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  1. I was wondering the same thing. I just bought a 32 spec made in 1901 and it's a much sweeter shooter than any of my 30-30s. I've never shot CD, I didn't expect 30-30 to be forbidden.
  2. I'd like to know too. I spent some time working in Israel and from what I saw, I'd be surprised if there were any SASS clubs. Plenty of people were interested when I talked about it, but no one else I met was even a regular shooter unless they were in the military or had a security job.
  3. I remember one time a woman came tearing out of one screaming about a snake that just bit her on the but. Upon further investigation, there was a crack in the seat. I owned an old house that had an outhouse. I never had to use it because the house had been updated with indoor plumbing, but the outhouse stood for years. One day I came home and it had been knocked over by the wind. No problem, I figured, I'll pick it back up. Nope. That turned out to be one stout building. I got a friend to help me and we still couldn't budge it. That sucker sat there laid over for years. M
  4. @Yul LoseI believe it comes down to habit. Obviously you see value in getting out and doing stuff you've just gotten out of the habit. You've found new things to fill your time. I know I haven't been to a match for over a year. At first it was because I was working hitches out of the country. But now that that's done I'm just out of the habit. I used to know without thinking when match day was (or around here, where the match was this weekend). Now it surprises me a little when I see it on my calendar. I'd suggest taking it slow. Don't overwhelm yourself with some commitment to go fro
  5. I wonder if the mods changed recently. The way they're doing mods now is that they are regular members of the community who are given the login credentials to a mod account for a period of time. Maybe a new batch is in and being more heavy handed than the last batch. Of course that's assuming it's them doing it. It could also be the admins who don't get swapped out.
  6. I have a S&W hand ejector originally chambered for 455 but the cylinder has been shaved. So far the only way I've found to feed it is 45 ACP in half moon clips. Full moon clips won't work. 45 schofield is too long by a skosh and the rim on 45 AR is too big. I think I'll try trimming a 45 colt to C45S length and see how it works. Those half moon clips are no fun to deal with. Not too hard to load, but last time I tried to unload them I bent them up and next time I'll probably just throw them away.
  7. Now I wanna see what 5 miles of bad road looks like. got any before pics?
  8. Sounds like you need to home make some primers too then.
  9. Has anyone shot a match with homemade powder? That would be impressive.
  10. Sounds like you need Palewolf Brunell's cell number. I'm sure that will work out great for ya.
  11. Pretty sure I'm going to win them all. But yall should keep buying tickets anyway.
  12. I had that happen to me once but I wouldn't even know where to find a 4 star restaurant, much less a 5 (I thought the stars topped out at 3). I asked for the A1 and the waiter told me it insulted the chef. I told him I didn't give a damn and to bring me the A1. I'd eaten there before so I knew they had it. This chef must have been new. Sure enough the chef (I assume, I mean i can't tell by the uniform who does what in a kitchen) came out of the kitchen with the bottle saying something like "Who's the cretin who wants to ruin my steak. If you don't like it I'll just take it back". I stoo
  13. I can recommend some good cameras.
  14. Aint you close to retiring? One might magically appear the next day.
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