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  1. For a while, we had a young man (Hansom Ranson if memory serves) who was wheel-chair bound shooting with us. His Uncle, would move him from position to position while the rest of us cheered him on. Uncle, who was a SASS member but never shot, got Spirit of the Game award that year as I recall. A couple years ago, at the Mason Dixon Stampede, M.T. Chambers worked tirelessly to turn our run-down fort into a work of art Train Car! Targets were shot through the side windows, but because the platform was elevated and the targets on the ground, one of our Junior shooters could not see the targets. I high-tailed it over to the campground and grabbed an entry step stool so the young man was able to shoot the stage. Accommodate where ever possible. To quote Bill & Ted..."Be Excellent To Each Other". It's who we are supposed to be.
  2. If anyone is going out to Comin' At Cha from Maryland, I will be happy to haul whatever it is down to FL for you when we come down for the "Ides of November" . Probably too far away time-wise to be of help to you, but be happy to help if I can. See you in November! Dogmeat
  3. Certainly, especially if they were shooting that heathen smokeless powder! BP Guns Matter!
  4. Change it to Speed RZR.
  5. When my wife and I and a few friends went in 2016, we stayed in Albuquerque in the Candlewood Suites, I think it was about $69 per night at the time. Had a small kitchenette in the room, a laundry on site, plus close to lots of restaurants. There is the added bonus that you are about 1500' lower in altitude so those who don't acclimate well to the altitude of the range can recharge a bit overnight. It was about 45 min each way, but the roads were good and the traffic was not an issue. Granted all of that was 4 years ago. We did miss a few of the social events in the evenings, but it worked well for us.
  6. That is not always true, It depends on the structure of the company and besides, in this case, the current WB are the stockholders as I understand it. If I were a betting man, which I am not, I would bet that there will be a large number of resume's reviewed, a small number interviewed, and from that a smaller number nominated/ elected or appointed to the Board. It would not surprise me however, to see one or two long time members with a long history within SASS put up for election by the membership. I envision something like this CEO: Misty Moodshine CFO: Appointed Position 7 BOD Members: Appointed Positions 2 BOD Members: Elected By Membership 11 Members with the CEO being the Tie Breaker. The ratio of Appointed too Elected Board Members would evolve as time goes on, but I certainly wouldn't expect to see a cohesive BOD selected randomly on the first go. Heck, this group has been arguing about Rank Points vs Total Time for at least the last 30 years! In closing, I want to take this opportunity to personally thank the Wild Bunch for everything they have done, and continue to do, for this Game we call SASS. I have had the distinct pleasure to meet and speak with The Judge, Justice Lily Kate, U.S. Grant, Tex, Cat Ballou, Hip Shot, Wild Shot, Coyote Calhoon, Misty Moonshine, and a few others of the WB over the years. If there is one thing I can say about them with 100% certainty is that each and everyone of them Love This Game! They did not always agree with each other, and they did not always agree with my opinions of how things should go (No Big Surprise There ) but I have 100% certainty that everything they did was what they believed at that time was in the best interest of SASS. As they step away from the day to day operations and concerns of SASS and leave it to the next generation to carry on the traditions, I hope they recognize the amazing thing that they have accomplished and the 100,000 plus lives that they have positively affected. God Bless each and every one of them and may they spend their remaining years (many more I hope!) enjoying the game they created and letting others worry about the details. Happy Trails to one and all, Dogmeat Dad & Lil Feathers
  7. Didn't you ever watch Tom Selleck in Monte Walsh? You have to soak it in a rain barrel, then wear it until it dries. It will fit like a glove, eventually. Might look like hell by the time it fits right, but hey, it's Cowboy!
  8. Prayers Up, Preacherman! Really sorry to hear about your misfortune. Guess it's a good thing it was a Jeep and not a Clydesdale! I had my right ankle broken playing ball about 40 years ago. I was 14 weeks in a cast, and it took about a year to get about 99% of the mobility back. Most of the time I hardly notice it, but I can usually predict when we are about to get snow. That shouldn't be a problem for you, living in Florida and all, but maybe you will be able to predict Hurricanes! Heal well, follow the Doc's advice, and Do The Physical Therapy and keep doing it at home even after the Doc's release you. Hopefully, we will see you in Florida at the Ides of November, and if not there, at Darkness Falls/Dark Day in January. Dogmeat Dad & Lil Feathers
  9. It's a disease, pure and simple. Once you get hooked on the Smoke, there is no turning back. Besides, it provides a great excuse for those occasionally missed targets!
  10. Not sure what happened here! Tried to fix a spelling error and got a duplicate post. Dang Confusers!
  11. In prior years, they had a "Smokeless" category but with no sub-categories. If you wanted to shoot the match with smokeless, you could, but everyone was in the same category no matter the shooting style or dress category, it was just "Smokeless". Personally, I thought it was a great way to get more shooters to attend the match. While I do not profess to know the reasons for it being dropped this year, I suspect there were complications associated with that configuration, possibly even complaints to the Match Director about someone's "Smokeyness", only to discover later that they were actually in the Smokeless Category. Or what do you do in the case where the Top Gun in a Black-Powder match is shooting Smokeless? Regardless, it will likely be another in a long line of excellent matches. Lil Feathers and I have attended everyone except the first as we didn't find out about it in time to adjust our personal schedules so we could attend. Looking forward to the move to January!
  12. Lil and I will be there. Definitely need a break from the insanity around here! I have no doubt that a great time will be had by all.
  13. Hi Dogmeat Dad,

    When are the dates for the 2018 Eastern Divisional please.?

    And when you have them can you advise the SASS office to put them up on the Shooting Events page.

    We are planning a longer trip  east  next year and the earlier we know the better.

    Many thanks,


    1. Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L

      Dogmeat Dad, SASS #48563L



      Glad to hear you may be heading east of the Mississippi again and we would love to have you back at the Stampede.  We made some big changes last year and the event was very well received.  Much remains to make it the match I want it to be, but we are off to a very good start.


      While it may seem later than normal this year, it is just the result of vagaries of the calendar.  We always end on the 1st Sunday in October and for 2017 it was the Oct 1st, but for 2018 it is on Oct 7th.   That said, for 2018, the primary dates for the Eastern Divisional will be as follows, but obviously we are still working out the details.


      4 Oct 2018 - Thur - Side Match Day

      5 Oct 2018 - Fri - Main Match Day #1

      6 Oct 2018 - Sat - Main Match Day #2


      In 2017, we held the Awards Ceremony on Saturday Night off site at a local American Legion and it seemed to be very well received.  I am anticipating that we will do that again for 2018.  The only disappointment with that schedule is that the Top Gun Shoot-Off on Sunday was very poorly attended.  I certainly understand that folks want to hit the road for home (or their next shooting event) but I felt bad for the folks that earned their place in the Shoot-Off.  Still trying to figure that how to fix that.


      I will forward this on to SASS also.  They should have it already, but the wheels of HQ sometimes come off the rails!  :rolleyes:


      Looking forward to your "potential" revisit.





    2. Jackaroo, # 29989

      Jackaroo, # 29989

      Hi DD,

      OK that's sounds fine, I thought it may be that weekend. We want to go to Heluva Ruckus next year then come down to you guys, then on the Wartrace TN on the way home. Makes a longer gap, but I'm sure we can fill it in some how. Of course Niagara is the first stop I guess. Anyway we'll see.

      I hope next year the weather is as good as this year, compared to 2016 when it was so miserable!

      Yes, we also used to do a top gun shoot off here at Land Run on the Sunday but the same result happened.

      Unless the awards are done after,  most tend to hit the road.

      At Land Run we also do the awards at the banquet at the National Cowboy and History Museum, fantastic, you need to come over one year. Next year is 19-21 April

      What we have done the past few years, is have a top gun shoot off on the Friday PM before the range dinner, but we made it open to all.! Needless to say last year it didn't boost numbers & was also quite poorly attended and only had 18 shooters, of course then you get bye's which is a pain. 

      We  did it that way so as to not reveal who the potential top 16 would be if they just took them from the first days results. !

      The only way is to do it on Sunday am just like EOT and WR & have the awards after, there's no getting around it, or dump it altogether.?

      Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year and be safe, all being good we'll see ya in 2018.


  14. Can I use my massive stack of accumulated (and now useless) Rank Points to pay of my (as yet unearned) Warning Points?
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