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    I usually have at least 9 items on at a shoot. My opinion is it is a "costume" category so "Go all out or go home". Getting by with the least amount possible is not what the category is about. Nothing personal just my opinion.
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    For Christmas, I got a Uberti 1851 Navy .36 cap and ball revolver. While at the range, I got a cool picture. The pic was captured from the video that was being recorded of me shooting the revolver. Love the smoke! Do you see the ball on trajectory to the target?? Uberti 1851 Navy .36 Please share cool gun pictures you may have.
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    If you generate enough smoke to truly obscure all the targets, you only need to know where one target actually is . . .
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    Here's VA situation in a snapshot. The lady in the video is very emotional, I understand that, but she overstates the situation from a status standpoint. There was a committee meeting that was held with very short notice to try to keep the patriots away but the hearing was swamped by thousands anyway. Despite passionate arguments from citizens and Republican legislators, the Dems pushed through several bills to the next step. No actual bills have been approved out of the General Assembly. Some (Red Flag, One handgun/month, Universal Background checks) have passed the judiciary committee and have gone to the senate and the house of delegates. Both houses need to approve them, then they need the Governor to sign. Laws go into effect July 1 of the year in which they are approved. One of the worst confiscation bills SB16 was withdrawn but an even worse one HB961 was substituted--allows keeping your AR if you register it but creates a greater than 10 round magazine ban (a felony). ANY magazine including pistols, rimfire, and tubular magazines (as in your 1873). Among other restrictions. It has not passed any committee as of today. the wording of this bill (and the one tabled) is vague and open to lots of interpretation regarding the definition of "assault firearm." The wording states that components of an AR (such as a forward hand grip, a folding/telescoping stock, etc., individually constitute an assault firearm.) Of course, the "you can keep your AR" prohibits the next generation from ever owning one. New bills to outlaw indoor ranges in buildings with more than 50 employees and outdoor ranges within 500 yds of residential zoning areas are still in play. The indoor bill seems to target the NRA in Fairfax specifically but affects several other large indoor ranges in the state. Seems like a punitive measure. Ahead of the January 20 rally and Lobby Day, the legislature banned firearms, even with a concealed carry permit, within the Capitol buildings. The governor declared a state of emergency, blaming outside militia threats, and banned all weapons including firearms on the Capitol grounds (about 4 square blocks). This is being challenged in court as a 2012 law specifically prohibited banning firearms in a state of emergency declaration. Seems our blackfaced governor even voted to approve that bill back then as a state senator. The streets around the capitol are still open/concealed carry with just a couple restrictions (no magazines more than 20 rounds--a specific Richmond City law). The VCDL (VCDL.ORG) is expecting 50,000 to 120,000 people on Monday. I'll be one of them, as will many of the area Cowboy community. With nearly the entire state declared as a 2nd Amendment sanctuary (other than the DC suburbs and a few cities such as Richmond, Roanoke and Norfolk), if the laws go into effect, expect widespread non-compliance and a slew of legal challenges. Efforts to recall specific legislators as well as the Governor are underway. Talk of the Boogaloo starting here is widespread on social media. Some counties are organizing actual militias. Sales of ARs have been brisk at local gun shops, perhaps twice or three times normal volume.
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    Like Chuck Schumer? Cat Brules
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    Bullets on the ground should never be used as a indicator of what happened. I had that call on me at a Reg and it stinks when it's incorrect. I threw out a round dropped the reload right as I pulled it then grabbed another and since there were 2 bullets found (the one I dropped and the one I threw out) they called me for 2 misses. It was round count stage and I shot it different than others so the spotters were lost. The videos (we can't use and shouldn't be able to) clearly showed that. I'm not saying this to complain about that I'm using this as an example to never use bullets on the ground as an indicator.....use what you saw. It could be someone else's bullet, I sometimes (but rarely) can strip out a reload grabbing shotshells, people drop reloads etc. If you get to the point that you are counting or looking for bullets on the ground and that's all you got......then IMO the benefit should go to the shooter and you need to get the spotters to pay more attention.
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    You mean like this? As far as I know, those types are only made by Beretta and Taurus (which are cheap copies of Beretta). They're made in 22 short, 22 long rifle, 25 ACP, and (the big one, that I have pictured there, the Tomcat) in 32 ACP. Since it is such a wee little gun, the slide cannot be very heavy. To make sure the slide retains the pressures of the shell being fired, the spring is very strong. Many people would find it difficult to rack the slide to load the first round. So you push the little lever and the barrel pops up and you just drop the first round in it. The one I have is a 25, and while I can rack the slide, it is so much easier to pop the barrel up.
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    Here's the latest 2A sanctuary map. Albemarle County (Charlottesville area) is the large county in the middle of the map. UVA being located there is probably an influence in that situation. Of course, the DC suburbs have a huge population compared to the rest of the state. Interestingly, Virginia Beach, the largest city in the state (over 400k population) voted to be a sanctuary, undoubtedly due to the large military presence in the area with all the military bases.
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    Anyone who plays the game different than the way I think it should be played. (Yes, that was major sarcasm. But that’s actually how the term originated.)
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    I would love to do that. Inject some strawberry jam and away you go. Where do you get this culinary delight?
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    It would be easier to remember them if they were part of the Department of Defense. I do, and always will, respect the Coasties. They play in a rugged league of their own and do what others can not or will not do.
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    Back before Worthless, when Big Brown Dog was still alive, I had this thought. I have heard, many times, that "walking a dog is a good way to meet chicks". But most of the human people of the female persuasion that I would run into when walking the dog were young. Quite young. EXTREMELY young. Like "Junior high and elementary school" young. And the ones that weren't young were old. Late 80s and up. And there I was in my mid-fifties. So one day as we are out and about we meet this lady of approximately the right age. And she's good looking. Win-win. I say good afternoon, she says good afternoon back. Then she says, "That's a beautiful dog. Chesapeake, right? My husband and I have two labs." In my experience, dogs are overrated for meeting women. They usually turn out to be either too young, too old, or too married.
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    To what point? Is there an issue with shooters shooting too light of shotgun loads for some tastes? We already use knockdowns for shotgun - most are adjustable to require solid hits. To make an event designed to punish targets, equipment (some well aged and fragile) and shooters shoulders (some well aged and fragile) seems unpleasant and unnecessary.
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    Brings back memories of Veterinary College in the 1970s— all the “oysters” from the week’s farm calls were saved for Friday afternoon, when we had a TGIF party in the Large Animal Hospital. Good times. Good food. Good beer. Good friends.
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    My goal at 78 is to be 88, then 98. After that I get ambivalent about it all.
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    The single best tool in the kitchen. Avoid all the gimmick versions. You want a nice old fashioned Butchers steel
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    Yeah, you're right. This is about learning reloading, and taking his understanding of guns and ammunition to a higher level. He has a 17 yr. old son, who eyeballs my Rugers and my 1860 whenever we shoot together; I want to encourage that attraction, and learning to reload is one more step for the family to cement their healthy relationship with guns. LL
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    Then there's the Louisiana surrender, pistol out pointing at the target.LOL
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    1st thing to check may be to check case length. Longer cases will bell more.....
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    Dang, I missed it. Nothing better than good fried mountain oysters. JHC
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    How about loading your .38 special loads with 125 grain bullets for a while and see how they run in your rifle. Immediately trying to start with the ultra-light slugs in that Marlin rifle may be quite a challenge. Just moving from 158 grain bullets to 125 will be a big enough jump to make you do some adjusting in your plans. Don't be afraid to try both the RNFP and the TC (truncated cone) slugs. Find a cowboy pard in your local area who reloads, and have him show you the ropes. You will save time and money both. And, yes, you want 0.358" diameter lead or poly-coated bullets. 0.356 would be for 9mm. 0.357 is for folks who are confused or want to load them for both 9mm and .38 caliber guns. Good luck, GJ
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    An "end run" by the ROC would be to petition the WB to nullify the TG vote and simply assess the SDQ for "failure to adhere to loading and unloading procedures" (which, in retrospect, is how the "leaving the LT with a cocked firearm" should have been handled long ago when the ROC at that time voted on the issue)...IMO The combined WB/ROC approved the voting item "as written"...which was ONLY to remove the automatic SDQ for stepping away from the LT with a cocked rifle with no round in the chamber (and the method used to determine whether the chamber was loaded or not). I would suggest a more thorough reading of the "SASS Wire Guidelines" the next time you decide to post an uninformed "opinion".
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    His Parole Officer has the same problem OLG
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    Three clicks on my Russians. One to clear the hammer to open the action, two is half cock, three is “set on go”!
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    Schoolmarm would probably hurt the two of you!!
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    Not as many as there was. OLG
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    Combos are easy to remember if you do this simple trick. Think of a word with at least 6 letters. Now grab your phone and match each letter to the corresponding numbers on your phone. For example the word Saloon S=7 A=2 L=5 O=6 O=6 N=6 This gives you a Combo of 72 - 56 - 66 You can use words as short as four by substituting a 1 for the first missing digit and a 0 for the last. Colt = 12 - 58 - 80. Words with more than 6 letters you can pick the first 6 letters or the last 6. If you have multiple safes use words that are related. Like Spring, Summer, and Winter. The posibilities are endless and after you open your safe several times, you will be able to remember the combo with out the code word.
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    I think he is..... but they still can't seem to get rid of him.
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    I'm not an attorney and I didn't stay at a Holliday Inn Express recently, but I'm pretty sure all the officer needs is probable cause to search, which doesn't mean he has to arrest you first. I also don't think trying to litigate things on the side of the road by asking to be shown codes and speak to supervisors is the right approach. If asked for permission to search say no. If he decides he has probable cause he's going to search whether you like it or not. Shut up and do what he says.
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    https://www.amazon.com/Wilton-710-0017-Candy-Eyeballs-88-oz/dp/B005BPU1P8 https://www.ohnuts.com/buy.cfm/bulk-candy/hard-candies-2/white-reception-sticks-sugar-cookie
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    When you get it apart, that is a spot that just cries out for some Anti-Seize lube during reassembly. Good luck, GJ
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    Dogs may try to lie but their tails always give them away. That's why I like playing poker with dogs, you can always tell when they have a good hand.
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    Something I will NEVER visit, sadly. That Internet company is just too greedy, crooked, security ignorant, arrogant, and eager to sell their users' info, pictures, love lives, internet usage, likes, etc. IMHProfessionalO (worked on web applications and databases for years) Good luck, GJ
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    SHOOTERS need to pay attention at the loading table to ensure that their firearms and equipment are in compliance with "safe for movement/staging" regulations. The ultimate responsibility (LTO or not) rests upon the SHOOTER. Violations of the rules are subject to penalties.
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