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  1. Same as my SASS alias. I aint clever enough to come up with 2 names.
  2. Someday soon I will see such fine craftmanship everytime I go into the garage. I'm getting excited about it. Hopefully this year.
  3. I saw something similar at a garage sale when I was a kid. I thought about it a number of times since then and I believe if I ever saw something like that going down, I'd buy every last bit of it, then find the fella and let him buy it all back for my cost.
  4. yup. In fact there was an internet hoax just this month that he had died. AFAIK he isn't working much these days though. Since this has halfway evolved into our favorite Ray Stevens songs, for me it's the Ballad of the Blue Cylone part 1 and the Ballad of the Blue Cyclone part 2. He did a combined version of those songs that in my opinion left out too many of the funniest parts.
  5. I use proton VPN. Like MMH I started using it while I was traveling overseas so I could pretend to be in the states and order ammo and gun parts. Since then I've found a few places in my travels where the connection is faster when I turn on the VPN.
  6. I've never seen it either but I have heard that people have been getting visits from the feds for ordering that part for airsofts from china. People saw it was cheap and could be shipped directly to their house so they got it just to see how it worked. Bad idea. The only reason it could be shipped directly is that the chinese seller didn't care about our laws.
  7. I thought the bayonet was for when you ran out of ammo? Can't I just run down there and stab them targets in an arizona sweep? Tell ya what though, if it comes to that I'm going to stop shooting cody dixon and sharp shooter.
  8. Well it doesn't have to be the truth. Just have her post it on FB and they'll believe it.
  9. She should change it to say that anyone who was not her FB friend for 30 consecutive days prior to her demise or whatever accident/illness that eventually led to it, gets nothing and that their share will be donated to donald trump personally. Or pick someone they hate who actually needs the money.
  10. How much further can I go before you upgrade to a high point?
  11. Don't be so hard on him. You won't even notice once they get the camouflage spray painted on.
  12. Does that work? I thought the chambers had to be longer than the loaded shells because when they are fired they open up and if they're not allowed to open up fully it'll cause pressure issues.
  13. I thought fast shooters had straight triggers because they wore the trigger straight practicing.
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