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  1. My daughter teaches 7th and 8th grade science and plays this to help teach about the Periodic Table of Elements ...
  2. Something is wrong with this coffee table... click on photo to "play"... w5uCyqu.mp4
  3. Very cool. but I'm surprised the horse stood still long enough to have someone do that.
  4. Heck, that works! Who's going to look in the fridge for valuables?
  5. 6 grains of Trail Boss, under a 200 grain LRNFP bullet.
  6. Yep, photo would be better with shoulder length hair...
  7. I would guess that the fat that they used to prepare those has gone rancid by now.
  8. Click on the photo to "play"... tANZEz5.mp4
  9. Click on the photo to "play"... SwA0bNh.mp4
  10. Speaking of whittlin', I thought this was beyond impressive!
  11. That's just it Wallaby, do ya follow the great big one or all of the little ones?
  12. Subway still has the Steak & Cheese on the menu, but anything with Roast Beef in it, they dumped, including their signature Subway Club!
  13. This went down a path that was not intended to go...
  14. Those are great! Never seen any of those before.
  15. Try a #10 Hunter's Club from Jimmy John's, MUCH better than ANY roast beef sandwich that Subway ever offered. Yours may not look exactly like the one above, but they are a tasty, substantial sub!
  16. Not to mention you have to be a paying member of their little club as well.
  17. If you had a range like that just outside you back door, and you shot as much as he did, you could be just as good!
  18. I don't think those logs in the background are going to fit in there too well !
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