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  1. Have you talked to Midway yet? They should be your starting point.
  2. You got it. send me your shipping addr. Please pm’d you
  3. 160 pcs - 7.63x39 brass (Geco & S&B head stamp)once fired: $45/shipped SOLD PF 56 pcs - 6.5 creedmore (mixed headstamp) looks to be once fired): $25/shipped 120 pcs - 44 mag (mixed headstamp- a bunch of Starline in it): $28/shipped. SOLD PF 70 pcs - .308 (looks to be once fired): $23/shipped. SOLD PF 250 pcs - .40 S&W (mixed headstamp).$20 shipped SOLD PF More to come in different calibers - stay tuned! thanks for looking
  4. Just use a seating/crimp die in station 4 and put lockout die in station 3 - no problem.
  5. Today is the anniversary of the massacre at Wounded Knee, which took place in South Dakota in 1890. Twenty-three years earlier, the local tribes had signed a treaty with the United States government that guaranteed them the rights to the land around the Black Hills, which was sacred land. The treaty said that not only could no one move there, but they couldn't even travel through without the consent of the Indians. But in the 1870s, gold was discovered in the Black Hills, and the treaty was broken. People from the Sioux tribe were forced onto a reservation, with a promise of more food and
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