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  1. I remember that story. I think the woman who died was his mom, and he said yes because he was still in shock. We read another one in the same class that I'd like to find again. It was a future where everyone was equal. The kid in question was about to take an aptitude test and his parents were hoping he didn't do too well because if he did, he'd get a lobotomy. You know, to make sure he was equal with everyone else. Maybe I should ask alpo, he seems to have read everything.
  2. I shoot with 3 clubs, but I'm lucky to get in 1 match a month with everything else going on in my life. I shoot 45 colt too. I think the only more expensive cartridge I could have picked is 44-40. I don't see how that's relevant to a new shooter. Do most new shooters jump in and start shooting every weekend? I know it's the norm to reload. I'm just saying I wish people would stop scaring off new shooters by saying it's required. That kinda talk slowed my entry into the game by a few months. Until another cowboy found out that this was my hangup and explained that it was only about saving money so you can shoot more. It's not required, it's just that most shooters do reload and if you hang around long enough, you will probably reload too. But until then, there's factory ammo that's legal to use and plenty of folks who will reload for you a lot cheaper than factory ammo. Nope, it's fine. I watch a series called The 100. It's a post apolcalyptic show and they reloaded ammo for their M16s with home made black powder. Can't remember what they used for bullets. Might have been rocks or chunks of steel off of their spaceship. They never had a failure. It's on TV so it must be accurate.
  3. When does that kick in? I've been shooting SASS for 5 years and I aint started reloading yet. I wish people would stop scaring away newbies with this. (though in this case it turns out he plans to pick it up). I hope you aint planning to buy the guns with your winnings. The caddilacs we compete for have poor resale value.
  4. We can't use yoyo's in texas anymore. But juglines work pretty well. There's also one called a trigger that my dad an I bought. I liked juglines better.
  5. New olympic sport. The only question is, will be be a speed sport, or a trick sport? Halfbike halfpike has a ring to it.
  6. I think this is the explicit part. "Everybody's goes to town"
  7. Just heard back from my friend. He reports having talked to him today. Could be that he's booked solid, as usual.
  8. Sure hope so. I sent a message to someone who deals with him regularly. Where are ya sending those smoke signals? Here's what I have for Single Action Service: aharton@hotmail.com 713-772-8314 713-907-6031
  9. Last time they dismissed a guy as a sideshow, he went and got elected. Lets hope history doesn't repeat itself so quickly. Though, in fairness, it's mostly a different group dismissing this guy as a sideshow than that last guy.
  10. I'm for it! Cause I'm for all of em. Cept maybe the one that got repealed. I'm even for the one that got properly ratified and was conveniently skipped because the war of 1812 started up at the same time and cold lake kid's posse came down and burned washington. Next question! (now I'm gunna go look and see if it's the one about quartering troops like I think it is, or if it's one I completely forgot)
  11. I had no idea what to expect when I clicked on this thread, and I was still surprised. I see John Cleese has also narrated them. That oughta be good.
  12. I still got a CB in my truck. but I haven't turned it on in a couple years. I need to find some time to adjust the SWR. Last time I used it they were having trouble understanding me.
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