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  1. I'm starting to think it might be fun to get a flintlock rifle to play around with...
  2. NO... NO... NO... She wants the couch against the OTHER wall!
  3. OK, do you have a KINKO or UPS quick print shop where you live? Couple of bucks and they could print one for you.
  4. I realize that many of you long time Frontiersman will cringe at this, but I wanted to share it anyway. I got interested in shooting Cap & Ball Black Powder pistols, the same year that I tore my left rotator cuff and had surgery. I shoot left handed, and unfortunately, my left side never recovered to the same strength level that I had before, so it is most difficult for me to shoot one handed. I shoot at Pleasant Valley Renegades in Southeastern Indiana, and they graciously accommodated my needs by creating a “Renegade” category, which is exactly the same as Frontiersman, EXCEPT you can shoot your pistols two-handed. This gave me the opportunity to enjoy shooting my Remington 1858’s by making some smoke and flames.
  5. You got the artwork, just print your own.
  6. It never ceases to amaze me how much raw talent our SASS pards possess!
  7. EXACTLY! That is a MAGAZINE - NOT a CLIP!
  8. We certainly have a lot of talented pards out there!
  9. As they say when the awards are handed out...
  10. Until you have been woken immediately from a deep sleep because your dog farted near your CPAP machine, you will never appreciate the potential damage that can be caused!
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