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  1. Driving a diesel..........carry extra fuel filters and know how to change them beside the road, and have the tools needed to do the job. Change them every oil change so you don't have to do it by the road. If possible, don't use bio-diesel. In cold weather run anti gel in the fuel. Plug the block heater in in cold weather and keep good batteries.....don't run them till they die and take the starter with them. Pre-DEF is a great advantage. You have a great diesel engine with a proven track record, have it serviced by someone who knows how to care for diesels. Service and parts will cost more, but neglect will kill any savings in fuel. The auto transmission is a weak link in the older Dodges, again, if it acts up take it to a independent shop that knows the product. Don't forget the extra fuel filters!
  2. Ya' really busted my bubble........................I thought they were propholaptics............
  3. Diamond Gusset jeans- made in the USA- real people answer the phone and talk to you
  4. Fireball, Concerning #7- Do you have the Perf Center box, original grips etc? Any action work that you are aware of? No Horse Hair
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