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  1. Can we talk about farding next or do I need to start a new thread? Women farding in their cars might be more dangerous than cell phone use.
  2. I'm a little concerned about the damage that sign has taken. Must be a very corrosive atmosphere.
  3. The answer to the first question is yes. Every manufacturer does it differently. Someone smarter will be along shortly to answer the rest of it.
  4. That version has a serious flaw. This version is much more accurate.
  5. We got about 10 lbs of these left. After the first 5 lbs we figured out they give 2 of our dogs terrible gas. That oughta teach my wife to buy insane amounts of 'new' 'weird' stuff we haven't tested yet.
  6. In my defense, i had no idea what I was doing but figured it couldn't be THAT hard. After I removed the butt plate to make sure it didn't have a screw down in the stock (like most shotguns seem to have), and removed the 2 screws that actually held it in, it still wouldn't budge. So instead of trying to force it I kept removing screws. As soon as the mainspring screw fell free and I found it on the ground, I saw that it was a machine screw so I knew it couldn't have been holding the stock on. Anyway, thanks for the answers. I guess if I get the screws wrong it'll be pretty easy to fix now that I know what they do. My wife asked me if I was going to google how to put it all back together. I said "Why would I use google and have to wade through BS when I have access to the worlds greatest repository of knowledge on guns like this?" You guys never disappoint.
  7. There are 2 screws under the lever. If I can figure out how I will attach a picture. The bigger one seems to be to attach the hammer spring to the frame. The second one looks sort of like a tensioner for the spring. Both screws were loose on my rifle before I started messing with it. I was taking the butt off to send it in for laser engraving. So I started removing all the screws including these 2. The big one took about one full turn before it felt like the spring came loose. The smaller one was barely finger tight. I figured out how to get the hammer spring reattached but now I'm wondering how tight these screws are supposed to be.
  8. How about what they used to do to pirates? Hung them in cages for all to see till their flesh rotted away. Forgot what that was called but as long as we're brainstorming, that should be on the list.
  9. I've often told people "I found a pimple on my butt last night. I named it after you. Wanna meet him?" But that's for friends. I don't talk to people I don't like.
  10. Sorry if this derails your thread alpo, but I've been seeing this a lot lately and I gotta ask about it. At first, it was only in alpo posts and I figured he was taking the extra time to strikeout the mistakes ole otto made for him so as to not hide them. But now I'm seeing other people do it. Is the forum software doing it automagically?
  11. I never could figger out who marcy bocamp was. I saw a store with her name on it in natchitoches, but it looked like a fancy dress shop so I never went in.
  12. I'm afraid enough of getting my fat rump stuck on a beach that I don't even like to walk on them. Can't imagine why people drive on them.
  13. He'll be back on the road in about 10 minutes. You can't see it but there's a dodge dodge just out of frame to the right ready to pull him out. Dodges are good at rescuing stuck chevys.
  14. He wasn't talking about stocks though. Whether he knew it or not, he was talking about commodities traders who did take a loss because they had no place to store the oil and were contractually obligated to take possession of the molecules.
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