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  1. Depends on how hard you are on your engines when racing...
  2. So if a guy rides a Buffalo, he's really riding a Bison? Guy on a Bison just doesn't sing right... . . . . . PS. Don't click if you don't want this silliness stuck in your head for hours. . . . . .
  3. When they stopped in the migrant camp where the little girl got the doll.
  4. I'm just bummed that they cut a lot of my wife's nephew's scenes. He's credited as "Tough Migrant Worker (Oklahoma)". Apparently they filled a whole exchange there that got cut for time...
  5. I carry a laminated card with the flow chart on it so we can easily end the argument...
  6. I have allergies. Also, I like whiskey. And whisky. And Bourbon. Did I mention whiskey? Also there's a distiller that is on my way home from my home range that distills a whiskey they call Red Eye. It's not my favorite, however I will always have a bottle available with me when we're camping and the shooting is well and done...
  7. Dear lord. I'd be afraid to break it. I have enough of a heart attack every time I drop one my Contigo mugs...
  8. If we canceled on account of rain around here, we'd only be able to shoot 2 or 3 times a year...
  9. Had and wore my high school class ring for about 5 years when I lost it during a very lean period in my life when if I wasn't working that day at Subway or Abby's I wasn't eating. I wore my first wife's wedding band a lot longer than I should have. I'm still wearing my second. I'm not even sure it would come off if I tried. It's titanium so it doesn't exactly flex...
  10. I had the heater core go out in a 1980 Chevy Citation X-11 in the middle of January in like 1989 or 90. Took me 4 hours to figure out how to by-pass the damn thing so I could get it home, and the cabin smelled like antifreeze for a year afterwards...
  11. Isn't there a rule that Cowboys must have bacon with their breakfast?
  12. With Cubs having now won a world series I can't break out the old joke about the Cubs loosing on opening day and being statistically eliminated from the pennant...
  13. There's also that video of that guy working on his car in his driveway with an open carry in an unrestrained holster that gets his gun stolen... I'm not against open carry, but I have concerns about some of the idiots that do...
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