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  1. Don't mean to change the drift of this post, but, Even though Old Models were made with Bisley grips, I don't think they were ever offered in 44-40. I made a set by swapping parts, not really hard to do.
  2. Local gunshop has a consecutive serial numbered pair- stainless, .357, used. He has the box and each gun came with 3 sets of grips. The one I handled was in exc shape. located in South east Illinois. He wants $1190.00 for the pair. If anybody is seriously interested I will give out his number. PM me. No Horse Hair
  3. They should have buried it with the feller that was in charge of maintaining it!
  4. AHEM.......1860 conversions.......you been hiding these from me? Lookin' forward to shootin' wit ya in tha spring.......Don't fergit to bring tha Marshall with ya.....
  5. Shootist, I'll get a MO out to you Monday.   Kent Harrison  PO Box 421, Mt. Carmel, Il 62863

    Thanks, NO HORSE HAIR

  6. Horse Hair is 45 00 the price for all of them, if it is I will take them.where have you been lately?I ask some of you Pards (one) they said you were ducking me to get you confidence back. Cman

    1. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

      No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

      I was called away to investigate graft and  corruption concerning Veterans affairs....your name came up....

  7. I would have like to do some gun trading with tha Dawg before the anathesia wore off!! Hang in there Dawg, I've had both knees done( partials) and I'm still clumsy and can't dance, but I can shoot just as slow and miss just as many.....
  8. Thanks for the replies, now I can study up some. Those DS rifles look like the ultimate of the type. I actually owned an FN/FAL for a brief while, but only shot it a little. Also had some HK 91's- sold the last one like new in the box for $800.00. Been awhile back....
  9. I've got a little bug started about these rifles. I knew years ago which was most desirable inch or metric, but have forgotten. Can anybody "edjicate" me? And anybody have one to sell or trade off?
  10. I was just sitting here imagining the anguish Prairie Dawg must go thru when he is deciding which cap guns to pass on to new owners.......and then I saw that he is also selling off his skirts and blouses! I can't really describe my emotions at this time.....back to top!!
  11. Thanks for all the info....I'll be more comfortable first time out now that I have some guide lines....I didn't realize it would use so much powder! Now if I can find my ol' coonskin hat......
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