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  1. Thanks, but dangit, it didn't work for me. I got a drop down that said RSS feed, and when I clicked on it, I just saw some source code with an error saying the RSS feed had no style information.
  2. I guess none of yall put a value on the time? I'm afraid to figure out what my cost per round will be for the first thousand I load. I'll have to include the cost of all the equipment too.
  3. Because it's probably midnight Friday when I'm researching the value of a gun and I don't have time to wait till monday when the seller responds to get what he thinks the price was. In my case I'm usually going to an auction on sunday when I'm researching gun values on friday night. I wouldn't expect people to post the final price, but it's nice when they don't delete the original price and all the info. With our kinda guns, I think the prices in our classifieds (when you can find them) are more reliable than those on gun broker.
  4. Was it true that John wayne knew wyatt earp? If so, was it a long term relationship, or more like a 1 time meeting that means more to us fans than it did to him? And of course, if patrick ever met him what does he remember?
  5. Why wouldn't he? Don't you keep pictures of all your guns in your wallet? I had to upgrade my wallet and then buy a second one cause sitting on the bulge was making my back hurt.
  6. Send the whole thing in. Mebbe they'll buff out the scratches all over the outside too.
  7. What does it take to get a show listed on those podcast apps? I know there's ways to listen online, but I don't listen to stuff while I'm at my computer. I listen from my podcast player while I'm driving or working out. I don't know how to get a show from online and put it into the podcast player unless it's listed when I search.
  8. My guess is that the cylinder got locked up and someone shoved a screwdriver in there to try and advance the cylinder. I do not know how to fix it or if it needs fixing. Worst case is probably that you need to weld more material onto the ratchet and then reform it all. I'll wait for a real gunsmith to show up, I just wanted to get my guess in for what happened.
  9. I assume if I got a curved belt, it would curve the opposite way that a woman's does. Hers is to account for her hips, Mine would have to account for my belly. My belts all take on a natural curve over time anyway.
  10. Apparently Silver Vine is kinda like catnip, only a lot more potent.
  11. Illegal breakfast sammich. Only explanation I can come up with was that he musta had ketchup and eggs on it. Throw the book at him.
  12. Now that's a hoot! They are saying it was deceptive advertising to liken it to a weapon of war. So they will have to stand up in court and argue that it's not really a weapon of war or all that dangerous to make those ads deceptive.
  13. I wish it would show up on my podcast list.
  14. That seems low are you missing a 0? I checked my notes and they definitely told me $10k. Maybe it's a percentage of your total coverage.
  15. What was wrong with their advertising? I didn't even know Remington made an AR type rifle at the time sandy hook happened.
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