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  1. Finally made it home and found the info. It was 45 Colt, 200 gr RFN, 6.8 gr Unique. Is that under-loaded?
  2. I might have that information at home. Since I didn't like the loads, I didn't see a need to make note of the recipe. If it's anywhere it might still be on one of the boxes. I'm pretty sure it was a 200gr bullet. I know it was loaded in the 700-750 FPS range and that's where I like my power. Initially he was making some loads for me that went about 500 fps and I had to ask him for something more stout. So if that's under-loaded for unique it still means I'd rather not use it. I guess if I'm forced to use it, I'll keep this in mind and try something a little faster. BTW, I should have said guns in that last post, not gun. both pistols were doing it. Never had it happen with the red dot or HP-38 loads.
  3. Had a gunsmith check the gun out and it was fine. No signs of shaving and he tested it with some tissue paper and his own loads and got nothing. Plus, I doubt the cylinder gap would close up just because the powder changed. It was definitely powder. Little round flakes all over my hands and the table. I actually thought it was lead but the RO looked at it the mess I left closely a few times over the course of the match and finally asked what kinda powder I was using because it sure looked like a bunch of unburnt Unique to him. I had to go back to my cart and look at the box to see he guessed right.
  4. Unique is pretty much non-existent too. But I think my guy loaded some with unique and I didn't like them. I got a lot of side splatter through the cylinder gap and since I'm a funfighter that meant it was hitting my hand. It was a little unnerving. I did get my hands on some of this. Yeah I did that, and that's why I'm asking here. Other than the big name stores like brownells (who is out of almost everything), I don't know who's a reputable dealer. So thanks everyone for the leads. Keep em comin. All help is appreciated.
  5. I'm about to start rolling my own and I don't know any good places to get boolits. I tried the usual suspects like brownells, and all they had was something from hornady. I went ahead and got some to get me started but I figure there must be better places. I shoot 45 colt with that new fangled smokeless powder if that matters to ya. As a side note if you have a secret honey hole for Red Dot I'd like to know that too. The load I've been using since I started is Red Dot. Unfortunately the gentleman who used to load them for me got out of it and sold off all of his components.
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