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  1. That is why some guys keep either a live or dummy 45/70 round in a cartridge loop on their gun belt. Toss it down a suspected shotgun barrel to clear the wad.
  2. He shoved it into the hole that he accidentally shot into the floor earlier.
  3. OLG, I believe it might be too late for that!
  4. One of my favorite National Lampoon cartoons from the 70's!
  5. I was thinking of doing some French Toast on my new Blacklock Cast Iron Griddle this weekend, now I will definitely need to do some BACON as well!
  6. Well, some folks are just quicker than others!
  7. I would think the cauliflower soup would do that very well on it's own!
  8. No, Pat! Mama Mia was music from Abba, not Queen! Jez!
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