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    Pug dogs, promoting Bordertown, Bordertown Sundays, Pima Cowboys, fly fishing, photography and Black powder; R01 & R02 qualified but always learning!

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  1. The Bordertown Plainsman match will again be run by the “infamous” Howlin’ Mad Murdoch. The “Hole in the Bucket” stage will be back due to popular demand. Rumor has it he’s trying to come up with some new “old fashioned” Plainsman activities! Stay tuned for updates. A3794E27-478A-47E7-B0B6-D96F67C47211.MOV
  2. What’s the worry. If you shoot APP you only need to clean your shotgun every 4 or 5 matches!(he said with tongue in cheek)
  3. 18 pieces of .32 S&W L brass. Pm me your address anD I’ll send them to you. I just can’t get myself to throw out the oddball brass. Rip Snorter - they are yours. Don’t forget to pay it forward.
  4. use the suggested claybuster grey wad.
  5. 3 bags of 100 ea. starline 38-40 brass $36 per bag - shipped
  6. 50AE used starline brass 285 pcs - $130 shipped or $50 per 100 shipped
  7. Looks nice. You have room to add a winch in the future!
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