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  1. Yeah, I think I would move the TV out from under that thing!
  2. What a hoot! Can't help but to love it!
  3. Covid-19 must be a cure for "Old Age", 'cause no one is dyin' from that anymore!
  4. Same reason that you can fire a gun under water.
  5. I lusted after Ruger Old Army's for years, but availability and costs were going to prevent me from getting into C&B pistols, so I settled on a pair of 1858 Remington's. I'm happy that I did, and I have a hoot making smoke and flames! I don't see Ruger ever bringing them back, and there are alternative C&B pistols readily available in the marketplace. JMHO
  6. Redneck engineering is genius!
  7. You could put wheels on that thing and use it as a camper!
  8. Fast forward through the commercials of a show of commercials, hum... when do you know when to stop?
  9. Nature is definitely weird at times...
  10. Let's just stick with powder,wads and shot.
  11. Very nice, but my pockets arn't that deep.
  12. Write it out for a buck, let them figure out how they're going to handle issuing a credit!
  13. I believe that was an either or question...
  14. Loading stands are great to use with C&B, and they really aren't that difficult to fabricate yourself...
  15. I love that idea! I may have to do that to mine!
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