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  1. But they're smokin' in the boy's room... . . . . Teacher don't you fill me up with your rules...
  2. My only problem with Scotch is that when I finish drinking Scotch, I start speaking Welsh...
  3. Taurus PT845. Got it because I liked what I read about the 24/7 and my brother was on me to get a Taurus 1911 for a carry piece but I wanted something with left handed controls. I never could get used to it, even though it was my carry pistol for a long time, and I was shooting it at least once a week at the range. then I broke the slide release for the left thumb at the range even though it operates fine without it, cleaned it, put it in the safe and meant to send it to Taurus for repair... It's been in there for 7 years now. I really should send it back to Taurus for repair and just sell the darn thing.
  4. Pat, I would hope that they would qualify you with the same targets the police have to qualify with, but with that state who knows. My current carry is a Sig P320C with an extended mag because my hands fit real nice. I use external kydex(sp?) on my hip with a slight kant because I like to wear Hawaiian shirts open as outer wear and I use the same holster for practical pistol. Although I'm looking for a nice Left Handed holster for my Glock 45 that might work both ways now as well. If I ever decide to open carry I'll go with my 1911 in my wild bunch rig because while the 1911 itself may not be a BBQ piece the rig is pretty snazzy... I have been thinking about getting something smaller for a pocket carry that used a crimson trace either in 9mm or 38spl as I don't currently carry when at work as it's not practical with my current setups...
  5. This is the one I installed as well. Works nice.
  6. Shot both, like both, personally prefer the Ruger, but I'm slowly getting the the point where I have at least 1 of every type of gun Ruger makes, so maybe I'm a Ruger guy...
  7. They were just chaps when I was a lad... Looking online it looks like we wore shotgun chaps when working. Now when I wear chaps, I wear my dad's old rodeo chaps to honor him. I need to fix the buckles on the left leg before I wear them again. They are a little worn, and they're a few years older than I am.
  8. I was going to make some smart ass comment about being in my right mind (being left handed and all) and I only golf right handed because those were clubs we had and the shop pro said I'd hit better that way anyway. Anywhooo... I'm tired, it's been a long day and I really just want that steak and a good bourbon.
  9. I attached my 550 to this: https://www.amazon.com/Frankford-Arsenal-Reloading-Adjustable-Construction/dp/B00HTN98X6/ref=sr_1_13?crid=1F08SV26BVJ7N&keywords=reloading+bench&qid=1565504349&s=gateway&sprefix=reloading+b%2Caps%2C227&sr=8-13 In the theory that some day this is going to need to go in the RV. (We plan on spending up to 5 years living mostly out of the RV once we retire, however that may have to change if my MIL ends up living with us.)
  10. My everyday carry is an old model Griptillian with the serrated Tanto. I should have kept shopping for the plain tanto. One of these days I'm going to pick up a second one with just a plain tanto and have the factory refurbish the one I currently have.
  11. I'd do purple myself. Most of my range gear is purple at this point. It started with a plastic ammo can I got from a clearance bin when I was looking for something to throw things in when going to a public range, and kinda morphed into my "signature" for my Non-SASS shooting activities...
  12. That's almost tempting, although her alias is Low More... (It's actually how you pronounce her first name..)
  13. I did almost go with Jim E. Crackcorn...
  14. I use 700x for my smokeless loads. I find it's pretty easy to clean up after except for my 1911 which gets all kinds of dirty and needs to be cleaned every 200 rounds or so. Still seems to be a pretty easy to get off though. Just a bit of the ol' #9 on a few cleaning pads and an old toothbrush...
  15. DOH! That's what that's for. The 900 I bought used (from here a year or so back) came with a tube that I couldn't figure out what it was for, then I was trying to figure out how get the damn spent primer catch back on the bottom... I'll put that on and get something to put the spent primers in... (Right now there is a piece of paper taped to it forcing the spent primers into the big catch bin...)
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