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  1. Sooner, I know what you refer to. I made a delivery to a Toyota dealer and saw frames stacked out back that I believe were replaced under warranty. But I've had 3 of them and the first one (early production run) is still moving around here locally. We've had very good luck with them, so gonna buy another. Only problem is it's hard to find used ones with any savings considering the mileage. My last one had 130xxx miles and all I did was replace the boots on front driveshafts, due , I believe to the fact it had a small lift on the front. It even had the original brake pads .
  2. I know it's a long shot, but why not. We're looking to buy Tundra under 50,000 miles, light color, good condition. We're in the area where Il, IN and KY come together. (Within 20 miles of where the first ones were built) . We'll pay cash or trade shipping containers for the right one! No Horse Hair
  3. I have 1 grip frame (brass) and grip, I think it's for Pietta 1860, new condition best I recall. I'll take $75 shipped . No Horse Hair
  4. Sedalia Dave, sent you a PM. Ol #4 , thanks for the offer- need it for colts ( still have the Cap gun you worked on for me)
  5. Ol Number 4. Is yours shaped for the Colt guns? No Horse Hair
  6. I would like to try one of the Polish Cappers for my 1860's. Cost is not the problem, but the method of payment is. My business was targeted by scammers twice last year (e-mail hacked. wire transfer hi-jacked) and I don't do any of the methods of handling payments that have become popular in today's world-that's a story for another day. So, if anybody wants to sell one , I'm interested. Or, if someone is ordering one I will pay my part and some or yours for your trouble. I would like to have the PCC model for Colts. No Horse Hair
  7. I have some experience in what you are dealing with- my business re-purposes shipping containers into portable offices/break rooms. First off , I would have started with a one trip 20' shipping container. But the same methods can be used with the yard barn. Spray foam insulation, closed cell- all 4 walls and ceiling. One inch sprayed between the studs will make a huge difference in the "weather" inside the unit. And it seals up cracks and air leaks. After we do this in our containers we can heat and cool them with a window unit 12,000 BTU that heats and cools. A unit runs about $700.00 but it does need 220 electric. You could go with a window unit for cooling and use a electric heater, but i feel the window unit is safer/simpler. Before the spray foam is applied make sure to install any openings, windows, doors etc. The foam is tough enough that you can leave it exposed if you don't want to spend $$$ on paneling. Just spray it with latex paint. Maybe panel the walls and paint the ceiling. We still use T-8 bulbs for lighting but LED is going to be the thing. We install a 60 amp box inside for power. The contractor who does our insulation charges $1300.00 to do a 8x20' container, 4 walls and ceiling. Prices vary and so does the quality of work. Our guy makes it look as smooth as bedliner and he covers the floor and windows with plastic. Also you'll want to tape over the studs and then peel the tape off if you plan to panel. Just for comparison I'' give you some numbers-We start out with a NEW 8x20 ($3900) container. Insulate, panel with either plywood or metal, heat & cooling unit, overhead lighting, welded in walk in door and window, 60 amp service, receptacles for $12,000.00. But you have your structure and can do it much cheaper, but I do encourage you to look into the spray foam to start with.
  8. Shootist, I'll get a MO out to you Monday.   Kent Harrison  PO Box 421, Mt. Carmel, Il 62863

    Thanks, NO HORSE HAIR

  9. Horse Hair is 45 00 the price for all of them, if it is I will take them.where have you been lately?I ask some of you Pards (one) they said you were ducking me to get you confidence back. Cman

    1. No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

      No Horse Hair, SASS #77464

      I was called away to investigate graft and  corruption concerning Veterans affairs....your name came up....

  10. I would have like to do some gun trading with tha Dawg before the anathesia wore off!! Hang in there Dawg, I've had both knees done( partials) and I'm still clumsy and can't dance, but I can shoot just as slow and miss just as many.....
  11. Thanks for the replies, now I can study up some. Those DS rifles look like the ultimate of the type. I actually owned an FN/FAL for a brief while, but only shot it a little. Also had some HK 91's- sold the last one like new in the box for $800.00. Been awhile back....
  12. I've got a little bug started about these rifles. I knew years ago which was most desirable inch or metric, but have forgotten. Can anybody "edjicate" me? And anybody have one to sell or trade off?
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