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  1. Old Pueblo Shootist Association will be hosting the 8th annual Duel in the Desert at Tombstone Livery near Tombstone, Arizona. It will be Nov. 27,28, and 29th - Thanksgiving weekend. Nov. 27 will be a 6 stage Wild Bunch Match Nov. 28 & 29 will bring 12 stages of old-time cowboy action shooting challenges. Good awards and lots of door prizes! Applications are on the OPSA website www.oldpuebloshootists.com
  2. Is it winter already? Is the snow 3 feet deep and there is only 5 hours of daylight snd it is 20 degrees below zero?
  3. 20” octagonal barrel case hardened receiver action smoothed but not short stroked leather lever wrap perfect rifle for black powder might be interested in a pair of stainless(preferred) or blued .44 cal 1858’s with 5.5” barrels in excellent condition as a partial trade $1,295 + frt (to conus)
  4. Best advice I can give is try every style gun you can borrow and then buy what works for you. Edited 2 minutes ago by Sedalia Dave This is the best advice you can follow before you buy. Only you can decide what feels best in your hands. Everyone has an opinion but ONLY YOU knows what fits you best.
  5. Do the holsters on your mernickle gun belt have the metal liners in them to keep their shape?

    1. Sarival Slim

      Sarival Slim

      Yes. But there sold already.

    2. Too Tall Bob
  6. 138 pcs - 30-06 brass with mixed head stamp all commercial no Berdan primed cases - $35/shipped 450 pcs - winchester 38 spec. (All brass) mixed head stamp and cleaned: $40 shipped - SOLD - PF 680 pcs - .357 mag brass mixed head stamp mostly brass/some nickel. All cleaned: $80/shipped - SOLD PF 65 pcs - 308 brass with mixed head stamp all commercial no Berdan primed cases - $15/shipped SOLD PF 280 pcs - 300 aac brass with mixed head stamps - $50/shipped SOLD PF cash, paypal or postal money order Thanx for looking TTB
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