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  1. Well now , I'll tell ya what. I don't know why I didn't think of this years ago. Next time I buy a new gun I'm just a gonna' parade right inta' the house with it out in the open and say" It was on SALE!"
  2. We're pretty close to losing our AR's/ semi auto's and( Hi-Cap mags) in Illinois. I'm thinking of legal replacements. I'm not much of a bolt action guy. I've had REM pump rifles in the past, but they were all big caliber hunting rifles. Rem made a pump rifle that takes AR mags and 223 caliber. There's some on Gun Broker- seem pretty high priced. I just thought I'd throw this out and see if any cowboys got one hid back.
  3. So there's 3 young guys hanging round my shop one afternoon. We'll call guy 1 the "Welder" . Guy 2 is the "farmer" and guy 3 is the "tow trucker" . Guy 1 and 2 grew up together round these parts. They're talking about some people they went to school with that were very smart . Tow trucker listens in on the conversation and eventually adds that he was Valedictorian of his class! Welder and Farmer look at him in astonishment and one of them asks where he went to school. With a sly smile he says " I was home schooled!"
  4. I have one from several years ago. It shoots everything I put in it- all reloads of course. They have a long dbl action revolver type trigger, which I think is ok for certain types of shooters on a defense weapon. My only complaint is a very long re-set. I can clear plate racks with it at 20-25 yards.
  5. My grandpa told that as long as you stay grounded they can't sting you.....it's when you get to jumping around that they can bite you.........
  6. Hogue S&W K and L round butt $70.00 shipped CONUS. As new in package. No Horse Hair
  7. Preacher, I believe what you have is a Randall #1 Fighter with Stag handle. It is a carbon steel blade (it would have S stamped after the logo if stainless). I can't see enough of the pommel to tell if it is is optioned but kinda looks like it may be a knurled pommel. I've been away from the Randall trade for several years now, but it looks like current production. These are great knives known the world over. Bo Randall started making knives (in the 40's I believe) and the business was carried on by his son Gary and now his grandsons. They make the knives in batches. Blades are forged in their shop, and each finished by hand by a work force of probably a dozen workers. Waiting time is in years , however they have authorized dealers that maintain inventory. Their shop is on Orange Blossom trail in Orlando Fl, back in what used to be orange groves. People are welcome to visit the shop and museum, and they may have some knives in the case for sale. They are a treasure to own and use. And when I sold Randalls I liked to say that it's a handmade knife that you could use and not kill the value ,as used Randalls always hold value. It's a beauty and a Legendary blade. No Horse Hair
  8. Selling my 1851 OPEN TOP PIETTA percussion handgun 44 caliber. . Factory 5" barrel w/Mastodon Ivory Shot gun bead front sight. Brass Navy grip frame, wood grips OAK stained and Indian head nickel inlaid in left grip. Slick shot nipples on 5 cylinders. I installed a cap dam by drilling and inserting a small roll pin in hammer channel. Slotted the hammer to straddle the roll pin- worked good for me. I smoothed the action a little per info I found here from the generous people of SASS. It's got a nice action and was very reliable in my hands. Normal match handling marks and scratches. $390.00 shipped CONUS. PRICE REDUCED- NOW $370.00 now ONLY $320.00 !!!Thanks for looking , No Horse Hair
  9. I have 500 Winchester 55 gr FMJBT 223 bullets still in sealed packages of 100. And I have a bag of 1000 55gr FMJ that are probably Midway USA brand bullets. I'd like to sell them all for $175.00 shipped CONUS. These are pristine, shiny, (not once fired) ! First I'll take 'em is the winner. No Horse Hair PRICE REDUCED-NOW $155.00
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