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  1. Next to my bed I have a short baseball bat, a hurling stick, a 6.5 ft bo staff, an eaku (like the bo but with an oar on the end), a hardwood bokken, a katana, a naval cutlass, a 3 or 4 foot spear, and 2 suspiciously sturdy walking sticks. Honestly its a good thing I have a gun cause I probably wouldn't be able to decide between all of those options. I would probably pick the spear or hurling stick first if the gun wasn't available. The katana is in a bag and takes too long to get out, and the rest are either much longer or more clumsy than those 2.
  2. Back in your day didn't they order bayonet charges regularly? I didn't realize that was only after all the ammo in the trench was gone.
  3. Yup. I had time left on my subscription when that happened. When they started printing again they honored the rest of my sub so the new owners are standup people in my book. I didn't hesitate to re-up when the time came.
  4. I was thinking along the lines of suing the family afterwards for my pain and suffering and forcing the court to give the weapons to me after I won them in the judgement. It would be a long affair but the odds have got to be greater than 0. Actually, if it was any more difficult than asking the cop once the investigation was done I wouldn't bother. The thing that made me think that way was how often bad guys have really nice guns in movies.
  5. Interesting how much the sun changed in that relatively short period of time. There wasn't nearly as many bright spots at the end. I wonder if the overall intensity of the sun had changed measurably.
  6. They usually send me pictures. You must be doing something wrong.
  7. They were both criminal defense attorneys. So while i don't know their laws, I'm betting they did. Or at least thought they did. I read elsewhere that they already had legal justification to blast away. I'm watching the wire's legal scholars dig into that with interest. On an unrelated note, there was at least 1, but maybe as many as 3 protesters who did an amazing job of de-escalating things. I only watched the entire video once so I can't remember how many there were. They were the guys herding everyone away from the area.
  8. That's what I was thinking too. Like Sun Tsu said, when you are weak appear strong to scare off the enemy. When you are strong, appear weak so as to lure them into your trap. They looked like they didn't want to shoot.
  9. You said on the first page that's not how you woulda handled it. I'm not sure how I would have handled it, but I'd like to hear what you would have done. You have a lot more experience in things like this. Lets assume that their claims of being threatened are correct because I haven't even heard the protesters deny them. Lets also assume you live in their house because I'm sure your own property is quite a bit different (as is mine). You've seen the videos of what's been happening recently and would take notice and do something. What would that something be. Same question to anyone with law enforcement and/or combat experience. I have neither so I'm just wondering.
  10. They'll have to break into the safe. I'm not going to open it for them. Are we talking about what's normal or worst case scenario? Because I would expect normally the cops wouldn't even take the gun you used. Wouldn't the preliminary investigation have to turn up something fishy before they'd even start thinking along those lines? Like do they think you found a bunch of dead people elsewhere and dragged them into your house? We had a shooting in Houston last year I think where cops got shot and HPD never even did a forensic analysis to find out who was shooting. If you're not going to do that for an officer involved shooting, I don't see why you'd do it in a clear cut case of self defense in your own house. The rioter's guns is all I would expect them to take. We have lotsa cops here, tell me why I'm wrong. My question in this scenario is; what are the odds of me winding up with the rioter's guns as trophies?
  11. He's going to do it carefully and if he messes something up he will know how to fix it.
  12. That part's easy. Just holler SELFIE TIME right before you fire. I'll be dogged if that don't look like the last match I went to.
  13. Yes. That's what happened to OJ Simpson. Found not guilty, but then the man's family sued him for everything he was worth.
  14. With a Garand it's opposite. If the ammo is safe it will be marked that it's safe for a garand. If you don't see that written on the box, then you shouldn't use it. But it's more than pressure, there's also an issue with the hardness of the primer. Get the wrong primer and I believe you can turn your garand into a full auto. Until one of them fires while out of battery.
  15. I did it once at the loading table. The other guy at the table was watching the shooter and didn't notice. It was before the pistol was loaded, but the rifle was loaded. I tried to call it on myself but I didn't know the penalty so I asked our TG / PM. He argued me out of a penalty by saying that since it hadn't been loaded it was the same as if I'd dropped it at my cart. I've found out since then that he was wrong because the stage starts (for these purposes) as soon as the first gun is placed on the LT. Learned my lesson either way. I take more care with the guns at the LT now.
  16. We went to tombstone for our honeymoon. It was before I got started in SASS but after I had been thinking about it. We wound up renting cowboy costumes for a day. After that it was a done deal that I'd be joining. The costume rental lady also did a ghost tour so we came back for that. Unfortunately it was monsoon season so we didn't go out that night but she was still a hoot.
  17. Before my wife watched me cook, what you call a head of garlic, I called a clove. My chili recipe calls for like 4 cloves of garlic. I think it tastes much better now that I know the difference. No one ever taught me to cook. That's the dangers of trying to learn stuff on your own.
  18. Something like this. Surprisingly, amazon doesn't seem to sell them. The only reason I know about them is that when I go offshore the safety video talks about them and shows a picture. There are some lighters that are built into a DOT approved case, and others like this designed to hold regular lighters. The last one is kind of hard to believe. Looks like a cheap plastic bottle to me.
  19. One of the few times I talked to the missionaries it was a boy/girl team. Before anyone asks, I'm pretty sure the girl wasn't the reason I let them in. I don't even recall if she was pretty. Honestly, she probably wasn't because back then I was scared of pretty girls. I just happened to be in the mood and didn't have anything else going on. I think I had seen an expose on mormons recently and I was disappointed that the kids didn't know anything about really weird stuff. But according to the expose, they don't learn any of it till they get back from the mission trip. Convenient.
  20. I was taught the funny bone is the place where you get hit and everyone else thinks it's funny. Seems to be between the legs for most guys, but sometimes it's on the head.
  21. The last time I looked at the paperwork for a proxy ballot it had 3 options. Assign my proxy to someone to vote as they please Assign my proxy to someone to vote no. Assign my proxy to someone to vote yes. On the first option I had to name the person. I don't think there was a name for the last 2. I assumed they just knew people who were going to vote each way and would give it to them. But maybe it was electronic votes like Cyrus said.
  22. I'm a gunfighter. I'm afraid I'll tip over if they aint pretty closely matched.
  23. In my case I couldn't afford the acme rockets.
  24. I agree with journalists in this case.
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