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  1. I remember *REALLY* wanting a Ruger 10/22 but I couldn't afford it. After scrapping my pennies together from mowing lawns all summer I managed to save up enough for a brand new Marlin Glenfield Model 60 that was on sale and the local Coast to Coast hardware store because the new model didn't have the checkered stock, and looked to be a nicer wood. I remember that my mother freaked out a little when she figured out it wasn't a bb gun...
  2. I have to agree with you Bob. I'm actually looking to sell my Taurus .45ACP, and if I do that'll only leave me a 3.5" RNV in the caliber ATM.
  3. If you were in 9mm I'd say Ruger. Love mine. People have been asking for that rifle to be .45 ACP for a while now, but Ruger hasn't built it. Of course I still want an ARX100...
  4. No ice cream until it's 80 degrees outside.
  5. As a cross draw Pistolero, I always draw the cross first and re-holster with the off hand holding it in place, especially if pistols are last. The only things I can do right handed are golf (badly) and bat (poorly)... The thing I was working on this last weekend was transitions from left to right shooting order where the pistols were from the right shooting station and were last. I would carry my long gun with me, transfer to my right hand on the move and draw with my left. I bet you can guess what I did that first stage... I need to work on drawing my left gun first, shooting and then drawing from and re-holstering into the right holster at the same time. edit: spelling
  6. I suspect that the Table Rock Rangers likely have a Nerf category on the odd weekend...
  7. I drink about half of it and give the rest to my cats.
  8. Red Eye Jim


    Not in Classic Cowboy I don't think. I don't see a problem in any other except maybe B-Western, but I'm not sure.
  9. I don't normally do that. It was a bit of an experiment. I can truthfully say that my current "Oldest" freezer preps are dated 2016, and the last of those will be used up by the end of this month. Then there's a roast from 2017 and couple of steak packages, and we're back to our 2018 preps. It helps to keep the damn freezer organized. The cans are all good because I built some cool racks so that you can load new on the top and pull the old from the bottom.
  10. And the settle in Lakeview Oregon... Go Honkers!
  11. I used an old can of Hunts Spaghetti sauce the other day that was dated 11/08 on the use by that I had found rolled behind the dryer last weekend when I made sloppy joes out of some frozen hamburger that I had vacuumed-sealed on 10-10-12 that I found while re-aranging the freezer that same day...
  12. Click on the caliber where it says .357-38 for the drop down to select caliber. They're still making .44-40 and .45 Colt versions. I'm just twisted enough to want one of each.
  13. A Jeep CJ with 4 doors is just wrong. (I know that a Wrangler is not a CJ, but it's closest thing they make today...)
  14. Thank you everyone for your input. If it didn't have a name I was thinking maybe calling it the "Don't Sweep"... I do think it might take a little thought, but you're likely right that this isn't a sweep for large diverse posies...
  15. Answering the question: Matching revolvers = matching shooting = consistent shooting = smoother shooting = faster times overall. If you're not to worried about your time, then don't worry about matching your revolvers. Pedantic answer: We don't shoot with pistols, we shoot with revolvers. (tongue firmly planted in cheek) Longer answer: I don't always shoot for time at a monthly, so I don't always use the same two pistols even within the same match. I've currently only got six. My matching Ruger pair are my originals. I've got two 7.5" Old Army revolvers for when I want to shoot Josey Wales, and I have 7.5" Old Model in .45 that I've decided to pair with a 3.5" Birdshead in .45ACP as my "Outlaw" pair, and I have this great idea for an outfit to go with 'em, but I haven't fully put it together yet...
  16. Assume 5 targets, labeled 1 through 5 left to right. What do you call the string that goes either 1-5-2-4-3-4-2-5-1-3 or 5-1-4-2-3-2-4-1-5-3 (shooter's choice) in the stage description. Also, if the second stage set with the same targets is then: "Single tap sweep all five targets starting from either end twice." Should you then clarify both times, or would it better to say: "Single tap sweep all five targets twice starting from either 1 or 5"
  17. Always seems to happen during a snow storm I've noticed.
  18. I'd need to practice gunfighter for my right hand. Also I don't have some of the side-match guns that would be used...
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