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  1. How about this thought? If he is ALREADY shooting, have him try several pistol options and find the type he is comfortable with. 38/357 is a good idea for ammo. I am sure you have friends with Uberti, Pietta and Ruger hand guns they would let him try. JMHO - TTB
  2. This is such a non issue and easily cured by allowing starting on either side or sweep targets from either end. I am a lefty and I think you might be surprised to find most lefty shooters adapt quite easily to a right handed situation. I don’t understand why a lefty person using a cross draw would have to back across a “right hand oriented” stage. Address the stage straight on for movement and Face down range and turn your torso so as to not break the 170 when you draw. If that is too much to figure out then perhaps you might try double duelist and eliminate the concern all together. Good luck and try new things - TTB
  3. 150 pcs wet tumbled STARLINE brass .32S&W long fired brass - $33 shipped conus
  4. RCBS #14601 30/30 WCF (steel). $25 shipped in the US Redding #80482 40-82 Winchester 3 die set (steel). $55 shipped in the US Lee 38/56 steel reloading dies 2 die set - $30 shipped in the US A cheque or postal money order will do just fine
  5. It would help recommendations to know what you have easy access to! If you have no reloading experience, find a local cow-person who reloads and would be willing to teach you safe reloading practices.
  6. 7 ea. - Chip McCormick 8 round black oxide magazines with base pads. used but not abused. $150 shipped CONUS.
  7. Please - go to some matches and try different guns. Rugers are tough and good guns but they aren’t right for everyone. Lots of folks like the feel and balance of a Colt or Colt clone. Make the choice yourself. No one but you can decide the best fit for yourself. Just my $.02 worth.
  8. I wonder if Hells Comin’ has popped his popcorn yet?
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