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  1. Am I the only one that uses the 127 RNFP (No crimp grove)? I have some the 125s, but the 127 seem to load a little smoother. Not that I have had time to shoot any of them at all this year.
  2. If you want to flaunt your wealth, shoot a box of 9mm at a plywood target...
  3. Badgers? We don' nee' no stinkin' BADGERS!
  4. 12! So much... Don't get me wrong, I like my Henry just fine, in fact it is what I will use for "Match Rifle caliber" Side distance and accuracy matches every time (Even if I have to use it at least one stage during the match to qualify). However, I started out running (jamming) that rifle near the end of my first year, and was glad when I was able to get my Miruku '97 from my FFL at near cost...
  5. I think I got my first pair of spurs when I was 3. There used to be a picture of my dad showing me my baby brother and I'm wearing them. The first pair I actually remember using had the rowels fixed in place with bailing wire and and been slightly modified to bend in a little extra because they were my calf riding spurs. I didn't need spurs riding my horse. He'd do what I want him to do with a little nudge, once you got him going anyway. Getting him going could be a whole other story. He had a tendecy to suck in as much air as he could hold and hold it as long as he could when the cinch
  6. Let me be clear. I too am a geek. In many ways everyone here is like one form of geek or other. I was not saying geek as if it were a bad word. After all, it the geeks, not the meek that shall inherit the earth.... (Or so I've been led to believe)
  7. Yeah. I'm pretty sure that unless you're a fan of Bruce Campbell and/or understand the appeal of Troma Entertainment et. all and/or the Syndicated TV scene of the 90's, you're not going to "get it" understand it, or even like it. Kind of takes a special sort of geek...
  8. Apprently, they're starting with the President.
  9. That's almost tempting, although her alias is Low More... (It's actually how you pronounce her first name..)
  10. I did almost go with Jim E. Crackcorn...
  11. I usually try and keep the RV to about 60-65 when on the Freeway and I stay in the right lane. On a 2 lane road I'm usually going 55-60, although I'll slow to posted limits for corners. Sorry if that's too slow for you all.
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