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    Things are getting out of hand. I just saw this call for protests on Facebook.
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    The people in this sport are awesome. A couple of years ago I had a mild stroke, and now I am battling Parkinson's, and most of the time I use a cane due to balance issues. I can't count the number of times when people have insisted on moving long guns for me and helping me get through a stage Shortly after my stroke, I was gonna cancel a shoot in SD, but they insisted that I come anyway if I was up to it. I told them I would try, and they said to text shortly before I got there. When I pulled in, about six guys met me and insisted on setting up my little camper for me. I thought I would end up hanging out and watching the match and maybe spot for the weekend, but I discovered they had assigned a young man to be my "caddie" for the weekend, moving my cart and long guns for the weekend. Obviously, I was slow, but with their help, I was able to finish the match. Then, while visiting and waiting on the awards, unknown to me, they hooked up the camper and I was surprised to see I was ready to roll when I got there. The last couple of years have been challenging. The people in this sport keep me fighting
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    A lot of people don't realize that today, September 17th, is Constitution Day, the anniversary of the adoption of our beloved constitution. As some of you know, I'm a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, a patriotic service organization, for which we have to genealogically prove descent from a Revolutionary War patriot. Each applicant has to provide all the documentation leading back to the patriot, and it is checked and verified by a team of professional genealogists at the national headquarters before membership is granted. Our record keeping systems are antiquated, so the national office is creating the Patriot Research System, a database of all those approved applications, including their lineages. The problem is, the approved applications are typewritten and scanned, so there is no easy way to transfer all the data into the database. A team of over 600 volunteers, including yours truly, is currently undertaking all that data entry manually. In any event, I was filling one out this morning for a member in my chapter that was approved back in 2014. Something jumped off the page at me. While filling out the data for his wife, who was born in 1970, I immediately noticed she had died on 05 Jan 2006. "Wow, that's pretty young to die," I told myself as I pecked away at the keyboard into the system. After having done a number of these, I see occasional young deaths, especially as we get earlier in time. But it's rare to see it in the 20th - 21st century. And, of course, she was also a mother of four. I read the next block of data to input into the system -- place of death: An Najaf, Iraq. I guess that filled in all the blanks I needed. Between being a soldier and a retired police officer, I've buried a total of 19 friends. Every time I'm involved in a flag retirement ceremony (except when Scouts are involved because it's pretty heavy), I read the names of all 19 whenever we burn the red stripes. The red stripes symbolize blood shed in defense of our nation. But I can't imagine what our compatriot must have gone through when an officer showed up at his door to make the notification. Then I got to the end of the application and noticed he didn't even sign it; it was signed by his mother in his place. His occupation was listed as, "U.S. Army officer (deceased)." That means the four children listed on the application lost both of their parents. Let's not forget how we won the right to have our freedom, nor what it takes to preserve it.
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    OK, first I apologize, I just got home from work and opened up this conversation to find that I could have stopped this had I been more specific in my post. Yes, the shooter walked to the line with gun holstered on an empty chamber. He pulled his 2nd pistol, opened the loading gate on his Ruger Vaquero and indexed the cylinder so he could place a round in the empty chamber. He closed the gate and fired 6. i called it a no call, and based on what I have read, it appears that I was correct.
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    I told ya drinks were free 6 to 6:15. Couldn’t decide on a libation for the occasion. Then I remembered. What young, unsophisticated Bob woulda had. Quality Scotch? Nope. Champagne? Hahaha! Beer. Yeah, but that’s not a celebration drink. Ya need hard likker. Then it hit me like a Creedence Clearwater Revival tune turned up to 11! Rum and Coke! Drink of choice for the young and foolish in the 70s. O course I wouldn’t have had a Ron Zacapa 23. Too much $$$$ for me back then. But I understand now that life is too short to drink cheap liquor.
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    She and Scalia were good friends despite their differences! The nation would be better if others could emulate them. It WILL be a colossal battle with elections so close at hand!!
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    Saturday was a good day. No forest fire smoke, grilled steak dinner, and belated birthday presents from the Kid. Bottle o' Maker's Mark and a new Wrangler. Complements the 1982 Mk II and 1971 vintage Bearcat nicely.
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    Most cowpokes have cartridge loops on their first rig.. Most cowpokes have them full when they're new to our sport.. Most cowpokes empty them out after about 5-6 matches.. Most cowpokes find they don't need to haul around the extra weight.. Most cowpokes don't have any cartridge loops on their 2nd. Rig.. I have 5 rifle cartridge loops for reloads for my rifle on my shotgun belt.. Rance Just my thinkin'
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    Capt, You shouldn't insult that dog. Speaking of animals and TN Williams, I gotta share this with you. A couple years back at the TN State match, TN invited Red Knee to stay over and go on a DEER hunt with him on his private land. Of course, Red Knee being from Oklahoma and enjoys the outdoors, he accepted the invite. To 'enhance' the hunt, Red Knee shared a hunting secret with TN about how they do it in Oklahoma. So based on Red Knee's advice, they went out and bought a 'deer suit'. One of them outfits where 2 people get inside and usually trot around in parades and circuses. BUT, this time they would be prancing around in the woods. Red Knee takes the front position, TN takes the back position. They spray this strong doe scent on the deer outfit and start prancing around on the edge of a huge corn field. Then it happened.....a BIG BUCK catches their scent and starts charging full bore to see his new love. Red Knee sez....... "Here he comes. Get the rifle and pop him when he gets closer" TN Williams sez........ "I forgot and left the rifle leaning against the tree and we ain't got time to get it now. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?" Red Knee sez........ "Well, I'm gonna bend down and pretend I'm eating some grass. If I were YOU, I'd brace myself". ...........Widder
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    Lab rats fed on a diet of 3/8" deep sockets showed a 3.7 times greater incident of colo-rectal cancer than those of the control group.
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    Doubt it would fit up his arse. His head would be in the way. JHC
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    There are a few Merchants like John Barleycorn who do SASS a great service..... and I might add, honorably. I won't mention the 4-5 names I'm familiar with, but these guys invest their money, time, etc..... that helps us. They invest their $$ to maintain an FFL. They travel to matches and set up Vendor tents. WE, as potential buyers, get a chance to view all their wares, pick and choose, and even dicker about prices to get some darn good deals sometimes. The Classifieds isn't just about the buyers getting a good deal but also the SELLER getting the price they want for their items. And when the individual buyer doesn't step up to the plate fast enough and a Merchant gets it, the SELLER has been satisfied. The SELLER initiated the situation and the SELLER has been satisfied with the outcome. ..........Widder
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    I had the right to remain silent... but I didn't have the ability. Ron White
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    Obviously it's by Kyle's atty - other than the music - I think it's well stated.
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    UTO are universal. Rarely see LTO.
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    ...every day. My trusty old Remmie 1100 failed me for the first time ever whilst pheasant hunting today. The hammer had stopped falling when pulling the trigger. Pretty irritating as a bird flies by in front of you. I cycled the action a couple of times and a part fell out the bottom of the receiver. Having never detail stripped the action, I had no idea what it was. But I knew I was dang lucky I saw the part fall to the ground. Checked out various detailed YouTube videos, yet the part was never shown or mentioned. By checking a parts diagram I id'd it as the "interrupter latch". Finally matched it to a post in a recess in the left side of the receiver just aft of the mag tube where it interacts with the trigger group. Apparently the retaining clip/ring that secured it to the post had fallen off. Whew, no broken parts! Found and ordered one from Brownells for $8.00. Problem solved. I not only learned something new, but got three birds before the failure. All in all, a pretty good day.
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    my oldest son loves his atv. He loves mud holes. He took the tractor and made another mud hole in the woods and wanted me to see it and approve it. I prefer shady trails with an occasional mud. I nearly always wear snake boots in the woods. One reason is I hate snakes. The other is my snake boots are about the only comfortable shoe I have. I hate having diabetes. As I put on my snake boots and my shoulder holster that holds my S and W Governor that I use to help hold my pants up due to weight loss causing them to fall down, my oldest son makes fun. He tells his mom that whenever I go to the woods I act like I'm going to war. Off we go and get to the new mud hole that is currently dry as dust as you may have noticed in the picture of the new puppy. I look down and noticed a less than 2 feet long baby rattlesnake crawling by my feet. BOOM goes the governor. The head is suddenly mangled. A diamond back rattlesnake is no more. The puppy decided to play with it and grabbed its head so we took it away from him and threw it into the woods. Always be prepared.
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    Been there, Done that. USMC 1969-1972, Vietnam 1970-1971. Rifle is a M-40, Remington 700/40X heavy barrel with a Redfield 3X9 variable scope with accu range finder. I also carried an M-14 with a Starlight scope on it for night shooting. we called it "the Green eye"
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    If you inhale it you may get lung cancer. If you swallow it you my get stomach cancer. If you stick it in your ear you may get brain cancer. If you shove it up a California Bureaucrat's arse you may get his phone number...
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    Too most of us, that is not bending over backwards. Making arrangements for others to shoot regardless of their difficulties is just part of our game/sport. We encourage everyone to join us. If we have to make a change to enable someone to join in the fun, I have not seen or been anyplace that would not make the adjustment to enable them to join us. Bubba Bear
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    It's WORSE! The real problem with English: Or: "English is the language that came about from Norman men-at-arms trying to seduce Saxon barmaids."
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