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We need a sticky cartoon thread

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For poor Canadians, who'll understand it.

Canadian Driveway.jpg

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That's too true, in some instances.

I like to set the cruise control at least 10 over the posted limit, unless I have a big cross wind.

On a one lane, I'll pull over if I see people behind me. 

Usually, after they pass, even at 30 to 40 over my speed, I catch up with them in 5 to 10 minutes.:D


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27 minutes ago, Sixgun Sheridan said:


Actually that one isn't funny. I think WA state must be the rolling roadblock capital of the country. Purposely irritating all the drivers behind you seems to be a game for a lot of folks here.


I usually try and keep the RV to about 60-65 when on the Freeway and I stay in the right lane.  On a 2 lane road I'm usually going 55-60, although I'll slow to posted limits for corners.  Sorry if that's too slow for you all.


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Uh oh - time for a new subject!!!

This one’s for our Canadien friends!


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I think I heard Something Honey  ,

Get up and check it out  !


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