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  1. When I told them it was a 1996 Tahoe with 309k miles all I heard was "Click-Buzzzzzzzzzzz"
  2. Shot with him a couple of times on or journeys to Florida. Great guy and can shoot a rifle at warp speed to boot!
  3. For those of you who are not on the SASS email list (You should be...Hint-Hint), Blackjack Zak has stepped down from his duties on the SASS Advisory Board to focus on his other SASS Commitments, like being Match Directore for the relocated EOT and being Chairman of the ROC Committee, no small tasks! I had the opportunity to meet with him (and take ROII refresher courses from him) at the SASS Conventions in the past. He is definitely one to ride the river with. I would like to take this opportunity to personally say Thank You Blackjack Zak for all you have done for SASS and this game we all
  4. I am the current Match Director for the Damascus Wildlife Rangers in Damascus, MD. Our shoots are conducted on the ranges of the Wildlife Achievement Chapter of the IWLA. I will answer what I can, but depending on the questions, may have to do it via PM. Dogmeat
  5. After 19 years in this game, I have firmly established myself at the top of the bottom 1/3. My goal for the next 10 years is to break into the bottom of the middle 1/3! Who knows, maybe if I actually practiced, I could make it to the bottom of the top 1/2. Who am I kidding, that sounds like work and I already have WAY too much of that!
  6. There you go, braggin' again.
  7. I like to see posse sizes of 15 for monthly matches and 17 for bigger matches, but that can easily vary based on the experience level of the posse members. We generally use 13 as the minimum and rarely let it get above 20. The tradeoff seems to be between having enough workers and making the amount of time each posse spends on a stage too long. Small posse's with new or inexperienced shooters can be just as big of a bottle neck as an oversized posse, but a posse of experienced shooters can be 20+ and still get done quickly. Well, assuming they don't have too many of us BP shoote
  8. Aww man, I thought this was going to be an ad for the Popeil's Pocket Fisherman!
  9. My accuracy always suffers when I am under pressure! I have since taken up meditation to help deal with the pressure...
  10. My wife Lil Feathers would be in, it's the only category she shoots, but alas Phoenix is 2,291 miles away door to door and that is just a bridge too far for us. Hopefully we will make it into Land Run in 2022. That's the plan anyway. Enjoy EOT 2022!
  11. That may be the understatement of the decade!
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