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  1. Works great on concrete. On dirt you get just as many rocks as pieces of brass
  2. Buy 2 or get 1 for the same price
  3. 20 boxes of 6’s- $10/box 14 boxes of 8’s - $10/box at Bordertown
  4. This - make sure there is no grit on the sealing surfaces as well. Since I use Dawn dish soap in it I also dip the gasket into the water. Doesn’t leak unless I forget to do that or grossly overload the drum.
  5. 3,000 Sellier & Bellot Large Pistol primers. These are great primers. $75/1,000 let me know - TTB
  6. Nice, clean and smooth ‘73 20” octagonal barrel Johnny Meadows action job PGW short stroke kit checkered stock leather butt cover $1,200 and it’s yours!
  7. Should we all be afraid?
  8. 1200 RWS 1075 percussion caps (no, they aren’t used). $125 ftf at Bordertown let me know TTB
  9. Sent you a pm. We still have room which is a different position for us.
  10. Our foreign shooters are unable to get into the U.S. plus, a number of U.S. folks pulled out for various reasons.
  11. That’s one of them. Thanks But the one with the female lead eludes me. It’s like the song that you can’t forget….
  12. Someone posted about a new western out or coming out. It had a female main character who couldn’t be killed b. I can’t find the post so does anyone recall what the movie was?
  13. Add-on: lots of places have habitat for humanity stores. You can get used cabinets from them inexpensively. You just have to be patient and know what you want. I got almost 20’ of cabinets that had been display models at one of the local big box stores and were literally brand new. Btt
  14. Or - watch for someone replacing their kitchen cabinets and grab the bottom ones. Instant drawers and doors. Just put a 3/4” plywood top on it and you’re done.
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