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Need a Recommendation on hedge trimmer

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I need a real heavy duty hedge trimmer.  About 100' of overgrown, woody hedge belonging to a neighbor.  Too lazy/busy to cut it himself, but no objection if I want to do it.  (yeah, I'm a sucker for the Tom Sawyer routine)


Mrs. LL is pushing me to do the job - the hedge blocks our water view (Yup - it's about 8' high)


I know the standard duty electric trimmer will not touch it; just not enough power.  And the electrics don't have enough oomph or battery life, as best as I can tell.


So I'm looking at gasoline powered.


Impressed with the Stihl HL 56 K - 27 cc, 26" shaft, 24" blade - a bit over 12 lbs.


Anyone with experience?  I'm severely prejudiced against Chinese tools.



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15 hours ago, Catlow4697 said:

Use chainsaw just above ground level you only have to trim once



    That was going to be my suggestion also. :o

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3 hours ago, Subdeacon Joe said:

Well, there is 


Related image


or maybe


Image result for falchion


3 hours ago, Loophole LaRue, SASS #51438 said:

Funny....I was thinking:





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Eight years ago I bought a (earlier model #) ECHO PAS-266 with a Articulating Hedge Trimmer Attachment.  It is $$$$, heavy and powerful.  There is a small two acre pasture behind my house that a previous owner had put up high tensile fencing.  The owner just before me did not keep that fence line clear so when I decided to install new fencing to keep goats in, I knew that I would need a "real" tool.  The vines, brush and wild rose tangle was 5~6' tall and 4' thick on both sides.  My ECHO PAS-265 made an awful job possible.  The other attachments are great also.  Now the goats do all the work.



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You didn't want the electric ones and good that you didn't.  My wife:wub: bought one of those B&D battery powered thingys years ago.  Had a 4" blade and a 12" blade unit for trimming.  Terrible devices.  Couldn't cut string.  So then she buys a corded unit.  Tried to do it herself because when she gets a notion, she wants it done NOW!  Cut 2 of my good, long extension cords into 4 short extension cords before she gave it up.  I went to the power center (more power, arg, arg, arg) and bought a Stihl trimmer.  Don't remember the model.  Cuts like a dream but she doesn't use it which is probably a good thing.  She would hurt herself or worse, someone else. Do like they said, use premium gas, gas treatment for putting it away and I spray some lithium grease on the cutter bar before I store mine.  Biggest problem I have is that she has "land mines" in her flower beds.  All these wire do dads that get camouflaged by the vegetation.  I get a big CLANK when the cutter hits one of those, then I curse badly and give her dirty looks.  She apologizes and says she thought she got them all out. I put up with it. I cut her tree peony once.  Boy howdy, did I hear about that.  Won't do that again.


Then there is the chain saw.  Those work wonders.  Know a family that cut their hedge down to within 6 inches of the ground with one.  Within a year the hedge was back to 3 feet tall again.  I like chainsaws.  Got 4 Stihls in various sizes.


More POWER! Arg, arg, arg.

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