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  1. Ahh Cooking With Cleavage! I use to LOVE that show!
  2. He should have changed it into a TOLL ROAD!
  3. A dog fart into the CPAP machine will get the same result! Trust me! Been there, done that!
  4. Apparently, the band KISS can't spell Cincinnati! These Tee's showed up at a recent concert here.
  5. Of course, they didn't offer this deal back in March when I stocked up on Goex from PVI! . Just goes to show, sometimes, timing IS everything!
  6. Shaken, not stirred!
  7. I bought a "Pardner Pump" 12 gauge shotgun a few years ago, and it was stamped okay on the receiver, but the barrel was roll stamped PARDNER RUMP!
  8. Makes you wonder how many old Winchesters are actually buried out in the desert sand...
  9. Great recovery plan UB! Keep up the good work!
  10. I know that I will be criticized for this, but I have been loading the Federal red hulls on a Lee Load-All II for years with no issues. They are abundantly available, and shuck out of my double just fine.
  11. AND, make sure the on trigger lock is NOT engaged BEFORE you plug it in!
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