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  1. Trinidad slim is that tall feller in the back? Boy he sure looks familiar.
  2. Not sure if that's really the same girl, but if it is, she has every reason to be smiling. She sold the rights to that disaster girl meme for a lot. $500,000.
  3. For my dog when I was growing up, the command to get off the couch was "Momma's home"
  4. We got one that does that. We think he's trying to save it. There is no annoyance when a squeaker is activated just undivided attention. Our newest puppy only seems to ever squeak her toys to antagonize him. He'll stop playing and try to nap, and she'll go squeak a toy. Looks right at him when she squeaks it.
  5. I love it. Our cat often camps out on the biggest dog pillow which means one of the dogs has to sack out on the floor. We try to convince the dogs that the cat is just a deformed dog, but I think they're suspicious.
  6. Worst shock I ever got was from 24v AC. It wasn't the shock itself that was so bad, but I didn't know what it was at first so i reached in further, my hand got lightly stuck on the circuit, and then when I realized what was happening I jerked away so hard that I cut open my hand on the edge of the cabinet. Yeah boss, it's an electrical burn and no you can't look at it. I need a bandage.
  7. That may be how it went down. But to be honest, I thought snorting ajax was deadly*. Seems like in TV shows and movies when you had someone die after snorting some coke it was always because it had been cut with drain cleaner. (Which I'm sure the detectives could tell by the smell) *instantly deadly that is. Not that snorting coke is a healthy choice.
  8. @Alpo I see your confused reaction. Apparently Hunter admitted to snorting parmesean cheese once because he thought it was coke.
  9. I think there is a number allowed before the RR will start putting up signs and lights and arms. I heard it was something like 4 deaths per calendar year. Though, I'm not positive if that's the RR or the local government doing that. I'd volunteer to be the one in front of her.
  10. lol. I have the attention span of a horsefly.
  11. Who is that? Looks familiar but I can't quite place her.
  12. LOL. Is that the secret to finding out what you did wrong?
  13. Pets must earn their name. For the time being It's Joe. The one she is replacing was a female named charlie so it kinda seemed right to give her a name that's usually for boys. It seems like Jojo or YoYo is going to be the one that sticks. But we need to see more of her personality first.
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