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  1. Look at the Henry single shot. Nice affordable rifles.
  2. Hey Rick! I will take the 38 158 gn sns casting bullets for $140 TTB
  3. Why don’t you just use a pillow case? They work just fine on my MECs and 550s and they are very economically viable(cheap).
  4. right off the Cimarron website: https://www.cimarron-firearms.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=+1866+Yellowboy+Sporting+Rifle+.22+LR%2C+24"+Octagon+Barrel scroll down the page and the rifle is there - $1200 and change - yikes!!
  5. 3 hours ago, Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439said: They are very friendly! Got a Flintlock rifle from them Aug 2019, when I was visiting my Mother in Green Valley for my birthday. Small shop though if you go in person. I remember that visit! TTB
  6. Come and play with the Pima Cowboys at the Pima Pistol Club just north of Tucson. 1st rounds down range at 9 am. Sign up on www.Practiscore.com or pay at the range office on your way in! In addition to regular categories there Are New local categories being added - “Plinker” (plinker gunfighter, plinker duelist, plinker cowboy etc) 22lr ammo with solid lead bullets, 22 cal single action revolvers, 22 cal lever or pump action rifles with exposed hammers and your main match shotgun.! It’ll be a whole bunch fun!
  7. I’ll take the 38 s&w dies. Pm me with info on payment.
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