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  1. you mean the 1.4 trillion number (64^6 * 5^2) gets multiplied by 28 because the special characters can be anywhere? So now we're up to 39,760,164,908,800 before taking out the characters that are too similar, like oi1, etc. Cool. Can you explain how you figured 28 out? I racked my brain and I never learned how to deal with anything this complex with this type of math. You lost me here. I must have missed whatever was said about spaces. After your post he told us the special characters may not be used at all. Is that what you mean? That adds more possibilities. I think that would just make the 5^2 into 6^2. I'm going to guess 5 characters get removed for being problematic so now we're at 42,517,977,910,128 possible combinations. Over 42 Trillion. (59^6 * 6^2 * 28)
  2. daggum it I forgot about capitalization. as you can see i forget about it when i post too. but now he's changed it up. My number was over 54 billion and it's orders of magnitude too low because I forgot capitalization. The modfications will make it go even higher because they can be in any position, even if it removes some of the letters like o, O, i, I, and l
  3. I like to pretend it's all berdan primed and it makes me feel better.
  4. I get 54,419,558,400 36^6*5^2 36 possible entries in each of the first 6 slots, so 36*36*36*36*36*36 5 possible entries in the last 2, so 5*5 Now, if the 2 slots for special characters can be anywhere and not just in the last 2, then it gets higher. I'd have to think a minute to cipher that out.
  5. I'm not very bright. I'm not sure it would occur to me to have the same ammo. I lean towards 45 colt in the pistol and a big boy rifle cartridge like 40-60 or 45-70. Unless I'm in a heavily wooded area, then maybe I'd have a pistol caliber rifle. Or a lever action shotgun. I know I went off book, but your title saying there are 2 choices only applied to the pistol.
  6. I can't hardly wait. I almost don't want to go to any matches before it gets here because I don't want to use my old ugly cart anymore.
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