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  1. Are folks reloading the 5.7x28 cartridge?
  2. We still have plenty of room AND gas prices are dropping!
  3. 2 bags of 100each 38-40 brass mostly Starline. It has been reloaded 1 time so is twice fired $45/bag of 100. Shipped conus. Thanx for looking
  4. Sold - 4 bags of 200 ea 300aac brass(not .223 cut downs) $60/bag shipped SOLD - 200 ea 7.62x39 brass $70 shipped 110 ea 6.5 creedmore brass. $50 shipped all is once fired brass Thanks for looking - TTB
  5. Howdy folks - Do your friends a favor by pm’ing email addresses and or phone #’s to folks rather than posting same in the open forum. Help protect them and yourself from hackers and scammers. just my $.25 worth TTB
  6. Get ahold of Johnny Meadows
  7. Well, that has to be a record time! They are yours pard! pm sent ttb
  8. 500 pcs R-P 44-40 brass. New - $200 shipped Let me know!
  9. Choice Ammo is very good. Can’t go wrong with it - if you can get it.
  10. Too Tall Bob


    https://www.sportsmans.com/shooting-gear-gun-supplies/ammunition-ammo-for-hunting-shooting-sports/shotgun-ammo-hunting-shooting-sports/winchester-aa-12-gauge-2-34in-8-1oz-target-shotshells-25-rounds/p/307986 Sportsmans Whse
  11. The key to her being a happy shooter is for her to decide which ones she likes best. There are a number of folks shooting the model P Jr/Stallions and I bet they would let her handle them. The other as mentioned before is the Ruger Single Six small frame gun. A good gunsmith can alter the hammers if need be. .38’s can be loaded down to very low recoil loads too. Best of luck to you two in your search. TTB
  12. Just a note of curiosity - the last 3 lbs of 3F APP I got were actually 2 F. Incorrectly labelled containers.
  13. These are great revolvers and this one at a good price. It’s a good deal for someone looking for an excellent revolver!
  14. Well, I posted this quite awhile ago and it has disappeared! EOT 2023 Warm up match at Tombstone Livery, Az hosted by Bordertown and Old Pueblo Shootists Association. Feb. 24, 25 & 26 2/24 - 6 stage Wild Bunch match 2/25 & 26 - 2 - 1 day/6 stage Cowboy match EOT WARM UP 2023.pdf
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