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  1. So, the next branch down on your family tree would be either Cain, Abel or Seth, and the female would have been...?
  2. That isn't quite what the Detroit News article, upon which the OP cite is based, actually said. Even so, I agree with the cite that white (and black, Jewish, Muslim, whatever) supremacist groups should be free to do as they wish.
  3. Yes, but it's far more fun. It's what I did until I retired; by then, I had settled on "my" guns, plus had a few for trading/selling stock.
  4. There's a TV show on dvd called "The Story of England," where a single village was profiled through all of history. Turned out that almost all the current inhabitants had Viking ancestry.
  5. That's a thought: what's his reenlistment code?
  6. I keep mine in a carpet bag I use to store all my miscellaneous gear: wild rags, sleeve garters, safety glasses, ear plugs, etc. I get dressed for a shoot, throw my guns, cart, ammo and carpet bag into the car, and I'm all set.
  7. Track-equipped atv? Bah! *This* is more my style:
  8. In summer, when there are normally fewer opportunities to conceal, I often use a linen body harness from an outfit called Deep Conceal. The harness fits next to the skin; the "holster" is a linen envelope that can velcro to various places to the harness, and extra clips can ride in their own velcro envelope. The holsters have a velcro quick-release tab to retain the weapon. Another option is a belt pouch, and there are several options. I prefer the harness to any of the belt pouches I've tried. Access isn't as fast, but it's there, it's concealed and it's comfortable.
  9. For those using MS Office, there's a clone by Mobisoft called Office Suite Pro, that costs 1/3 what Office costs. It's so close a clone that I have no idea why the haven't been sued for copyright infringement. It is completely compatible with Office.
  10. I use the online program from Blue Book of Gun Values. It saves to the BB cloud; you can also save it as a pdf or print it out. You get access to it by subscribing to one of the BB products, which gives you access to a great research tool. It does everything you say you want, plus it automatically updates the current value of each piece. I expect I'll get pushback from those who don't like putting information online. It's my choice; to my mind, the convenience, flexibility and utility far, far outweigh any risk. Make up your own mind.
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