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  1. Thank yor for your service to the community. Glad you and yours came through OK. Going to be a long cleanup and recovery. Prayers go out to everyone.
  2. This storm isn't leaving anyone alone. While no where near the storm being seen in Florida and down south, it is bringing us (in Maryland) 4 days of rain and the associated flash flooding starting this afternoon. It is a monster!
  3. Glad you came through relatively unscathed! Thanks for the news about Preacherman! Hopefully, we will hear from Wiamea when he gets cell service back. Keep us updated!
  4. Brett Adair has a YouTube channel called Live Storms Media. He was one of the storm chasers for Ryan Hall Y'all's live stream YouTube broadcast yesterday. If you want to see some drone footage of the damage, check it out. Below is a link to his channel. Prayers Continue! Those folks are in a world of hurt, and will be for a long time. Live Storms Media The destruction is unimaginable! Prayers Continue! Those folks are in a world of hurt, and will be for a long time.
  5. Did you try Wiamea? I know he makes them, not sure if he has them in stock. He may be a little under water at the moment, as he is in Florida, but you can give it a try. Outlaw Bullets.
  6. If this works, it's a video from a helicopter of the area taken by the Sheriff's office. Large sections of the causeway are wiped out, as in just gone! Don't know how to post a Twitter link, so here is the direct link. SheriffLeeFL Averial View Prayers up for all the first responders!
  7. Looks like part of the causeway to Sanibel Island has collapsed. I saw a worse looking picture on the Weather Channel, but can't find it again and I'm not sure if it was the same location. I'm pretty sure this was the only access road to the island. Hope everyone got off before the storm hit.
  8. As daylight comes, and the damage starts to come into focus, I pray that everyone made it through the maelstrom physically safe. Things are replaceable, people not so much. Be careful in the days ahead, check up on your neighbors and friends, and check in here so we know you are OK. Prayers for a speedy recovery for all affected, and for all those still dealing (or about to deal with) this storm.
  9. Estimates of flooding from Storm Surge. Color chart is Feet Above Ground!
  10. No doubt about that, they are going to be in a bad way for quite a while. I watch this guy's channel for almost all of my weather info. Mostly, it's just a daily post, but when there is a major weather event, he goes live. Around here, it's not Hurricanes, it's snow storms.
  11. There is a good YouTube weather channel that is doing a live broadcast for thouse interested. According to his data sources, winds on the western eyewall are gusting at 190-210mph. There will be next to nothing left. Land fall within moments... Ryan Hall, Y'all
  12. Prayers Up for all in the path of this beast. No doubt, it is going to be a long recovery from this event. At least Waimea has plenty of ballast!
  13. Ian is now a Cat 4, close to a Cat 5, and looking to make landfall around Fort Myers. It will bring heavy, heavy, rain and an 8' to 12' foot storm surge. Prayers Up for all in the path of this storm!
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