


      While it may seem later than normal this year, it is just the result of vagaries of the calendar.  We always end on the 1st Sunday in October and for 2017 it was the Oct 1st, but for 2018 it is on Oct 7th.   That said, for 2018, the primary dates for the Eastern Divisional will be as follows, but obviously we are still working out the details.


      4 Oct 2018 - Thur - Side Match Day

      5 Oct 2018 - Fri - Main Match Day #1

      6 Oct 2018 - Sat - Main Match Day #2


      In 2017, we held the Awards Ceremony on Saturday Night off site at a local American Legion and it seemed to be very well received.  I am anticipating that we will do that again for 2018.  The only disappointment with that schedule is that the Top Gun Shoot-Off on Sunday was very poorly attended.  I certainly understand that folks want to hit the road for home (or their next shooting event) but I felt bad for the folks that earned their place in the Shoot-Off.  Still trying to figure that how to fix that.


      I will forward this on to SASS also.  They should have it already, but the wheels of HQ sometimes come off the rails!  :rolleyes:


      Looking forward to your "potential" revisit.





    2. Jackaroo, # 29989

      Jackaroo, # 29989

      Hi DD,

      OK that's sounds fine, I thought it may be that weekend. We want to go to Heluva Ruckus next year then come down to you guys, then on the Wartrace TN on the way home. Makes a longer gap, but I'm sure we can fill it in some how. Of course Niagara is the first stop I guess. Anyway we'll see.

      I hope next year the weather is as good as this year, compared to 2016 when it was so miserable!

      Yes, we also used to do a top gun shoot off here at Land Run on the Sunday but the same result happened.

      Unless the awards are done after,  most tend to hit the road.

      At Land Run we also do the awards at the banquet at the National Cowboy and History Museum, fantastic, you need to come over one year. Next year is 19-21 April

      What we have done the past few years, is have a top gun shoot off on the Friday PM before the range dinner, but we made it open to all.! Needless to say last year it didn't boost numbers & was also quite poorly attended and only had 18 shooters, of course then you get bye's which is a pain. 

      We  did it that way so as to not reveal who the potential top 16 would be if they just took them from the first days results. !

      The only way is to do it on Sunday am just like EOT and WR & have the awards after, there's no getting around it, or dump it altogether.?

      Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year and be safe, all being good we'll see ya in 2018.


  9. Can I use my massive stack of accumulated (and now useless) Rank Points to pay of my (as yet unearned) Warning Points?
  10. Necro-Thread Rises From The Dead. Of course the subject matter will never go away. There are, have been, and will be, valid reasons for and against both scoring methods but, at least at the moment, SASS has made Rank Points a requirement at State and Above matches. Most of the top shooters understand this, and adjust their game to meet the requirements of the match. Scoring method may shuffle the positions a place or two, but the cream still rises to the top. Based on my personal experience of being firmly established in the top of the bottom third in the scores, it doesn't matter to me much at all, and I would suspect that is also true 80% - 90% of the shooters, I've heard people lament about losing by one rank point and I've heard them lament about losing by one one-hundredth of a second, just as I have heard them celebrate their wins by the same small amounts. Go out, enjoy the game, enjoy the time with friends, celebrate their wins, console their losses, and play cowboy. At the end of the day, you will be driving home in the same vehicle that you came in 'cause there ain't no Cadillac waitin' for the winner. Life is just too short to worry about it.
  11. Happy Birthday/Anniversay SASS! 30 Years, hard to believe, but what's harder to believe is that I've been there for half of them! Looking forwad to the next 30 (or as many of them as the good Lord sees fit to grant me.)
  12. Prayers up for a speedy recovery. BTW, with all the "Racing Joints" being installed these days, maybe we need a Bionic Category, or maybe a Vintage Category for those with all original equipment.
  13. Funny thing about side match day, we would usually shoot a Mini-Match like at the Siege, but other than maybe plinking on the derringer bay, we usually avoid side matches. It's another day of gun cleaning (we are BP shooters as you know), and I find that on side matches I usually keep shooting until I slightly exceed my personal speed limit and the wheels come off. Then on match day, I can't seem to keep my foot off the accelerator. One of these days, I will give it a go again, but probably not on this trip. Anyway, I sure look forward to getting down there again. My mouth is already watering just thinking about those onion straws at the Conestoga Restaurant in Alachua! Oh, and Greta on a 2-Day bender!?! Be afraid, be very afraid!
  14. Personally, I will be happy with the 8 stages at Dark Day on the 11th, 5 days to rest, recover, and enjoy the Florida weather, then 5 stages the 17th and 5 stage the 18th before heading home. I've shot 10 in a row for several years at the Stampede as a Berm Marshal, but it's not for everyone. Had some of my best matches, and some of my worst matches, doing that! I can't imagine shooting 20 stages over two days. The last couple on day two would just be UGLY! All I know is I am missing being in Florida for the Siege! I would normally be getting stuff ready for the Journey South this weekend instead of sitting here wondering whether it's going to snow before I get the snow-blower hooked up to the tractor. Dogmeat Dad
  15. As a good pard of mine says, #8 shot can go places air can't reach!
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