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  1. Yeah, I think I would move the TV out from under that thing!
  2. What a hoot! Can't help but to love it!
  3. Covid-19 must be a cure for "Old Age", 'cause no one is dyin' from that anymore!
  4. Same reason that you can fire a gun under water.
  5. I lusted after Ruger Old Army's for years, but availability and costs were going to prevent me from getting into C&B pistols, so I settled on a pair of 1858 Remington's. I'm happy that I did, and I have a hoot making smoke and flames! I don't see Ruger ever bringing them back, and there are alternative C&B pistols readily available in the marketplace. JMHO
  6. Redneck engineering is genius!
  7. You could put wheels on that thing and use it as a camper!
  8. Fast forward through the commercials of a show of commercials, hum... when do you know when to stop?
  9. Nature is definitely weird at times...
  10. Let's just stick with powder,wads and shot.
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