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  1. Me neither. Always seemed like someone was trying to trick me into eating healthy stuff. Kinda like carrot cake.
  2. When I first started, I wore the suspenders on my gunbelt and wore the gunbelt tight enough to keep the birtches up. I figured the gunbelt was more likely to to drop and would be the most disastrous. But after talking to some pards and getting a little more experience, I discovered that it didn't matter which one ya put the suspenders on, one would keep the other up. So I switched to putting them on the pants because it made it easier to get dressed. Now I have a problem with the buttons on the pants popping off when I'm trying to slip out of them to pee. Before I got suspenders I was wearing pants with belt loops and a regular belt under the gun belt. My wife would tie the belts together with a leather strap. It was a good excuse to get her to come shoot with me.
  3. Candy cigarettes should be a good non allergenic treat, right?
  4. Oh dear! If there's even a picture of it it might get him arrested today. Got any pics yul?
  5. Hey Sedialia dave, you need to point out which one is you in each of those pictures.
  6. I get what you're saying, but compared to what I (and probably most of us) really think, it's very respectful. Pretty much everyone is focusing their comments on how they'd react and dancing around the non binary person themselves. It's not disrespectful in and of itself to say you don't cotton to one form of tom foolery or another. This is just another form of tom foolery that some folks wont cotton to.
  7. I'd watch that. Anyone got a contact at the sportsman's channel? I could say something similar about bow hunting.
  8. This will be unpopular, I guess. But I like hunting with dogs. Be it deer or rabbit or birds. In Louisiana it's legal. You get a big group together and split the meat. The people I hunted with depended on the meat to live, so I never took a share. In Texas you can't even use a dog to track one you shot.
  9. Can't say if we will, but having been through many migrations and updates on some of my favorite forums, there's no reason we should. In fact, if they want help with it, they can PM me and I'll put them in touch with some database people who can help out.
  10. Not saying I disagree with ya, but I'm still waiting for my wife to spring whatever scam she's runnin on me.
  11. While we're on the postal derail, I had a house for a while that I couldn't sell, so I used it as a weekend getaway. I got a nastygram from my postal carrier saying that I can't just put the junk mail back in the box with the flag up. I was flabbergasted that she didn't realize I wasn't living there full time. Apparently neighborhood kids were riding by lifting the flags (I know I did that a few hundred times when I was a kid). I can't remember if I caught her on a saturday delivery or stuck a note in the box, but boy was she worked up over that flag. My social security number has also been suspended. Next time someone who doesn't need it asks for it, I'm going to let them know. I'm fascinated by scams. I often play with them to waste their time and try to figure out what the scam is. I'm surprised at how hard it is to get to that point. I mean, if you're trying to scam me and hang up before I can even figure out what your scam was, you're not very good at it.
  12. I know you guys have recommended a number of stores for military surplus / reproduction items in the past. But danged if I can find those posts now. Specifically, I'm looking for a bayonet for an M1917. When I google that, all I get is ebay links and I don't do ebay because of how useless paypal was when my paypal account got hacked. There are some gunbroker links too. I've never done gunbroker and I'm a little afraid of how much money I'll spend once I pop that cherry. Anyway, I figure there oughta be some surplus outfits who have them if I just go look.
  13. I always kinda liked these. I'm surprised we haven't gone back to them in this age of worrying about environmental impact. As a kid, I always assumed it was about 5 feet of towel on a continuous loop. 4032 × 3024
  14. Oh you must have forgot the part where you shake your hands and sling water all over the bathroom. Then wipe them on your britches and THEN you can get the paper towels out. I knew a fellow once who would get the paper towels before he washed his hands.
  15. That's why yer supposed to pull with 2 hands kit.
  16. I can't figure out what I'm seeing. I was going to ask you to demonstrate shooting 4 shots, but then I replayed it and watched the timer. In that last video, you're pulling 5? Load 2 initially, then reload 3? Or was it load 3 initially and reload 2? What does it look like if there are more SG targets? How many can you pull initially?
  17. Ever had your girlfriend get mad at you cause of something you did in her dream? That's the kind girl I bet can hurt you with a nerf gun.
  18. I never thought much of it, but one time I was in a whole foods and bought some grass fed. It tasted noticeably better than what I'd eaten before. But that was only one trial. Back then, the only place I knew to get grass fed was whole foods, so I never got around to trying it again. I see it in my regular poor people store now and some day I may try it again. Problem right now is that the bunkhouse boss gets her nose out of joint when I select the meat. She's got her own opinions on such things and don't want nor need my council.
  19. It's only mattresses this time around. On the radio he said something about the 3.5 million dollar bet being an insurance policy, since technically in his store he's betting against the astros, and at the casino he is betting for them. It will pay 7.7 million I think. But I'm sure he's got a real insurance policy too. I'm starting to think he just likes making large wagers. I remember when it started he was just betting on whether the astros broke 500 (I think).
  20. I remember them, I was just talking about it with a buddy this weekend. He got an old 94 and might want to put a scope on it (I'm trying to talk him out of it). I always thought scout scopes like horace described was a better solution. I believe those just went into the dovetail for the rear sight. I had a cousin who shot one of the side mounted scopes. He'd turn the rifle so the scope was directly above the barrel and he didn't have to adjust for extra windage. I cannot remember if hew as right handed or left handed. Seems like it would be more natural when shooting lefty.
  21. Well if the TO and spotters can't tell you what target to shoot next, how can they give you a P at the end of the stage? I guess there are cases where you might end up on the wrong target.
  22. check out a marble slab. Their ice cream doesn't have the stuff in it because they mix it in front of you. My wife loves mint, but hates the chocolate chips everyone else in the world puts in them. Marble slab has just mint. I'm very plain and only care about chocolate, so I can't say what else they have. But maybe they'll have what you're looking for.
  23. I'm gunna have nightmares about that tonight.
  24. I had someone say that beer was poison for dogs. My response was "Well, it's poison for humans too, what's your point?" I guess the grapes were bad for the dog. They must have made him chase that car that ran him over.
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