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  1. Guys I worked with did that to a guy once. But that guy wasn't as smart as you. Monday we found out that he drove it right into a dishonest mechanic's shop and got charged a thousand bucks to "rebuild" his transmission. But at least he got it done quick and didn't ruin his weekend. Most of the best pranks can't be repeated here. The guys at one place i worked used to like to mess with each other's trucks. They all drove company trucks, I had my personal truck there. I told them it was going to be ugly if they ever jacked with my baby and they never did. But the best truck prank was filling one guy's air vents up with baby powder. He said a month later he'd hit a bump in the road and a little puff of powder would come out. One time he was on vacation and we got some gumption, so we spent about $200 on aluminum foil and wrapped his entire office. One guy thought it would be funny to virtually t-bag me. So he stole my phone and took a picture of his nether regions with it and set it as the background. Well, I caught on pretty quick and deleted it without having to look at it. But by the end of the day, the ladies in the front office were coming back to my office wanting to see the picture. As it turns out, this guy used to date one of the daughters of one of those ladies, so I hatched some revenge. I faked an email that looked like it had been sent to every female in the office, starting with that cute receptionist and including his ex girlfriend who was currently in medical school, BTW. The fake email from her back to her mother noted that she didn't remember that lump from when they were dating and that he should see a doctor. I sent that to the mom, and had her forward it to my prankster. I don't know if he ever went to a doctor, but he spent 2 days dissecting the email headers and came to the conclusion that it was real and called me all kinds of names for lying about deleting the picture. The funniest part of it was that all the ladies were upset that I had really actually deleted the photo. Even the dude's current girlfriend was calling me wanting the picture. But I think the best prank I ever saw was when our safety guy (John) got a biohazzard bag. I don't know who gave it to him or why, and he didn't need it. So he decided to put it on the desk of a guy who was kind of quiet and kept to himself (Bill). Attached to the bag he left a sticky note that said he needed a stool sample as soon as possible. Bill was already at lunch. So we went to lunch thinking he'd laugh it off. But no, when we got back from lunch we saw ole bill with bag in hand headed for the bathroom. It's a good thing for John that we didn't take an executive lunch that day because I think we all know what was coming next. Truth be told, I wouldn't have stopped him if John hadn't been there because that bag wasn't coming back to my office, and the only thing better than a good prank, is a good prank that backfires.
  2. Some folks are just blessed with longer barrels than others.
  3. It's getting to be a feature on newer apps. One of them I use has the feature (and it looks like the comic, where it tells you that a message was unsent), but the plain old texting app that comes with the phone doesn't.
  4. yes I like to make my wife text me "You were right, I was wrong, I will never doubt you again" She has a hard time admitting it herself. The last part maybe wishful thinking.
  5. That looks better than I expected it to.
  6. Well, when you shoot, sound is often the only indicator we have. You need to load little speakers into your bullets. Or just get in the habit of saying "DING" every time you pull the trigger. Depending on the target sequence, I can usually keep track like that through the first 4 shooters. But that's not fair to everyone else, so I don't make that my official count. I remember once I had Miss Lorelei clean. Then I counted the spots on the targets before the next shooter and there were only 19. I'm pretty sure she just put 2 shots in the same hole though, so need to try to change my call. There are so few cody dixon shooters that I can count hits after the fact for all of them if needed. And sometimes it is needed cause they take so danged long.
  7. Seems like chickenpoop, but you really can't change your call based entirely on that. Are you positive the targets were clean to begin with? Are you positive a bullet didn't splatter or split and make 2 marks? I've changed a miss to a hit a number of times even on old targets because after the fact I saw where there was a new edge hit that would explain the furrow of dirt I saw get kicked up. But every range is different, not everyone sees that dirt shower.
  8. No worries. He doesn't keep that one in a holster, he just shoves it in his waistband. Outlaw style.
  9. Is 32-40 another name for the 32 Winchester special? 32 WS shares a case with the 30-30 too. I did some looking and apparenlty there's a number of rounds called "32-40", so i'm not sure which one your thinking of. Here's a picture of 30-30, 32 WS, 32-40, and 38-55. None of them look like the same case to me.
  10. I don't shoot BP so i don't know any better. But it was only partially a joke. The crisco does smell horrible, and I'm pretty sure I've smelled bacon grease in a BP load. Maybe it was something else pleasant like beef tallow.
  11. Is that an airplane on the sub?
  12. Maybe your phones and tablets have facebook built in and that's why you can see it. I can't see it either.
  13. I'm assuming american kenpo from the description of the sparring. I don't think chinese or okinawan versions of kenpo do that (thought I might be wrong). I've been in martial arts for something like 25 years. My first style shared some ancestry with american kenpo. My teacher's teacher was a contemporary of Ed Parker, if memory serves. So which branch of the family tree are you studying?
  14. Shoot it. I'm not a dealer, but I have personally never seen a 'collector's edition' sell for more than the standard model other than the first sucker who bought it new. I've seen plenty of people ASKING more for one, but those people are back at the gun show month after month with that collector's edition on the table. I know they have less value to me because I prefer patina over flashy.
  15. Crisco smells bad. Lube with bacon grease. You'll be the most popular cowboy at the match.
  16. SHHHHH And how did you know about that?
  17. My guess is that they're saying it's a really bad dude on trial and he might come git you.
  18. But it's a glock. I thought you could throw it in boiling salt water and it would straighten itself out.
  19. I guess I missed the sale. It's $99 for me.
  20. That's a silly standard. Everyone shoots whatever grips they shoot because they are more comfortable. He hand made an approximation of the perfectly legal birdshead grips. Surely we don't intend to limit people to only store bought grips.
  21. Given that they said no the John wayne grip with the finger groove, there's a good chance they'll say no to the pinkie rest birdshead. Please let us know what they say when they make a ruling.
  22. Has he pulled a cliff clavin yet? If I'm ever on jeapordy and have an insurmountable lead in the final, I'm going to answer "Who is someone who has never been in my kitchen?". Of course, I'm going to wager $0, so it won't be exactly the same.
  23. I'm confused about poet jones's question. You have to reholster at the conclusion of a pistol string as a default. So unless it says specifically that you can stage them on a table, you have to reholster. Doesn't matter that the stage said reholster. Unless I missed something.
  24. I have a 30-40 krag and a trapdoor springfield that were military issued and could be used. So far I've only used the trapdoor for cowboy long range. I also have a SAA that's old enough but it was a commercial gun.
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