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  1. We went in a side entrance of a bluff and then gradually started dropping down. No lighting, no distinguishing landmarks or sense of direction. Several hundred feet of earth above us. The words to the song BIG JOHN entered my mind.........
  2. My business sells, rents and moves shipping containers. Some time back I got a call to move a 45' container to a mine in Missouri. No problem, we have the equipment to do the job-speciallized hydraulic trailers. Now understand, I 'm not a hot dog truck driver. I like to say, "they don't call me a truck driver, but they do call me. " So I show up at the mine with the container and they tell me they need to give me underground training. I say that's ok I'm just here to slide off a container. Yeah, they say, the place where it's going is underground, you gotta drive down into the mine to get to the underground shop area! Also, take this emergency breathing apparatus with you and keep it with you all the time! Follow that pick up truck. It gets dark at night, we all know that, but if you ain't been underground you ain't seen dark! This is a limestone mine, few hundred feet under ground. They mine the rock and leave huge pillars to hold up the ceiling. The floor is sold rock with several inches of dust covering. It's dark and dusty and it all looks alike- and they lead me around and around. I'm pulling a 50' trailer and I can't see where it is in my mirrors. When we get where we're going I have to unstrap the load and control the trailer with a flashlight in one hand and my breather in the other. I get the load off without any drama and they lead me back to the light. Very interesting , I think, and glad to be done with it. Don't care if I ever do it again! Guess what, 3 months later they call and say, "Hey you remember that 45' footer you took to the mine? We need you to go back and load it out to another spot!
  3. I'm shooting a Mod 69 S & W 44. It is a L (K) Frame gun, holds only 5 rounds. I don't really care for the big N frame for plinking and have been happy with this 69. Shoot mostly mid range 44 mags. Sgt Eli did some tuning and I've also been inside polishing and puttiing some Powers parts in place. It's my shooter for when I don't feel like picking up brass.
  4. My 365 has shot everything I've run fed it, including store bought lead. The only change I want to make is to install the thumb safety if I can ever catch the parts in stock.
  5. Send it to me and I'll keep it for you. I'm licensed and insured as a keeper of wayward firearms.
  6. I found that it is not feasible. The ramp on a 9 mm is made on the barrel. Ramp on a 45 is part of the frame. Frame would have to be hogged out. I shoot both 9 and 45 in 1911's and like both. Really like my 38 super, except I'm to tight to lose super brass! If you want a compact 9 look at the Springfield EMP series. The grip frame diameter is reduced to fit a magazine designed for a 9mm cartridge (holds 9 rounds) . Springfield's are good guns for the money. So are Remingtons and Sigs. And I really like a Wilson EDC that adopted me! Long Live the 1911!
  7. I'll take one. I'd prefer the 45 acp. No Horse Hair
  8. Maybe in a few weeks, .......after my AR's are all gone..........No Horse Hair
  9. Sooner, I know what you refer to. I made a delivery to a Toyota dealer and saw frames stacked out back that I believe were replaced under warranty. But I've had 3 of them and the first one (early production run) is still moving around here locally. We've had very good luck with them, so gonna buy another. Only problem is it's hard to find used ones with any savings considering the mileage. My last one had 130xxx miles and all I did was replace the boots on front driveshafts, due , I believe to the fact it had a small lift on the front. It even had the original brake pads .
  10. I know it's a long shot, but why not. We're looking to buy Tundra under 50,000 miles, light color, good condition. We're in the area where Il, IN and KY come together. (Within 20 miles of where the first ones were built) . We'll pay cash or trade shipping containers for the right one! No Horse Hair
  11. I have 1 grip frame (brass) and grip, I think it's for Pietta 1860, new condition best I recall. I'll take $75 shipped . No Horse Hair
  12. Sedalia Dave, sent you a PM. Ol #4 , thanks for the offer- need it for colts ( still have the Cap gun you worked on for me)
  13. Ol Number 4. Is yours shaped for the Colt guns? No Horse Hair
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