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    You'll want to segregate the Preparation H and the BenGay too!!
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    Look at the bright side of this: the manufacturers were all paid for their goods. Now, they have $5 million in merchandise they no longer have to warranty, nor insure against product liability lawsuits. Dicks should do this every year, and help keep the gun manufacturers solvent. Ruger, et al, could ship all of those that fail quality control inspections directly to Dicks. Ruger can get paid for their bum steers, Dicks can virtue signal by destroying them. Sounds like a win-win to me...
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    Im no expert but I shot by brother with a wrist rocket once!
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    Icy. It warmed up nicely to near 50 though.
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    Insecurity and uncertainty can be your friends!!
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    My wife as she just finished backing my 02 Softail. out of the garage. They looked so hot together I had to have a picture. Bell is hanging off the front axel
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    WD-40 is really good at taking ink off.
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    Lone Ranger and Tonto were riding along when they were suddenly surrounded by 100 indians that looked mean as hell. The Lone Ranger said to Tonto,"Kemosabe, what should we do?" Tonto said, " What do you mean Kemosabe, white man"?
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    My thoughts? Honestly? I would rather go fishing than shoot stages like that.
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    The Cottonwood down in the creek bed is always the first to signal it's Fall. It began to turn a week or two before the first day of fall.
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    The Chinese Communist government has been our enemy for 70 years. Every now and then, the mask slips and their true nature is revealed, as it is now. They are brutal and oppressive and will remain so until the system collapses. I do not see that happening in my lifetime.
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    Im Vlad you posted that...
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    while some wonder and think themselves non-binary, my truck is a girl and i stroke her dashboard when she gets me around something in a hurry. My hunting rifle is also a girl. I've never heard them complain about being referred to as a girl.
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    Bah, not real unless they have chicken wire in front of the stage!
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    Number 4 is generally not the case with the electrical stuff (although there have been notable exceptions in other areas... just ask the good citizens of San Bruno!). PG&E is required by law to maintain the transmission line rights-of-way, and they used to do a good job of it. However, there's now a history of being repeatedly blocked in those efforts by enviro-nuts and the courts. Here's a typical argument (article link below): "Some members of the Save the American River Association and the American River Parkway Coalition and others are fighting to stop PG&E from cutting down what they estimate could be 100 cottonwood and oak trees near a major electricity transmission line that runs through the parkway near Discovery Park...." Is PG&E going too far? Otherwise, there's no shortage of other issues to get grumpy with 'em about. And don't forget the so-called PUC (Public Utilities Commission), who have a history of just about giving PG&E a rubber-stamp "Okey Dokie!" every time the company asks for a rate increase.
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    I know how to find out. Just wait and see.
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    Call John WIck. ..........Widder
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    Did someone mention Garands and Fergusons...? Both fun ~ the Garand is MUCH easier to clean!
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    The best ones, these days, aren't scary any more.
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    Nothing wrong with celebrating good wherever and whenever it happens. Glad and you had a good time with your sons.
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    Bombing a small island - has to drop over water so the forward momentum will carry the ordnance to the land.
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    Not a fan of the slide. Some stages will have 6 SG targets. And you might need extra if you need a makeup. Might even need more than that. Have had some shotgun side matches have 8 SG targets. So would say for me. 8 minimum. One reason I prefer the SG belt over slide. With the slide and that many rounds in the slide. It kind of limits where and how you place your holsters. Lets don't forget your rifle reloads you will need also. With the SG belt. I can place my holsters closer together if I want. Still have room for all the SG shells I need and also have my rifle reloads on my SG belt. My belt has room for 6 shells on one side. 5 rifle reloads in the middle. 6 more SG shells on the other side. You will see shooters use more SG belts than slides mainly because of the reasons listed above.
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    Unfortunately this is the new normal at Cabelas. The Gun Library at the stores here are exactly as you describe as well. Also there are few sales on ammo now and the locks stay on the guns until they're sold, so no checking the actions. I have a strong feeling that in another year or two they're going to pull a Dick's on us and stop selling firearms (or at least MBR's and handguns) as well. The closest one to me was remodeled earlier in the year and is now 2/3 full of overpriced clothing, where before it was only 1/3 of the showroom floor.
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    I'm not saying y'all're wrong, because I've never loaded paper, and I've never loaded black powder shotshells. But IF in the 1880s all there was was black powder, and IF all there were was paper shotshells, and IF you can only shoot black powder out of paper one time, Then why did they invent shotshell reloading tools back then? It don't make sense.
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    So what's your point, Bob? I'm a male chauvinist pig and proud of it. That being said, there's noting nicer than a gun totin' gal. Remember the Swedish bikini team? I also believe in treating a woman like a Lady until SHE proves that she doesn't deserve it.
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    Dang it, that's purrrdy! I wish I was cash heavy! I might have to sell a couple of my cap guns to fund this. If it don't sell first. Good luck with the sale.
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    Virtue signalling, to the segment of the buying public that they are now targeting. LL
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    The way to solve road hunting is to get away from the roads. I generally try to hike in a mile or so away from any roads. Eliminates the road hunters who stay in they vehicles on the roads and 2 tracks.
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    Pain is completely subjective. The purpose of these scales is to give the doctor an idea of what the patient feels.
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    I use Amazon Smile to donate to the 2nd Amendment Foundation.
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    I thought he had neon in his veins and didn't need that stuff
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    May I suggest that Uno do this?
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    Now if they would just snap on and off, you could have a Barbie doll gun setup.
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    China is big enough to do whatever it wants. Even our own government treads lightly when dealing with the South China Sea, Hong Kong and Taiwan situations. Either we can start World War III over it or accept the fact that the Chinese communists are firmly in control of their country and have successfully brainwashed all of its people into agreeing with anything they do. It may sound odd to us, but remember that China has always been this way long before the communists even showed up. It's part of their culture to put the interests of the country first, their family second, and themselves last. As for the businesses, it's the same way. You either kiss their ass or the competition will. .
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    Try a 6mm x 17mm kidney stone!
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    Both. I really like .38 Short Colt for frontier cartridge. Not enough difference for my wife or myself when shooting smokeless (Trail Boss, specifically) in .38 Special. C45S on the other hand is noticeably better for light loads than in the larger .45 Colt with smokeless. Great for frontier cartridge as well.
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    Holy crap! That’s a two six pack and 6 shots band. That’s what it would take for them to sound good...maybe...maybe 12 shots...
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    1860 Henry 159 years....and still being used competitively...well, sort of. LL
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    They will wait til your back is turned then lovable little cuddles will try to rip a kidney out. Never can trust them.
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    I want to see the reloading equipment for that....and the bench he uses it on.
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    I'm still chuckling over "bison tennial." 15" x 11" x 6.5"
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    Yul, I will absolutely take you up on that. Unfortunately I'm out of town again for a couple of weeks, but I'll be sure and reach out when I get back. It was great to see and shoot with you the other day. Thanks for the kind words about my shooting. It seems like you and everyone else got way faster while I was gone!!
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    this is done for Ms. Mary Matilda: SASS Alias: Ms. Mary Matilda SASS #: 66348 Where you are from: North Alabama just shy of the Tennessee Line How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: jest abit less than Okb
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    In my family it was “‘til the nigh” when I was a.child. Cat Brules
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    The term is "for the nonce." "From Middle English for þe nones, for þe nanes, a rebracketing of earlier for þen ānes (literally “for the once”)."
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    I'm a Cimarron fan. Colorado Jackson will deliver to most any match he attends, especially locals around Dallas area..
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