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  1. How do you know someone (anyone) running for a national office is lying? A: Their lips are moving and words are coming out of their mouth.
  2. You might try Ted Blocker and see if he's interested.
  3. I donno about that. He was Hannibal after all.
  4. A complete guide to Heraldry, Chapter 10: When the whole arm from the shoulder is used, it is always bent at the elbow, and this is signified by the term "embowed," and an arm embowed necessarily includes the whole arm. Fig. 262 shows the usual position of an arm embowed, but it is sometimes placed embowed to the dexter (Fig. 263), upon the point of the elbow, that is, "embowed fesseways" (Fig. 264), and also, but still more infrequently, resting on the upper arm (Fig. 265). Either of the latter positions must be specified in the blazon. Two arms "counter-embowed" occur in many crests (Figs. 266 and 267). Fig. 259.—A hand "in benediction." Fig. 260.—A cubit arm. Fig. 261.—An arm couped at the elbow. Fig. 262.—An arm embowed. Fig. 263.—An arm embowed to the dexter. Fig. 264.—An arm embowed fesseways. Fig. 265.—An arm embowed the upper part in fesse. Fig. 266.—Two arms counter-embowed. Fig. 267.—Two arms counter-embowed and interlaced. I may or may not have at one point in my history spent time as a field herald in the SCA, so I can't say for sure if I can remember without reference the significance of "an arm embowed, vambraced, holding a sabre"...
  5. The important question then is did you shoot clean?
  6. This statement I agree with. This statement, I also agree with, however that was not what I took from your first statement. I may have read more into your original statement based on conversations I've had with others on this and similar topics, and in this instance in comes down to our own interpretation of the events Yul described. I see it this way: A young female clerk working in a convenience store that Yul frequents was dress provocatively. (I think we agree she has the right to do this.) Yul visually appreciated looking at the young woman. (I hope we agree that this is also okay, because if it's not this is where we have to end the discussion with an ATD statement.) The young woman took offence to the way Yul appreciated the way she looked. (I think we both agree she has the right to do this as well.) Yul took offense to the reaction. (Again, I hope we agree this is a valid reaction, however this is also a valid point of disagreement that can start further discussion.) Where we're going to have to ATD is that last statement because it's subjective to the slippery slope of the argument, and it starts a much longer argument of where certain lines are drawn. For example, at what point does an "appreciative glance" become a "creepy stare"?
  7. I think you're going to find that this an agree to disagree statement, and that's as far as I'm going to take it in an open forum, especially when I see this as more of a trolling statement then anything else.
  8. My wife and I are the same way. Sometimes she'll ask if I saw someone she thought I should notice, and if I didn't she'll wonder if I'm going blind or worry that I might be dying...
  9. Yes. I think the lesson here is don't piss off George Heisman.
  10. I can't believe that no one brought up Georgia Tech and Cumberland...
  11. Yul that is a travesty of justice I tell ya. The DQ near my house, which is within walking distance and part of my daily walk, always has a little dificulty with the chocolate soft serve, but it's there.
  12. I assume we're to pick a Star Trek TV series captain. If that is the criteria I'll go with Sisko.
  13. Why do we have to choose one over the other? They both have their place and have been eclipsed by better sense. If you make me choose, I'll say neither.
  14. At least I'm not flagged as the town drunk...
  15. They're a lot of fun, it was pretty easy to zero at 25 yrds (short I know, but it's for speed steel). My only complaint is how fast it'll eat my 9mm. I swear I end up loading more 9 than .38 some weeks...
  16. Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?
  17. I was always that Magnús Ver Magnússon was cool and aptly named.
  18. I usually try and keep the RV to about 60-65 when on the Freeway and I stay in the right lane. On a 2 lane road I'm usually going 55-60, although I'll slow to posted limits for corners. Sorry if that's too slow for you all.
  19. Depends on how hard you are on your engines when racing...
  20. So if a guy rides a Buffalo, he's really riding a Bison? Guy on a Bison just doesn't sing right... . . . . . PS. Don't click if you don't want this silliness stuck in your head for hours. . . . . .
  21. When they stopped in the migrant camp where the little girl got the doll.
  22. I'm just bummed that they cut a lot of my wife's nephew's scenes. He's credited as "Tough Migrant Worker (Oklahoma)". Apparently they filled a whole exchange there that got cut for time...
  23. I carry a laminated card with the flow chart on it so we can easily end the argument...
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