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  1. At end I remembered that one of woody's first movies was natural born killers, which was like a modern retelling of bonnie and clyde. So he's now played both sides of the murderous rampage on the silver screen. All in all it was very good, and as far as I can tell they did a good job with the firearms. I noticed right off the bat that all the Winchesters had the long fore-end, which would have been correct in the 1930's.
  2. If you decock a ruger upside down, will the transfer bar stay in the fire position? I don't have a ruger easily accessible to check this for myself. This has no bearing on the current discussion, but someone mentioned that when it's cocked the tbar can move, which made me wonder if relies on gravity to drop the tbar.
  3. Not too long ago I got one of these scammers while I was in the car with my wife. I don't remember how we got there, but we started talking nonsense with each other and all 3 of us had a great time. We were laughing our heads off. I think I pretended to not understand him (not a stretch) and assumed he was saying the most ridiculous thing I could think of. Like he asked if I knew of the new statutes regarding XYZ and I said "Did you just ask me if I have a bannana? I don't see where that's any business of yours" At the end of it I told him this was the best scam call I'd ever received. He wished me a good day and I told him I still hope he and his bosses go to jail.
  4. We have an HOA, but it's voluntary. So I didn't volunteer. But I still go the meetings to keep tabs on them and I help out with the projects when I can. One year they tried to change the deed so the HOA wasn't voluntary anymore and we had to fight them over that. My mom loves HOAs. She lives in the same neighborhood as my sister. One year my mom decided she wanted to run for the board, and my sister had to run too to keep her in check. If mom had her way, there'd be no firecrackers after sunset when decent people should be asleep.
  5. 1. Go to a match and let them know you wanna join. Observe the match if they will let you (someone might just put guns in your hand so you can shoot) and ask if you can try some guns before you buy. 2. Use the same caliber in your rifle and pistol. it's not a requirement, but it sure does remove a stressor when you're first starting out. 3. Unlike most here, I don't think it's so bad to buy cheap leather to start. Just realize you'll need to replace it quickly and prepare for that expense. Hopefully by then you'll actually know what you want in a holster.
  6. A bigger version. Don't think my wife will allow very many of these modifications.
  7. I wish they'd told us the price. I bet it was less than $200.
  8. I can only speak as a consumer. Prices that include shipping usually get more attention from me. But the way you posted the options, they both technically include shipping. What I dislike is when I have to dig around for the shipping cost.
  9. What irritates me about that one is how some people go crazy about it when 90% of the time the thing they're talking about can properly be called a clip or a magazine. If you've got extras out of the gun on your belt for quick reloads, they're clips. They keep the bullets together for easy reloads. They're magazines too if they feed ammo into the chamber when in the gun.
  10. Now that I've seen video of what you're talking about, I'm 125% sure that if I tried it, I'd be aiming with the wrong eye.
  11. So how do those shorty aguila rounds stack up against a full sized shell? I saw where someone else (maybe Remington) is making shorty rounds now and they claim there's "almost no" performance difference. I just assumed they all had significantly lighter payloads and less powder.
  12. I think cell phones work off of capacitance, which is why the wet hands were a problem. The stylus is made of special material, you can't just take a tooth pick and use it as a stylus. There are also touch screens that use resistance. I've seen those in factories and plants. Those can be used with gloves on or by using any object as a stylus.
  13. Enjoy the next 24 hours is nicer because it's a longer duration than the rest of the current day.
  14. Earlier this year I heard hackers were able to use facetime to spy on people. Somehow they were able to listen in through your phone even if you didn't pick up the phone. If you use facetime, make sure it's updated. Apple was supposed to have fixed that flaw back in february.
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