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  1. I'd ask for their credit card number. "Just so I can verify who they are". I used to ask people for their SSN first, but too many gave it to me and I had to tell them what idiots they are. If they're not giving me money, they got no business with it.
  2. I'm pretty cheap so i don't make that mistake often. Once I accidentally bought a mod 97 in 16 ga. It was old and won't take regular shells so i had to order some expensive short ones. I thought it was 12 ga (this was at an auction). I have shot it, but it just doesn't run very well. My wife wanted a circuit judge real bad. That's a shotgun version of the judge. She shot it once and doesn't like it anymore. The worst part about that one is that she won't let me get rid of it cause it's hers. Ruger OMV in 45 colt. It wasn't so much that I didn't like it, but I soon questioned why I wanted it in 45 colt. It was a waste of the stronger frame, what I really wanted was 44 mag. So I sold it. Later I bought a pair of them in 45 colt thinking I'd use them in matches. I didn't like how they pointed though so I sold them too. Finally got one in 44 mag. I've been disappointed in my M1 Garand but I'm still not sure that I'm shooting it right. One of these days I'll get to the range with an expert. So I'm reserving judgement till that day comes. I don't think the AR that I won in a raffle counts because I always knew I didn't really want it.
  3. That's the best version of that joke I've ever seen.
  4. I don't know why people are jumping on the 'state champ' comment. That sounds like a reasonable defense. it's the exact opposite of 'its only a monthly'. He's saying it passes muster at major matches. Rules violations like that are tough. I know a couple of people who are really good at correcting things like that tactfully, so I'd bring it to one of them if I could. If not, I've had good luck with just asking them about their gear and why it's legal and getting them to show me where the line is. "Hey, that's pretty cool, how'd you do that? Are we allowed to do that?" Sometimes people don't care about the rules and there's nothing more I can do. But sometimes they get to thinking critically and realize they need an adjustment. That works because I'm relatively new, so it would work for the OP too.
  5. Oh I thought you meant cowboy hat. In that case I recommend not getting those that go around the back of your neck because you pick up a scratching noise from the metal bar rubbing on your clothes. Just stick with standard muffs.
  6. You shot planes down with those? Oh I missed the missles.
  7. If I had a lead like that, I'd be using it myself! Look into hunting on wildlife management areas. Might be too late this year, but they are all over the state and managed fairly well. My dad and I did it for a few years when I was young. You apply for a hunt at the WMA(s) of your choice and there's a lottery drawing to determine who gets to go. I forget how much it costs, but heck even if I did remember, I'm sure the price has gone up by now. But we was broke when I was young and my dad always found a way to put in for 2 or 3. Other than that first year, we always got drawn for at least one. I'm pretty sure you have to put some money up to get into the lottery but you get it back if you're not drawn. We always went to WMAs with camping areas and stayed for a few days. But they had some with cabins and some that were like day leases.
  8. We have a dog who will steal sausages off the counter like that. We can't figure out how he is so precise that he gets one without disturbing the others. If we hadn't caught him with one one time, we might never know he was doing it. Now we count them, so we catch him more often. This dog looks like the same breed even. A wide headed lab. Then there's the 15 year old dog who apparently thinks she's alone no matter who's in the room. I caught her stealing my steak one night when I was standing right over it. In this case it was a low table where she could easily see it.
  9. This is like asking me to pick my favorite dog. It depends on my mood and how much space is available. But when I bring a new shooter to the range, I always carry my beretta Cx4 Storm. It's a 9mm carbine. Easy to mount up, fun to shoot, easy to control, cheap ammo and I have 30 round mags for it. Sometimes the M1 carbine is slightly more favored and sometimes the Ruger 44 carbine is. But most of the time the Cx4 is top of my list. I like to feel a little push against my shoulder though and those little carbines don't have enough recoil to completely unseat the first rifle I ever bought. My Springfield M1A is "The One" for me. I expected my garand to beat it out, but I think the garand is broke. Someday I'm going to go shooting with someone who's got experience with those and figure out if it's me or the rifle.
  10. I think PWB just ordered us all to buy another backup gun.
  11. I have a set of those (the peltor optime linked above), but they didn't help. They were no different than standard ear muffs with the band rotated around to the back. For me, the muffs themselves are too big. The hat just sits on top of them and any breeze or sudden movement will knock it off. I chalk it up to my head shape though, so good luck, I hope they do the trick for you.
  12. I don't know about yall, but I am constantly amazed at how easy it is to make me want a gun. I like to think of myself as an independent thinker who can see through cheap marketing tricks like this. Well ... maybe I can see through them and the problem here is that I don't want to.
  13. Don't you mean the COPY they sold to china? I thought the chinese only bought 1 copy an pirated the rest.
  14. I don't want to shoot fast. The only thing about the timer that I care about is the beep that tell me I can sling lead downrange. I could take a minute per shot if I wanted but then muscle fatigue would be an issue. I have a rhythm. On the pistols I'd wager that I don't take any longer no matter the distance. On the rifle it does take me a bit longer because I have to actually line up the sights. At normal cowboy distances all I have to do is get the front sight on the target and it'll be close enough. The first match as a sharpshooter I found out I needed to regulate the sights on my rifle. I had never touched them before because they were close enough to hit right out of the box. The sharpshooter pistol targets are everyone else's rifle targets. The sharpshooter rifle targets are somewhere around 50-75 yards out (I forget which, maybe someone else from TRR can correct me if I'm wrong). That's a pretty good shot with a pistol caliber.
  15. I don't think that's what the video said. There's a secondary sear that keeps the hammer from falling until you take pressure off of it. Or maybe I misunderstood. I don't want to present myself as an expert after watching an 11 minute video. As for those other models, all I know is that I've heard a number of times those were the only 3 shotguns that were designed to slam fire. Maybe they're just the only 3 common shotguns what do it.
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