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  1. I worked for a company that had a Quality Assurance Program for about a month. Then they changed it to QC. They didn't like that we shortened it to an acronym. We never stopped calling it QAP though for as long as I worked there.
  2. I wouldn't own anything that was a model 2020.
  3. And I need to know where my baikal ranks too. It's probably still a russian tank.
  4. Dad taught me to always have an acceptance speech ready to go for cases just like this.
  5. Don't forget the 2 best reasons. Because we can and to ensure the government continues working FOR us.
  6. I wanted that too, but since they have a ruger PCC already and it's probably cheaper to make, I don't see it happening. I've wanted a camp carbine since I was a kid. The last 2 gun shows I went to I saw one in 9mm and one in 45. I passed on both, I guess that old desire has faded. I've already got 3 other pistol caliber carbines (not counting cowboy guns) so I guess that itch has been scratched. The marlin camp carbine isn't as sexy as I remember. I did not, but I don't see why ISO should make a difference. They don't require you to change a single thing. You just have to document it all. I'm sure it was bean counters cutting benefits that caused the problems.
  7. Last time I bought like half the tickets in the auction. And I was still surprised when I won. Funny thing is, I couldn't get a guesstimate out of yul for shipping costs when we were talking about mine. I got the impression that they had all been delivered either in person or via cowboy express so far.
  8. My standard response is to say "well, give us a little spin and lets see". Whoa whoa whoa. Slower. Slower. There ya go.
  9. Nice. Lever actions are one of the few kinds of guns that Ruger didn't make. Until now.
  10. If you take requests, I need to learn how to cook backstrap. My wife does some good things with it that are beyond my ability, but she doesn't like to fool with it often enough. I got backstrap stacking up in my freezer.
  11. They are desperate to get business going again and Christmas is the best time of the year for most stores. Add to it that people are trying their best to cancel halloween this year and it's no surprise that they didn't stock up on halloween stuff. My local grocery store has a huge halloween candy display though, so I'm not really seeing the early Christmas stuff in local stores. I wish I could find the flyer I saw last week that announced the 2020 halloween protest. Since trick or treating had been canceled, instead they were having a neighborhood protest march. Everyone is encouraged to come out Halloween night wearing masks and costumes. Knock on the doors of people who have their lights on to protest and they will show support by giving you some candy. Bring the kids too.
  12. Is that what the movie "Bad News Bears" was about?
  13. He needs to change his name to kim jong rasputin. I bet his sister is getting tired of this.
  14. And is a practicing lawyer in sweden and fights in the kumite. But he hasn't earned a name your price tool yet.
  15. Just for clarification ... which side of -50 do ya live on?
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