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  1. In reference to a cowboy related poem - the cowboy says he just got a job “on the sixes”. What does he mean?
  2. Pay heed to what Johnny says- he has fixed many of them for the same issue.
  3. #1: Generation 3 - Colt .45 LC with 4.4” barrel. Very few rounds through this gun. No box. $1,895.00 plus shipping ffl to ffl. #2: Colt Scout Peacemaker 22LR/22 mag with 4.4” barrel. This gun comes with .22 mag cylinder as well as .22 LR cylinder. It has some small handling marks on the barrel(see pictures). It is a very nice gun. $750.00 plus shipping ffl to ffl Not interested in any trades. Colt 45 Colt Peacemaker .22LR/.22mag
  4. SPFHave you ever wanted to reload your brass 12 ga hulls like your grampa and great grampa did? Here’s your chance!A complete antique brass shotshell reloading set. Hull sizer, deprimer, primer seating tool, adjustable powder and shot measures, wad seater and roll crimping tool. $115 shipped to your doorstep! Thanx for looking TTB
  5. Think about this - If you don’t participate as a spotter how can you expect to learn the rules? You can read them and internalize them but if you do not put that “knowledge” to practical application - you will never understand it
  6. Yep - I’ll mark them sold. Pm’d you.
  7. Yep - I’ll mark them sold. Pm’d you.
  8. So, on #1 - is that 10 boxes of 500 each or is it 10 boxes of 50 each?
  9. 270 pcs mixed head-stamp .44 mag brass. $100 shipped to your doorstep. Thanx for lookin’ TTB
  10. 500 ea. .38 spec brass. Mostly R-P. No nickel cases - all brass. All nice and shiny. $75. shipped to you. Check or money order or paypal friends and family thanks for lookin’ TTB
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