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  1. Riverdog, I didn't get the first maessage, but that's ok. I'll pass on the offer and let someone else take them. No Horse hair
  2. My local gun shop has a hardly used Spencer carbine clone in 44 Russian. It's a consignment for $1200.00, I gave it a quick look over and it looks perfect. I had one, they're very cool and maybe one of youse guys is looking for one. It's located in Albion, Illinois.. The dealer is highly reputable and will ship. PM me if you are serious and want his number. No Horse Hair (I have no dog in this fight)
  3. Same measure I have but mine doesn't have the drop tubes .......or the lid.
  4. It's a model 55 Classic Powder measure, the one most of us use for HOLY BLACK! . It's used but good to go. In the box w/original paperwork. It's all there except the lid-long gone. I'll take $60.00 plus $10 for shipping.
  5. New, in the box, never installed, but it is dated AUG, 2010. This is the model that fits around the trigger guard, laser under the barrel. Paperwork, tools etc still in box. Battery is in original wrapping , but is 11 years old. $150.00 shipped CONUS. Or trade for 44 Special brass. NEW PRICE $125.00
  6. I have a used , commander length kit. It was made by Ceiner, sold thru Wilson Combat. Slide is marked "Wilson Combat", comes in Wilson box. Some years back I had wilson dovetail the front sight and install green fiber optic blade. Comes with one aluminum mag. I polished the sides of mag for better drop free. Some bluing wear on muzzle and didn't reblue the dovetail. $150.00 shipped CONUS Will take 44 special brass on trade.
  7. Snuffy, I have a set of RCBS Cowboy 45-70 dies. Hardly used. I would take $45.00 for shipped CONUS. Also have brass, powder, reloads and factory ammo if you are close to Southern Illinois. -
  8. I have a Nighthawk Commander frame with Wilson internals with a Kimber slide/barrel................long story
  9. Shootist, I'll get a MO out to you Monday.   Kent Harrison  PO Box 421, Mt. Carmel, Il 62863

    Thanks, NO HORSE HAIR

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