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  1. It's with that sock that went missing out of the dryer!
  2. +1 on that statement! My thoughts exactly!
  3. I tried, but I don't get it
  4. Hey Mosey! Welcome back to The Wire! I always enjoy shootin' with you at PVR!
  5. Pretty cool video, but you can skip the ad that starts around 11 minutes.
  6. Some people just have way too much time on their hands!
  7. If you are going to consider .22 single action revolvers, take a good hard look at the new Ruger Wranglers. Great quality at a competitive price point. There are several threads on The Wire already about these great pistols.
  8. I usually ask them how is the weather in India, and they typically hang up. If you really want to get them frothed up by wasting their time, just keep asking them "could you repeat that?" They get so frustrated and PO'd after about 20 seconds, they say something rude and hang up.
  9. You guys really shouldn't give your cats knives to play with!
  10. Who would want to be in there long enough to need Wi-Fi?
  11. Why are hemorrhoids called hemorrhoids and asteroids called asteroids? Wouldn't it make more sense if it was the other way around? But if that was true, then a proctologist would be an astronaut.
  12. Redneck ingenuity at it's finest!
  13. I'm sure one of these could be modified into a Gun Cart!
  14. OMG! I just DID think of it!
  15. Pistols are to be holstered before the next shooting string. Pistols were last, collect firearms and proceed to the ULT. No call.
  16. I'm guessing that Ruger is going to have a hard time keeping up with demand on this one!
  17. What a magnificent animal!
  18. That's kind of what it looks like. Nice affordable alternative to the Single Six!
  19. Fortunately, you can use a magnet to pick them all up!
  20. I have gone to that shoot twice now. Being there for the night shoot is the closest you will get to being in a war zone!
  21. Seriously? First responders are a lot smarter than that! Maybe they should have read the instructions.
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