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  1. But they're smokin' in the boy's room... . . . . Teacher don't you fill me up with your rules...
  2. I'd do purple myself. Most of my range gear is purple at this point. It started with a plastic ammo can I got from a clearance bin when I was looking for something to throw things in when going to a public range, and kinda morphed into my "signature" for my Non-SASS shooting activities...
  3. That's almost tempting, although her alias is Low More... (It's actually how you pronounce her first name..)
  4. I did almost go with Jim E. Crackcorn...
  5. Howlin', Are they available in all your leather colors?
  6. I usually try and keep the RV to about 60-65 when on the Freeway and I stay in the right lane. On a 2 lane road I'm usually going 55-60, although I'll slow to posted limits for corners. Sorry if that's too slow for you all.
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