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  1. I believe you can get an analog to digital converter box for those old TVs. you will also need a digital antenna as the old analog signals were a different wavelength. you're lookin at probably $20 for each of those (unless you live in the stix and need a really good antenna). If that's not cheap enough for ya, look for them at garage sales.
  2. That's as tedious as the clips vs magazines debate. Texas gun trader says pistols and revolvers are both handguns. That's as good an authority as there is on the subject.
  3. I just realized that means my Christmas decorations up early instead of left up for too long. All of a sudden I'm a go getter instead of a lazy bum. Sure is exhausting.
  4. It's possible that I've never writ pig latin before.
  5. Pig Latin for "Blink 4 times if you're being held captive". As in being held captive by your glock which is forcing you to say it is "perfection"
  6. It's been a lifelong dream of mine to visit Australia. I almost went once a few years back. But when I was filling out the paperwork they asked if I had a criminal record so I wadded it up and threw it in the garbage. I had no idea that was still a requirement.
  7. In the spirit of using this as a training tool (In other words, don't take this as me blaming him or anybody else). What should the hero have done differently? From what I see above, he didn't have time to put his gun down when the cop arrived. However, he probably should not have picked up the AR. Maybe just moved it away from the perp. I'm sure that's what his thoughts were. Get the gun away in case he was still alive, and to unload it for safety. Everyone is saying to put the gun down. I always planned to reholster immediately before cops arrived if I was out in public.
  8. First off, it's high performance glass filled nylon. Second, other than the trigger dingus none of those things are things glock invented. Third, It's not glock like controls because there's a manual safety on the other side. But I'll let that one slide since you probably only saw the right side of the gun. Fourth, I'm surprised a man of your refinement didn't notice the 2 degrees difference in the grip angle. The Ruger has the same grip angle as the 1911. I enjoy how you always put "perfection" in quotes when talking about the glock. linkB
  9. This reminded me of the honey do list my mom had for my dad. Every once in a while he'd take care of the list. By removing it from the fridge and throwing it away.
  10. Whoa slow down there turbo. My EDC is a Security 9. Other than some plastic (which glock didn't start) and a dingus on the trigger, it don't look much like a glock at all. Most importantly, it's not like a glock in 3 ways that matter most. It's hammer fired, has a manual safety, and doesn't throw hot brass down my shirt. You must be using the media firearms identification guide if you think this looks like a glock.
  11. Trinidad slim is that tall feller in the back? Boy he sure looks familiar.
  12. I dunno. I think sometimes stuff gets posted that is not the opinion of anyone including the person who posted it. Happens a lot more often on other websites, but the sasswire aint completely immune from it.
  13. Death seemed like a cool character in The Watch. Glad he's in the book too. Hope to see him regularly. Maybe they will even let him in the band some day.
  14. I believe there's been more than one discworld screen adaptation. Having only seen The Watch, I got more of a cheery vibe from that photo. But I didn't realize Lady Ramkin was supposed to be big and strong too. They definitely went another direction in the series. Here's a list of all of the series or movies inspired by Pratchett's works. I know Hogfather is set in discworld and Good Omens is not. Not sure about the rest, but I bet most were set in discworld. Truckers, 1992, an animated series by Cosgrove Hall. Johnny and the Dead, a TV serial
  15. I don't see a saturday podcast on the feed. Have they done one yet? @hud Got what's the scoop?
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